Top 14 Flawed Quotes

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“We’re all flawed, and no one is perfect.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“Medicaid is a deeply flawed program.”

― Charles Boustany

“Everybody is flawed, not just men.”

― Constance Zimmer

“We are all flawed people.”

― Franklin Graham

“I’m interested in flawed protagonists. I was raised on them.”

― Laura Dern

“We like flawed people.”

― Morten Tyldum

“I look for characters that are extremely flawed and the anti-hero.”

― Paul Wesley

“I’m perfectly flawed… I’ve got tons of flaws.”

― Rob Lowe

“Aren’t all people flawed?”

― Sam Esmail

“Everyone is flawed and everyone makes mistakes and is culpable.”

― Steve Carell

“I let characters be human and flawed and relatable.”

― Taylor Sheridan

“We’re very, very flawed, myself included.”

― Theodore Melfi

“The nuclear deal with Iran is fundamentally flawed.”

― Tom Cotton

“I’ve learned that it’s OK to be flawed.”

― Winona Ryder
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