Top 6 Eric Ludy Quotes

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“The emergent movement is creating a mushiness to the thinking patterns in Christianity today. It’s like we really can’t stand for anything.”

― Eric Ludy

“I actually do propose open-mindedness, but open-mindedness to the Word of God.”

― Eric Ludy

“Job 29 is about Job reflecting on his past before the calamity hit him to say this is the type of man I was. So, you want to know what God calls perfect and upright? Read Job 29, and you will understand what kind of man God esteems.”

― Eric Ludy

“My problem with the Emergent Church is not the questions they are bringing up, but the answers they are giving. They are making Christianity milky. They are making it so you can no longer define anything. There is no sound judgment allowed.”

― Eric Ludy

“Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, Jesus didn’t do it the world’s way. He came in and offended the world. He came in and did everything the wrong way.”

― Eric Ludy

“The Word of God is a treasure map. That treasure map is the most valuable thing you have until you get to that treasure.”

― Eric Ludy
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