Top 1395 Fighting Quotes

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“Fighting for a job – that’s been my mindset every Spring Training.”

― Aaron Judge

“We must erase bin Laden’s ugly legacy, not extend it: by ending the Patriot Act’s erosion of our civil liberties, we can protect the freedoms that make America worth fighting for.”

― Aaron Swartz

“You must never tire fighting Satan.”

― Abraham Cahan

“When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“When I was getting started, I was so busy just fighting my way through, and I was under contract at Warner Brothers. I did 40 hours of color television with the late Robert Taylor as a young cop.”

― Adam West

“You’ve got a guy in a cape and tights running around fighting crime 24-7; this is not normal. But it worked because the kids loved it and the adults laughed with it.”

― Adam West

“Indeed, many ancient Greek writers do treat Amazons as a tribe of men and women. They credit the tribe with innovations such as ironworking and domestication of horses. Some early vase paintings show men fighting alongside Amazons.”

― Adrienne Mayor

“Protecting consumers goes beyond just fighting illicit schemes. It also involves making sure that they get what they pay for. Unfortunately, rural telephone customers aren’t always assured of that.”

― Ajit Pai

“I am a Minnesotan, and not just because I root for the Vikings and the Twins. I like the Minnesota-nice sensibility. I like the liberal tradition; I like the Hubert Humphrey tradition fighting for civil rights.”

― Al Franken

“Marriage is nature’s way of keeping us from fighting with strangers.”

― Alan King

“For all of her influence on popular culture, and the remarkable performances she left behind, perhaps Farrah Fawcett’s greatest legacy was her raw, intimate, honest portrait of a woman fighting for her life – against cancer.”

― Alana Stewart

“Now we are showing to the world that this fighting against two terrorist groups was feasible and now we have an isolated case which doesn’t mean that terrorism is alive, as it was before.”

― Alberto Fujimori

“We have shown, given these last three years, that we were succeeding in fighting terrorists. While during the first 30 years of the former governments they didn’t.”

― Alberto Fujimori

“I am always fighting inside the Council to get the message across that at each competition venue, we should send somebody to inspect and to make sure the athletes will be looked after in a correct manner.”

― Alberto Juantorena

“My brothers were funny, and there was a lot of shtick and comedy and nastiness and violence and fighting and sports.”

― Alec Baldwin

“Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales.”

― Aleister Crowley

“The Arabs have a God, the Jews have another, and the Catholics have another! And they’re all fighting to maintain that they worship the one real God. Idiots!”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“My goal is to show girls that I’m fighting so they don’t have to, so they don’t have to fight the same battles, so they don’t have to fight for wage equality or whatever it may be.”

― Alex Morgan

“You are all mates off the pitch, but on it, you are all competing for places. I think that only makes a healthier squad – more players fighting for positions can only mean everyone has got to step their game up.”

― Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

“One of the most unfortunate side effects of the urban activism of the ’60s and ’70s is the belief that development is wrong and that fighting it makes you an environmentalist.”

― Alex Steffen

“I have done martial arts my whole life, so it comes easily, but I have never done proper sword fighting.”

― Alexander Dreymon

“I don’t really buy the death-drive thing too literally; it feels overly neat and convenient. But I am suspicious of fighting back being the dominant model for cinematic conflict and personal conflict and political conflict.”

― Alexandra Kleeman

“I’m happy with Arsenal. I know to be in the first eleven is hard, and it is always like that in a big club, but I must keep fighting.”

― Alexandre Lacazette

“We are fighting for an unapologetic movement for economic, social, and racial justice in the United States.”

― Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“We have to stick to the message: What are we proposing to the American people? Not, ‘What are we fighting against?’”

― Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“Later in July I’m going to be promoting and putting on a boxing show of amateur fighters from July 21st through the 28th where one hundred kids will be fighting and competing with each other to see who’s going to be the best.”

― Alexis Arguello

“I made a gym, it’s the best gym in Nicaragua, I have kids that this year July 6th through the 11th will be fighting and then will go on to the Central American Games and I’m sure at least one will win a gold medal.”

― Alexis Arguello

“I believe that United really is a very big club on a worldwide scale and even more so in England, where it’s the biggest. They always want to win and to be fighting on all fronts, and that’s the reason I wanted to come here.”

― Alexis Sanchez

“We are fighting corruption and all illegal activities and building a culture of transparency and ethical governance.”

― Ali Bongo Ondimba

“When I grew up, I studied karate for years. I got pretty strong, but eventually I had to acknowledge that I really didn’t like fighting at all, so I quit.”

― Alison Bechdel

“When I saw contestants fighting for their lives on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ I realized I just wanted to be healthy – to have fun playing soccer with my son or teaching my daughter to shoot hoops. Then it was so much easier to say no to carbs, soda, or dessert, and the weight just came off.”

― Alison Sweeney

“Civic poetry offers us a way to think and talk about issues that so much of public speech ignores, to make them new by dissecting and repurposing public speech, prying its falsehoods from its half-truths. It is fighting for its right to critique our would-be democracy.”

― Alissa Quart

“In 1939, Fitzroy Maclean, a gangly Highland aristocrat in his early 30s, was serving as a British diplomat in the U.S.S.R. Disgusted by the Soviet show trials, he quit the Foreign Service and would go on to serve with Tito’s partisans fighting the Germans in Yugoslavia.”

― Alistair Horne

“I heard there was a debate about fighting teammates, and if a fight should happen because the fans or promoter wants it, I will fight a teammate, but family is ridiculous.”

― Alistair Overeem

“I don’t have any concerns fighting a teammate. It’s a sport. To me, it doesn’t really mean anything.”

― Alistair Overeem

“Brock Lesnar was a big guy: he’s at 280 when he fights. When fighting him, you can have a bit of that extra muscle because you don’t want to be thrown around like you’re nothing.”

― Alistair Overeem

“Either you give in, or you fight. That’s all I know, being where I’m from. You fight for what you want. You go after what you want. The only thing I could do was give up or keep fighting for what I wanted in life.”

― Allen Iverson

“When we read dystopia, we root for these people to break free because we are these people; hoping and fighting against things that are bigger than ourselves.”

― Ally Condie

“The long years of fighting Napoleon’s ambitions for a world empire had hardened the British into an ‘us-against-them’ mentality.”

― Amanda Foreman

“I feel like I’m constantly fighting against my exterior, or this exterior presentation of myself, because of how I look or perhaps because of who I’m with.”

― Amber Heard

“Saying we should scrap drones shows an irresponsible and nonsensical ignorance of the way we protect our country. It lets down our servicemen and servicewomen fighting terrorists who want to harm us.”

― Amber Rudd

“We have some of the best intelligence and crime fighting agencies in the world.”

― Amber Rudd

“If a candidate at the MLA or chief ministerial level gets an advantage of belonging to a particular caste while fighting polls, that is one thing. But after having been elected, if you only look after the developmental needs of a particular caste or community, that is a different matter altogether. The BJP has never done that.”

― Amit Shah

“A lot of my fighting qualities I inherited from my parents. They set tremendous examples right through my life.”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“Families fighting childhood cancer should not have to worry about where they’re going to get the next dose of the drug they need to save their child’s life.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“There are people out there every day really fighting the fight for equal rights, equal pay, equal treatment. They’re inspiring.”

― Amy Landecker

“The existence of the Taliban, in my view, is a tragedy for Afghanistan. We as Americans need to understand our role in helping bring that tragedy about. So I think it’s important to look at the stories about why these people are fighting.”

― Anand Gopal

“Life is about how much you can take and keep fighting, how much you can suffer and keep moving forward.”

― Anderson Silva

“Fighting, for me, is like skydiving without the parachute.”

― Anderson Silva

“I love the sport. I love fighting. Fighting is my life.”

― Anderson Silva

“I don’t have a problem putting on or cutting weight. I would adapt my training if I’m training for a Light Heavyweight fight by using different techniques and by wearing a weight vest to get used to the extra fighting weight.”

― Anderson Silva

“I’m a natural born fighter, so this is what I do, and it’s normal. It’s natural. It’s what I’ve always done as a martial artist, and as a martial artist, it’s what I always wanted to do – test myself and always fighting. It’s what I’m meant to do.”

― Anderson Silva

“I’m a big fan, and I like the idea of fighting Roy Jones Jr.”

― Anderson Silva

“I don’t feel that I have to prove anything to anyone as far as what I’ve done in fighting.”

― Anderson Silva

“Definitely I feel my kids played a big role in why I was so successful in fighting.”

― Anderson Silva

“Roy Jones and Muhammad Ali are the inspiration for my style of fighting.”

― Anderson Silva

“I enjoy fighting, but my family says, ‘Stop, no.’”

― Anderson Silva

“I question myself every day. That’s what I still find motivating about this. I don’t have the answers, I don’t pretend that I do just because I won the match. Just keep fighting and maybe something good happens.”

― Andre Agassi

“There are not fifty ways of fighting, there’s only one, and that’s to win. Neither revolution nor war consists in doing what one pleases.”

― Andre Malraux

“Not fighting, avoiding talking to fans… that’s when the thoughts creep in about retiring and moving on to something else.”

― Andre Ward

“I don’t owe any explanations for anybody I’m fighting.”

― Andre Ward

“I don’t necessarily think fighters should fight killers every time, but at some point in time, fighters should be fighting the best in their division, period.”

― Andre Ward

“Writing is taking a risk, and it is actually fighting invisible and invincible enemies. They are over-confidence, stupidity, expectation and narcissism.”

― Andrea Hirata

“The only condition of fighting for the right to create is faith in your own vocation, readiness to serve, and refusal to compromise.”

― Andrei Tarkovsky

“I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“I’m fighting back against years and years and years of the cultural and the political left telling people to sit down and shut up.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“I love fighting back. I love finding allies, and – famously – I enjoy making enemies.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“I think there’s always a conflict within me about being comfortable and secure and then being an individual and fighting for what I want to be on an individual basis.”

― Andrew Haigh

“Going for titles and medals – who wouldn’t want that? Trust me, it’s a much nicer feeling than fighting relegation.”

― Andrew Robertson

“Visibility is one of the most difficult parts of the self-publishing equation. No matter how great your book is, it is fighting against a tidal wave of cheap ebooks on Amazon.”

― Andrew Shaffer

“Fighting means you could lose. Bullying means you can’t. A bully wants to beat somebody; he doesn’t want to fight somebody.”

― Andrew Vachss

“I’m not against making new fans, but I’m not going to go out of my way to pander to someone and try to make them like me; that’s not who we are. It’s not as if we’re fighting to find an audience – we have our audience, and anybody else is definitely welcome.”

― Andy Biersack

“I love doing my own stunts. I’d love to do a full-on period sword-fighting piece where I get to show off with fighting and horses – I’m up for it.”

― Aneurin Barnard

“Fighting for identity is something that is very much in my life.”

― Ang Lee

“My mom, she was a very, very soft woman. It was hard for her to yell or even curse. But when it came to fighting for her kids, she found a strength she didn’t always know she had.”

― Angelina Jolie

“In the YA community, we are fighting for you and alongside you. When you make your voice heard, we’re gonna be even louder on your behalf. That’s definitely what I would like for teenagers to know. We’ve got you. We got you. I promise we do.”

― Angie Thomas

“I’m used to performing. I’m comfortable in front of people. I’m never the one who’s fighting for attention, but I’ve always been comfortable.”

― Anjelah Johnson

“We need new partnerships in fighting terrorism and building peace.”

― Anna Lindh

“That was for instance the case in Mocambique a couple of years ago, during the flooding catastrophe. Instead of co-ordinating assistance properly, to much time and resources was spent on fighting about the same helicopters and local guides.”

― Anna Lindh

“When people send people on summer camps or bonding trips, they send them to do things like high rope climbing or extraordinary things. And when you do extraordinary things with people, like fighting battles or simulating huge wars, you do bond very quickly.”

― Anna Popplewell

“’Home’ is an important word for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and women. They regularly put their lives at risk in order to make us feel safe in our own homes while fighting to provide overseas communities with that same security.”

― Anna Soubry

“I came into politics to fight lefties… That’s where political fighting goes.”

― Anna Soubry

“The wave of the future is coming and there is no fighting it.”

― Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“I think that certainly the artists of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s were fighting a very conformist society, which didn’t give them enough space to live or create, and they were bucking all kinds of spoken and unspoken rules.”

― Anne Roiphe

“There are a lot of champions out there, a lot of great guys, but I think that the way I compete and my fighting style makes me perfect for Reebok.”

― Anthony Pettis

“My whole career, I’ve been fighting wrestlers. If you look back, all of my fights have been against wrestlers.”

― Anthony Pettis

“Every dollar that we send in State Department aid or humanitarian aid that saves us from having to get involved with very expensive military actions is a good investment. And frankly, helping Israel fight terrorism in the Middle East is much cheaper than us fighting it here on our shores.”

― Anthony Weiner

“You don’t just have to see superhero movies. Ultimately, those movies are westerns – superheroes are good guys fighting bad guys in a landscape. In westerns, that divide couldn’t be any more clear, but the only superpower you have is that you’re a quicker shot than the other guy.”

― Antoine Fuqua

“Learning to face reality, refusing refuge in cliches and lies, fighting to find a way out – that’s what ‘Rehab’ is about.”

― Antonia Bird

“I’ve been fighting for my life before and sleeping in cars and trying to find a place to lay my head. I’ve had situations where I’ve had nowhere to go. This is the easy part. I overcame life.”

― Antonio Brown

“At the beginning of June 1944, the war was reaching a climax. German troops had been brutalised by the savagery of the ongoing fighting in Russia, where the Red Army was secretly preparing its vast encirclement of the Germans’ Army Group Centre.”

― Antony Beevor

“After two years of fighting, government shutdowns and little to no agreement on anything except welfare reform in 1996, President Clinton was re-elected and decided it was time for compromise.”

― Ari Fleischer

“Israel, an embattled democracy, has been fighting terrorism for over 100 years.”

― Ariel Sharon

“The fact is that America’s weapons systems have made it impossible for anybody to confront it militarily. So, all you have is your wits and your cunning, and your ability to fight in the way the Iraqis are fighting.”

― Arundhati Roy

“I think I have learnt more about business from fighting than anything else – from any book, from any, like – fighting is an incredible megastore for doing business.”

― Arvind Gupta

“Even the things we are certain about are only an illusion. We are born with a female side and a male side, and these two sides are always fighting and challenging each other. This is why anything we want to do, we have the other side of telling us not to do it, to be careful about it.”

― Asghar Farhadi

“I can’t express enough to anyone who is fighting for whatever their dream is, whether it’s to become a doctor, or a teacher, or a photographer – it doesn’t matter – it’s such a hard, hard road.”

― Ashleigh Murray

“I have been able to fulfil nearly all my ambitions at Chelsea. I have won the Champions League, the League, I have won FA Cups here, but you don’t want to stop winning trophies, and being at a big club, you are always fighting to win a trophy.”

― Ashley Cole

“I do not fear the pressure to win because I spent 14 years in England always fighting for a starting spot, and that’s what I want to continue doing.”

― Ashley Cole

“I wanted to stay at Chelsea because we are always fighting and challenging for trophies. That desire and the will to want to win things have not gone.”

― Ashley Cole

“Until fighting ends and there are conditions, which allow the free expression of will by the people, there can be no elections and elections are not held in these circumstances anywhere in the world.”

― Aslan Maskhadov

“We used to fight with Pakistan with bombs. Now we are fighting with them on the playing ground.”

― Atal Bihari Vajpayee

“You know how fighting fish do it? They blow bubbles and in each one of those bubbles is an egg and they float the egg up to the surface. They keep this whole heavy nest of eggs floating, and they’re constantly repairing it. It’s as if they live in both elements.”

― Audre Lorde

“People think of the military as being about guns and fighting wars, but it’s really about service to country and community.”

― Austin Stowell

“Israel won’t be secure so long as Hamas is in power, and therefore, we need to come to a decision that we will break the will of Hamas to keep fighting.”

― Avigdor Lieberman

“I was always clear in my mind what I wanted to do. Becoming a footballer is a dream that is unattainable for most people. We were told that out of maybe a thousand kids, only one would make it as a player, but I worked hard and kept fighting for my dream.”

― Aymeric Laporte

“I’ve been fighting with Acorn, alongside Acorn, on issues you care about, my entire career.”

― Barack Obama

“If you’ve got unemployment, low pay, that was just too bad. But that was the system. That was the sort of economy and philosophy against which I was fighting in the 1930s.”

― Barbara Castle

“If you look up what I did in Arizona, you’ll see that I fought my way through training camp. I didn’t have a problem fighting my teammates.”

― Baron Corbin

“I love boxing. I like to see the strategizing. Watching the warriors go to work. I like that struggle, going out there and fighting.”

― Barry Larkin

“I’m a professor of national security studies, and I know a lot more about fighting than Rumsfeld does.”

― Barry McCaffrey

“Why would Senator Allen want to oppose saving money for the state? It’s simply another example of Republicans fighting the governor tooth and nail against any measure where she might be able to turn the state’s budget around.”

― Bart Stupak

“Fighting is easy to understand. You just hit the guy as hard as you can.”

― Bas Rutten

“Keep fighting for animals by making compassionate, cruelty-free choices every day and encouraging those around you to do the same.”

― Bea Arthur

“We’re fighting to be ourselves in a world that’s trying to make us like everyone else.”

― Bebe Rexha

“I don’t think the number of followers has anything to do with how good I am fighting. That said, I am good at fighting, and I do have a lot of followers.”

― Ben Askren

“There’s more to life than fighting.”

― Ben Askren

“Sword fighting is just as fun as it looks on the screen.”

― Ben Barnes

“Everybody knows it hurts to grow up… and we’re still fighting it.”

― Ben Folds

“Working on ‘X Men,’ I got to do a lot of flying and fighting, which was good fun.”

― Ben Hardy

“Good Charlotte, for us, comes from a place of youth for us, back when we were struggling and fighting for every inch, just trying to get by.”

― Benji Madden

“If you get your body right, you get your mind right, whatever you do, you have a fighting chance, and you have a chance to be victorious.”

― Bernard Hopkins

“I love fighting big guys because I’m fast. I’m not a big, light heavyweight. I can move. I can get inside on them. I’m inside, I’m wrestling with them, and they’re just wrestling, but all the time, I’m chopping; I’m slapping.”

― Bernard Hopkins

“UFC is street fighting in a cage. Boxing is a controlled, skilled talent. There’s no comparison.”

― Bernard Hopkins

“It is good to have lots of games, as it means we are fighting for everything.”

― Bernardo Silva

“I am sure that there are some single payer advocates who think the only thing worth fighting for is single payer.”

― Bernie Sanders

“Yes, I was in that game where George Brett hit that home run. Billy saw there was too much pine tar on the bat and he went to the umpire, the next thing we knew they were fighting about it.”

― Bert Campaneris

“I got out while they were still fighting to buy tickets to hear me. I believe in getting out when you’re on top, and that’s what I did.”

― Beverly Sills

“The most important thing is you should not be split or fighting each other.”

― Bhumibol Adulyadej

“The Sandinista government became consumed with fighting a war of survival. They were up against the biggest superpower in the world.”

― Bianca Jagger

“You always need someone who’s a part of your squad, and I felt that college basketball really helped with that – traveling together, studying together, and fighting the same battles together.”

― Big Cass

“I think censorship in the name of fighting fake news is a dangerous thing for Pakistan.”

― Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

“The International Brigades provided a shock force while the Republic trained and organized an army from an assemblage of individuals. The Spanish people knew they were not fighting alone.”

― Bill Alexander

“About 100 firefighters a year die in the line of duty in the U.S. Heart attacks on the job and vehicle accidents on the way to the fires account for about half. The other half are traumatic deaths while fighting fires.”

― Bill Dedman

“The Obama administration is fighting to block access to names of visitors to the White House, taking up the Bush administration argument that a president doesn’t have to reveal who comes calling to influence policy decisions.”

― Bill Dedman

“I picked up a lot watching Ultimate Fighting. I studied martial arts. But I had an idea to be different, to portray a character people would like.”

― Bill Goldberg

“There will be trying times during Obama’s presidency, and liberty will need staunch defenders. Can Obama reshape liberalism to be, as it was under F.D.R., a fighting faith, unapologetically patriotic and strong in the defense of liberty? That would be a service to our country.”

― Bill Kristol

“Surely our inaction with respect to Syria is a poor precedent if we’re fighting a war on terror.”

― Bill Kristol

“I was fighting every windmill, especially when I was in college.”

― Bill Parcells

“Many of the vicious criminals held there have been caught on the battlefield fighting against American troops and shutting down Guantanamo Bay would just require the military to move them elsewhere.”

― Bill Shuster

“I feel like I’m always fighting not to repeat myself.”

― Billy Corgan

“I’m fighting for the Commonwealth title on Saturday and I believe I’ll be ready for a world title shot in the next 18 months.”

― Billy Joe Saunders

“I have been, and will go on, fighting that damnable, dirty, rotten business with all the power at my command.”

― Billy Sunday

“I want to be fighting for a society accountable towards its citizens.”

― Binyavanga Wainaina

“Historically, the Justice Department has been Congress’ ally in fighting wrongdoing in government, but under this Justice Department and Eric Holder, rather than being the people’s attorney, Eric Holder sees himself as the president’s attorney and he’ll do anything to defend the president.”

― Blake Farenthold

“Stopping crime before it occurs is the most effective crime fighting tool of all.”

― Blanche Lincoln

“Martial arts is not about fighting; it’s about building character.”

― Bo Bennett

“The war in Afghanistan is too important to be reduced to a political football. We are fighting there to protect our national security. We are confronting the Taliban-led insurgency to prevent terrorists returning to that country.”

― Bob Ainsworth

“Obama not only falsely represented the Republican position – as usual – he shamelessly pretended that he was The One ‘fighting so hard to cut middle-class taxes.’ Baloney!”

― Bob Beauprez

“There is no force more liberating than the knowledge that you are fighting for others.”

― Bob Kerrey

“When you’re fighting for economic and social justice, you’re always fighting for the minority.”

― Bob Kerrey

“No matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, you like to see your team fighting for the principle.”

― Bob McDonnell

“No matter the challenges ahead, I will never stop fighting for New Jersey and the values we share.”

― Bob Menendez

“WWE is not just about fighting; we’re about the community.”

― Bobby Lashley

“There’s no secret I love professional wrestling. It’s not just the money all the time, I love wrestling, and I love fighting.”

― Bobby Lashley

“Pro wrestling has absolutely helped my fighting.”

― Bobby Lashley

“I love what I do. I love the competition of fighting. And I love to wrestle.”

― Bobby Lashley

“Incumbent Congresswoman Bustos has proven during her time in Washington that she doesn’t understand or feel the pain of middle class families. We need a true representative fighting for us in Washington, and incumbent Congresswoman Cheri Bustos has refused to act.”

― Bobby Schilling

“For me, fighting is in the blood, and it’s something I grew up doing.”

― Booker T

“How many stories have you read that aren’t true, stories about me and Angie being married or fighting or splitting up? And when we don’t split up, there’s a whole new round that we’ve made up and we’re back together again!”

― Brad Pitt

“The emergence of Uber X was really the most important pivot maybe in the history of Silicon Valley. It’s a vast majority of Uber’s revenues, and so that flexibility and the rapid growth and the fighting the battles, it’s all Travis. You can’t take any credit away from him.”

― Brad Stone

“It’s important for Americans to know what the guys fighting the wars have been experiencing, not just from the perspective of a talking-head politician or a four-star general.”

― Brandon Webb

“If you’re going to go out doing something, you might as well be fighting for your country or fighting for your life.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“Getting knocked out in your underwear in the Octagon is pretty embarrassing, but people are like, ‘The guy he’s fighting is really, really good, and he is a UFC fighter, so he can still beat up 99 percent of the world,’ so it’s not that embarrassing.”

― Brendan Schaub

“At Grudge, we just push each other. Whether it’s sparring five rounds or rolling and doing drills, I do most of my cardio at practice. As far as running outside or riding a bike? That’s not fighting, so I only do things that are going to help me in the Octagon.”

― Brendan Schaub

“If you want to prove your worth and prove you’re one of the best in the world, you need to be fighting in the UFC.”

― Brendan Schaub

“While they trace their history back to wars that helped to ethnically cleanse Native Americans and to their exploits in the Civil War fighting for the South, the modern-day Rangers were created to help rejuvenate a defeated and demoralized U.S. imperialism after the war in Vietnam.”

― Brendan Sexton III

“My point was that removing Saddam should not have been our highest priority. Fighting terrorism should have been our number one concern, followed by the Palestinian peace process.”

― Brent Scowcroft

“I always tell people you can’t make peace half way: to make peace with somebody, you have to make peace and bury the hatchet, or you just keep fighting forever.”

― Bret Hart

“You can’t get big in hockey. You need to be pliable… they’ve even taken fighting out of the game, so there’s no more of those big huge guys who just fight.”

― Brett Hull

“The big message of gospel is that you don’t have to keep fighting the universe; you can stop, and the universe is quite good to you. There is a loss of ego.”

― Brian Eno

“When I go across the state, people are really asking the question, ‘Who is up there fighting for us? Who is fighting for us at the state capital for the little guy out here, for the working Georgian, for the Georgian family?’”

― Brian Kemp

“Fighting was a problem for me in high school.”

― Brian Ortega

“As a pro, in the beginning, I had to sell tickets to get paid. So you gotta be a hustler, and you gotta worry about fighting.”

― Brian Ortega

“Fighting is great, but I can’t do it forever.”

― Brian Ortega

“I don’t look like a fighter. I like it, though, because it just allows me to be in the position I am now, to where I can venture out to wherever I want to go. I can go into acting. I can go into this; I can go different ways now. And because of fighting, I can do that.”

― Brian Ortega

“My martial arts came a lot from my uncle, who actually taught martial arts through the military. He was a black belt in tae kwon do, but also, he used a lot of military-style fighting where it’s not the high kicks or anything like that. It’s basically defeat your opponent as fast as possible.”

― Brian Tee

“Since very early in my career, I have always did my own stunt fighting.”

― Brion James

“I feel like girls are always fighting guys off at bars, always. Usually girls don’t really have to do anything except be there. And if alcohol is involved, you’re gonna get hit on. No matter what.”

― Brody Jenner

“There are still personalities that you bond with or a fighting spirit that you connect with, but as a host you have to stay impartial and root for all of them.”

― Brooke Burns

“In ‘Robin Hood,’ I did quarterstaff fighting.”

― Brooke Elliott

“I’m not a pacifist. I feel that there are situations where fighting is inescapable, but we don’t go looking for those things.”

― Bruce Cockburn

“The Indians kept increasing in numbers until it was estimated that we were fighting from 800 to 1,000 of them.”

― Buffalo Bill

“And it is essential that in fighting terrorism, sacrifices should not be made on democracy.”

― Bulent Ecevit

“The armies, the difference of all of those armies that had been fighting each other and the Taliban took advantage of that to rule over the whole country.”

― Bulent Ecevit

“We have been helping, trying to help Afghanistan in many ways, even from the beginning of… the beginnings of the ’20s, 1920s, when he we were fighting our own national struggle.”

― Bulent Ecevit

“49 and holding. Holding tight! Fighting that heinous age every step of the way.”

― Burt Ward

“Fighting is what I love to do.”

― Cain Velasquez

“I know what people expect of me – to have the fighting style of going forward and having a lot of action.”

― Cain Velasquez

“Boxers box to get ready to fight; wrestlers wrestle. We have so much we have to do to get ready, but fighting is one of them.”

― Cain Velasquez

“For me, it’s all about training and fighting. I would rather do without the attention, but I know it comes with the territory.”

― Cain Velasquez

“I want everybody on Fox to see my fighting style, to really become a fan of the sport.”

― Cain Velasquez

“To say I was looking forward to fighting in Mexico for the first time is an understatement.”

― Cain Velasquez

“While ‘Outlander’ is a brilliant period show, Claire represents so many qualities of a 10th century modern-day woman: someone who is forging her own path, fighting for what she believes, and doing so with integrity.”

― Caitriona Balfe

“I’m a professor of media studies as well as humanities, and I’m an evangelist of popular culture, but when there’s only media, then there’s going to be a slow debasement of language, and that’s what I think we’re fighting.”

― Camille Paglia

“Fascists, Antifa attacked me, and an all-black police force in Philadelphia, and they claim to be fighting racism.”

― Candace Owens

“Fighting Manny Pacquiao in the future – there’s possibilities it could happen. But whatever happens in the future happens in the future.”

― Canelo Alvarez

“I have been fighting the best. I am just 26 and have fought in the biggest arenas.”

― Canelo Alvarez

“There are no secrets – I’ve been fighting around 154 lbs and 155 lbs, so I feel comfortable at this weight. This is my weight class.”

― Canelo Alvarez

“I don’t care who you are or what you have gone through – everyone has something they are fighting for.”

― Cara Castronuova

“Whether it’s mending a failing company, fighting corruption, tackling disease, or rebuilding a marriage, the hardest problems defy just-add-water remedies. Indeed, slapping on a Band-Aid when surgery is needed usually just makes things worse.”

― Carl Honore

“I like fighting. I get into rows all the time.”

― Carlos Fuentes

“You know what, I stopped doing ‘Mind of Mencia’ because it got hard, and there was a lot of fighting, and it was just time to move on.”

― Carlos Mencia

“I’m used to fighting and arguing with males.”

― Carolyn Porco

“I’m fighting a losing battle here: I’m trying to lose some weight. I love chocolate; that’s one of my biggest downfalls. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of chocolate, thank goodness, because I’d probably be about 300 pounds.”

― Carrie Underwood

“I was raised on Nirvana and flannel shirts and Rage Against the Machine, and I sort of describe my youth as rebellious and always fighting the system.”

― Casey Neistat

“I never stopped training. You know, I stopped fighting. When I was injured, when I lost my husband, I stopped when I needed to take the break. But I never stopped training because training is my therapy.”

― Cat Zingano

“I don’t care who I’m fighting if I’m not fighting for the title.”

― Cat Zingano

“I love fighting… It’s something I think I was born to do.”

― Cat Zingano

“When I think about protecting my son and fighting for him, that’s a big threat in a fight. If I can go there, it makes me unstoppable.”

― Cat Zingano

“Safeguarding our common home is not only essential to protecting endangered species and preserving old-growth forests, it is also paramount to ending poverty, fighting injustice, and protecting the long-term survival of humankind and of our faith.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“I’ve always been working on domestic violence prevention. I’ve always been fighting for people that are either downtrodden or the most vulnerable, and juvenile justice issues.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“As Christians, we are responsible for our fellow brothers and sisters suffering and fighting for the basic resources we all need to survive. To deny this is to turn a deaf ear to God’s teachings.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“As I say, I can’t wait until Congress – half of Congress can get pregnant so we can quit fighting about birth control and Planned Parenthood.”

― Cecile Richards

“I look forward to fighting Nancy Pelosi, and I look forward to defeating Nancy Pelosi in getting the Green New Deal passed.”

― Cenk Uygur

“We moved to the city when I was 7, and the lack of exercise made me frustrated. I started fighting with my sisters, and my parents put me in judo as an outlet. I became very competitive and won a lot of medals.”

― Cesar Millan

“My dream would be fighting against whoever the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was at WrestleMania.”

― Cesaro

“There’s a camaraderie that comes with this sport, but fighting Anderson Silva is a lot like eating Chinese food: twenty minutes after I do it, I’m going to want to do it again.”

― Chael Sonnen

“Fighting is an expression. It’s a form of speech, and that’s why they call it martial arts. It’s an art.”

― Chael Sonnen

“Very normal trajectory of a fighter’s career – you start out fighting at the YMCA. You move on to the dog park. You get into a coliseum. On your way out, you go back to the YMCA, and then you finish up at the dog park.”

― Chael Sonnen

“If you call a Brazilian out publicly, you’re going to be fighting that Brazilian. That’s in their culture.”

― Chael Sonnen

“Quite naturally, the men who led in stirring up the revolt against Great Britain and in keeping the fighting temper of the Revolutionists at the proper heat were the boldest and most radical thinkers – men like Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson.”

― Charles A. Beard

“What are we Democrats fighting for? We are not fighting for salvation and going to heaven. But we are fighting for Medicaid, Medicare, health care, education, jobs, helping old folks.”

― Charles B. Rangel

“Since coming to Congress in 1971, I have been fighting to help create an environment where the goals of the National Work and the Family Month can become a reality.”

― Charles B. Rangel

“After World War I, while France and other Allies were building military defenses modeled on trench warfare, German commanders were shaping a nimble fighting force.”

― Charles Duhigg

“There is nobody who would want, in any way, to lose what Paul Volcker won for the American people by fighting inflation and achieving price stability.”

― Charles L. Evans

“Aviation constituted a new and possibly decisive element in preventing or fighting a war, and I was in a unique position to observe European aviation – especially in its military aspects.”

― Charles Lindbergh

“We’ll see She-Hulk fighting evil everywhere from the boardroom to the Bowery, using her mind as much as her fists.”

― Charles Soule

“Most of my good friends have fights with me. Those guys know that I was in martial arts for 12 years fighting on the circuit.”

― Charlie Murphy

“I wasn’t drawn to comedy: it was drawn to me – from fighting in school to going to jail, then joining the military and getting into Hollywood.”

― Charlie Murphy

“Excellence is about fighting and pursuing something diligently, with a strict and determined approach to doing it right. It’s okay if there are flaws in the process – it makes it more interesting.”

― Charlie Trotter

“I can remember me and my cousin always fighting. He was a big Bulls and Michael Jordan guy.”

― Chauncey Billups

“It is important to emphasize that guerrilla warfare is a war of the masses, a war of the people. The guerrilla band is an armed nucleus, the fighting vanguard of the people. It draws its great force from the mass of the people themselves.”

― Che Guevara

“It seemed that my brother and I were always fighting in the back seat, and there was never any real reason for it.”

― Chevy Chase

“My character is somebody who is smaller in stature and yet who’s strong, so to see the fighting situations between people who are not generally thought of being strong is in itself unusual and therefore interesting, I think.”

― Chiaki Kuriyama

“Only a fighting nation can make itself responsible for world peace, and such a nation must organize its material resources and manpower with the highest possible degree of efficiency.”

― Chiang Kai-shek

“China not only fights for her own independence, but also for the liberation of every oppressed nation. For us, the Atlantic Charter and President Roosevelt’s proclamation of the Four Freedoms for all peoples are corner-stones of our fighting faith.”

― Chiang Kai-shek

“Dehumanizing sounds so extreme, but when you’re fighting for a football at the bottom of the pile, it is kind of dehumanizing.”

― Chris Borland

“We must remain steadfast in our commitment to our troops, and to those fighting for a free and democratic Iraq because freedom makes our country and the world a safer place.”

― Chris Chocola

“I was appointed United States attorney on September 10, 2001. And I spent the next seven years of my career fighting terrorism and putting terrorists in jail.”

― Chris Christie

“Savage, despicable evil. That’s what we were fighting in Iraq. That’s why a lot of people, myself included, called the enemy ‘savages.’ There really was no other way to describe what we encountered there.”

― Chris Kyle

“I’m still fighting really hard to get any role I get. If it’s comedy, I go for the laughs. And if it’s drama, I try to tell the truth, and try to play the real stakes of whatever scenario the character’s in.”

― Chris Pratt

“When I go to the clinic next and sit with a tube in my arm and watch the poison go in, I’m in an attitude of abject passivity. It doesn’t feel like fighting at all; it just feels like submitting.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“With all due respect to the other writers, I don’t want to disparage any other writers; I don’t want to have to invent a bigger villain than Deathstroke so Deathstroke can seem heroic fighting this bigger villain. I’d rather just have Deathstroke be who is, and he’s kind of a bastard.”

― Christopher Priest

“If I weren’t fighting, I’d be in the business world.”

― Chuck Liddell

“Dancing is a lot lower-impact than ultimate fighting, but it takes a lot longer, and I burn the same amount of calories.”

― Chuck Liddell

“Totally different challenges, but being a dad and fighting both wear you out.”

― Chuck Liddell

“It’s one of those things: I’m never gonna get over not fighting, I don’t think, but I’m content with my decision to retire.”

― Chuck Liddell

“That’s one of the reasons I retired. To stick around, the way I was fighting, I would have to start playing it safe. I went out on my shield. That’s the way I liked it. I fought that way my whole career. I don’t want to bore people my last three or four fights.”

― Chuck Liddell

“I have one way of fighting: I’m going to come after you, put hands on you, and knock you out.”

― Chuck Liddell

“Having ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ was the thing that did it for us, live fighting on TV. That’s what we had to do, was get a live fight on TV. It couldn’t have worked out better.”

― Chuck Liddell

“It’s the bullies who are afraid, are the ones that do all the fighting. It’s not the secure kids that get out there and fight. It’s the insecure kids.”

― Chuck Norris

“My parents used to fight a lot, and I think they fought a lot at night, and they would turn the television up to hide the sound of their fighting.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“I’ve been fighting my whole life.”

― Chuck Zito

“We can’t allow any war for imperialism or greed to be fought in our names. This is what we need to keep fighting for.”

― Cindy Sheehan

“You know, we’ve got to be responsible about our debt. We don’t want the United States to ever be a dead beat, and not be able to pay its bills, either to our soldiers who are fighting or to Social Security recipients.”

― Claire McCaskill

“The U.S. military is the best-trained, most effective fighting force the world has ever known. And the conduct of the vast majority of our service members makes Americans rightfully proud.”

― Claire McCaskill

“As a member of the Aging Committee, I’m no stranger to fighting for America’s seniors.”

― Claire McCaskill

“The most disastrous phenomenon of the current situation is the factor that imperialism is employing for its own ends all the powers of the proletariat, all of its institutions and weapons, which its fighting vanguard has created for its war of liberation.”

― Clara Zetkin

“Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.”

― Clarence Darrow

“When I played, I was an English-style centre-half. Always with my heart, always with my fighting spirit.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“In my opinion, if you only show quality but no fighting spirit, you are half a player.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“I always want fighting spirit first.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“People love westerns worldwide. There’s something fantasy-like about an individual fighting the elements. Or even bad guys and the elements. It’s a simpler time. There’s no organized laws and stuff.”

― Clint Eastwood

“I treat any scene the same – dialogue, action – you’re still creating something in character. It’s all acting, fighting.”

― Clive Owen

“You talk about demand, and these are big-name NBA players fighting for spots to be in the BIG3. So you gotta bring your game to make a squad, and that’s what Ice Cube’s envisioned when he started the BIG3.”

― Clyde Drexler

“I’ve seen a lot of highs and a lot of lows with this team, and one thing I’ve learned is that even though you have lows, you’re not going to have them forever, so you’ve got to keep fighting.”

― Cobi Jones

“Guys have a lot more to worry about when they’re fighting me than they do fighting Khabib. He’s just one-dimensional.”

― Colby Covington

“I get paid a lot of money to go in there and fight on pay-per-view. I’m not fighting in the street.”

― Colby Covington

“I like fighting, man. I didn’t get into this sport not to fight. I enjoy fighting; I actually enjoy getting in the cage.”

― Colby Covington

“The U.S. army confirmed that it gave a lucrative fire fighting contract in Iraq to the firm once run by the Vice President Dick Cheney without any competitive bidding. When asked if this could be conceived as Cheney’s friends profiting from the war, the spokesman said ‘Yes.’”

― Conan O’Brien

“When we distributed the paper and crayons, they were fighting over the blue crayon. Everyone wanted to start with the blue, and that was the water. One drawing shows the trees under water. I was really moved.”

― Connie Sellecca

“I don’t feel bitterness, I don’t feel anger towards anybody. Fighting is never emotional to me.”

― Conor McGregor

“I want to be an expert in different fighting styles, new training methods, new ways of thinking.”

― Conor McGregor

“I’m going to change the way martial arts is viewed. I’m going to change the game. I’m going to change the way people approach fighting.”

― Conor McGregor

“Clean fighting solves everything. It ends all bad blood and any ill feelings people have. That’s my thoughts.”

― Conor McGregor

“Boxing is limited fighting with a specific rule set. Fighting is true, where you can do anything.”

― Conor McGregor

“Fighting a war on terrorism is like fighting against crime. We can never hope to eradicate crime, so we shouldn’t bother fighting it.”

― Craig Bruce

“As fighting in Iraq intensifies, President Bush delivered his supplemental war budget to Congress. The money will cover 30 days of fighting, then we’ll be sent one war every other month until we cancel our subscription.”

― Craig Kilborn

“I will continue to keep fighting sucking the marrow out of life as life sucks the marrow out of me.”

― Craig Sager

“I’m fighting cancer and I refuse to give up.”

― Craig Sager

“I’ve never had one of those middle of the nights when I go, ‘Why me?’ or ‘I don’t know if I can keep fighting like this.’ No. Those thoughts don’t even enter my mind.”

― Craig Sager

“My job is fighting.”

― Cris Cyborg

“If Amanda Nunes truly wants an opportunity at the 145-lb. belt, a win against any ranked contender in that division would help establish her back in a weight class she left before fighting me.”

― Cris Cyborg

“The common denominator all Latinos have is that we want some respect. That’s what we’re all fighting for.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“I think ‘Magneto’ is definitely an anti-hero. He’s fighting for the right thing, but his methods are far too extreme. He’s not above breaking the law, stretching the limits of what is moral and putting evil to work for good.”

― Cullen Bunn

“The Rockies and Diamondbacks are both very exciting teams who are fighting for recognition.”

― Curtis Granderson

“If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting.”

― Curtis LeMay

“It’s really Democrats who are fighting for working families and small businesses and trying to address the biggest problems that we have, which are huge disparities in incomes and wealth and money influencing the Democratic process.”

― Cynthia Dill

“You have to listen to adversaries and keep looking for that point beyond which it’s against their interests to keep on disagreeing or fighting.”

― Cyrus Vance

“I’m reading scripts just like everybody else. Tin cup in hand, knocking on doors, trying to get a job. It’s tough. They don’t make as many films these days, and there’s a lot of guys that are fighting for jobs.”

― D. J. Cotrona

“I always watch superhero movies, and I like the action and the fighting and all the different kinds of powers.”

― Dakota Goyo

“The only kind of love worth having is the kind that goes on living and laughing and fighting and loving.”

― Dalton Trumbo

“As a drummer, you’re always fighting for a level that you never quite attain.”

― Damien Chazelle

“Every member of Congress deserves a seat at the table to be involved in the process. I will continue fighting for this to become a reality in Washington, and will be running for speaker of the House.”

― Dan Webster

“Just about the entirety of the first album, ‘Brown Sugar,’ I wrote it, the majority of that record in my bedroom in Richmond. And all of the demos for it were done on a four-track in my bedroom. I think EMI was a little leery of me being in the studio producing it on my own, which is what I was fighting for.”

― D’Angelo

“Guys play basketball and get hurt, and that’s probably the easiest sport on the planet. We’re actually fighting every day. We’re wrestling; we’re grappling.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I think that Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena and Valentina Shevchenko… they’ve showed how much this level has gone up in female fighting in a very short period of time.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I’ve been fighting BDS before people even knew that BDS existed.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“Any Westerner can now buy a Koran for a dollar and burn it, while any Muslim with a platform can transform that act into a fighting offense. As passions rise on both sides of the divide, Western provocateurs and Islamist hotheads have found each other, as confrontations occur with increasing frequency.”

― Daniel Pipes

“I came from doing Wushu and other martial arts, and then I got into movies, and I had to learn that as well – the language of martial arts movie fighting. It’s a different thing; it’s a different kind of logic.”

― Daniel Wu

“I was not fighting myself at all as I used to.”

― Daniela Hantuchova

“I don’t feel I’m fighting to reach this huge audience; it just happens. I go on stage before the audience arrives and look out to this vast empty house. There’s something therapeutic about taking in the ring where you’ll perform.”

― Danielle de Niese

“There are always younger and better dancers fighting to get your place. You get worn down by the fight to try to stay at the top.”

― Darcey Bussell

“Turning 30 was when my parents both got cancer and were fighting it and beat it, but their mortality started to get to me. Everything wasn’t as hunky-dory like it was.”

― Darren Aronofsky

“You don’t get to this position or this level of fighting or a record like mine by beating nobodies.”

― Darren Till

“It’s not a coach relationship: he’s a mentor; it’s a life relationship. If I didn’t make it in fighting, I didn’t have anything else to fall back on.”

― Darren Till

“I don’t like any sport except boxing and bull fighting.”

― David Bailey

“People react to criticism in different ways, and my way is definitely to come out fighting.”

― David Beckham

“Being a Labour home secretary in the 21st century means fighting a constant battle against both extreme Right and Left.”

― David Blunkett

“I’m comfortable on the progressive side. But I’m still more pitched at fighting the Right than I am about building a progressive platform for the future. It’s fair to say that that conversation doesn’t interest me as much.”

― David Brock

“The pro-Hillary groups needed to quit fighting each other and get down to business fighting Republicans.”

― David Brock

“I’m not fighting for the right to do whatever we want without any restriction. We need to be careful of the fact that we also make games for kids and teenagers.”

― David Cage

“The time I spent on the bench helped me to reflect and think. It encouraged me to keep fighting and work.”

― David de Gea

“The Marines in Korea never feared ‘friendly fire’ or artillery coming from the South Koreans – from their allies – like they did later in Vietnam, fighting with the South Vietnamese. The Koreans could be trusted.”

― David Douglas Duncan

“’Savior Of Nothing’ calls out the would-be social justice warriors of the world who become so enveloped in fighting so passionately that they become exactly what they’re trying to correct. They preach acceptance so much they become unaccepting.”

― David Draiman

“I fought for years and spent a fortune fighting and never got anywhere.”

― David Friedman

“Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can’t be treated just where it’s visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed.”

― David Hackworth

“I am not interested in fighting against 50 wimps like the Klitschkos do.”

― David Haye

“Fighting in Germany, Wladimir Klitschko makes so much money for everyone.”

― David Haye

“Publicly, we’re saying we’re better at fighting terrorism. Privately, we know that the bureaucracy has only gotten worse, since the high-level people are scared of being held responsible for 9/11.”

― David Hunt

“Fighting is dancing. Look at a great boxing match, and it’s a dancing.”

― David Lyons

“Each culture has its own form of staged combat, evolved from its particular method of street fighting and cleaned up for presentation as a spectacle, e.g. savate, Cornish wrestling, karate, kung-fu.”

― David Mamet

“I used to think I’d like to be a fireman – in fact, I still would – and the only drawback I could see was coming back to the firehouse, after a day of fighting fires, and still having to put in an eight-hour day writing.”

― David Mamet

“’The Fighter’ was about a family struggling to overcome and fighting each other sometimes, and I went back and rewrote this script which I had written for my son initially because my son has mood disorder.”

― David O. Russell

“Jonas Salk showed that a killed virus vaccine would work and would be damned effective in fighting disease. This was something that virologists of the day pooh-poohed. And Salk proved them wrong.”

― David Oshinsky

“During the surge in Iraq, we were able to roll back the tide of al-Qaeda and associated insurgents because we succeeded in mobilizing Iraqis – especially Sunni Arabs – to join us in fighting against the largely Sunni extremist networks in their midst.”

― David Petraeus

“I want to get back to my fighting weight of 98 pounds. I have the exact measurements of that guy from the movie, Powder. Right now, I am the reigning West Coast Powder.”

― David Spade

“As we move towards 8 or 10 billion people on the planet, there’s a little less gold per capita. Each one of us will continue to be fighting over an ever smaller percentage of total resources. This is not a happy thought.”

― Dean Kamen

“You can’t let injuries dictate the outcome of a football game. You have to persevere and keep fighting. That is how we are. If there is a blade of grass to defend or take, we do it.”

― DeAngelo Williams

“And American voters understand that if we want to keep fighting to move in the new – in a new direction, we’ve got a long way to go. And we need to make sure we continue with Democrats being in the majority.”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“But most of my songs were about believing in yourself, standing up for yourself and fighting for what you believe in.”

― Dee Snider

“I have no regrets of fighting for four years to get ‘Sordid Lives’ on the small screen. It was a fantasy. I mean, I got to work with amazing actors like Rue McClanahan!”

― Del Shores

“I really, truly appreciate Conor McGregor’s style – his fighting style and the way he talks. The reason why is because he reminds me of a young Mike Tyson, a young Muhammad Ali, the way he talks.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“If I went up there and beat T.J. Dillashaw at 135 pounds, I have no interest whatsoever in staying at 135. People are like, ‘Why not?’ and I’m like, ‘I have no interest in fighting guys who walk around at 160 pounds.’”

― Demetrious Johnson

“In my mind, there’s more to life than just fighting. That’s just how I am.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“I love fighting for the UFC. It’s an amazing company. I’ve done a lot of great things, and they’ve done a lot of great things for my career.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“One of the things I always tell people is that when it comes to fighting and fight week, then I’m there for one purpose, and that’s to fight and get the hell out of dodge.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“I believe me being married, having a life outside of fighting, gives me a mental break.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“My mind can’t always be on fighting.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“I had a bike as a kid, and when I worked in Manhattan – I had a 10-speed – I rode from downtown to 68th and Madison for my day job. I knew about fighting traffic, but nothing about racing.”

― Dennis Christopher

“Brian was the oldest, I was in the middle and Carl was the baby. I was the troublemaker. Brian got great grades and Carl got the kind of grades I did. I failed everything. I was too busy fighting and running wild.”

― Dennis Wilson

“I’m looking forward to the fighting with no headgear – I’m jealous. I kind of want to go back to the Olympics to experience no headgear.”

― Deontay Wilder

“The craziest thing about it, I used to hate fighting, but you had to show how tough you was; you had to show you wasn’t no punk.”

― Deontay Wilder

“Some people are more interested in fighting than winning.”

― DeRay Mckesson

“You must show the world that you abhor fighting.”

― Desmond Tutu

“It’s so jarring to go from Baghdad to Cambridge, to go from a place where people are fighting and striving and dying to a place where the biggest concern is what kind of cheese to put in your sandwich.”

― Dexter Filkins

“If the Department of Education is serious about fighting for students and protecting taxpayers, a full ban of mandatory arbitration clauses is a no-brainer.”

― Dick Durbin

“Sugar Ray and talked about doing some articles together or writing a book together but dealing with Sugar Ray was a lot like fighting him. He would fake you in and then he’d drop you.”

― Dick Schaap

“I hate fights. I try to talk people out of fighting if I can and if they start I run away.”

― Diego Luna

“I like to win without fighting. But if I can’t, then I’m prepared to fight.”

― Dilip Shanghvi

“I’d turn up to the gym early and just be there, waiting outside, knocking on the door. It was something I thought I was decent at. I enjoyed fighting; it’s how I’ve always been.”

― Dillian Whyte

“In remembering those who lost their lives in the London attacks and the September 11th attacks we continue our commitment to fighting for freedom, democracy and justice.”

― Doc Hastings

“V-J Day, or Victory in Japan Day, marks the date of the Japanese surrender that ended fighting in the Pacific.”

― Doc Hastings

“Some people are fighting much, much more important battles and much bigger battles, and if we get the chance to put a smile on their face for ten seconds, it’s so worth it.”

― Dolph Ziggler

“I’ll keep fighting for the best, most successful Brexit.”

― Dominic Raab

“I don’t need fighting. It’s the cherry on top to this beautiful life I’ve been given.”

― Dominick Cruz

“When I’m done fighting, I want to look to get some sort of driving career somewhere. My goal is to eventually get into the Mint 400 and do the trophy truck stuff.”

― Dominick Cruz

“There’s more to the sport than just fighting, and you either understand that, or you don’t. And if you don’t, then I promise you the guys that are worth money don’t want to fight you, because you don’t get it.”

― Dominick Cruz

“I love fighting as much as I can and as often as possible.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I want all of the blue collar American working class people to know that I’m out there fighting for them.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I don’t take much pride in fake fighting.”

― Donald Cerrone

“Bull riding is fun, but fighting is it.”

― Donald Cerrone

“When I fought Benson Henderson for the first time, or Jamie Varner, it was always like, ‘Oh man… I’m in here fighting these guys. Do I really belong here?’ That’s all changed now.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I didn’t really have intentions of fighting in MMA; it just kind of fell into place. Once I started fighting, though, I loved it, and I walked away from kickboxing right away.”

― Donald Cerrone

“Fighting in the UFC means that I’m at the top of the sport, and it means that I’m able to pursue my goal of being a champion in the UFC.”

― Donald Cerrone

“Fighting’s not me – it’s just something that I do.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I don’t care where I fight on the card, but to get people motivated or excited, like, ‘Cowboy’s fighting!’ that’s my overall goal.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I remember being a kid and saying, ‘One day, I’m going to have a ranch. One day, one day, one day.’ And now, I’m fighting in the UFC. I’m here making the money, and that one day is here. I can finally go get those things that I want.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I enjoy fighting. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the world, so I’m just enjoying every minute of it.”

― Donald Cerrone

“Fighting angry and fighting mad isn’t good.”

― Donald Cerrone

“I’m not going to grant Bobby Green his wishes by fighting him and responding to his nonsense.”

― Donald Cerrone

“Anybody who says they don’t like fighting in the NHL have to be out of their minds.”

― Donald Stewart Cherry

“What I hate about Halle Berry is there’s always drama around her. It’s always fighting, automobile accidents, fistfights, boyfriends fighting ex-husbands for the child.”

― Donald Trump

“I met Hillary Clinton when I was a young lady working as an intern, and I can tell you she’s been a progressive fighter all her life. And Bernie Sanders, I got to know him during campaigns on Capitol Hill, campaigns across this country. These are two wonderful, fighting souls.”

― Donna Brazile

“I put my energy, voice, and spirit into fighting for anybody who wants to speak their voice. I don’t care what the right wing, the left wing, or the chicken wing has to say.”

― Donna Brazile

“Freedom is not worth fighting for if it means no more than license for everyone to get as much as he can for himself.”

― Dorothy Canfield Fisher

“You’re always fighting the demons.”

― Doug Baldwin

“When asked what he was fighting for, General Washington, in writing to General Thomas, said the object was ‘neither glory nor extent of territory, but a defense of all that is dear and valuable in life.’ He must have been an umpire. That’s what umpiring is about.”

― Doug Harvey

“When I read the script of ‘The Wall,’ I saw how much different the war looks from the point of view of a soldier fighting it.”

― Doug Liman

“When you make a war movie, the other side has to be the enemy. You’re making a war movie from the point of view of a soldier fighting it.”

― Doug Liman

“Too often, the idea seemed to be that the cost of being part of Europe was being less like Britain. So after years of fighting to defend Europe against attacks from the Eurosceptic right, it would be fatal to retreat into the same arguments and begin the battle anew.”

― Douglas Alexander

“If you’re a wounded company, the other companies that have been around for a hundred years will smell it, and they will take advantage of you in a heartbeat. It takes a long time to get back in fighting form.”

― Douglas Conant

“I have just returned from visiting the Marines at the front, and there is not a finer fighting organization in the world!”

― Douglas MacArthur

“My fans are all pretty cool, you know; I’ve never really seen anybody fighting on Twitter, no death threats, no harsh language, no gay slurs, nothing like that.”

― Drake Bell

“Whether you are fighting for the title or fighting at the bottom, you are always professional and want to win every game.”

― Dusan Tadic

“You look at a guy like Lance Armstrong, and you have to be inspired. I sat next to Kirk Douglas the other day, and he’s inspiring for fighting through his stroke.”

― Ed Harris

“You can mostly forget ethnic or religious differences. The competition for a bigger share of the oil proceeds is behind much of the fighting.”

― Ed Harris

“Fighting, for me, is not a career – it’s an opportunity. I’m going to take full advantage of it and do it as long as I can. As long as my body lets me and I’m healthy enough to do it naturally, I’ll do it.”

― Eddie Alvarez

“Fighting in general, but especially when I was younger, was tough to deal with because there are so many external things going on that want to control you that most people have no clue about.”

― Eddie Alvarez

“I’ve been fighting the best guys, so I would like a gimme fight.”

― Eddie Alvarez

“I don’t want to go that route where I’m going into fights dehydrated. I used to fight at 170 pounds. I was 10-0 at 170 with eight knockouts. I’m not going to listen to somebody from the outside tell me what weight I should be fighting at.”

― Eddie Alvarez

“As far as Nurmagomedov, I just don’t get how you become the No. 1 contender without actually fighting guys who are ranked in the top 10. It kind of baffles me.”

― Eddie Alvarez

“The experienced fighting pilot does not take unnecessary risks. His business is to shoot down enemy planes, not to get shot down.”

― Eddie Rickenbacker

“Fighting in the air is not a sport. It is scientific murder.”

― Eddie Rickenbacker

“The excitement of automobile racing did not compare with what I knew must come with aeroplane fighting in France.”

― Eddie Rickenbacker

“The idea of fighting your new girlfriend’s ex-lovers, ‘Street Fighter’ style, is the ultimate geek wish-fulfilment.”

― Edgar Wright

“I loved the idea of somebody literally fighting for love.”

― Edgar Wright

“As far as I’m concerned, love means fighting, big fat lies, and a couple of slaps across the face.”

― Edith Piaf

“While it’s a shame that more businessmen like Andy Puzder aren’t helping to form America’s economic policy, at least he’s still on the field fighting the good fight.”

― Edward Conard

“Congress hasn’t declared war on the countries – the majority of them are our allies – but without asking for public permission, NSA is running network operations against them that affect millions of innocent people. And for what? So we can have secret access to a computer in a country we’re not even fighting?”

― Edward Snowden

“Napoleon had been fighting this army of slaves and free people in Haiti and it depleted his forces. And after the Revolution, when the French were driven out, they stopped and sold this big chunk of North America to the Americans for very little money.”

― Edwidge Danticat

“I think every player gives a bit extra when he sees that his manager is fighting, too.”

― Edwin van der Sar

“You’ve got to keep fighting – you’ve got to risk your life every six months to stay alive.”

― Elia Kazan

“Nobody knows through how many thousands of years fighting men have made a place for themselves while the weak and peaceable have gone to the wall.”

― Elihu Root

“In the absence of love, there is nothing worth fighting for.”

― Elijah Wood

“Serving our district and military families is a tremendous honor, and as our work continues in Congress, I will continue fighting for a strong national defense.”

― Elise Stefanik

“I’ve had honor of meeting hundreds of servicemembers from our region and across the globe, all fighting for our freedoms.”

― Elise Stefanik

“I love Fayetteville. I like hills and vistas and hardworking people and fighting snow in winter and chiggers in the summer.”

― Ellen Gilchrist

“I think it’s obvious when you’re watching a movie, and there’s people fighting or someone’s slipping on the side of the building, that it’s fake and it really removes you from it.”

― Ellen Page

“What does it mean to be a superhero? We’re all fighting for the better good. But, at the same time, I think what stands out is, as superheroes, you don’t give up; you don’t surrender. I think that’s what makes a superhero.”

― Ellen Wong

“I tried to render the Afghan war as much as I could fro the perspective of the Afghans. I have served as an advisor to Afghan troops, and much of my war experience was seen through the lens of fighting that war alongside Afghan soldiers.”

― Elliot Ackerman

“Wars have economies. And I don’t mean financial economies, although that’s often part of it. Why do people continue fighting these wars? There are financial incentives.”

― Elliot Ackerman

“The United States needs to be far clearer: we cannot and will not support any government where Hamas has a real influence and the security forces stop fighting terror.”

― Elliott Abrams

“The Egyptian military and the government of Israel have long had a common interest in maintaining order and fighting terrorism in Sinai.”

― Elliott Abrams

“The fake republics are goners; the monarchies have a fighting chance. That’s my conclusion after a short visit to the Middle East and discussions with officials and analysts there.”

― Elliott Abrams

“Freedom of ideas and communications is one of the things we are fighting for, and our enemies are fighting against.”

― Elmer Davis

“Tesla is here to stay and keep fighting for the electric car revolution.”

― Elon Musk

“The only thing about politics I do discuss is, be into them: Read what’s online. Read what the candidates are talking about. Try to understand why people are fighting over what the candidates are standing for.”

― Elvis Duran

“Fighting is kind of like choreography. It’s not just get in there and punching someone: you have to have choreography. Someone is going to hit high; someone is going to hit at the bottom.”

― Emeraude Toubia

“I’m still a soldier, fighting with my pen and paper for peace till the day I cease.”

― Emmanuel Jal

“When I first went to school, I was fighting all the time. The soldier mentality was still in me. I kept getting expelled. I found it hard to take instructions from anyone who wasn’t a military commander.”

― Emmanuel Jal

“I’m still fighting for parts – it’s not like I’m sitting with a big pile of scripts putting them in a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ pile.”

― Emun Elliott

“I’ve experienced it with Chelsea Women: it can be very hard at the top for long periods of time, fighting just to stay in the same position and to preserve an unbeaten run that will always come to an end.”

― Eniola Aluko

“No battle is worth fighting except the last one.”

― Enoch Powell

“I actually think that the dotting of the i’s and the crossing of the t’s is what separates the United States, the United Kingdom, our allies, from those who we are fighting.”

― Eric Holder

“We’ve got to keep fighting. Got to keep agitating. Got to keep making sure that we put pressure on the people who make the laws, and the decisions, in this country.”

― Eric Reid

“I’m really good with fighting with my feet.”

― Eric Roberts

“We must never stop fighting for a vision of American democracy in which we strive for and encourage the highest levels of voter turnout and participation.”

― Eric Schneiderman

“Democrats are fighting to make sure that everyone, no matter your background, has a chance to get ahead.”

― Eric Swalwell

“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.”

― Ernest Hemingway

“But say some, would you expose woman to the contact of rough, rude, drinking, swearing, fighting men at the ballot box? What a humiliating confession lies in this plea for keeping woman in the background!”

― Ernestine Rose

“I was away from the front lines for a while this spring, living with other troops, and considerable fighting took place while I was gone. When I got ready to return to my old friends at the front I wondered if I would sense any change in them.”

― Ernie Pyle

“I wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and now I’m fighting in front of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones.”

― Errol Spence Jr.

“I don’t think there’s any extra pressure fighting in my hometown. It’s just added motivation. Real pressure was fighting against 30,000 fans in the champion’s hometown for my first title against Kell Brook.”

― Errol Spence Jr.

“When you’re providing emergency aid, you’re fighting hunger; you’re filling stomachs.”

― Ertharin Cousin

“I’ve fully embraced who I am. I stopped fighting with people and just come to realize, ‘This is me. This is all of me.’”

― Estelle

“With the first album, I wanted to do so many different things, and I was fighting with myself to try and see if I was worthy enough to do it.”

― Estelle

“Benedict’s spending down his energy was a function of his fighting against the Space/Information Age’s relentless pressure on the concept of hierarchy, the restoration of which he had, following John Paul II, made a central part of the program that has come to be known as the reform of the reform.”

― Eugene Kennedy

“Maybe people become bitter when they don’t know what they are fighting for. But I keep my eyes open.”

― Eva Gabrielsson

“Fighters find it hard to give up doing what they do best – fighting for a living.”

― Evander Holyfield

“The U.S. should be equally responsible for diminishing the cocaine market within the United States as it is in fighting the drug elsewhere.”

― Evo Morales

“For me, being leftist means fighting against injustice and inequality but, most of all, we want to live well.”

― Evo Morales

“People expect star kids to be perfect – horse-riding, fighting.”

― Fahadh Faasil

“My mom was a huge fan of ‘Dirty Dancing.’ I couldn’t quite get a break, and she was like, ‘Patrick Swayze was a dancer!’ And Fred Astaire. I started dancing, and it led me to acting. It helps with fighting or whatever choreography in general.”

― Falk Hentschel

“I’ve crossed adulthood, and I feel like lots of people are fighting that.”

― Farrah Abraham

“In the 1920s, big names in the Arab world spoke of Scheherazade as an example for intellectuals fighting for their rights. She was a fighter for the right of free expression.”

― Fatema Mernissi

“Milosevic will never stop, because he is fighting for personal power in Serbia. The only way to stop him is cutting the functioning of his war machine. He is spending $1.7 million a day on his war machine in Kosovo.”

― Fatos Nano

“While I’m an athlete and while I’m fighting actively, I don’t intend to pursue a career in politics. What happens after that, we’ll see. But I don’t have an intention to do both at the same time.”

― Fedor Emelianenko

“When I was competing, I would run daily 20 kilometers, and in addition to that, I’d put in many hours of fighting and sparring. That’s why I was always able to keep the speed in the ring. I would train so hard that sometimes it was not only hard to stand up, but it would also be hard to lay down.”

― Fedor Emelianenko

“As far as the UFC, if they offer us a fair deal, then we would be open to fighting in the UFC.”

― Fedor Emelianenko

“If the manager thinks there is another player better than you, he is going to play, and this is the way. You have to try to improve and keep fighting and try to change the manager’s mind.”

― Fernando Torres

“Born to a tribal Bedouin family of nomadic desert shepherds in the region of Tripoli, Gaddafi was profoundly anti-colonialist. It is affirmed that his paternal grandfather died fighting against the Italian invaders when Libya was invaded by them in 1911.”

― Fidel Castro

“I had to use a lot of the lessons I learned from fighting Samoa Joe and apply them to Bray Wyatt.”

― Finn Balor

“When you’re in NXT, you’re really fighting and trying to dig down deep and chase your dream.”

― Finn Balor

“I think I already proved that I wasn’t just fighting for the money, because I fought as an amateur. I fought 90 fights for free.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“When they said, ‘Why is Floyd Mayweather not fighting Manny Pacquiao?’ it was because Manny Pacquiao had a boss. I don’t have a boss.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“Hard as it is to believe, there were three magazines fighting over me. ‘Newsweek’ wanted to keep me, ‘ESPN The Magazine’ was coming into existence and wanted me, and ‘SI’ wanted to bring me back. Isn’t that amazing? I had a choice, like a free agent.”

― Frank Deford

“I’m a believer in getting punched in the face. I know it sounds cliched, but to me, fighting is a metaphor for life.”

― Frank Grillo

“Every season will have its dips and hard moments, and the challenge then is to make sure you don’t get too down in those moments and make sure you come back fighting.”

― Frank Lampard

“You always need to have the highest respect for your opponents. If you see them fighting, you know you have to give something extra.”

― Frank Rijkaard

“I wouldn’t support Limp Bizkit being on some snuff backyard brawling, fighting contest.”

― Fred Durst

“To gain a crown by fighting is great, to reject it divine.”

― Friedrich Schiller

“Golf isn’t first on my list anymore. There are a lot of things ahead of golf and I have to go ahead and do those things so I can play golf. I’m tired of hurting. Tired of fighting pain.”

― Fuzzy Zoeller

“My spirit is as strong as ever. I’m still fighting to make the world a safer place, and you can, too.”

― Gabrielle Giffords

“You hear younger women say, ‘I don’t believe I’m a feminist. I believe women should have equal right and I believe in fighting for the rights of other women, but I’m certainly not a feminist. No, no, not that!’ It’s just a word. If you called it ‘Fred’ would it be better?”

― Gail Collins

“Athletes as role models and heroes is a hoax, a sick hoax. The men and women who are fighting in Iraq, they are the true heroes.”

― Gale Sayers

“If we limit our vision to the real world, we will forever be fighting on the minus side of things, working only too make our photographs equal to what we see out there, but no better.”

― Galen Rowell

“People only see two hours of a tennis match where you’re fighting and running and sometimes getting upset. There’s a lot more than those two hours. Going out there and playing is actually the easy part.”

― Garbine Muguruza

“You expect the players to fight for their club and fight for their shirt, and when they come together, they are fighting for England.”

― Gareth Southgate

“I learned that fighting on the chess board could also have an impact on the political climate in the country.”

― Garry Kasparov

“Fighting is one of those things that gets tons of attention, far more than it deserves.”

― Gary Bettman

“Eliminating fighting would mean eliminating the jobs of the ‘fighters,’ meaning these guys would not have NHL careers.”

― Gary Bettman

“There is less fighting in the game than we had years ago. I mean, we penalize it.”

― Gary Bettman

“People need to know their marriage is worth fighting for.”

― Gary Chapman

“Be reactionary. React to what the market wants. And the market wants one-on-one real time engagement. Now that we have the tools to engage, I’m going to continue fighting for the end user.”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

“Fighting is fun – fighting solves everything.”

― Gavin McInnes

“In real life I have conquered my worst fears by fighting and beating bigger wrestlers in dangal. So I am not afraid of anything.”

― Geeta Phogat

“England was very frustrating in the Seventies for anyone who was trying to wake up. It was visible in punk, in clothes, and in the revival of mods and rockers fighting. All kinds of things were going on that just weren’t individual to myself.”

― Genesis P-Orridge

“Madison Square Garden is one of the best fighting venues in the world.”

― Gennady Golovkin

“One of the most difficult things everyone has to learn is that for your entire life you must keep fighting and adjusting if you hope to survive. No matter who you are or what your position is you must keep fighting for whatever it is you desire to achieve.”

― George Allen, Sr.

“I grew up in the late ’70s. We played outside all day. I think that’s where I got the whole notion of being an actor, you know, stunt fighting with my friends.”

― George Eads

“The world is a multiplicity, a harvest-field, a battle-ground; and thence arises through human contact ways of numbering, or mathematics, ways of tillage, or agriculture, ways of fighting, or military tactics and strategy, and these are incorporated in individuals as habits of life.”

― George Edward Woodberry

“I want to keep fighting because it is the only thing that keeps me out of the hamburger joints. If I don’t fight, I’ll eat this planet.”

― George Foreman

“I didn’t come from a background where I saw a lot of loving couples. All my aunts and uncles were either split up or fighting all the time. The only healthy relationships I saw were on TV.”

― George Lopez

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”

― George Orwell

“Our state is truly remarkable because we are leading this country with sound conservative principles. As long as we continue fighting for our ideals, we’ll move forward.”

― George P. Bush

“The terrorists are fighting freedom with all their cunning and cruelty because freedom is their greatest fear – and they should be afraid, because freedom is on the march.”

― George W. Bush

“The thing about ‘Watchmen’ that people should know is that when it came out there was absolutely nothing like it. Up until then, comics were about the same thing: a guy in tights fighting another guy in tights and saving the girl – that was it.”

― Gerard Way

“I either had to concentrate on fighting, or I had to help my family. I chose my family. I love my mom; I love my family.”

― Gerry Cooney

“If you look at my career, towards the end you will see I was fighting like once a year. I was not part of the Don King top heavyweights, so I was kind of kept out. His guys were getting three to four fights a year and I could only get one.”

― Gerry Cooney

“When I get finished with fighting, I hope they ask the same questions. It’s not my purpose to answer them. Boxing is the art of self-defense. I knock ’em out the first chance I get.”

― Gerry Cooney

“My career got sidetracked after fighting Holmes.”

― Gerry Cooney

“Boxing was a way to express my anger. All of a sudden, I was expressing anger, and I was good at it. I was like a Jekyll and Hyde. Boxing helped me because I was fighting the anger out. I was knocking guys out.”

― Gerry Cooney

“Fighting is not something you can just turn off.”

― Gerry Cooney

“My mom always said fighting with me as a kid was like going to court. I’m trying to realize that being right is not the most important thing.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“I like fighting because it’s honest.”

― Gina Carano

“Fighting is my career, it’s what I love to do, but I am taking offers and trying to expand because the more I expand myself, the more valuable I become to promoters.”

― Gina Carano

“I don’t get paid what people think I get paid for fighting.”

― Gina Carano

“I’ve had cameras on me since I started the art of fighting and I think that I’m used to having cameras on me in adrenaline-type situations.”

― Gina Carano

“Fighting is very physical and extreme and you’re very vulnerable. It’s a very mental type of thing.”

― Gina Carano

“I think I came up in fighting in a really technical way. If you’ve ever seen my fights, you know I love distance, I love technique.”

― Gina Carano

“Of course, fighting is not going to be as graceful as movie fighting. I don’t like it to be ugly and I don’t like it to be one big brawl or people clobbering each other.”

― Gina Carano

“A lot of people enjoyed the film ‘Haywire’ and a lot of people have mixed feelings on it but regardless, a lot of people have said really wonderful things about it being my first experience, that the fighting they absolutely enjoyed. So I think I’ve gotten a lot more fans, actually.”

― Gina Carano

“My own rhetoric is not so ‘us versus them.’ I don’t like fighting.”

― Gina Raimondo

“The costumes are insane on ‘Once Upon a Time.’ It did influence my taking the job, the fact that not only would I be horseback riding and sword fighting and traipsing through the woods but I would be doing all those things in insane, medieval garb.”

― Ginnifer Goodwin

“If these hands, used to fighting, would be acceptable to His Holiness, we most thankfully dedicate them to the service of him who deserves so well of the Church and of the fatherland.”

― Giuseppe Garibaldi

“Fighting injustice keeps you young.”

― Gloria Allred

“Even before 9/11, the Philippines was already fighting terrorism in southwestern Philippines. That’s why when 9/11 happened, we could understand the pain.”

― Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

“I don’t like yelling and fighting, and I can’t quarrel.”

― Grace Kelly

“We gotta stop fighting amongst each other. I think the only rift should be when take it the stage and try to out perform each other.”

― Grandmaster Flash

“We’re not going to take this sitting down. We are fighting back.”

― Gray Davis

“The downside isn’t really injury, fear of injury or the process of fighting back from injury. The downside, the very worst thing in the world, is surgery.”

― Greg Rusedski

“I have been going to the gym instead of the bar, trying to get back down to my fighting weight.”

― Gregg Allman

“It’s a tough world out there and all the guys are fighting hard and the competition is really tough.”

― Guy Forget

“Governor Scott Walker didn’t know who he was messing with when he picked a fight with the hard-working union folks of Wisconsin. He must have forgotten that Wisconsin is the Badger State. And badgers are scrappy little creatures. We may look cute, warm and fuzzy, but we have a fighting spirit.”

― Gwen Moore

“I trained in combat, sword fighting, horse riding… It’s empowering knowing that I can a break man’s nose with my elbow.”

― Gwendoline Christie

“What I’m fighting for now in my work… for an expression relevant to all manner of blacks, poems I could take into a tavern, into the street, into the halls of a housing project.”

― Gwendolyn Brooks

“We succeeded in fighting terrorism – we will succeed in reconstruction.”

― Haider al-Abadi

“A manufacturing resurgence is what will give local communities and small towns across America a fighting chance for survival. Many of today’s American entrepreneurs come from those very places but make their wealth elsewhere. We need to change that.”

― Hamdi Ulukaya

“On the first ‘Indiana Jones’ movie, I tore an ACL in one of my knees – can’t remember which knee. The scene in which I was fighting the big German mechanic on an airplane called a flying wing, I was run over by the landing gear and injured my knee, but I can’t remember which one it was. Lots of bumps and injuries along the way.”

― Harrison Ford

“When the unions were fighting me 45 years ago, they could never beat me.”

― Harry Triguboff

“Personal narrative is one of the few things where people don’t get caught up in fighting over esoteric rhetoric.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“Hezbollah is not fighting for Syria. Hezbollah is not fighting for Iran. Hezbollah is fighting for Lebanon.”

― Hassan Nasrallah

“I think of myself as being a bit of a wimp deep down – a bourgeois wimp – and I’m fighting that. I think all Brits are, maybe.”

― Helen Mirren

“President Bush has asserted the right to wiretap and eavesdrop on any American without a warrant in the name of fighting terrorism. He has asserted presidential power beyond stated constitutional rights, and there is no Republican gutsy enough to call his hand.”

― Helen Thomas

“The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan.”

― Henry A. Wallace

“I’m an Olympic champ. I defeated Demetrious Johnson. I defeated T. J. Dillashaw. You think a World Series of Fighting former champ is gonna scare me?”

― Henry Cejudo

“I’m doing my job; I’m fighting for the flyweight division.”

― Henry Cejudo

“There are some sour people out there, but we should be getting together and fighting for something bigger rather than Asians against Asians.”

― Henry Golding

“It’s a complex fate, being an American, and one of the responsibilities it entails is fighting against a superstitious valuation of Europe.”

― Henry James

“Some people see Black Friday as a much-needed break for their wallet. I see it as retail outlets showing the customers the full weight of their contempt. The frenzy to buy cheap crap from China, the human downgrade of people fighting with each other over items they can probably live without, to me, is an insult.”

― Henry Rollins

“Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman’s weapon is her tongue.”

― Hermione Gingold

“A shinobi embodies an archetype that is able to use everything at their disposal. They don’t pick a fighting style; they use every means and everything they can get their hands on. They exploit every weakness.”

― Hidetaka Miyazaki

“I saw the prospect of serving as labor secretary as a wonderful opportunity to further the policies that I have been fighting for my whole life, and I had to seize it.”

― Hilda Solis

“Fighting is a very emotionally draining sport. I don’t want to waste time on drama beforehand.”

― Holly Holm

“There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.”

― Hope Hicks

“Courage is soldiers fighting on the front line, or people living on the bread line.”

― Hugh Grant

“I believe that my father has become an ongoing symbol of what it means to keep on fighting for what is good in oneself, in others, and in our country.”

― Hunter Biden

“I can’t let time move on without fighting tooth and nail and hopefully being a part of a revolution that is positive.”

― Ian Somerhalder

“The Government of Iraq also owes a debt to the American and coalition forces who are fighting the insurgency and helping put that country back together after decades of repression.”

― Ike Skelton

“If we are not actively fighting against regressive ideologies, we are contributing to making them grow.”

― Ilhan Omar

“I look forward to being a voice of reason in fighting for transparent and accountable budgets.”

― Ilhan Omar

“Fighting gerrymandering is one thing. The other thing is insuring we have the right candidates for the people and not the right candidates for the Party.”

― Ilhan Omar

“Love is one of the only reminders besides pain that things are real. It’s one of the only things worth fighting for.”

― Iman Shumpert

“Fighting bitterness can be a full-time job.”

― Ira Sachs

“When children are hungry, sleepy from a night spent fighting untreated asthma, or hobbled by symptoms of undiagnosed illnesses, they are less likely to do well in school.”

― Irwin Redlener

“I’m Latin, and my family is originally from Italy, so we’re a loud group. There’s always a lot of food, a lot of talking, a lot of fighting.”

― Isabeli Fontana

“To fight the United States is like fighting the whole world. But it has been decided. So I will fight the best I can.”

― Isoroku Yamamoto

“As long as tides of war are in our favor, the United States will never stop fighting. As a consequence, the war will continue for several years, during which materiel will be exhausted, vessels and arms will be damaged, and they can be replaced only with great difficulties.”

― Isoroku Yamamoto

“I have been fighting to protect women’s healthcare and reproductive rights for decades.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“Unfortunately, Bruce Rauner is more committed to playing politics than fighting for Illinois women and families.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“In life, you always have to keep fighting. It’s not easy.”

― J Balvin

“E. Klimov’s ‘Come and See,’ about partisans fighting the Germans in Byelorussia, is the greatest anti-war film ever made.”

― J. G. Ballard

“It is a struggle. But I don’t mind. I will just keep fighting on.”

― J. T. Walsh

“My observations of Japanese naval fighting men, their abilities and equipment led me to believe that they gave a better account of themselves than we did.”

― Jack Adams

“Of course, the majority of us would speak up in the face of outrageous bigotry, but do we speak up in a social situation when someone casually refers to something as ‘gay’? If we don’t, we are standing with the homophobes whom we are quietly fighting.”

― Jack Antonoff

“I really hated fighting people and hurting them, but felt unable to stop.”

― Jack Dee

“Afghanistan is where much of the al Qaeda journey began. It is the main site where Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar and their cohort rose to prominence fighting the Soviets in the 1980s. Afghan territory holds special significance to the group, which is committed to retaking it and re-establishing it as the base of a global movement.”

― Jack Keane

“Fighting forces, particularly ground forces, have to operate on the basis of unit cohesion.”

― Jack Keane

“While conducting a conventional war in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has staged terrorist attacks on a global scale against the people from the countries who are fighting ISIS.”

― Jack Keane

“To get an Army that’s already fighting a war to change in stride to a total different military strategy on the ground – and to get everybody on the same page – was accomplished by the sheer force of Dave Petraeus’ will.”

― Jack Keane

“I want some colleague to be free to come help me when I say the time has come. That’s what I’m fighting for, me. Now that sounds selfish. And if it helps somebody else, so be it.”

― Jack Kevorkian

“’The Passing Bells’ highlights the horror of the fighting from both sides and draws parallels between these two young boys’ lives.”

― Jack Lowden

“I’m tired of fighting. I’ve always known that I can’t be an action star all my life.”

― Jackie Chan

“I now have two different audiences. There’s the one that has been watching my action films for 20 years, and the American family audience. American jokes, less fighting.”

― Jackie Chan

“I sometimes just don’t like to see the Ultimate Fighting. I just find it, as a martial artist, I just find it too violent.”

― Jackie Chan

“It is totally different making films in the East than in the West. In the East, I make my own Jackie Chan films, and it’s like my family. Sometimes I pick up the camera because I choreograph all the fighting scenes, even when I’m not fighting. I don’t have my own chair. I just sit on the set with everybody.”

― Jackie Chan

“With ‘Divergent’ and ‘Insurgent,’ there isn’t great emphasis on uniformity; it’s a vigilante military, the state is in disarray, and there is no reference point for authenticity, so it’s just weapons work and circumstantial fighting.”

― Jai Courtney

“I’ve always been a fan of Five For Fighting’s song ‘Superman.’ It’s like an anthem, and I love it.”

― Jaime Camil

“We got to jump on, like, trampolines, learn flips, learn karate, kung fu, Hong Kong street fighting.”

― Jaime King

“Working on a movie like ‘Prince of Persia’ was awesome. It was great fun to be an action hero and to jump around, running off walls and fighting and having great quippy lines.”

― Jake Gyllenhaal

“I wanted to get punished, and I took unnecessary punishment when I was fighting.”

― Jake LaMotta

“I was tough at a very young age, where I was just fighting all the time.”

― Jake LaMotta

“You can’t go fighting everyone that’s harsh towards you.”

― Jake Lloyd

“So many people are campaigning, fighting, and even dying to make a statement in the name of humanity. These people have no voice that can be heard by many. I wish more celebrities would take the initiative to be that voice.”

― Jameela Jamil

“America is a country of fighters. People who fought their way in and then continued fighting.”

― James Altucher

“I think the Democratic Party has the chronic problem of appearing to be weak, of not standing and fighting for what it believes in, not fighting for its own.”

― James Carville

“If you want to be angry at Gore, be angry at him for not fighting harder in Florida.”

― James Carville

“If ISIL were to substantially increase the priority it places on attacking the West rather than fighting to maintain and expand territorial control, then the group’s access to radicalized Westerners who have fought in Syria and Iraq would provide a pool of operatives who potentially have access to the United States and other Western countries.”

― James Clapper

“We all want peace. Unfortunately, there are times when peace must be defended by fighting terror and tyranny.”

― James H. Douglas, Jr.

“You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round.”

― James J. Corbett

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

― James Madison

“All of us want to be Superman when we grow up, fighting for truth and justice. That’s part of what drives me as a writer.”

― James McBride

“I would say I’m more fascinated by Big Daddy V than I am necessarily a huge fan of Big Daddy V. He simply threw on the double-strapped unitard… and now he’s some sort of fearsome, fighting, wrecking machine.”

― James Roday

“I don’t think the expectation is that the ‘Psych’ musical is going to be ‘Rent,’ so I think as long as we didn’t completely humiliate ourselves and it is funny and it is in the tone of what we do, we’d have a fighting chance of pulling it off.”

― James Roday

“Angelina wanted to make sure that any fighting in the movie would be comparable to any male actor. Everything from stick fighting to horse riding was real to her.”

― Jan de Bont

“It is only the Somalis themselves – and I don’t hide that fact when I meet the political leaders here – they themselves have to stop their old practices of fighting each other every time they have a problem. They have to learn how to do peaceful conflict resolution.”

― Jan Egeland

“As a member of the Democratic Women’s Working Group and Co-Chair of the Congressional Seniors Task Force, I will keep fighting for women’s rights until they are completely secured. My daughters and granddaughters and millions of women and girls nationwide deserve our tireless efforts until we become a country where there is truly equality for all.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“People have seen me fighting everything from ‘Fast and Furious’ to the IRS on Planned Parenthood to a host of things, Benghazi and others.”

― Jason Chaffetz

“I’ve spent three hours hanging upside down while fighting off dinosaur attacks. That was a lot of fun.”

― Jason O’Mara

“I don’t like when I watch a fight in a movie that’s perfectly worded and very articulate. If you were able to be that composed, you wouldn’t be fighting! Fighting in real life is sloppy.”

― Jason Segel

“The movie style of fighting is completely exaggerated with over-the-top movements. You’d get completely hammered if you fought like that in a real fight situation.”

― Jason Statham

“I endured many weeks of it, but I had a big background in martial arts and fighting as a kid, so kind of all the problems got brushed away and I was ready.”

― Jason Statham

“The hockey I was raised on, the hockey I understand, the hockey that my dad taught me about when I was a boy was intrinsically connected with fighting. I grew up in a house where we revered tough guys.”

― Jay Baruchel

“The reality about shooting films is that you can shoot many jokes and decide later which one works. So it’s not worth fighting about jokes.”

― Jay Chandrasekhar

“Haters are our ammunition. They motivate us to continue fighting for our rights. That’s why I continue to share my story.”

― Jazz Jennings

“Couples that do save have stronger, more stable, less stressful unions. In other words, you don’t want to be fighting about saving; you just want to be saving, period.”

― Jean Chatzky

“No, we should not be afraid of the populists; we should embrace those they are fighting.”

― Jean-Claude Juncker

“Everything Ticketmaster stands for is what we’re fighting against. They’re just a small cog in a machine where the artist is at the bottom.”

― Jeff Ament

“We worked very well with Mark Sanford. We stood shoulder to shoulder fighting for the principles that we believe in. But another person that stood there as well was a legislator, State Senator Larry Grooms.”

― Jeff Duncan

“I won’t stop fighting to make life better for working Americans and give those who are just trying to find a decent job the opportunity to do so.”

― Jeff Merkley

“In any character you do, especially something like ‘Watchmen,’ if you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna do this right. I’m fighting for the Comedian every step of the way; there’s not even a question, Adrian is a scumbag.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“There’s not much out there that people are fighting for that leaves them with nothing but honor.”

― Jeffrey Donovan

“As much as they’ll let me I do my own stunts and I do all my own fighting.”

― Jeffrey Donovan

“I’m just talking specifically of women’s friendships. If two women go to a bar and they are fighting over men, it makes it much easier for the men. If two women are very close and they act as it makes it very difficult for the men to pull one over on anybody.”

― Jennifer Beals

“The Democratic Party is always going to be a diverse group of people who are yelling at each other and fighting over what’s the best way to do something.”

― Jennifer Palmieri

“When you’re in a band, inevitably, someone is siding with someone else, and you’re fighting over something that happened in the band five years ago.”

― Jenny Lewis

“In the free-to-play industry, the most money-making games are often coming from making people fighting against each other and really hating each other and wanting to revenge, so they spend more money to dominate.”

― Jenova Chen

“My father and mother – I figured if I could make them laugh, they’d stop fighting. I stole all their material.”

― Jerry Stiller

“Fighting disparities is very significant.”

― Jesse Jackson

“Alex Jones is not the first broadcaster targeted by intolerant left-wing activists. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, and others have all been targeted, and they’ve been fighting against censorship for decades.”

― Jesse Lee Peterson

“At City, it’s our obligation to be fighting on all fronts for all trophies, and the Premier League is one of them.”

― Jesus Navas

“I’ve done a lot of fighting in my time, and I’m down to do some more. I don’t want to, but you know, there’s just certain things that you can’t sit down and take.”

― Jill Scott

“Democrats are fighting for a new direction that includes protecting Social Security as well as making healthcare affordable, bringing down the high cost of gasoline, and making higher education more accessible for all Americans.”

― Jim Clyburn

“I’m humbled to follow in the footsteps of Ed Feulner, who built the most important conservative institution in the nation. He has been a friend and mentor for years and I am honored to carry on his legacy of fighting for freedom.”

― Jim DeMint

“No one respects the umpire’s job more than I do; but, if I were a manager, I would probably be ejected three or four times a season fighting for my team.”

― Jim Evans

“Make a difference today for someone who’s fighting for their tomorrow.”

― Jim Kelly

“I thought Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time and have been fighting to get the Administration to stop its failed policy and bring our troops home.”

― Jim McGovern

“The U.S. Armed Forces are the best trained, best equipped fighting forces in the world.”

― Jim Walsh

“I know that it takes a coalition of individuals fighting against this very divisive agenda that the Trump administration and the Republicans are trying to push.”

― Jimmy Gomez

“The media people need to have real tech people, and the tech people need media people. Otherwise, you have the ‘Star Wars’ bar on Tatooine with everyone fighting.”

― Jimmy Iovine

“Arthur Scargill’s leadership of the miners’ strike has been a disgrace. The price to be paid for his folly will be immense. He will have destroyed the N.U.M. as an effective fighting force within British trade unionism for the next 20 years. If kamikaze pilots were to form their own union, Arthur would be an ideal choice for leader.”

― Jimmy Reid

“Even soldiers from the Vietnam War had said that when they were fighting in that war, the landmine was just one of any number of weapons to use in the fighting. It wasn’t until they began to think about the aftermath and the legacy of landmines that they recognized the long-term, indiscriminate impact of the weapon.”

― Jody Williams

“Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It’s self-defense. It’s patriotism.”

― Joe Biden

“I don’t want my career to peter out fighting meaningless fights; I want to go against the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“Twenty years I’ve been fighting Ali, and I still want to take him apart piece by piece and send him back to Jesus.”

― Joe Frazier

“It’s not a bad thing fighting for equality and helping the poor. It’s not a bad thing to have on your professional tombstone: ‘He believed in equality and he helped the poor.’”

― Joe Jamail

“If you’re a comic book fan, you know that any epic book, you would open it up – as a kid, I would just go through and look at who was fighting who. I’d stand there in the store for 15 minutes until the guy told me to buy the book or get out.”

― Joe Russo

“It’s not something someone sets out to do – I never really set out to make movies about strong fighting women, but it just seems to happen that way. I’ve certainly known some, and I think my sister was probably a big influence.”

― Joe Wright

“Fighting in the ring or cage is very much different from fighting in the street. Fighting in the street is very much fueled by anger, pride, and male dominance and ego.”

― Joel Edgerton

“There’s a real sense of fighting and destruction in our DNA that we don’t get in touch with.”

― Joel Edgerton

“Dieting by portion control doesn’t work because one is constantly fighting addictive drives.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Women ought to be fully guarded by law in all rights of property, labor, profession, etc.; but, roughly stated, the voting population ought to represent the fighting population.”

― John Boyle O’Reilly

“People try to glorify war, particularly those who aren’t actually fighting in them. People tend to make heroes of those who are fighting in them.”

― John Boyne

“The fighting in the NHL, especially, and, I think, in some of the minor leagues, it’s usually the loudest and the most excited the crowd gets during the entire the game.”

― John Branch

“Yes, we have got to quit worrying about fighting each other and trying to figure out a way to work together.”

― John Breaux

“The EU and the U.S. often work together to develop international standards. This is the case in fighting terrorism and transnational crime, advancing trade liberalization, and combating piracy and intellectual property violations.”

― John Bruton

“There was splendid fighting on the part of the division on the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. There was no faltering or hesitation. Each man went to work determined to carry anything in reason.”

― John Buford

“Whether fighting or spitting, my discipline is unforgiving!”

― John Cena

“There is a basic idea to this fighting spirit: that there are standards worth devoting yourself to that are more important than your self-interest.”

― John Dickerson

“In the summer of 1952, when I was 30, the Army assigned me to an infantry unit fighting in Korea. Meanwhile, though, there was other news in my family: My father had become the Republican presidential nominee. As an ambitious young major, I refused any offers for other assignments.”

― John Eisenhower

“No one has been barred on account of his race from fighting or dying for America, there are no white or colored signs on the foxholes or graveyards of battle.”

― John F. Kennedy

“Being on the ground in Mongolia and traveling with the horse culture and sleeping in yurts, I was able to pick up a lot of detail. But I brought in advisors to work with our horse master to make sure the fighting strategies both on the Chinese and Mongolian sides were very accurate.”

― John Fusco

“I have been very fortunate as to escape through another day’s very severe fighting and escaped unhurt.”

― John Hunt Morgan

“When you’re out on the court, you’re fighting against yourself and it can be tough.”

― John Isner

“I was always fighting the establishment, trying to run through brick walls.”

― John McEnroe

“The wild Indian power of escaping observation, even where there is little or no cover to hide in, was probably slowly acquired in hard hunting and fighting lessons while trying to approach game, take enemies by surprise, or get safely away when compelled to retreat.”

― John Muir

“We negotiated with the Honduran government the establishment of a regional military training center, for training central American forces, but the primary motivation for doing that was to be able to bolster the quality, improve the quality of the El Salvadoran fighting forces.”

― John Negroponte

“People who believe in freedom of expression have spent several centuries fighting against censorship, in whatever form. We have to be certain the ‘Net’ doesn’t become the site for technological book burning.”

― John Ralston Saul

“The fighting back by indigenous people started in 1900: OK, they’ve cornered us. Our population is almost gone; they’ve defeated us. From there, the modern Indian rights movement started, and it was a very hard fight, with a lot of stuff going against them.”

― John Ralston Saul

“Armaments; extremely useful for fighting wars, a deadweight in any civil economy.”

― John Ralston Saul

“When it comes to fighting for freedom, those who are willing to fight should not be limited by our bigotry. Only rewarded with our gratitude.”

― John Ridley

“When a market isn’t in transition, gaining market share is hard – you’re fighting to take one or two points of share from competitors.”

― John T. Chambers

“I was raised in the Depression, when there was a great sense of dog-eat-dog and people fighting over scraps.”

― John Updike

“We’ve got a bunch of guys who have been travelling around the world for over 10 years, scratching and clawing, fighting, just trying to live their dream, just trying to prove people wrong, just trying to show that we belong, and that’s kind of the essence of NXT.”

― Johnny Gargano

“In credits, I’m ‘Michael’ sometimes now, but people know you as something, so there’s no point fighting it. ‘Squiggle,’ you’ll always be ‘Prince,’ and ‘The Rock,’ just accept it. I want to move on, but not that much. So I’m still known as ‘Johnny Vegas.’”

― Johnny Vegas

“Fighting lives and dies; you can’t fight forever.”

― Johny Hendricks

“The hardest thing is that the people who don’t know anything about fighting, they label you. Once they get to know me, they’re like, ‘Ah, you’re not anything like I thought.’ That’s probably the hardest thing about being a fighter – everything else is easy.”

― Johny Hendricks

“I didn’t enjoy fighting. All I cared about was trying to beat the scale. Once that got to a point where I couldn’t compete with the scale anymore, I was like, ‘I’m done.’”

― Johny Hendricks

“I’m done fighting at welterweight. Unless they open up a 175-pound division, I’m moving up to middleweight.”

― Johny Hendricks

“I still like fighting, it just got to a point in MMA where it was just another day.”

― Johny Hendricks

“I can fight for my honor, but fighting for my family is the most important thing. Making sure they get what they want. That’s all that matters.”

― Johny Hendricks

“I always thought I could be pretty good, and it turns out fighting has made me happy.”

― Johny Hendricks

“I can’t keep fighting and being the No. 1 contender for years.”

― Johny Hendricks

“I want the target on my back. I want everybody to come after me. That’s been my goal since I started fighting.”

― Johny Hendricks

“There was a very convincing argument made that the extremists have won and the aggression is now supported by the majority, therefore fighting until surrender was the only alternative.”

― Joichi Ito

“Upholding human rights is not merely compatible with fighting terrorism, it is essential.”

― Joichi Ito

“Women rule the world. It’s not really worth fighting because they know what they’re doing. Ask Napoleon. Ask Adam. Ask Richard Burton or Richie Sambora. Many a man has crumbled.”

― Jon Bon Jovi

“I’ve always coached energy, hustling, rushing to the pile, and if it is wiggling, you do hit it because guys are fighting for yardage, and sometimes, you’ve got to give up the ball because of one inch.”

― Jon Gruden

“Fighting is not what I do – it’s who I am. It’s what I was meant to do, what I was meant to be. I knew that right after my first MMA practice.”

― Jon Jones

“When it comes to fighting and other fighters, I try to be respectful.”

― Jon Jones

“Fighting was something inside of me that I didn’t realize was there.”

― Jon Jones

“As I travel the country for away games, I meet kids fighting cancer in almost every city. They visit the ballpark, and I invite them onto the field so we can chat and then watch the game.”

― Jon Lester

“Talking to someone you have a crush on is as scary as fighting a super-villain.”

― Jon Watts

“Guys aren’t threatening. Other girls are the competition. You are usually what they’re fighting over.”

― Jonathan Bennett

“Most sorts of diversion in men, children and other animals, are in imitation of fighting.”

― Jonathan Swift

“There was a period of time early in my career where I was like, ‘I’m gonna definitely fight. I definitely want to be a part of this lifestyle.’ Then there was a period of time where I had so much success in the sport of wrestling, and I was like, ‘I don’t really need fighting.’”

― Jordan Burroughs

“If I do consider fighting, it won’t be until after the Olympic games in 2020, and then from there I’ll reevaluate, see if it’s something that would be a realistic option for me.”

― Jordan Burroughs

“I was a fan of jujitsu, so that pretty much got me started in fighting. I won a lot of local competitions when I was young and eventually won a ticket to go compete in Rio de Janeiro. In Rio, I struggled a lot in the beginning, living in the gym and not having much to eat, but eventually I joined the Nova Uniao Team and really improved my skills.”

― Jose Aldo

“My next fight is always the most important fight, so regardless if I’m fighting for the title or not, I always have to go in there and give everything that I’ve got.”

― Jose Aldo

“When it comes to fighting for citizenship that many people take for granted, there isn’t anyone I would not talk to. When it comes to immigration, there isn’t any question I will not answer.”

― Jose Antonio Vargas

“The risk of a terrorist victory is greater when in fighting terror, democracy betrays its own essence.”

― Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

“There is no possible negotiation with these killers. Our aim is to win over terrorism. Only by being firm we can stop terrorism. We must be firm fighting the terrorists and opposing the final aims they want to achieve.”

― Jose Maria Aznar

“I know that New York City remains the highest density urban area in the country and by far dedicates more of its own funds to fighting terrorism than any other municipality.”

― Jose Serrano

“Without the help of my parents, the roles they played, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I wouldn’t be fighting for the world title.”

― Joseph Parker

“Some people say the people I’m fighting are bums, but I don’t see it like that.”

― Joseph Parker

“Americans like to say we’re fighting for democracy, and yet young Americans have come to the view that democracy doesn’t deliver.”

― Joseph Stiglitz

“Adversity has the same effect on a man that severe training has on the pugilist: it reduces him to his fighting weight.”

― Josh Billings

“As attorney general of Missouri, I am my state’s chief law enforcement officer. I swore an oath to uphold the rule of law, and that means fighting violence and oppression wherever it exists, especially violence against the poor and vulnerable.”

― Josh Hawley

“We are fighting for an open and fair economy. We are fighting for the consumer. Someone needs to.”

― Josh Hawley

“For those of us on the front lines fighting Washington’s power grabs, Judge Gorsuch’s commitment to interpreting the Constitution and the laws as they are actually written is welcome news.”

― Josh Hawley

“It drives me absolutely crazy when my kids fight – the sound of them fighting and not getting along.”

― Josie Bissett

“Democrats are fighting fire with fire. Our principled stance on Medicare and Social Security is absolutely no different than the Republicans’ stance on no revenue increases without cuts.”

― Judy Chu

“In my role as Wikileaks editor, I’ve been involved in fighting off many legal attacks. To do that, and keep our sources safe, we have had to spread assets, encrypt everything, and move telecommunications and people around the world to activate protective laws in different national jurisdictions.”

― Julian Assange

“Fighting the ageing process just doesn’t work. I think that actresses, ultimately, are responsible for the faces we give to women.”

― Juliette Binoche

“I’m a fighter as a mother. I’m fighting to be a mother, but I cannot say no to my passion because it’s me, as well.”

― Juliette Binoche

“I’m always fighting the cup-is-half-empty way of being, versus the cup-is-half-full. I’m always fighting the pessimistic versus the positive.”

― Juliette Lewis

“That attitude that fighting is probably not fair, but you have to defend yourself anyway and damage the enemy, has been profoundly consequential as far as my political activism goes.”

― June Jordan

“My father was both the person who gave me reason to learn how to fight and the one who taught me the basics of fighting. He would tell me that if it was a big fight, it would probably be uneven, it wouldn’t be fair.”

― June Jordan

“It’s always interesting to see Brock Lesnar fighting – and getting beat.”

― Junior dos Santos

“What’s the point of fighting in the UFC if it isn’t to become the champion?”

― Junior dos Santos

“Fighting football, not serenity football – that is what I like.”

― Jurgen Klopp

“I was a fighting machine with a will of iron.”

― Jurgen Klopp

“My guilty pleasure is competitive cooking reality shows. I don’t like cooking shows when it’s just about cooking. It has to be competitive – they’re fighting and yelling at each other. I am obsessed with those shows, and I have no idea why.”

― Justice Smith

“I’m proud to be a feminist because making sure that everyone understands we all have a role in fighting for equality is the only way to move forward.”

― Justin Trudeau

“Mourinho helped me grow. He taught me to be patient, to keep fighting, and to respect the coach’s decisions. He helped me mature and turned me into a man.”

― Kaka

“There are so many people who are arguing or fighting over issues which don’t have much relevance. We must all realise it is not worth it.”

― Kalpana Chawla

“Fighting is just something that’s gonna open doors for things to come in the future.”

― Kamaru Usman

“I always envisioned hearing them say, ‘and new,’ and wrapping that belt around me and thinking of all the things I was fighting for.”

― Kamaru Usman

“The fight game has changed to where it’s no longer the toughest is fighting the toughest to be the best on the planet.”

― Kamaru Usman

“I don’t find anything upsetting or gross or degrading about fighting with a mental illness: Bipolar or Schizophrenia.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“All writers are battling and fighting as to how a woman should be characterised.”

― Kanika Dhillon

“Relativism is neither a method of fighting, nor a method of creating, for both of these are uncompromising and at times even ruthless; rather, it is a method of cognition.”

― Karel Capek

“Cognition is not fighting, but once someone knows a lot, he will have much to fight for, so much that he will be called a relativist because of it.”

― Karel Capek

“Ever since the Crusades, when Christians from western Europe were fighting holy wars against Muslims in the near east, western people have often perceived Islam as a violent and intolerant faith – even though when this prejudice took root Islam had a better record of tolerance than Christianity.”

― Karen Armstrong

“I have realised I need to tone down and be easy at times. It is good to be competitive and have a fighting spirit, but one should not go to extremes.”

― Karishma Tanna

“I have spent my career fighting to make Oregon a place where everyone can thrive.”

― Kate Brown

“Famously cancer fighting, laden with vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, and phytonutrients, broccoli and its relatives are among the healthiest ingredients of the human diet.”

― Kate Christensen

“There’s a darkness to Riddick that I think allows people to want him to do bad things because you know Riddick is going to do bad things: that’s just the way it is. But I think that at his core, who he is and what he’s fighting for is something that everybody can identify with.”

― Katee Sackhoff

“I get the celebrity game now – you can go from being hot to fighting to be seen.”

― Katharine McPhee

“I’ve spent my career fighting the worst practices of insurance companies.”

― Kathleen Sebelius

“The people we send to Washington have to roll up their sleeves, stop the fighting, and work together on issues that are not political, not partisan, but personal to families across our state and our nation.”

― Kathy Szeliga

“Typically, housewives and working mums hate each other like dogs fighting for a bone.”

― Katie Hopkins

“I was introduced to fighting by my brother – he’s a tattooer, a tough guy – and I completely fell in love with it. I was watching fights on YouTube all the time. I would go to parties to watch UFC fights.”

― Katie Kitamura

“I pretty much admire anybody who has the discipline and the will to make a career out of fighting. It takes buckets of nerve.”

― Katie Kitamura

“The left takes credit for being the political aisle promoting human rights and fighting oppression, but in the case of Cuba, its adherents promoted oppression and human rights abuses for decades by glorifying the Castro regime and its savage enforcer, Che Guevara.”

― Katie Pavlich

“So long as Trump says the right things at the right time to the right crowds, he’ll never be held accountable for his doublespeak or for defending the very things the conservative movement has been fighting against for years.”

― Katie Pavlich

“Fighting at the Olympics has been my lifelong dream, and I cannot believe I am there now.”

― Katie Taylor

“As long as I still feel a passion for the sport and preparing for these big competitions, I will carry on fighting.”

― Katie Taylor

“At the time that I knew them, they were not living together. They began dating again after their divorce, so I didn’t really see fighting.”

― Kato Kaelin

“The media tried to destroy my parents and has taken things completely out of context, but there’s not a whole lot you can do in terms of fighting back. You have to hope that it passes, which it always does. But they have to be careful. They didn’t necessarily sign up for this.”

― Katy Perry

“I’m lucky to have fallen into this trade, and I’m still fighting to stay in it.”

― Kaya Scodelario

“My dropkick is from Mexico, but my fighting spirit is from Japan.”

― Kazuchika Okada

“Serving my neighbors in Congress and fighting for them has been the best job I’ve ever had.”

― Keith Ellison

“I’m going to be fighting to rebuild the Democratic party no matter what. I’m going to be fighting to make sure the Democratic party is known among working people that we are their champion no matter what.”

― Keith Ellison

“Every penny from ‘Gossip Girl,’ my pension, my stocks has been spent fighting for my children.”

― Kelly Rutherford

“I don’t mind fighting as long as it’s for a good cause.”

― Ken Cuccinelli

“When I’m fighting, it’s not only going to be for the fans. It’s going to be for God.”

― Ken Shamrock

“When I was scheduled to fight in Japan, and then I would come back to the United States, I would have to train, but there was nobody to train here. There was no such thing as a striker going with a grappler, or a striker going to the ground with a grappler, or a grappler standing up and fighting with a boxer.”

― Ken Shamrock

“I grew up on the street, and I found a way to vent my frustrations through fighting.”

― Ken Shamrock

“If we’re fighting, we call Khloe. She’s our peacemaker. Kourtney keeps us down-to-earth.”

― Kendall Jenner

“I’m big on being anti-stereotypical and fighting negative stereotypes.”

― Kendrick Sampson

“My wife Amber and I, along with our two children, did not move to Liberia for the specific purpose of fighting Ebola.”

― Kent Brantly

“I am a fighter. I learned it at Genk in my first year when we were fighting against going down. Also, at Bremen last year, it was very difficult. We had to fight more often than not. I will fight again to earn my place.”

― Kevin De Bruyne

“We said, as we were developing ‘Iron Man 1,’ and working on these films, that our characters need to be as interesting out of their costumes as they are inside their costumes, fighting and flying around.”

― Kevin Feige

“There was one incident at a movie theater where my girl got mad at these guys who were talking behind us. I never looked back there, but she was like, ‘Will you all just shut up!’ And I just got up and moved three rows in front. She was like, ‘What are you doing?!’ I was like, ‘You better get up here! I don’t play the fighting games.’”

― Kevin Hart

“I’ll never forget fighting on top of a cell with Shane McMahon.”

― Kevin Owens

“A doctor in a hospital told me that when the mujaheddin were fighting in the early Nineties, he often performed amputations and Caesarean sections without anesthesia because there were no supplies.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“I said in my mind, ‘keep fighting.’”

― Kim Clijsters

“America is a country that, even with all its flaws, has been able to flourish because there is a certain ideology about fighting for what you believe in. What you choose to believe in – no matter how small or big it is – is what you believe in, and that ideology has made America.”

― Kim Jee-woon

“The people’s army should always maintain a highly agitated state and be equipped with full fighting readiness so as to smash the enemies with a single stroke if they make the slightest move and achieve the historic cause of the fatherland’s reunification.”

― Kim Jong-un

“When the head of the Hyundai Motor Company, Chung Mong-koo, was fighting with his younger brother Chung Mong-hun over the company’s management, he is said to have consulted a fortune-teller.”

― Kim Young-ha

“When you hear ‘From the Other Side,’ it’s like being on an operating table. Suddenly, you’re on the ceiling looking down at the doctors who are fighting for you. Are you gonna get a second chance or not?”

― King Diamond

“I really love my job, and I feel like I can make a huge difference for New Yorkers, fighting for them.”

― Kirsten Gillibrand

“When they return home from serving our country, our National Guard and Reserve members shouldn’t have to be confronted with red tape in order to access the benefits they’ve earned fighting for our country.”

― Kirsten Gillibrand

“I’m fighting to make childcare more affordable for working parents so they can continue working and advancing their careers, closing wage gaps that for too long have held women back from the fair economic opportunities they need.”

― Kirsten Gillibrand

“It’s a heavy feeling being in Washington. There are so many important issues at risk. You’re in a fighting stance every day.”

― Kirsten Gillibrand

“Fighting Maoism isn’t like fighting an enemy across the border. They are civilians. The military and paramilitary have been trained to fight the enemy, but these are tribals dwelling in forests. They are also our citizens, whom we have ill-treated.”

― Kishore Chandra Deo

“There’s a huge difference between stage fighting and real sword fighting.”

― Kit Harington

“I don’t share the view that the ICC is anti-African. The ICC is not putting Africa on trial. The ICC is fighting impunity and individuals who are accused of crimes.”

― Kofi Annan

“Fencing is a funny sport. Competitive fencing is not really very applicable to the stage world unless you’re fighting with a rapier during the Renaissance, you know?”

― Kris Holden-Ried

“The things I write about are the things that I am passionate about, interested in, and fighting for in my life.”

― Kristin Armstrong

“You just don’t see Muslims being matter-of-fact Muslim. They’re always defined by their Muslim-ness. We’re either terrorists, or we’re fighting terrorists. I remember seeing ‘True Lies’ and going, ‘Why are we always the bad guys?’”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“To a degree, the West is reaping what it sowed from a major strategic blunder in the aftermath of 9/11 – the entire concept of a war on technique, that is, terrorism. Defining the enemy when fighting a concept was impossible.”

― Kurt Eichenwald

“I was never offended that people underestimated me because of my appearance or that they thought I was pretty and discouraged me from fighting because they didn’t want me to risk hurting my looks.”

― Laila Ali

“I think it is really important to have two drivers who want to push the team in the right direction rather than fighting against one another.”

― Lance Stroll

“Switzerland is a place where they don’t like to fight, so they get people to do their fighting for them while they ski and eat chocolate.”

― Larry David

“Because we’re sponsored by competing breweries there is always competition. When we were both fighting for ninth or 10th place, nobody really cared except the two companies.”

― Larry Dixon

“I don’t think Joe Louis could take the punches today fighting in this era.”

― Larry Holmes

“We’re still leaderless. We still don’t have strong organizations that are fighting for us; there isn’t a national AIDS organization out there worth squat in my opinion.”

― Larry Kramer

“I don’t consider myself an artist. I consider myself a very opinionated man who uses words as fighting tools.”

― Larry Kramer

“The only way to find peace is when you are not separated, when you are not fighting, when you part of the whole.”

― Laura Esquivel

“Dallas is a great city, and it’s worth fighting for.”

― Laura Miller

“’Chasing Fire’ is about fighting for something that’s already over. It’s the beginning of the end. It’s desperation. It’s grand. But it’s hopeless.”

― Lauv

“When I was fighting communism, there was rapid development of satellite television and cell phones, and communism, to survive, would have to block all these information devices.”

― Lech Walesa

“My views as a Christian means there’s a moral plumb line that I’m fighting to adhere to.”

― Lecrae

“A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses.”

― Lee Haney

“North Korea is still my homeland, my country. I suffered on the outside because I was alien, without identity. I was nobody. I was in the worst situation, fighting for everything, to survive.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“One of the big mistakes of the Moroccan elite and the elite in the Muslim world was to be afraid of the conservatives. They are fighting for their ideas. Why shouldn’t we fight for our ideas?”

― Leila Slimani

“Art is man’s distinctly human way of fighting death.”

― Leonard Baskin

“A political prisoner is someone who is out fighting for his or her people’s rights and freedom and is imprisoned for that alone.”

― Leonard Peltier

“People like to pick at your imperfections, and that can be very hard on you as a person. I think, a lot of times, people forget that we’re human beings and some of us are fighting self-esteem issues already.”

― LeToya Luckett

“It’s almost comical how un-liberal liberal Hollywood is when it comes to fighting gender and racial bias.”

― Lexi Alexander

“In fighting the debt crisis, E.U. countries have enhanced co-operation and carried out reform with tremendous courage. This is laudable.”

― Li Keqiang

“I just keep fighting and try to be the last one standing.”

― Li Na

“It’s always tough when you’re fighting with your husband on the court.”

― Li Na

“I never thought I’d be an expert at sword fighting, I never thought I’d be an expert in protein powders – I’m close to being an expert in both. It’s great!”

― Liam McIntyre

“I don’t do my own stunts, but I do my own fighting. I don’t consider fighting to be a stunt.”

― Liam Neeson

“There seems to be more opportunities for old guys like me to do a little fighting and running because the lead characters also require a bit of depth and maturity and gravitas that one is likely to acquire doing drama all those years.”

― Liam Neeson

“When I was fighting at a weekend, I would be in when my friends were out. I never had time to go out and go off the rails.”

― Liam Smith

“I don’t need any more motivation. I’m fighting Canelo Alvarez. If that can’t get me motivated, then I’m in the wrong sport.”

― Liam Smith

“He’s fighting for the world title, so we’re prepared for the best John Thompson.”

― Liam Smith

“Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life.”

― Lilly Singh

“Everyone can relate to the story of fighting for happiness.”

― Lilly Singh

“When I stand up here, and I’m fighting for your rights and the rights of all people in these United States of America, I am a true patriot.”

― Linda Sarsour

“If you’re fighting with your boyfriend, you can go to the movies and cry it out and leave happy because the ending of the film is happy.”

― Lindsay Lohan

“The Attorney General is the state’s chief consumer advocate, fighting to protect the financial security of all Illinoisans.”

― Lisa Madigan

“Whether it is tribalism, racism, xenophobia, or anti-Muslim backlash we’re talking about, we spend so much time and energy fighting ways to divide ourselves from others.”

― Loretta Lynch

“I was so busy fighting and so busy trying to keep everything above water that I didn’t realize I was spiraling downward with nowhere to go.”

― Lorraine Bracco

“The start of Bundesliga season is always exciting, as it’s a fresh start for all teams fighting for the title.”

― Lothar Matthaus

“It does not help when an administration, in response to American attacks on American soil and American individuals, the administration ends up asking Americans to give up their First Amendment rights for which our service members are fighting.”

― Louie Gohmert

“In the light of the actual fighting that is now in progress, we have reached the point where the military considerations clearly outweigh the fiscal considerations.”

― Louis A. Johnson

“Even though some in our government may claim that civil liberties must be compromised in order to protect the public, we must be wary of what we are giving up in the name of fighting terrorism.”

― Lucille Roybal-Allard

“Being part of the Queen story and knowing what Freddie Mercury went through before he died of AIDS has really shown me how far we’ve come in fighting this disease.”

― Lucy Boynton

“Working on the Samurai sword is very different because your body position has to be very still. It’s a much quieter was of fighting.”

― Lucy Liu

“Men are fighting… because they are convinced that the extermination of adversaries is the only means of promoting their own well-being.”

― Ludwig von Mises

“Hardworking Americans are fighting every day to provide for themselves and their families, and leave a more prosperous country for the next generation.”

― Luis Fortuno

“In my experience, young people fighting for the passage of the DREAM Act and to prevent the deportation of those who are eligible are among the most committed and fearless advocates for change in this country.”

― Luis Gutierrez

“It disturbs me that Liverpool are not in the Champions League and fighting for the Premier League.”

― Luis Suarez

“In fighting, when someone’s signed up to fight me, I’m not humble. I’ve never been humble.”

― Luke Rockhold

“I start kind of stiff, and then I understand the movement, the distance, and then I can start loosening up. That’s how fighting should be. That’s how I try to keep my mind.”

― Luke Rockhold

“I like fighting clean. I’ve always fought clean, and I want to fight clean people. I want to fight fair.”

― Luke Rockhold

“The heart of the sport is about the top guys fighting each other. This isn’t WWE; this is fighting.”

― Luke Rockhold

“There’s no point in fighting guys when there’s no structure, there’s no rhyme or reason to who gets the title shot.”

― Luke Rockhold

“Bisping will fight to the bitter end but does not love the fighting.”

― Luke Rockhold

“I’m not knocking the other sports; I love other sports. There’s a competitive and a technical level of them that I won’t understand, probably, to a certain extent, but I’ve done a lot of other sports competing on college teams, and there’s just nothing like fighting.”

― Luke Rockhold

“I think what the Tea Party movement is – I’m all for it; they’re out there fighting for our rights, fighting for what our forefathers stood for.”

― Luke Scott

“I have been fighting – and winning – against Obama-era experiments with illegal amnesty.”

― Luther Strange

“I pledge to the people of Alabama to continue the same level of leadership as Jeff Sessions in consistently fighting to protect and advance the conservative values we all care about.”

― Luther Strange

“I promised to carry on Jeff Session’s legacy of fighting for the conservative values we believe in. I promised to help pass the Trump agenda and serve the people’s interest, not the special interests. And I promised to help Donald Trump drain the swamp in Washington.”

― Luther Strange

“The Second Amendment reflects the brilliance of our founders, who knew that no right is guaranteed unless we are willing to fight for it, and I remain committed to fighting for the rights of lawful gun owners as the senator for Alabama.”

― Luther Strange

“When you’re fighting for an increasingly smaller portion of the pie, you turn against each other; you create reasons to hate each other.”

― Lynn Nottage

“A fight is a fight, and you never know what is going to happen until you start fighting.”

― Lyoto Machida

“Fighting in Bellator is a dream come true for me.”

― Lyoto Machida

“De-radicalisation begins by breaking down the logic which once seemed unassailable and rethinking what you are fighting for and why. That is hard to do when Islamists and Islamophobes feed off each other’s hateful cliches.”

― Maajid Nawaz

“The whole concept of witches was that women were speaking up for themselves and fighting for their rights. The whole concept of witchcraft came into play to hold down women and women’s empowerment.”

― Madchen Amick

“I think, very often, little girls look at these teen television shows and think, ‘I have to have a boyfriend because Blair Waldorf has a boyfriend, and she’s always fighting over boys!’”

― Madelaine Petsch

“I think the biggest thing is knowing that those thoughts of panic are probably going to go into your brain, and just accepting it… So that’s been the biggest thing. Not fighting it and trying to think I’m going to have the perfect mentality the entire time. That’s not going to happen.”

― Madison Keys

“I spent my whole life in Maryland, but I wanted to experience more – fighting to get to urban areas where there was culture.”

― Maggie Rogers

“If we keep on raking up the past, you can never work with anybody. You will always be fighting against your enemies, and that is bad.”

― Mahathir Mohamad

“There are a lot of times where, filming ‘It Follows,’ I’m fighting against a guy dressed in a green suit for special effects, and I’m just like, ‘No. There’s no way this is going to be pulled off.’”

― Maika Monroe

“Doing the sword fighting is like picking up a dance routine… I think dancing really helps with the picking up of it.”

― Maisie Williams

“Of course we’ve been fighting against stereotypes from Day One at East West. That’s the reason we formed: to combat that, and to show we are capable of more than just fulfilling the stereotypes – waiter, laundryman, gardener, martial artist, villain.”

― Mako

“At first, I had this huge desire to play a superhero, that little kid in me. Then I realized it wasn’t actually a superhero I wanted to play: it was someone fighting for a cause that’s bigger than themselves, which can go into all sorts of things.”

― Malachi Kirby

“Real answers need to be found in dialogue and interaction and, yes, our shared human condition. This means being open to one another instead of simply fighting to maintain a prescribed position.”

― Malcolm Boyd

“We are fighting to pass clean-slate legislation in Pennsylvania to seal nonviolent misdemeanor records automatically after 10 years. We must provide opportunities for employment, housing, education, loans, and voting. We should not disenfranchise a third of the population.”

― Malcolm Jenkins

“A guy like Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather is used to fighting 12-rounders. Put them into the ring for three rounds against a top amateur boxer at a much faster pace, and they’ll lose a fight, and how bad is that going to make them look?”

― Mandy Bujold

“Miss World is about coming together, taking the reigns and fighting for a cause.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting.”

― Mao Zedong

“I’m not fighting with myself.”

― Marat Safin

“Three days after my brother died, my father was in the hospital. He just did not want to live anymore. Before, he was fighting and loving life.”

― Marc Forster

“A great American city is fighting for its life.”

― Marc Morial

“I love watching ‘UFC’ – Ultimate Fighting Championship – I don’t know why, because I’m more of a coward than a fighter, but I seem to be very drawn to these blokes actually smashing each other to bits.”

― Marc Warren

“We cannot allow our fears and our disappointments to lead us into silence and into inaction. Because this country that God has blessed us with, it is worth fighting for.”

― Marco Rubio

“We can prevent fighting by limiting weapons or finding nonviolent ways to end disputes.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“Fighting is like champagne. It goes to the heads of cowards as quickly as of heroes. Any fool can be brave on a battlefield when it’s be brave or else be killed.”

― Margaret Mitchell

“Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything, for ‘Tis the only thing in this world that lasts, ‘Tis the only thing worth working for, worth fighting for – worth dying for.”

― Margaret Mitchell

“As we become purer channels for God’s light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.”

― Marianne Williamson

“Performance has to be mainstream art. This is what I’m fighting for.”

― Marina Abramovic

“I’m fighting for Marine Le Pen to become president.”

― Marion Marechal-Le Pen

“I have been fighting over commas all my life.”

― Mark Helprin

“There should be no tolerance for cheaters, especially in fighting.”

― Mark Hunt

“There is nothing wrong with fighting, but when you’re fighting an uphill battle on an uneven playing field, that’s what I don’t like.”

― Mark Hunt

“At the end of the day, that’s just boxing – it’s a different sport altogether. But when I finish fighting for the UFC, there are so many different options I have. Boxing is another option I could take.”

― Mark Hunt

“For me, with fighting, I’m not going to have any regrets. I’m throwing down to the very end.”

― Mark Hunt

“I love fighting.”

― Mark Hunt

“I’ve been fighting since I was a child, fighting to get out of my circumstances.”

― Mark Hunt

“I couldn’t believe that talk about Jon Jones fighting Lesnar – that would have zero legitimacy. In society, we punish people that do bad things. Why isn’t it the same in fighting?”

― Mark Hunt

“When I’m fighting, I’m trying to find a reaction. I try to make the guy move; I try to make him do things that I want him to do. If he likes moving a certain way, I try to set something up so I catch him if he moves that way.”

― Mark Hunt

“It’s not that I don’t enjoy fighting. I don’t enjoy the circumstances around fighting.”

― Mark Hunt

“Fighting has been a part of my life for my entire existence.”

― Mark Hunt

“I grew up in a neighbourhood where there was a lot of fighting. It’s what boys did during school, during recess, after school. And I was a fairly large kid. So everyone wanted to see if they could take me on.”

― Mark Kurlansky

“I’ve spent the better part of my career in politics and public policy working on and fighting for education reforms.”

― Mark McKinnon

“All these portrayals we see of knights fighting must be absolute rubbish because knights in armour could literally have only had two or three blows and then they’d have had to sit down to have a cup of tea.”

― Mark Strong

“People are even more wary of politicians and they are realizing that democracy isn’t just about putting a cross on a ballot every four years, it’s about deciding what you want and fighting for it.”

― Mark Thomas

“My heart has always been truly convinced that in serving the cause of America, I am fighting for the interests of France.”

― Marquis de Lafayette

“You can’t judge a character that you’re playing, because then you’re fighting against doing what the character’s doing.”

― Marshall Allman

“Expectation loiters in the DNA of every sentient being; when you tell yourself or a loved one, ‘Don’t get your hopes up,’ you’re fighting ancient genetic programming.”

― Martha Beck

“There are several ways to mess up your life by fighting to make your calendar age match your felt age. I live in the Southwest, a part of the country with more than its share of fair skies, material wealth, and people who are trying not to be as old as they are.”

― Martha Beck

“But now that the guerrilla fighting is over, the Spaniards are again men without a country or families or homes or work, though everyone appreciates very much what they did.”

― Martha Gellhorn

“If we want the most effective fighting force, we need to pick the most qualified capable man for the job, even if it’s a woman.”

― Martha McSally

“When American troops find themselves fighting for their lives, there is no better sound than an A-10 – a plane officially nicknamed the Thunderbolt II but known affectionately by the troops as the Warthog – firing its enormous 30-millimeter gun at the enemy.”

― Martha McSally

“If I was a guy, based on how I performed in pilot training, I would have been able to have selected a fighter. I mean, I have always said unemotionally, if we want the best fighting force, why would we have 50 percent of our population not competing for these positions?”

― Martha McSally

“It’s funny: I’ve joked that ‘Sharp Objects,’ ‘To the Bone,’ and ‘Dietland’ are my self-harm trilogy, and each one is a different side of that triangle, with ‘Dietland’ really about fighting back.”

― Marti Noxon

“I enjoy fighting scenes. I like fighting in film. I like pretending to fight in films.”

― Martin Freeman

“I never talk about shooting anybody, but I do acknowledge I was a member of the IRA, and as a member of the IRA, I obviously engaged in fighting back against the British army.”

― Martin McGuinness

“I would have felt ashamed if I had not been part of the resistance and part of fighting back against the forces of the state.”

― Martin McGuinness

“We think of violence as being conflict and fighting and wars and so forth, but the most ongoing horrific measure of violence is in the horrible poverty of the Third World… and the poverty in the United States as well.”

― Martin Sheen

“If you are strong and fighting the weak, then if you kill your opponent then you are a scoundrel… if you let him kill you, then you are an idiot.”

― Martin Van Creveld

“If you are strong and fighting the weak, then if you kill your opponent, then you are a scoundrel… if you let him kill you, then you are an idiot. So here is a dilemma which others have suffered before us, and for which as far as I can see, there is simply no escape.”

― Martin Van Creveld

“The defense of the West Bank by Arab forces would be a truly suicidal enterprise. The late King Hussein understood these facts well. Until 1967, he was careful to keep most of his forces east of the Jordan River. When he momentarily forgot these realities in 1967, it took Israel just three days of fighting to remind him of them.”

― Martin Van Creveld

“Those who believe in the importance of serving others should lead the way by fighting against the temptation we all have, and maybe especially as we age, to close in upon ourselves.”

― Marvin Olasky

“I’m fighting for small businesses. I’m not fighting for big oil. Don’t be confused. And there are thousands of businesses in this state that are at great risk. Meanwhile, the country keeps guzzling the oil, but we’re out of work down here. We need to get back to work to build this region, and we intend to do so.”

― Mary Landrieu

“I thought the musical aspect of ‘Freak Dance’ was a good contrast to how dancers always try to come off as really tough in those movies – they’re trying to literally come off as gangs like as if the Crips and the Bloods are also dancing in addition or instead of fighting with guns and knives and stuff.”

― Matt Besser

“America is worth fighting for ideologically.”

― Matt Bevin

“President Trump is draining the D.C. swamp by fighting against corporate welfare.”

― Matt Gaetz

“In fighting, if you get hit in the face, you don’t show it. You can’t show it.”

― Matt Riddle

“When I first started, I lived in Vegas because I was fighting in the UFC, and I was still fighting after the UFC.”

― Matt Riddle

“I’ll be honest, when I first started pro wrestling, everybody else did clotheslines better than me. They did everything about pro wrestling better than me. But when it comes to fighting, getting nitty and gritty, I’m the man.”

― Matt Riddle

“Liberals from California to Washington are fighting President Trump on illegal immigration.”

― Matt Rosendale

“I’ve worked on a lot of fighting games, so I was very used to the idea of combat sounds.”

― Matthew Mercer

“My first book, ‘Contest,’ had a guy fighting aliens in the New York Public Library. The second book, ‘Ice Station,’ and ‘Temple’ were present-day military thrillers.”

― Matthew Reilly

“When I did ‘Stardust,’ I was fighting the studio for things I believed were right.”

― Matthew Vaughn

“People are fighting over how our heartsongs are different. But they don’t need to be the same. That’s the beauty. We are a mosaic of gifts. Each of us has our inner beauty no matter how we look.”

― Mattie Stepanek

“If it came to a magic genie, I would ask him for two extra wishes. One would be that no one would have to live with the muscular dystrophy disease or any disease. And the second one would be world peace, that we just stop fighting, talk about things, and we could live in harmony once again, like God intended us to do.”

― Mattie Stepanek

“We’ve got to take confrontation out of the centre of politics. With fighting, no one wins; with dialogue, everyone wins.”

― Mauricio Macri

“I think the most important thing is to keep going and fighting to be in a good position. Like many clubs say, to be in the top four is a massive success.”

― Mauricio Pochettino

“For me, being a part of the halcyon days of Pride Fighting Championships and then watching the explosion of the UFC following the ‘Ultimate Fighter,’ I’ve been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.”

― Mauro Ranallo

“Being a soldier, fighting for this country, is neither Republican nor Democrat.”

― Max Cleland

“It’s a legacy thing, and when it’s all said and done, I want to leave a legacy in whatever way. If not, if it’s helping the division, if it’s fighting big names, I just want to be remembered as one of the greatest all-time to ever do this in the sport. That’s just what I want to do.”

― Max Holloway

“I gotta respect our sport, my division, and the guys that are fighting in it. That’s what I gotta do.”

― Max Holloway

“As songwriters, we are lucky to have ASCAP on our side, offering support and fighting for our rights.”

― Max Martin

“In a theater, the part is mine and I can control it as I want to. In the movies, I don’t have direct contact, and I am fighting technical machinery.”

― Max von Sydow

“In the interest of full disclosure, let me state that I hate Hamas. They embody everything that I, as a human being, am fighting against: oppression, religious rule, and patriarchy. They empower Israel while dividing the Palestinians.”

― Maysoon Zayid

“I don’t think I’ll ever be a producer who’s into taking the meetings and fighting the big fights with studios. I really don’t like that part. I’m much more interested in the material.”

― Meg Ryan

“When you’re writing you’re constantly fighting demons to sit down and do what you do. If you listen to the voices outside your head, in addition to the ones inside your head, you’ll never get anything done. There’s enough inner strife.”

― Melissa Rosenberg

“It makes sense for people who are good at fighting to go out and do it-because if they’re good at it, that means the fewest number of other people die.”

― Mercedes Lackey

“I’m accustomed to playing basketball really rough. When I came into the league, I was used to fighting on the court. That’s how I grew up playing basketball.”

― Metta World Peace

“I spent a lot of my career fighting coaches. When coaches told me don’t shoot, I’d shoot anyway.”

― Metta World Peace

“I’ve been fighting for Davids versus the Goliaths for 18 years, my entire career.”

― Michael Avenatti

“As a group, the fashion industry has been one of the strongest in the effort to fight HIV and AIDS. There are many groups dedicated to fighting this disease; GMHC’s Fashion Forward is just one of them. But I think everyone in this industry fights it in their own way.”

― Michael Bastian

“I think the inhabitants of the past are fighting hard to keep the rents they acquired in the 20th century.”

― Michael Bennet

“Fighting at home does bring pressure – of course it does. But I’ve always thrived on that.”

― Michael Bisping

“Fighting is different than other sports because you’re not competing as regularly.”

― Michael Bisping

“If a football player has a bad game, he’s allowed to do that because he plays once or twice a week. With fighting, it’s once every few months.”

― Michael Bisping

“Maybe when I’m done fighting, I’ll open a gym and manage fighters and train fighters.”

― Michael Bisping

“There’s no shortage of fighting talent in the UFC; that’s what makes it such a great organisation, and that’s why I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

― Michael Bisping

“Once I started fighting in UFC, things took a big U-turn. After my second fight, I came home and paid my mortgage off.”

― Michael Bisping

“Of course it’s an honour to be fighting at UFC 100, but I don’t sit back and think about that. For me, it is only ever about winning.”

― Michael Bisping

“It seems, whenever there are two Brits fighting in the UFC, we always seem to put on a good fight.”

― Michael Bisping

“Fighting in England, for me, is the height of my career. It really is.”

― Michael Bisping

“I think it’s just in human nature: if you’ve got two guys fighting, and you don’t really know them, you’re going to root for the guy who comes from your country.”

― Michael Bisping

“Many of America’s and New York’s sons and daughters are around the world fighting for the freedoms that the Statue of Liberty stands for.”

― Michael Bloomberg

“Commerce has changed the ethics of citizenship and the incentives for national service. America now buys private contractors – we used to call them mercenaries – to do the country’s fighting.”

― Michael Ignatieff

“Since I do seven different styles of martial arts, I don’t foresee myself fighting the same in any two movies. I think every fighting style should fit the character that’s doing the fighting.”

― Michael Jai White

“We had four guys in the family, so somebody was always hitting somebody or chasing somebody or getting mad or fighting or wrestling – that was just what you did. So when you’re the youngest, it’s good for you. You figure out real early how to get out of headlocks and holds.”

― Michael Keaton

“Fighting back against Iran is difficult and costly. No American president from Carter to Obama has been willing to take it on.”

― Michael Ledeen

“No I don’t miss fighting, I still got my wits about me and there are a lot of people who do it and get beat up, and I don’t want to be one of them, I have children to raise.”

― Michael Moorer

“Obviously, I’ll keep fighting to uphold the Constitution.”

― Michael Newdow

“Julius Caesar was an aristocrat who sided with the Roman people. He’s not my hero, but he was one of a long line of what we’ll call ‘populares,’ which were popular leaders who tried to institute these reforms that the people were fighting for.”

― Michael Parenti

“Technology has given us this wonderful opportunity to have low energy costs. We have to seize that, rather than keep debating and discussing and fighting over it.”

― Michael Porter

“All the characters in my films are fighting these problems, needing freedom, trying to find a way to cut themselves loose, but failing to rid themselves of conscience, a sense of sin, the whole bag of tricks.”

― Michelangelo Antonioni

“I think what separates me from the candidates is the fact that I have a proven track record of being a fighter. A fighting for what people believe in, whether it is popular or not. Despite the opposition, I stand true. Because people know that I will do what I say. And that I say what I do.”

― Michele Bachmann

“Whatever you’re fighting for, you go with full passion and love.”

― Michelle Kwan

“The higher you climb the ladder, everyone is going to have a reason as to why you’re there, why you’re on TV, and they don’t want to believe the fact you’re in the working hard, fighting for storylines.”

― Michelle McCool

“We must keep fighting until using the word ‘equality’ isn’t necessary because we will all be living as one.”

― Michelle Visage

“’Crouching Tiger,’ of course, was a very dramatic role for me, and the fighting was very serious.”

― Michelle Yeoh

“I had a bonding problem when I went off and boxed for five years. I was over in Europe and Asia fighting because I wanted to do something different; I was tired of acting. But the thing is, when I was done doing that, I couldn’t get a job.”

― Mickey Rourke

“I started out fighting before I was acting, actually, then got hurt and got into the acting.”

― Mickey Rourke

“Where I come from, being a hard man is being able to take a good beating and then get back up again and carry on fighting.”

― Mickey Rourke

“What’s great about theater and drama is it thrives on dialogue, and dialogue thrives on people with different points of view fighting for what they want.”

― Mike Bartlett

“Fighting for free enterprise means standing up for free markets. The freedom to succeed includes the freedom to fail. We must defend entrepreneurial capitalism against the onslaught of the American Left.”

― Mike Pence

“Ever since I arrived in Washington in April 2009, I have been fighting for more transparency and accountability in government.”

― Mike Quigley

“I spent 10 years fighting for reform in Cook County, and I didn’t change my DNA when I got to Washington.”

― Mike Quigley

“Think about your immune system as being an army, and it’s fighting infection.”

― Mikhail Varshavski

“Individuals fighting or rebelling against the status quo, the establishment, is good for drama.”

― Milos Forman

“I really love ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ – and I love the book, too. You wonder how it ever got made into a movie. She’s supposed to be chubby, and two of the hottest guys ever are straight-up fighting over her?”

― Mindy Kaling

“I love that ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ passionate, smart fighting. I love fighting with guys, and that’s something that I don’t get to see: arguing at a high level with a member of the opposite sex. That didn’t really happen that much on ‘The Office.’ I just like that ‘Moonlighting,’ Benedick-Beatrice type of thing.”

― Mindy Kaling

“I’ve never felt like a woman fighting in a male world; I’ve never felt penalised.”

― Miranda Hart

“For instance, we’re always fighting amongst each other. Who gives us the arms? And then we become indebted to wherever we are buying them from – with what? The very resources we need to keep there.”

― Miriam Makeba

“Of course I could keep fighting, but every man comes to the point when he asks himself, ‘Do I need it anymore?’”

― Mirko Cro Cop

“I underestimated the difference of fighting in a cage.”

― Mirko Cro Cop

“I’m obviously fighting for my community simply because I’m trans, and I have to do that, and I do it because that’s my existence. I wake up in the morning, and that is my activism.”

― Mj Rodriguez

“I wasn’t a fighting kid or a causing-trouble kid. I was just one of those cheeky, crazy kids running around.”

― Mo Farah

“We are fighting misogynists in every culture. My solution is to listen to the women in each community and amplify their voices.”

― Mona Eltahawy

“When the only two sides fighting are conservative – even if one of them is just conservative in appearance – then everyone loses. And women don’t just lose; they’re also used as cheap ammunition.”

― Mona Eltahawy

“I am appalled to hear the defence of the niqab or burka in Europe. A bizarre political correctness has tied the tongues of those who would normally rally to defend women’s rights but who are now instead sacrificing those very rights in the name of fighting an increasingly powerful right wing.”

― Mona Eltahawy

“Two famous happy warriors – Reagan and his political soulmate, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – knew they were fighting their own ideological and external wars. But they did so with the sunny dispositions and positive outlooks of those who knew they were on the right side of history.”

― Monica Crowley

“Everyone says we have our first African American president. Has there ever been a Jewish president? An Italian president? They don’t say a damn thing about that. You think we’re still fighting the Civil War or something. If you want to mention it in passing, OK. But don’t dwell on it.”

― Monte Irvin

“I always wanted to do a sci-fi movie, but most sci-fi scripts are either about saving the planet or fighting aliens.”

― Morten Tyldum

“Thank God sci-fi has moved away from spaceships fighting aliens! Now it’s a place where you can explore contemporary issues or emotional feelings. You can put it all in a different setting.”

― Morten Tyldum

“We have to serve God or guarantee the safety of the Jews. And this can be done by them accepting the Palestinians, recognizing the Palestinians, accepting that fact that they should live with the Palestinians in one state, together. Unfortunately, the Jews are fighting or struggling against their own friend – the Arabs.”

― Muammar al-Gaddafi

“We are going to secure this country. We are going to manage it properly. We will continue to improve the situation, security, economy, and fighting corruption.”

― Muhammadu Buhari

“I think, technically, we have won the war because people are going back into their neighbourhoods. Boko Haram as an organised fighting force – I assure you that we have dealt with them.”

― Muhammadu Buhari

“I’m getting too much money to be fighting people.”

― Mustard

“You can’t complain about everybody that steals your sound. You’ll be fighting for years trying to figure out how to make people not steal it.”

― Mustard

“I wouldn’t be a great candidate for dramatic fighting TV; I’m not a cat-fighting kinda person.”

― Mya

“All political parties with secular credentials are bound to align and unite in fighting against communal forces. So, when the time comes, I believe that the SP and the BJP will join the Mahagathbandhan at the national level.”

― N. Chandrababu Naidu

“We are fighting the communal BJP on the one hand and the corrupt Congress on the other.”

― N. Chandrababu Naidu

“I have a real taste for doing action roles. I starred in a movie called ‘Blast,’ which was my first action film, and I loved the fighting – I think I’ve got the build, the attitude and the look for it.”

― Nadine Velazquez

“Not to say that I saw myself in the Iron Sheik, but our whole family would gather around the TV on Saturday and watch the Iron Sheik wrestle. And he was the bad guy, so everyone else was booing him and cheering whoever he was fighting – it was the opposite in our house.”

― Nahnatchka Khan

“We are not going back to the failed policies of the past. We are fighting for the middle class!”

― Nancy Pelosi

“With ‘Brigade,’ we sort of decided to kind of revamp ourselves and put on the military garb and become more of a fighting unit, you know, like the title of the album, and sort of fight for it.”

― Nancy Wilson

“You just gotta keep going and fighting for everything, and one day you’ll get to where you want.”

― Naomi Osaka

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

― Napoleon Hill

“I’ve got music in my head when I fight. I’ve got a certain rhythm, a certain way of fighting, a certain relaxation where I can let myself go.”

― Naseem Hamed

“When I was fighting, there was no boxing in Saudi Arabia because it was forbidden.”

― Naseem Hamed

“Every fight, I’m fighting blind opponents. I don’t know who it’s going to be, who I’m fighting, if I’m really fighting them.”

― Nate Diaz

“War means fighting, and fighting means killing.”

― Nathan Bedford Forrest

“I’m heavy into ‘Max Payne 3’. That’s a good one. I like any of the fighting games and all of the ‘Tekken’ and ‘Street Fighter’ series.”

― Ne-Yo

“If you walk through life in a fighting pose with your fists balled up and ready to strike, someone, someday, somewhere, is going to want to test your mettle.”

― Neal Boortz

“What I love about Indiana Jones is he always bites off slightly more than he can chew. The guy he’s fighting is always slightly tougher than he is, but he just refuses to give up. And that’s what makes Indiana Jones a hero: not his superpowers, but his refusal to be beaten.”

― Neil Cross

“These men were wrongfully rejected, the veterans. The fighting man should never have been blamed for Vietnam.”

― Neil Sheehan

“My first film was with Cuba Gooding Jr, ‘The Fighting Temptations,’ and I had a little part here and there on little shows as guest stars. And I’ve taken acting classes.”

― NeNe Leakes

“I am such a tomboy. I grew up fighting with boys, mainly – beating up boys, actually.”

― Neve McIntosh

“I admire Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool – these are the teams that are always there fighting.”

― Neymar

“By fighting a limited, defensive war, America permitted the enemy to endlessly re-supply their field armies.”

― Nguyen Cao Ky

“We fight the stereotypes, but in fighting them, we show them. There are stereotypes for a reason.”

― Nicholas Gonzalez

“There was a ton of fighting between my mother and father. The kids would be thrown into the middle, to choose sides.”

― Nick Carter

“I’ve always been at war with the guitar. All vocalists are fighting a war with the electric rhythm guitar.”

― Nick Cave

“The worst thing that can happen to us in an ideological struggle is to become what we are fighting.”

― Nick Clooney

“The United States has been fighting African pirates since the early days of the republic – battles so formative that, among other things, they established a long-standing pattern of dealing with foreign policy problems through armed interventions and also inspired the iconic phrase ‘the shores of Tripoli’ in the Marine Corps hymn.”

― Nick Turse

“I tried several times to get the song right. The tune and the chords that I started with, there really wasn’t anywhere else it could go. I stopped fighting it and let it take me away.”

― Nik Kershaw

“I’ve grown not just as a player but as a person. But my passion will always remain. It’s there because I love football, and I love fighting for my club and my country.”

― Nikita Parris

“The biggest thing I got from my sister’s career was never to give up. She had so many ups and downs throughout her career. Injuries and big injuries – ACLs. And she never gave up; she always came back fighting.”

― Nikita Parris

“My reason and inspiration to lose weight and stay fit is my youngest son, Anant, who is fighting obesity. I would like to be an example for him.”

― Nita Ambani

“I think this idea of fighting the enemy within is sort of more interesting than fighting an external enemy.”

― Noah Hawley

“When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, the U.N. vetoed several resolutions right away, calling for an end to the fighting and so on, and that was a hideous invasion.”

― Noam Chomsky

“These fledgling democracies in the Middle East, they’re actually fighting for their freedom. And what are they rioting for in England? Leisurewear.”

― Noel Gallagher

“I was 11 when I started boxing. My brother was fighting before I did, and he got me into it.”

― Nonito Donaire

“Moving up and fighting the best keeps me hungry.”

― Nonito Donaire

“International law says people fighting for self-determination can use force in order to achieve their independence.”

― Norman Finkelstein

“Any soldier worth his salt should be antiwar. And still there are things worth fighting for.”

― Norman Schwarzkopf

“Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory.”

― Norman Vincent Peale

“I am Ukrainian and fighting like a Ukrainian.”

― Oleksandr Usyk

“The fight for the Muhammad Ali trophy is about the best fighting the best.”

― Oleksandr Usyk

“It doesn’t matter which city, which country my opponent is from – and I am not worried about fighting in Moscow.”

― Oleksandr Usyk

“A Commander-in-Chief needs to do two things. One – tell us who the enemy is. And two – say we are fighting to win.”

― Oliver North

“Then you get into it, especially if you start talking about football, fighting and Muhammad Ali. Then the ladies get very bored and start delivering ultimatums.”

― Oliver Reed

“I’d always wanted to be an action heroine. That’s a chick dream, getting to wear a leather bodysuit and be blonde and kick ass. But, what really attracted me to ‘Dredd’ was the script. It was fantastic! It was about people and characters, and not just about explosions and fighting.”

― Olivia Thirlby

“I have never been in a cage fighting UFC. It would be nice to try.”

― Olivier Giroud

“Fighting corruption is not a one-night affair.”

― Olusegun Obasanjo

“I fought for years in South Sudan for the unity of Sudan. I was a commander in the fields, fighting for the unity of Sudan.”

― Omar al-Bashir

“Therefore, every country has to understand that fighting against international terrorism is not for the sake of the United States, but for the sake of themselves, and, to a larger extent, in the name of stability of international relations.”

― Omar Bongo

“I was a little girl fighting as a partisan against Nazi-Fascism.”

― Oriana Fallaci

“Our heroes are fighting to bring stability to the Middle East, and they have put pressure on all of the tyrannies of the Middle East. They have taken a stand against tyranny, against terrorists, and for the prospect of decent societies throughout that region.”

― Orrin Hatch

“You’ve got keep your head up, keep fighting, and do the best you can.”

― Pablo Sandoval

“I needed something to challenge myself a little more. I found fighting, and it completely fit my personality.”

― Paige VanZant

“I have so many other talents other than fighting, and I would love to be able to show those off. I would like to say, ‘Yes, I’m a fighter, and I’m this,’ or, ‘Yes I’m a fighter, but I’m also this.’”

― Paige VanZant

“In fighting, you’re not going 200 mph, but there’s obviously danger in the sport. If you’re a fighter or a NASCAR driver, you’re obviously an adrenaline junkie. Both also take a lot of skill.”

― Paige VanZant

“Women are allowed more freedoms and we’re fighting for more freedoms, we’re experiencing more freedoms won.”

― Pam Grier

“Sometimes when you get frustrated, your back is against the wall, and you come out fighting and knock out three songs in as many days.”

― Paolo Nutini

“Actors are fighting at all time. The love you get is amazing. When you don’t get it, it is the most excruciating career you can be in.”

― Parineeti Chopra

“Always the Premier League has several clubs fighting for the title.”

― Park Ji-sung

“Why is Assad more responsible for all the deaths in Syria than those fighting to overthrow and kill him?”

― Pat Buchanan

“I always say the Premier League is like two boxers fighting. The one who is least strong gets tired; he does down.”

― Patrice Evra

“I’m not out there to be blocking shots or fighting guys. I’m out there to produce offensively.”

― Patrick Kane

“Wherever there are communities fighting for freedom and liberation, there are serious tensions.”

― Patrisse Cullors

“I am fighting for those middle-class families who want us to deal with our debt and deficit, but they also want the investments that are critical to our country moving forward.”

― Patty Murray

“I would go in the university stacks and pull out books like ‘Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of World War II’ when I was 12 or something, and I’d spend hours reading about the engines in some of those planes.”

― Paul Allen

“Ironically, the Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and personnel in the Persian Gulf I mentioned earlier who are fighting terrorism will provide more support indirectly to this war in Iraq than most of the 46 countries that are fully supporting our efforts there.”

― Paul Cellucci

“Batman is pretty much a self-trained guy. I think it would be fun to do a character like Superman or Captain Marvel or maybe Green Lantern, somebody who’s got a completely different resource for fighting crime and fighting villains.”

― Paul Dini

“One of the marvelous things about Churchill is that whatever he was doing, whether fighting or arguing or despairing or bouncing about full of energy, jokes are never far away.”

― Paul Johnson

“This is the basis, and I am not being tried for whether I am a Communist, I am being tried for fighting for the rights of my people, who are still second-class citizens in this United States of America.”

― Paul Robeson

“All we know is that, at times, fighting the Russians, we had to remove the piles of enemy bodies from before our trenches, so as to get a clear field of fire against new waves of assault.”

― Paul von Hindenburg

“It’s wonderful that so many people want to contribute to fighting aids or malaria. But, if somebody isn’t paying attention to the overall health system in the country, a whole lot of money can be wasted.”

― Paul Wolfowitz

“Once you come to America, you’re fighting top fighters. They’re not going to let you get away with the guys you’re fighting in England: you’re going to have to fight constant monsters.”

― Paulie Malignaggi

“I fought Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden on the eve of the Puerto Rican Day parade – it was like fighting the devil in Hell.”

― Paulie Malignaggi

“When I retire, everyone is going to respect me for fighting the big names.”

― Paulie Malignaggi

“’Rather than fighting over a piece of the pie, can we grow the pie?’ is really our model.”

― Peggy Johnson

“I think standing and fighting and working alongside all of these people that raise their right hand and serve their nation… really wipes away the distractions of some of the petty things we think are important at home.”

― Pete Hegseth

“Briefly after the 9/11 attacks, Republicans and Democrats were united in identifying the evil of the radical jihadists and fighting it.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“America needs to fully grasp the lessons learned from our history of fighting radical jihadists. There have been successes and failures.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“I wanted to do a naval film and I flirted with different ideas, most of which ended up being too intense. So when the idea of ‘Battleship’ was first suggested, I was instantly drawn to the challenge – could I invent a movie around the idea of five ships fighting five ships?”

― Peter Berg

“In Syria, a no-fly zone targeted at Assad’s air force and safe zones for refugees fleeing the fighting would help tamp down the death toll that plays into the hands of ISIS and other Sunni militants who can position themselves as the only groups that are really defending the Sunni population.”

― Peter Bergen

“I was raised in public schools, but from the word go, I never believed what the public schools were teaching me. Nor did I like the fact that they were fighting for the historical tradition of England.”

― Peter Brook

“We now have a political process, we’ve had a period of parties that have been fighting each other quite literally with bombs and bullets, talking to each other, and having sat together in the assembly and sharing government with each other.”

― Peter Hain

“We’re already in a trade war with China. The problem is we’ve not been fighting back. Trump, through tariffs, wants to call a truce.”

― Peter Navarro

“Marines are very good at fighting… And if Gen. Franks wants fighters on the ground and he puts Marines in, he’ll have what he wants.”

― Peter Pace

“We prefer that the leaders of the Iraqi armed forces do the honorable thing; stop fighting for a regime that does not deserve your loyalty.”

― Peter Pace

“There’s a lot of things that go on when you’re on tour that cannot be controlled. I’m not even talking about myself, but of course there’s sexual activity and drugs, fighting and language; it is certainly not a place to raise a family.”

― Peter Steele

“With all the fighting we do and all the skirmishing we do, the reality is that New Yorkers can come together when they have to.”

― Peter T. King

“I was so empty. I didn’t always feel physically bad. I was able to play, but I wasn’t there 100%. I felt I was fighting this strange feeling rather than the opponent; I couldn’t really describe what was going on.”

― Petra Kvitova

“Our servicemen and women are highly trained, highly skilled, and the most professional fighting force in the world.”

― Phil Gingrey

“I will continue fighting to protect our Second Amendment rights.”

― Phil Gingrey

“After the fighting is done, and even when it’s still happening, apologies are often needed for the recounting of bare facts. Sometimes bare facts feel unpatriotic.”

― Phil Klay

“But the worst handicap we had the prohibition of naming individual units who had done the fighting.”

― Philip Gibbs

“Oh, go in anywhere Colonel, go in anywhere. You’ll find lovely fighting all along the line.”

― Philip Kearny

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

― Philo

“I had to have some balls to be Irish Catholic in South London. Most of that time I spent fighting.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

― Pierre de Coubertin

“I have the deepest, deepest respect for these guys who are actually fighting for democracy in countries far away.”

― Pilou Asbaek

“The biggest problem was the politicians knew nothing about fighting a war.”

― R. Lee Ermey

“It used to be that we disagreed over the basic facts we were fighting over, and we had different opinions about them. Now I think we accept different sources of authority. … And people can establish credibility on their own say-so as long as nobody follows the trail and calls them out on it.”

― Rachel Maddow

“It is always difficult, but when you have been a manager for a while with different teams, sometimes you were only playing once a week, trying to avoid relegation. When you have experience, you know all about the different feelings. Clearly, I would prefer to be fighting for the title or for the Champions League, but you must accept the situation.”

― Rafael Benitez

“They have been talking about a dictatorship and they were right because there’s a dictatorship and there’s a government that has been fighting that dictatorship, the dictatorship of the media.”

― Rafael Correa

“If you’re out for two years, and you beat one guy with a full-time job, without disrespect, but we’re talking about fighting for a world title. You can’t just beat a guy that went there to cover some guy that got injured, and then this guy, after two and a half years, gets a title shot.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“A lot of people tell me I have to trash-talk more, but I got here with my fists, fighting, not with my mouth.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“I think every fight is different based on who is fighting.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“Just to be fighting for the belt, I was already happy. No pressure at all.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“Ben Henderson, he had never been knocked out before fighting me.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“Fighting crime requires a partnership between the police and the community. And we all know that this partnership has been tested in Chicago. It is a problem that has festered in this city for decades.”

― Rahm Emanuel

“That’s a battle we are always fighting whenever we cut trailers or promos for films. We always wonder how much to say, and every filmmaker wants to say the minimum. You don’t want to reveal your film and ruin the viewing experience.”

― Rajkumar Hirani

“I am indebted to the Indian Army, from my birth till now; I have grown and imbibed the indomitable spirit of this fighting force.”

― Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

“I went to jail 44 times. I’ve been beaten and left for dead on the side of the road fighting for freedom… Yet Rosa Parks is better known in history than Ralph David Abernathy. Why is that?”

― Ralph Abernathy

“I’ve been fighting since I was 15. I know what war is.”

― Ramzan Kadyrov

“As more and more of our lives become digital, we are fighting a losing battle trying to curb our usage of devices in order to reclaim our emotions. So what I’m trying to do instead is to bring emotions into our technology and make our technologies more responsive.”

― Rana el Kaliouby

“In our state, I’m really proud of the fact that the ones who overturned Jim Crow in Kentucky were Republicans fighting against an entirely unified Democrat Party. So I am proud to be Republican. I can’t imagine being anything else.”

― Rand Paul

“If U.S. occupation is a primary recruitment tool and what inspires Islamic terrorists, are many of our current efforts overseas actually fighting terrorism and diminishing the threat?”

― Rand Paul

“We should revoke passports from any Americans or dual citizens who are fighting with ISIS.”

― Rand Paul

“I’ve been fighting amidst a lot of opposition from both Hillary Clinton as well as some Republicans who wanted to send arms to the allies of ISIS. ISIS rides around in a billion dollars worth of U.S. Humvees. It’s a disgrace. We’ve got to stop – we shouldn’t fund our enemies, for goodness sakes.”

― Rand Paul

“I have several businesses that revolve around fighting: the training centres, the clothing line and all that stuff. I’ll probably be involved in the sport in some way shape or form, and I’ll continue to train and be active and do the things that I love to do.”

― Randy Couture

“Throughout my career in public service, the residents I have had the privilege of fighting for have embraced who I am, especially my Palestinian roots. This is what I want to bring to the United States Congress: an unapologetic display of the fabric of the people in this country.”

― Rashida Tlaib

“How long do we have to keep fighting for affordable prescription drugs?”

― Rashida Tlaib

“Confrontational or not, my approach to public service has always been fighting for my families.”

― Rashida Tlaib

“I did a fantastic emotional film, ‘Autograph.’ But the audiences rejected me in it. They like to see me laughing and fighting.”

― Ravi Teja

“If you clean your body out so that it is not fighting against you, you rest better, think better and you’re always light on your feet.”

― Ray Lewis

“Working with Scorsese was an absolute dream, and one of my favourite ever jobs was ‘Beowulf’ because it was just pure acting. Your imagination explodes as you try to imagine you’re fighting a dragon or whatever.”

― Ray Winstone

“I do think that when you get older, you kind of learn not to judge because you realise that no one’s perfect, and we’re all fighting our own private demons.”

― Rebecca Ferguson

“Citizens continue to demand government help in fighting cybercrime, defending children from stalkers and bullies, and protecting consumers.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“It takes a strong stomach and a thick skin to be a female activist fighting online censorship in Pakistan.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“You cannot defend a terrorist group just because they are fighting Daesh.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Russia and Iran back Assad, but are they fighting Daesh? The answer is ‘no.’”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“I’m trying to look natural and not painted. I’m typically fighting hair and makeup teams because I’m always saying, ‘Can I wear less? Can I look natural and fresh?’”

― Renee Elise Goldsberry

“We have always realized, as Israelis and as Jews, that we are not fighting Islam and thus avoided turning the Temple Mount issue into a war of Jews against Muslims.”

― Reuven Rivlin

“Message to Obama: Fighting the Clinton machine won’t be as easy as picking up favorable press clips.”

― Rich Lowry

“I think that Vietnam, many of us who served in Vietnam thought that was very wasteful, and to what end? To what end? What were we really there for? What were we really fighting for?”

― Richard Armitage

“I was with the mujaheddin, the rebels, and they were fighting against the Russians, and they would bring me along. Some of the adventures, when I look back at them now, it’s a wonder I’m still around.”

― Richard Ben Cramer

“I think my fighting skills have certainly been improved by working with Peter Jackson.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“You fight for certain roles, and you realise they’re being filled by television and film actors, because theatre is constantly fighting for survival and they need names and faces and ticket sales.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“We should take astrology seriously. No, I don’t mean we should believe in it. I am talking about fighting it seriously instead of humouring it as a piece of harmless fun.”

― Richard Dawkins

“While supporting human rights in another country is important, fighting for our own safety is crucial.”

― Richard Grenell

“Most Republicans in California are tired of fighting the one-party rule from the Left and have given up on state politics.”

― Richard Grenell

“I think Americans understand that in Afghanistan, unlike in Iraq and Vietnam, we are fighting an enemy allied with the people who attacked us on 9/11.”

― Richard Holbrooke

“On the contrary, woman is the best equipped fighting machine that ever went to battle.”

― Richard Le Gallienne

“It is unfortunate that there is not a government in Iraq that has been able to unify the Shiites and the Sunnis sufficiently. They are not currently fighting together.”

― Richard Lugar

“The Cold War isn’t thawing; it is burning with a deadly heat. Communism isn’t sleeping; it is, as always, plotting, scheming, working, fighting.”

― Richard M. Nixon

“If we strive and continue fighting as best we can, we can overcome a lot of the personal and professional problems that we do have.”

― Richard Phillips

“I saw a hockey game where they threw the puck aside and just started fighting. I saw that, and I’m like, ‘So I’m the thug?’”

― Richard Sherman

“Fighting patents one by one will never eliminate the danger of software patents, any more than swatting mosquitoes will eliminate malaria.”

― Richard Stallman

“The reactionary percentage of the electorate in these United States has been relatively constant since McCarthy’s day; I’d estimate it as hovering around 30 percent. A minority, but one never all that enamored of the niceties of democracy – they see themselves as fighting for the survival of civilization, after all.”

― Rick Perlstein

“For liberals, generally speaking, honoring procedures – means – is the core of what being ‘principled’ means. For conservatives, fighting for the right outcome – ends – even at the expense of procedural nicety, is what being ‘principled’ means.”

― Rick Perlstein

“A Treasury Secretary or a President should be out here not fighting S&P, not grabbing the other coach and slapping him around, taking the umpire behind the barn. He should be getting the team psyched to overcome.”

― Rick Santelli

“The Bible tells us that there are some things worth fighting for. In fact, the Bible says there’s some things worth dying for.”

― Rick Warren

“I’m a Hall of Famer and I’m still fighting for it because I love the game and I love to play.”

― Rickey Henderson

“I have been fighting from a very young age. There is no fear there. It helped me cultivate the mindset of a fighter.”

― Ritika Singh

“I began fighting to stay fit and experience everything equally; hence, I took up kickboxing.”

― Ritika Singh

“I’m constantly fighting with my manager to reduce the amount of time I have to spend on promotional activities, so I can get back in the studio and work on new music.”

― Rivers Cuomo

“The reality of Britain is vibrant multiculturalism, but the myth we export is an all-white world of lords and ladies. Conversely, American society is pretty segregated, but the myth it exports is of a racial melting-pot, everyone solving crimes and fighting aliens side by side.”

― Riz Ahmed

“’The Queen Is Dead’ is not merely the Smiths’ best album, but it is one of those timeless, perfect, inexhaustible artifacts that could only have been made by a gang of sullen, sun-deprived rock & roll boys fighting off adulthood tooth and nail.”

― Rob Sheffield

“It was like fighting with the MPAA… to me it was like this is an R easy… but it was NC 17 over and over and even with this cut they were like, you are right on the edge buddy, one more thing and it’s NC-17.”

― Rob Zombie

“I’ve been fighting for a long time.”

― Robbie Lawler

“I’m just fighting a lot of high-level guys. I feel everyone is trying to be tactical, everyone is trying to put their A-game out there, and I have to find a way to win. I’m all about moving on and trying to get better.”

― Robbie Lawler

“I think dysfunctional people are being funneled into very corporate behaviour. Look at the Brits… no one’s fighting, and it’s boring.”

― Robbie Williams

“I didn’t realise I was going to be fighting the whole world.”

― Robert Atkins

“Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican nominee in 1952, made a strong public commitment to ending the war in Korea, where fighting had reached a stalemate.”

― Robert Dallek

“We are showing that Englishmen can still die with a bold spirit, fighting it out to the end.”

― Robert Falcon Scott

“So we should all, me included, stop fighting each other and arguing about our differences on certain policies.”

― Robert Gibbs

“Ali’s daughter is fighting and Joe Frazier’s daughter is fighting as well.”

― Robert Goulet

“I grew up in the military. I’ve lived that life. I know that our soldiers are out there fighting for our right to vote, and they’re out there fighting for other countries’ rights to vote… Guys have been dying for it, and we have to go out and exercise it.”

― Robert Griffin III

“Pirates almost never sailed with women. Just four or five are known to have worked as pirates during the Golden Age. Two of them – Mary Read and Anne Bonny – became famous, dressing as men and fighting alongside one of the most celebrated of all pirate captains, ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham.”

― Robert Kurson

“Pirates worked to avoid violence and fighting.”

― Robert Kurson

“We need to take lessons learned from fighting terrorism and apply them to cyber crime.”

― Robert Mueller

“I think Blank Generation holds up pretty well. You listen to that with headphones and there’s a lot going on there with the guitars- it’s the product of a lot of fighting.”

― Robert Quine

“It’s definitely a reason I game so much: to forget about the pressures of fighting and the hardships of training and everything.”

― Robert Whittaker

“I’m very objective driven, so for me it’s very important to know who I’m fighting, when I’m fighting, and roughly the direction I’m working in. It gives me that little extra push to do what I need to do to get the sessions, to work towards something.”

― Robert Whittaker

“As a fan of this sport, I am gutted to see ‘Jacare’ lose. To be matched up against him and to have the honor of fighting him, it blew my mind.”

― Robert Whittaker

“I see all my hard fights as title fights. Every time I go in there, I’m fighting for my life.”

― Robert Whittaker

“Fighting on home soil is always a dream come true, and I’d love to unify the title here in Australia.”

― Robert Whittaker

“Court McGee is definitely a name worth fighting – and beating.”

― Robert Whittaker

“I never expected to do what I can, but with my coaching staff and my training and coming to terms with my own ability and my own talent and realizing the potential that there is, I’ve decided that I want to make a run for it. I’m training, and I’m fighting for a title.”

― Robert Whittaker

“It was an absolute honour to fight in Vegas. Every fighter dreams of fighting at the MGM Grand. That’s where so many legends have fought before and so many legends will continue to fight.”

― Robert Whittaker

“Basically, I try to get across my striking, wrestling and grappling, and jujitsu. Every day, across the board, I try to get an equal amount of sessions throughout the week because I need to improve in all aspects of my fighting.”

― Robert Whittaker

“The life of a boxer is about fighting for world titles.”

― Roberto Duran

“I really feel that if it wasn’t for the accident, I’d still be fighting. I would have handled some of these fighters. I would have made sure that the doctors would have declared me physically sound; and after that, I would have trained.”

― Roberto Duran

“Some of the old refs have favoritism toward some of the fighters that are currently fighting. There should be a changing of the guard with the refs, the same way there are with fighters.”

― Roberto Duran

“Manchester is the same as Milan. The weather is the same, and you have two big clubs fighting against each other.”

― Roberto Mancini

“It seems like I have been fighting someone, something, someplace, in some manner, my whole life.”

― Roddy Piper

“I consider myself a freedom fighter, fighting for my clients.”

― Roger Ailes

“The more Mr. Putin extends the fighting in eastern Ukraine, the more the financial markets will ratchet up their own pressure on Russia.”

― Roger Altman

“You never want to concede a place, but when you’re leading the race or fighting for a podium position, you can find ways to make your car very wide!”

― Romain Grosjean

“At the end of the day, I’m fighting for the things I said I’d fight for.”

― Ron DeSantis

“Many of us have felt that sense of desperation – of urgency – when we learn that we or someone we love is fighting for their life.”

― Ron Johnson

“Fighting is not a man’s thing, it is a human thing.”

― Ronda Rousey

“I have three adopted children with Phil, and for years I was fighting in court with him over being able to see my kids. I was always going back and forth to California, going to court, and I was never able to get a project going.”

― Ronnie Spector

“I always wanted to be an actor, but I was always fighting it. It never seemed that honorable to me, and I guess I was always afraid that I might fail.”

― Rooney Mara

“Of course, fighting is one of the most emotional things that you can possibly do. You have to constantly deal with your emotions, especially myself. I have so many that that’s where I get my energy from. But it’s a matter of controlling them, and yeah, I just don’t let nothing affect me.”

― Rose Namajunas

“Fighting helped me learn that I can’t let my emotions take over.”

― Rose Namajunas

“When I’m totally in tune with myself, and I’m flowing, it don’t matter who I’m fighting; that’s just a problem for anybody.”

― Rose Namajunas

“That’s what I want to do when I finish fighting – build urban farms and learn how to become a farmer, because that’s what I wanted to be when I was a little girl.”

― Rose Namajunas

“If I’m not fighting for a good reason, then your personal life starts to get messy, and it’s like, ‘What am I doing this for?’”

― Rose Namajunas

“I think that I can speak in front of the camera. I think my fighting ability can speak for itself as well.”

― Rose Namajunas

“It’s all about me, no matter who I’m fighting.”

― Rose Namajunas

“Every fight is dangerous, no matter who you’re fighting, no matter what the story behind it is.”

― Rose Namajunas

“As a community, we’re fighting for Asians to play Asian roles. And then there’s the other battle, which is Asian Americans playing roles that aren’t written for Asians, and I think that’s something that completely should happen; Why can’t an Asian American male just play a leading cop figure… or the Matt Damon roles?”

― Ross Butler

“I always had a fetish for fighting big peoples. My dad put me in the ring with much bigger guys. In my first fight, I gave the guy a 14-pound advantage.”

― Roy Jones Jr.

“They’ve made it a felon to drive from Florida to Louisiana with any fighting birds, so I’ve had to get rid of most of my chickens. I only got about a hundred left now, which I just keep for colour and breeding. I love those birds as much as anything.”

― Roy Jones Jr.

“I really enjoyed playing rugby. I loved the camaraderie with the other athletes. It was kind of like fighting. Team fighting.”

― Roy Nelson

“I made more from sponsorship than I did from fighting. I did that for the longest time.”

― Roy Nelson

“I just don’t want to be one of those guys that’s stuck fighting the same opponents again and again.”

― Roy Nelson

“I’ve coached UFC champions and stuff before I ever started fighting.”

― Roy Nelson

“I guess there’s a showmanship in fighting.”

― Roy Nelson

“The only thing that’s going to be more epic than Roy Nelson fighting Mark Hunt is Roy Nelson fighting for the belt. Those are two fights that I know fans want to see.”

― Roy Nelson

“I like being able to go grocery shopping and not feel that I’m fighting a thousand people.”

― Roz Chast

“Even here in America, people are fighting for civil rights 45 years after the civil rights movement.”

― Ruben Santiago-Hudson

“In any case, fighting will not settle whether the claims were just or unjust. It will only settle which nation can mobilize and handle its fighting forces and its economic forces the better.”

― Rufus Jones

“I’ve always had an interest in Muay Thai fighting. I love the discipline and toughness of it, so I traveled to Thailand to study ways to incorporate it into my style.”

― Rusev

“My back to the goal, physically fighting off defenders, trying to bang my goals in, every week I have to do the business for this club. That’s the life of a striker.”

― Ruud van Nistelrooy

“It’s going to take more than a handslap to keep me from fighting for what I believe.”

― Ryan Frazier

“What you’ve got to realise is that footballers, and me in particular, have seen everything in the changing room. Everything. I’ve seen the manager kicking off with the players, the players kicking off with him, players fighting each other, managers fighting, everything.”

― Ryan Giggs

“I trained in martial arts and wanted to become a UFC fighter. That was my goal. I only really learned how to dance three weeks prior to making ‘Step Up Revolution.’ Dancing will always be fun, but MMA is something I’ll never give up. I will eventually get back in the octagon and be fighting professionally again.”

― Ryan Guzman

“It’s not like I’m looking for a blonde or a brunette, light-skinned or dark-skinned. I feel like I give any girl a fighting chance.”

― Ryan Lochte

“We need to make sure these Islamic terrorist organizations don’t become mainstream. We’re fighting an ideology as much as a group of radical terrorists.”

― Ryan Zinke

“Too many of Montana’s own have fallen in the line of duty fighting radical Islamic terrorists, like 31-year-old husband and father of four, Blackfeet warrior Army Corporal Tony ‘Many Hides’ of Great Falls.”

― Ryan Zinke

“I’m really bad writing the chase scenes or fighting scenes. I’m much better for writing, like, a more melancholic or tragic music.”

― Ryuichi Sakamoto

“Saint Mochua was the son of a certain Cronan, of noble race, and spent his youth in fighting. At the age of thirty, he laid aside his arms and burnt a house, with all its contents, which had been given to him by his uncle, saying that a servant of Christ should take nothing from sinners.”

― Sabine Baring-Gould

“Many female politicians get intimidated by the aggressive behaviour of men. I don’t. Not because I am a courageous person or anything, but because I see international standards, and I see that they are worth fighting for.”

― Safak Pavey

“Any fighter fighting in the UFC would take the opportunity to take a fight against a YouTuber and stand to make several million dollars.”

― Sage Northcutt

“Everybody who is fighting at UFC 200 is awesome! It’s going to be awesome to get to meet everybody. I’m excited.”

― Sage Northcutt

“Being in school and doing the fighting stuff, it is very tough. I had school work all the way from Monday through Friday, and then on the weekends, you had homework, engineering projects and stuff. That makes it very tough.”

― Sage Northcutt

“People say I don’t have the experience. I might not have 20 MMA fights, but I’ve been fighting my whole life.”

― Sage Northcutt

“I’m in the UFC; this is a sport about fighting. If someone wants to fight me, or someone wants to fight someone else… you’re here to fight each other, so I get it.”

― Sage Northcutt

“Personally, I think I might end up fighting heavyweight in the future. I can just see myself keep growing. I’ll be 24, 25, growing 2, 3, 4 more inches, and putting on a lot of muscle. I can absolutely see it.”

― Sage Northcutt

“At 155, I kind of feel, when I’m fighting out there, I just don’t feel like I have the right thinking ability. I kind of feel like my mind is foggy, if that makes sense. I don’t really know how to describe it. Maybe it’s the weight cut.”

― Sage Northcutt

“I never really address myself to any image anybody has of me. That’s like fighting with ghosts.”

― Sally Field

“When it is important for you to say something and you find a vehicle to say it, then go for it. It is so rare when that happens so I think every minute spent fighting for it is always worth it. Even if nothing ends up happening, it’s still worth the fight.”

― Salma Hayek

“Millions of people gave their lives fighting fascism and imperialism, but Pearl Harbor was the event that forever changed the course of human history.”

― Sam Graves

“We have been fighting for solutions that will spur economic growth and create jobs for all Americans because we have been listening to what small business owners and employees have been telling us all along.”

― Sam Graves

“I see couples fighting about the stupidest things. You just have to rise above everything.”

― Sammy Hagar

“People talk about the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn relationship and how they’ll be fighting forever, but in reality, when it comes to me and A.J. Styles, I defy anybody to find two guys who have been battling against each other longer than us.”

― Samoa Joe

“One of the first businesses of a sensible man is to know when he is beaten, and to leave off fighting at once.”

― Samuel Butler

“London was the Olympics that I was most nervous about. From coming into the venue and stepping on to the mat, people were supporting with ‘Saori’ banners and waving the Japanese flag, so even though it was London, I felt much more like fighting at home that way, which was really inspiring.”

― Saori Yoshida

“I was brought up in the north of England, which is probably no rougher than anywhere else, but I remember as a child being kind of mesmerized by girls fighting on the playground.”

― Sarah Hall

“When we talk about fighting for our country, we’re talking about our vote, our vote is our arms.”

― Sarah Palin

“I think if I could be a man in any time period, I would be a pirate. You know, go climbing in the rigging, sword fighting. I’d like to do that.”

― Sarah Snook

“I want to do my part in fighting for America’s future. That’s why I have decided to run for the United States Senate.”

― Sarah Steelman

“It is important to me to keep fighting for the rights of those who cannot.”

― Sasha Velour

“There are no limits to what kind of bodies, which types of people, which genders, or what races can do amazing drag, and I think the audience is clamoring fighting with each other more and more to see drag represented as fully as it possibly can be.”

― Sasha Velour

“What’s interesting about the ‘Smash Bros.’ games, is that the ‘Smash Bros.’ games do not represent the Nintendo characters fighting against one another: they actually represent toys of Nintendo characters getting into an imaginary battle amongst themselves.”

― Satoru Iwata

“By Vietnam, the Jeep had given way to the helicopter, and it is hard to imagine a modern army fighting a war without this supremely adaptable workhorse.”

― Saul David

“You learn from playing against the best players and the best teams, and we’re going to keep fighting and figuring out ways to beat them.”

― Scott Brooks

“I don’t think that 25-year-olds should be fighting 40-year-olds.”

― Scott Coker

“We say that we care about the war, but we don’t even really know what we’re fighting for.”

― Scott Ritter

“It just took all of that to come to a screeching halt, to get to the point of having nothing, for me to finally realize, Hey, what are you fighting with this for? Until then, I hadn’t claimed my faith as my own; I had just grown up with it.”

― Scott Stapp

“Please remember we all come from the same one and we will all return to that one, so there is no reason for fighting.”

― Sean Paul

“The American military generally counts on a kill ratio of 10 to 1 when fighting lightly armed insurgents: for every dead American, there are probably 10 dead enemy.”

― Sebastian Junger

“The jihadists come from many European countries, Russia included, and some even from the United States; hundreds of them – if you take Europe, Russia and the U.S. – are fighting in the ranks of extremist groups.”

― Sergei Lavrov

“During my childhood, I played just about every sport imaginable, which became less feasible at Juilliard… Although I remember our annual dodge-ball game as a highlight. The Juilliard ‘Fighting Penguins’ are a force to be reckoned with.”

― Seth Numrich

“We’re not telling you we’re out there fighting each other. We’re going out there to entertain you.”

― Seth Rollins

“Fighting the Taliban and the various radical organizations on the front lines is like adding a Band-Aid to a cut, it may stop the bleeding but unless you clean it with antiseptic, the germs stay and multiply.”

― Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

“I was a dancer for fifteen years, and I think a lot of what dancing gives you crosses over so much into anything to do with fighting, martial arts, anything action.”

― Sharni Vinson

“The Republicans have lost their standards; they’ve lost their principles… Really, that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me… They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government.”

― Sharron Angle

“The episode of the ‘shoe bomber,’ Richard Reid, has suddenly meant more feet being bared at airports than at the average Hindu temple. My solution has been to replace my customary lace-up Oxfords with a pair of slip-on loafers when I fly. Generals are always fighting the last war, and security screeners are the same.”

― Shashi Tharoor

“While I am furious about injustice, I do what I do, fighting against it, out of a place of love.”

― Shaun King

“We are living in tumultuous times, and our focus should be fighting against the oppression and injustices that are against us – not battling those who are on the same side of seeking justice and peace.”

― Shaun King

“Whole nation is fighting against the terrorists, and this struggle will continue till the complete elimination of terrorists.”

― Shehbaz Sharif

“I don’t believe in uselessly fighting for nothing.”

― Shilpa Shinde

“There is a real need to construct a different Middle East. The Middle East must change because the world has changed. And instead of oppositional armies that are fighting usually one against another, now we have a net of terrorists that are trying to destroy everything. They are not two; they are hundreds.”

― Shimon Peres

“I think a wrestler can say something from fighting, from wrestling.”

― Shinsuke Nakamura

“Wrestling is an art. Every culture has an art, like music and dancing and fighting. So that’s my base. If I think about it like art, I can connect with everybody.”

― Shinsuke Nakamura

“One day, I had a patient who was going through chemotherapy who came to me and said, ‘I’m going to go on with what I’m doing, but I need you to tell me what it is that I’m fighting.’”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“I am not protesting against the conduct of the war, but against the political errors and insincerities for which the fighting men are being sacrificed.”

― Siegfried Sassoon

“I have stage combat training from college, which is drastically different than fighting for the screen, but I do enjoy that kind of stuff.”

― Sonequa Martin-Green

“Transness is taking control to bring your body more in line with your soul and spirit so the two aren’t fighting against each other and struggling to survive.”

― Sophie

“I don’t seem to take vacations, but I must say, a jaunt into Central Park can be mighty transporting. My boy and I can spend hours in the Ramble scaling rocks and sword fighting with sticks. I often forget I’m in Manhattan when I’m in there.”

― Spencer Kayden

“I believe that anybody who has to export, and who believes in skills, gets away from fighting about history.”

― Stef Wertheimer

“In every generation, politicians let us down, but music can lift us above the fighting and the mistakes. It does not offer answers to specific political questions. Instead, it looks beyond them.”

― Stephen Hough

“There’s one thing that people will never know about Tim Duncan: Tim Duncan might know more UFC moves and more fighting moves than anybody in the UFC.”

― Stephen Jackson

“I never thought I would be in a situation where I would have to go into the stands and actually help my teammate fight fans. But at that time, there’s no way I could have lived with myself knowing that my teammate is in the stands fighting and I’m not helping him.”

― Stephen Jackson

“Honduras is strongly anti-Communist, maintains no diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and has provided vital support for United States-backed rebels fighting to overthrow the Sandinistas in neighboring Nicaragua.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“During the Reagan Administration, so much attention was devoted to fighting Marxism in Nicaragua and El Salvador that Washington lost sight of longer-term challenges in other countries.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“Chechens are not ethnically or culturally Russian, and have now been fighting for generations to free themselves from Russian rule.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“The Democrats are fighting for illegal aliens. Donald Trump is fighting for American citizens.”

― Stephen Miller

“The liberals are fighting so hard whenever President Bush appoints any federal judges.”

― Steve Chabot

“I’m just a living witness that you can be an imperfect soldier and still be in the army fighting for God Almighty. Don’t you think you got to be perfect ’cause I ain’t.”

― Steve Harvey

“We penalize and suspend players for making contact with the head while checking, in an effort to reduce head injuries, yet we still allow fighting. We’re stuck in the middle and need to decide what kind of sport do we want to be. Either anything goes and we accept the consequences, or take the next step and eliminate fighting.”

― Steve Yzerman

“Listen man, Andrei Arlovski is a tough guy, but he hasn’t fought the caliber of opponents I’ve been fighting.”

― Stipe Miocic

“Of course, fighting’s first. That’s what I do; that’s what pays my bills, you know.”

― Stipe Miocic

“I love fighting. I love what I do.”

― Stipe Miocic

“The Hendricks/Lawler fights, those were just epic. Both were non-stop. I couldn’t stop watching, and it was hard to look away. I watch those as a fan, and to see two guys fighting like that for 25 minutes is crazy.”

― Stipe Miocic

“I love what I do, both aspects – fighting and being a firefighter and paramedic.”

― Stipe Miocic

“I didn’t do choreographed fighting for a living. I was a professional wrestler for 15 years; there’s a big difference.”

― Stone Cold Steve Austin

“The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on earth.”

― Stonewall Jackson

“We are a fighting nation, continually struggling to overcome diseases from within… and to face up to foreign intervention from without.”

― Sukarno

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu

“To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

― Sun Tzu

“If fighting is sure to result in victory, than you must fight, even though the ruler forbid it; if fighting will not result in victory, then you must not fight even at the ruler’s bidding.”

― Sun Tzu

“Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu

“When I was young, I was trained in stage fighting and rapier and dagger for several years.”

― Suzanne Collins

“Walmart is committed to fighting hunger in America every day.”

― Sylvia Mathews Burwell

“Fighting, I guess, was never the real reason I read comic books as a kid. The fighting was an important part, an integral part of it; I don’t know I would’ve read it without it.”

― Ta-Nehisi Coates

“Black people have been fighting for basic citizenship rights since the inception of the country.”

― Ta-Nehisi Coates

“Sword fighting in film is not about how good the fighter is, but how good the actor receiving the blows is.”

― Takeshi Kitano

“The first thing I organized around was the Central Park Five case for the young men who were accused. We talked about the unfair misrepresentation of these young teenagers in the media. I’ve been fighting back against Donald Trump for a long time.”

― Tarana Burke

“As a community, we create a lot of space for fighting and pushing back, but not enough for connecting and healing.”

― Tarana Burke

“I’ve had two fights in my life. Both times I threw one punch, and both times I broke my hand! I really am a stranger to the world of fighting.”

― Taron Egerton

“Feminism to me means fighting. It’s a very nuanced, complex thing, but at the very core of it I’m a feminist because I don’t think being a girl limits me in any way.”

― Tavi Gevinson

“It’s very clearly stated in the film: You make your own choices, and what you’re always fighting is ego.”

― Taylor Hackford

“It has been suggested that those of us who are fighting to defend liberty – fighting to turn around the out-of-control spending and out-of-control debt in this country, fighting to defend the Constitution, it has been suggested that we are wacko birds.”

― Ted Cruz

“The Iranians don’t intimidate! They’re like the Vietnamese and the Iraqis. You want to start a war with them? They’ll still be fighting in fifty years!”

― Ted Turner

“I go to my physical therapist to keep fighting it and one of them told me if you don’t use it, you lose it, but I know we’re on television so I won’t say what I would often say.”

― Teri Garr

“Obama has refused to equip, or to arm, any rebel groups fighting Assad or his forces.”

― Terry Glavin

“My mother is an immigrant from China, and she filled my head with stories about ghosts and fighting monks in China, so the world of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ was a very familiar one.”

― Tess Gerritsen

“I am determined to give the Yiddish language a fighting chance to survive.”

― Theodore Bikel

“I don’t see it in terms of changing things, but rather using language and music as weapons for fighting a mainstream media which is predominately right wing, and loyal to the political framework and its corporate interests.”

― Thom Yorke

“War consisteth not in battle only, or the act of fighting; but in a tract of time, wherein the will to contend by battle is sufficiently known.”

― Thomas Hobbes

“In the 1990s, we introduced Boston’s community policing strategy. We reversed the tide of violent crime that threatened our city, and we established a national model for preventing and fighting crime.”

― Thomas Menino

“Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?”

― Tim Burton

“I love fighting and will always have the heart of a fighter.”

― Tim Kennedy

“Fighting is a very independent thing, and it’s not a team sport, and it’s not the NFL, you know, because we don’t have to look the same.”

― Tim Kennedy

“I’ve fought guys that I like. When you’re fighting a guy that you don’t like, you have to be able to separate certain aspects of it.”

― Tim Kennedy

“People want to hear what I do with Special Forces, as a ranger, as a sniper. And I’m like ‘What does that have to do with fighting?’ Let’s talk about fighting. They couldn’t be more different; there’s nothing similar about them.”

― Tim Kennedy

“I will always be fighting in one form or another until the day I die.”

― Tim Kennedy

“I don’t need MMA, but I love fighting. Those are very different things.”

― Tim Kennedy

“You had to know how to fight or you had to know how to avoid a fight. I didn’t enjoy fighting, so I learned how to avoid them.”

― Tim Robbins

“We don’t need more of the same, typical politicians fighting for themselves and for special interests. We need someone to believe in our small-business owners again and someone to champion those folks who play by the rules.”

― Tim Walz

“I naturally have a me-against-the-world mentality, and I’ve been fighting it since I was 13. It’s felt like it’s only gotten me in lonely, angry places.”

― Timothee Chalamet

“With ‘Kidnapped,’ there didn’t seem to be a sure hand guiding it: everything had to be run-up-the-pole, so to speak, and there seemed to be a large committee, every day fighting about what the show was about.”

― Timothy Hutton

“I don’t like a tremendous amount of conflict. I don’t think that fighting and passion are the same thing.”

― Tina Fey

“My mother and father didn’t love each other, so they were always fighting.”

― Tina Turner

“The whole bad-boy image was for the cage, and that’s it. It wasn’t an act because it came from a passion for fighting.”

― Tito Ortiz

“Fighting is my livelihood, and jeopardizing my body without a full understanding of conditions doesn’t make any sense. No professional fighter will go into a risky match without a contract.”

― Tito Ortiz

“You can’t tell me that all the wars we are fighting are in America’s national security interest.”

― Todd Rokita

“Who better to help formulate and to lead debate on fighting ISIS and Islamic extremists than an Arabic-speaking former CIA case officer who has been fighting the war on terrorism?”

― Todd Wilcox

“I was so exhausted after fighting for the project for five years, shooting it was like the Bataan Death March.”

― Tom Berenger

“Are we fighting too many wars? And I would say no. We’re fighting one war. And it’s a war against radical Islamic Jihad.”

― Tom Cotton

“There are still plenty of fighting forces inside of Syria who want to see Assad go. We should have been helping them from the very beginning.”

― Tom Cotton

“Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming.”

― Tom Hiddleston

“When you recruit good candidates and you have a good message and you have energy and organization and partnership, you always have a fighting chance.”

― Tom Perez

“The American people need to know that there are folks here fighting as hard as they can for individual liberty, economic freedom, appropriate national security and the fundamental moral values that have made our nation the greatest nation in the history of mankind.”

― Tom Price

“’American Idol’ is sometimes lumped with reality shows and it has that element – folks-next-door battling it out in a contest. But instead of fighting leeches, bugs, parasites and each other, as on CBS’s ‘Survivor’ and other shows that imitate it, the ‘American Idol’ contestants, of course, sing.”

― Tom Shales

“I am passionate about preserving the rights and opportunities of current and future Americans. That has meant fighting to stop global warming.”

― Tom Steyer

“I believe that what we are fighting here is not just a small group of people who have hijacked a religion, but it is a civilization bent on destroying ours.”

― Tom Tancredo

“Playing upside down is insane. It’s two or three times more difficult than what’s normal. Your feet want to come off the pedals, your arms want to drop down – all of your body is fighting gravity.”

― Tommy Lee

“I have a bad habit of fighting to the level of my competition.”

― Tommy Morrison

“It’s a big move from the ‘Tough Man’ circuit to professional boxing. When I turned pro, I had to play catch-up and was fighting almost twice a month until I had more than 20 fights under my belt.”

― Tommy Morrison

“People thought I was crazy for fighting Michael Bentt.”

― Tommy Morrison

“I’m not about trying to be out here fighting and shooting, stabbing and, you know, all that crap, man.”

― Tone Loc

“There will be no more fighting from me. The only things you will see me doing from here on in is trying to act sensible and behave myself.”

― Tony Bellew

“I’m after megafights, and me fighting Haye equals megafight.”

― Tony Bellew

“I ended up moving downtown with these three dudes that I didn’t really know. I came into the house, and I didn’t realize how things worked. From, like, 15-18, I was just fighting them. I fought, like, every day, and these were, like, older dudes. It was every man for himself.”

― Tory Lanez

“Once you start putting in political subtext, it does create intellectually challenging science-fiction, but with ‘Pacific Rim,’ I always thought it would be a shame if kids couldn’t go see this movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters because it seemed to have a political point of view.”

― Travis Beacham

“I’m not a confrontational person or comedian. I think we can explore more things if one of us is not fighting with the other. I take it easy. But I do like comedians who are very different from myself: I love dry comics with deadpan one-liners. I look on and think, ‘That’s amazing; why didn’t I think of that?’”

― Trevor Noah

“Being a teenager is chaotic because you’re kind of coming into your own, but you’re not an adult; you’re fighting with your parents over responsibilities and freedom.”

― Troian Bellisario

“We just kept hanging in and fighting.”

― Troy Brown

“Let’s put it this way: The animal inside of me has not quieted down yet. It’s still there. It’s still fighting.”

― Troy Dumais

“Growing up as a kid, in elementary and middle school, I was always getting in trouble. Always getting suspended. I got suspended for 90 days for fighting beginning my freshman year, so I missed Homecoming, and that’s when I turned the page. I went on honor roll and had good grades after that. It was the changing point.”

― Tyron Woodley

“I don’t want to be the dude that you just think about with a crazy suit, talking crap, fighting in these super fights and driving a Rolls-Royce.”

― Tyron Woodley

“My real fear with fighting is just not letting it go out there and hang out. I don’t fear other guys. I’m just scared I’m not going to go out there and give everything I have. Like I’m only going to give a fraction of the things we trained and worked on.”

― Tyron Woodley

“Fighting is the only sport where fans don’t understand this is our living.”

― Tyron Woodley

“For me, it’s just being wiser, finding my opportunities, and really fighting a smart fight.”

― Tyron Woodley

“When you fighting in New York, I feel like it would be disrespectful if I didn’t walk out with some legendary East Coast hip-hop.”

― Tyron Woodley

“I am fighting royalty. I have gypsy kings on both sides of the family.”

― Tyson Fury

“I prefer to fight a bigger guy. I don’t like fighting smaller guys; they give me problems with their agility.”

― Tyson Fury

“I’m looking forward to fighting Chisora, getting him out of the way, and then fighting Klitschko for all the belts, but I don’t think Wladimir is going to take the fight.”

― Tyson Fury

“Wilder is not a big draw in the U.S. He maybe sells 5,000 to 10,000 tickets when he’s fighting in his own town for the heavyweight champion.”

― Tyson Fury

“I can fight, but that’s the only thing I can do. When it comes to anything other than fighting or talking, I’m not very good.”

― Tyson Fury

“I’m like the man who is always supposed to fight, but never ends up fighting. He just spends money.”

― Tyson Fury

“The fact that a terrorist was killed, and it doesn’t matter if it was in Dubai or Gaza, is good news to those fighting terrorism.”

― Tzipi Livni

“We are fighting to keep Israel a democracy – not just in terms of its electoral system but also in terms of its values.”

― Tzipi Livni

“When you’re at world championship level, you’re fighting other guys who are at a world championship level.”

― Urijah Faber

“I was 133-pounder all through college, and that’s probably my natural fighting weight, but if it isn’t broken, why fix it? I’ve been a champion at 145.”

― Urijah Faber

“I love this sport. I love what I do. I love fighting and combat, and I love to train hard. But I want to be at my best.”

― Urijah Faber

“Fighting Michael McDonald was awesome.”

― Urijah Faber

“Fighting Raphael Assunaco isn’t that exciting to me. I have nothing against him; he’s a good guy and a good fighter.”

― Urijah Faber

“All the businesses that I’ve been a part of throughout my fighting career have come out of a need.”

― Urijah Faber

“My fighting style is mixed martial arts. It’s not just stand up, or ground and pound, it’s everything together. I have 26 years of a fighting career, and it always works together.”

― Valentina Shevchenko

“And I think we created something incredible as a Democratic group, as a platform, as an effort to make a change in the country, and I think we did change this country. And I think we will continue to, and I know that my father is not going to stop fighting.”

― Vanessa Kerry

“I, for one, am actually still incredibly idealistic, and I still can credibly or very strongly believe that you have to keep fighting for what you believe in, because it’s only when you stop that you’ve truly lost.”

― Vanessa Kerry

“My uncles and my father were all in the Royal Navy. One of my uncles, as a matter of fact, was drowned in the Sea of Singapore, having been fighting for the Royal Navy behind enemy lines, Japanese lines, in the hinterland of Singapore.”

― Vanessa Redgrave

“I have looked at videos of many great champions like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Joe Frazier, who each had special qualities. I never say one particular fighter is the best ever because each has a special unique style of fighting.”

― Vasyl Lomachenko

“I want the best and to get the most out of my short boxing career by fighting the best I can.”

― Vasyl Lomachenko

“In these times, in this harsh, rude, warring world that we live in, where most of the bloodshed is ‘My god is greater than your god,’ and we’re fighting in the name of our god, we have to find a way to peaceably coexist, spiritually.”

― Vera Farmiga

“The army should go back to their assigned duties, and police should take the responsibility of fighting the cartels.”

― Vicente Fox

“I do a lot of mixed martial arts – it’s like unlimited fighting. I do Brazilian jujutsu, beach volleyball. I don’t like my routine to get stale, so I also lift kettle bells and push cars.”

― Victor Webster

“I want the other Victorias out there, the people that are suffering or going through something, to keep fighting.”

― Victoria Arlen

“I am fighting my natural body shape to do what I do.”

― Victoria Pendleton

“It’s all about exploring the more unpredictable aspects in the character, not just fighting people.”

― Victoria Pratt

“When you’re fighting with a stunt person, your intent is to miss.”

― Victoria Pratt

“I have always fought for respect, I have always fought for survival, so fighting is nothing new to me.”

― Vijay Deverakonda

“I play some fighting games, but mostly I just play sports.”

― Vince Carter

“As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.”

― Vincent Van Gogh

“Did Google know much about media? Or Amazon about commerce? Tesla about cars? SpaceX about rockets? EBay about classifieds? What did I know about computing when I started Sun Microsystems? We should celebrate these entrepreneurs, not pillory them for fighting entrenched incumbent industries that have political influence and money.”

― Vinod Khosla

“Challenging unfairly subsidized products, fighting counterfeit goods and intellectual property theft and holding countries accountable for an unfair currency regime will help American companies remain competitive.”

― Virginia Foxx

“If you insist upon fighting to protect me, or ‘our’ country, let it be understood soberly and rationally between us that you are fighting to gratify a sex instinct which I cannot share; to procure benefits where I have not shared and probably will not share.”

― Virginia Woolf

“I have been fighting and winning all the fights in my division. I think I deserve a title shot.”

― Vitor Belfort

“There are ways of fighting for your interests. I never do something in business that I wouldn’t do in life.”

― Vladimir Potanin

“At least in Russia, you cannot just go and tap into someone’s phone conversation without a warrant issued by court. That’s more or less the way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism.”

― Vladimir Putin

“When resources are degraded, we start competing for them, whether it is at the local level in Kenya, where we had tribal clashes over land and water, or at the global level, where we are fighting over water, oil, and minerals. So one way to promote peace is to promote sustainable management and equitable distribution of resources.”

― Wangari Maathai

“I believe in the idea of sacrifice and fighting for what’s right and giving something back to the country that’s given me so much.”

― Wendy Long

“I myself, as an American Indian, feel like a failure in a way. I have not been able to do anything about the fact that these large corporations are taking so much natural gas and oil out of the soil. It seems like we’re always involved in fighting something. It’s tiresome.”

― Wes Studi

“Our men and women fighting in Iraq are held accountable for their performance and their conduct. On duty and off, twenty-four hours a day. They’re fighting for us, for our safety, our rights, and our freedoms.”

― Wesley Clark

“I’m fighting the label of ‘Black’ actress simply because it’s very limiting in people’s eyes, especially people who are making movies.”

― Whoopi Goldberg

“I know it’s politically incorrect but I enjoy things like the kick boxing and cock fighting.”

― Wilbur Smith

“After all my years of playing soldiers, and then of reading History, I have almost a mania to be in the East, to see fighting, and to serve.”

― Wilfred Owen

“Pop is the most competitive form of music there is. You are always fighting to be adopted and accepted by the masses, and it’s always shifting.”


“My father was one of the first Tae Kwon Do Masters to come to the states in the ’60s. He had one of the first all-African-American fighting teams, and I was basically raised in a karate studio since I was 3. It’s part of my blood, competing, and all that stuff was responsible for a lot of me just growing up.”

― Will Yun Lee

“I never trust a fighting man who doesnt smoke or drink.”

― William Halsey

“Nor do we begin to have a clear appreciation of what the increase in consumption of alcoholic beverages in wartime means in increased risk, and in loss of efficiency to the fighting and working forces of the country.”

― William Lyon Mackenzie King

“Workers in industry are the partners in war of the fighting forces.”

― William Lyon Mackenzie King

“Previously known for its six syllables of sweetness and light, reconciliation has become the political fighting word of the year.”

― William Safire

“As long as there’s a few farmers out there, we’ll keep fighting for them.”

― Willie Nelson

“Whatever I do, it will be fighting for social justice.”

― Winnie Byanyima

“Native people – about two-thirds of the uranium in the United States is on indigenous lands. On a worldwide scale, about 70 percent of the uranium is either in Aboriginal lands in Australia or up in the Subarctic of Canada, where native people are still fighting uranium mining.”

― Winona LaDuke

“When I first came to Harvard, I thought to myself, ‘What kind of an Indian am I?’ because I did not grow up on a reservation. But being an Indian is a combination of things. It’s your blood. It’s your spirituality. And it’s fighting for the Indian people.”

― Winona LaDuke

“No part of the education of a politician is more indispensable than the fighting of elections.”

― Winston Churchill

“I’m fighting against the bad poet who is prone to using too many words.”

― Wislawa Szymborska

“In the old days, when Muhammad Ali was fighting Ken Norton, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, there was a lot of excitement in the heavyweight division, I have to admit it.”

― Wladimir Klitschko

“To be fighting at European level, you need players who know how to play in the big games.”

― Xabi Alonso

“Having passion does not mean you have to descend into bickering and fighting.”

― Xavier Becerra

“My extreme characters are in a state of rebellion or who are being ostracized or being misunderstood, or misfits or trying to fit in and fighting for their rights to love, live, and co-exist. They sort of mirror my own demons.”

― Xavier Dolan

“There is a clear interest within ISIS to drag Israel into a war with them. If they do so, they will be able to paint Israel as having an alliance with the states fighting against them.”

― Yair Lapid

“For nearly two years, I was flying above the planet with my camera. I knew straight away that this was something important to do, just at this moment, a portrait of the planet for the millennium year. I worked in 80 countries, fighting for money all the time.”

― Yann Arthus-Bertrand

“In the midst of fighting there is no place for public debate.”

― Yitzhak Rabin

“In fighting terror, you cannot let it interfere with the normal life of civilians in Israel.”

― Yitzhak Rabin

“I used to be the occasional social drinker earlier. But now my intake of alcohol has ceased completely. I want to be fighting fit for the boxing ring.”

― Yo Yo Honey Singh

“I’m convinced that probably everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. It’s just one more reason to always try to be kind.”

― Yolanda Hadid

“Occasionally, especially on video games and with a lot of the fighting stuff, to get what you feel is the proper sound, you have to imitate what you’re doing, and occasionally I’ve gotten carried away and kicked over mic stands or punched things.”

― Yuri Lowenthal

“Firstly, I think the values that underpin all liberals, frankly – classical liberals, all liberals – of respect for the individual and freedom are worth fighting for.”

― Zanny Minton Beddoes

“Screaming, it’s not me. I tried it before! Action is more my thing. Not talking. It’s hard for me to have word fights, fighting with words. I’d rather just listen.”

― Ziggy Marley

“When I worked on ‘Xena’ I had to concentrate on fighting like Lucy Lawless. In ‘Kill Bill’ I not only had to stop fighting like Lucy, after three years of copying her moves, but start fighting like a Wu Shu martial artist. I’d never done Wu Shu before so mentally it was a massive challenge.”

― Zoe Bell

“I’m not fighting to be treated like a dude. I don’t want to be treated like a man. I want to be treated as a talented stunt-person, or I want to be treated as an intelligent person.”

― Zoe Bell

“It seems that fighting is a game where everybody is the loser.”

― Zora Neale Hurston
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