Top 11 Exaggeration Quotes

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“Oh, God. Mate, I’ve written about 800 songs, and that’s no exaggeration!”

― Anne-Marie

“It’s no longer an exaggeration to say that middle-class Americans are an endangered species.”

― Arianna Huffington

“I was, without exaggeration, a delinquent teenager.”

― Clara Hughes

“All news is an exaggeration of life.”

― Daniel Schorr

“Exaggeration is my only reality.”

― Diana Vreeland

“It’s an exaggeration to say that I came up with M-theory.”

― Edward Witten

“It’s no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or another.”

― George H. W. Bush

“Exaggeration is a blood relation to falsehood and nearly as blamable.”

― Hosea Ballou

“Exaggeration is truth that has lost its temper.”

― Khalil Gibran

“Humor is the truth; wit is an exaggeration of the truth.”

― Stan Laurel

“False eloquence is exaggeration; true eloquence is emphasis.”

― William R. Alger
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