Top 13 Elements Quotes

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“There are three elements to perceived popularity. A student has to be visible, recognizable and influential.”

― Alexandra Robbins

“The elements, if arranged according to their atomic weights, exhibit an apparent periodicity of properties.”

― Dmitri Mendeleev

“Certain characteristic properties of elements can be foretold from their atomic weights.”

― Dmitri Mendeleev

“Bodies do not produce sensations, but complexes of elements (complexes of sensations) make up bodies.”

― Ernst Mach

“There are elements of Dodd-Frank that clearly need to be curtailed.”

― James P. Gorman

“There are no elements so diverse that they cannot be joined in the heart of a man.”

― Jean Giraudoux

“I miss coaching – certain elements of coaching.”

― Jeff Van Gundy

“Thus at the beginning of 1906 it seemed to be established that the emitters of the spectral series of chemical elements are their positive atomic ions.”

― Johannes Stark

“In China the underworld and officialdom have interpenetrated and become one. Criminal elements have become officialized as officials have become criminalized.”

― Liu Xiaobo

“Money is one of the elements of sovereignty.”

― Marine Le Pen

“There are elements of irony in my work, of course.”

― Martin Parr

“There are no prog elements to Adrenaline Mob; it’s very song-oriented, with shredding and grooves.”

― Mike Portnoy

“I dispute that ‘Closer’ is about betrayal. Betrayal is one of the elements.”

― Patrick Marber
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