Top 4 Erica Ash Quotes

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“Moisture, moisture, moisture is the key to maintaining our hair. I use water-based products and try to put something on my hair every day. I pay special attention to my edges, as they are so fragile.”

― Erica Ash

“My natural hair is short and naturally grows to frame my face. So that’s my favorite. I also like tree-braids. They’re easy, fast, there’s not much pulling on your hair, and they are very lightweight.”

― Erica Ash

“I love going after what I want and not stopping till I get it.”

― Erica Ash

“To be honest with you, the dramatic side is more fun to play because I don’t get to do it as often as I get to do the comedy stuff. Most of my work in this business has been comedy, and that’s sort of the way the cookie crumbles. I had not sought out to just be a comedic actor, but I think that’s my default because I come from a funny family.”

― Erica Ash
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