Top 19 European Quotes

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“I loved history and Eastern European politics.”

― Bel Powley

“I was playing catch with the European audience.”

― Charles Olson

“There is not, in my view, a single European demos.”

― David Cameron

“I eat tall, chinny, Eastern European heavyweights for breakfast.”

― David Haye

“In jazz, there is a lot of European influence harmonically.”

― Dexter Gordon

“There are no European voices at Geneva, there are no European voices at START.”

― E. P. Thompson

“Sometimes I miss European football.”

― Edwin van der Sar

“There is no ‘European people’ united by common mores.”

― George Will

“Anfield comes alive on big European nights.”

― Georginio Wijnaldum

“I’m really drawn to European films.”

― Isabel Lucas

“I’ve got that European swagger.”

― Kristaps Porzingis

“My life is European.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“Americans don’t like European movies.”

― Marina Abramovic

“The automotive year 2013 was, especially for European car makers, extremely challenging.”

― Martin Winterkorn

“There is surely a finite amount of European baked goods, isn’t there?”

― Mel Giedroyc

“I have a very European feel about nudity.”

― Moon Bloodgood

“I’d like to do one European film a year.”

― Nick Nolte

“European fisheries are a disaster. The American fisheries are well-kept.”

― Roger Daltrey

“Anthony Powell was the most European of 20th-century British novelists.”

― Tariq Ali
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