Top 9 Flat Quotes

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“My hair is very limp. I have to put stuff in it so it’s not as flat on my head.”

― Adam Scott

“As bowlers, we don’t worry about the wickets, whether they are flat or not.”

― Bhuvneshwar Kumar

“New York is flat – it’s ideal for bicycling.”

― Bjarke Ingels

“I cried when I saw how flat Toledo was.”

― Eva Marie Saint

“I found a favorite chord, which is B flat 7 – that’s my favorite chord.”

― Jens Lekman

“Who’s on the case when it comes to the flat tax?”

― Joshua Micah Marshall

“When I first moved to Mumbai, I shared a flat with 12 boys.”

― Kartik Aaryan

“The 1920s brought not only the Charleston but the flat chest.”

― Robert Gottlieb

“I would definitely wear flat menswear-like shoes.”

― Saskia de Brauw
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