Top 12 First Child Quotes

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“When I was pregnant with my first child, I was 35 years old, and I was working in a pet shop.”

― Ann Dowd

“I was the first child at four at a modeling agency, so I had an advantage.”

― Brooke Shields

“When I had my first child, I didn’t write for a year, and I felt when I tried to start again I might actually not be able to do it anymore. I really could not do it well, and I felt out of sorts with it.”

― Jennifer Egan

“I was pregnant with my first child during ‘Stop/Kiss,’ and for whatever reason, the fact that I was so physically uncomfortable allowed me to be freer in the role.”

― Jessica Hecht

“After I got married, the first child born to us was mentally handicapped.”

― Kenzaburo Oe

“I had my first child at 21, my first restaurant at 24.”

― Lidia Bastianich

“When a woman has her first child in places like Africa, they’re really young. They can be 12, 13,14, so their frames are really small, and they’re usually malnourished.”

― Liya Kebede

“I was born February 20, 1937 in Munchen as the first child of Sebastian and Helene Huber.”

― Robert Huber

“I just wasn’t one of those girls who dreamt of her wedding day and the birth of her first child.”

― Sarah Jessica Parker

“Robert Sandler is a child who died when he was three years old, and he is a child who was the first child that we know of to be treated with chemotherapy.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“I had known Colonel Charlie Flynn since he was a lieutenant 23 years earlier, and I remembered how his first child, Molly, had been born while Charlie was deployed to the first Gulf War.”

― Stanley A. McChrystal

“Prior to having my first child, I had a huge ambition to go into movies and TV.”

― Vanna White
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