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Too Many Jumping In Tasks? – Focus

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I am not a good multi-tasker.

But I jump a lot.

I love jumping from one task to another.

Just like crossing a river by jumping from one boat to another.

But does it output something productive?

Let’s do the math.

Assume, task 01 has a finishing score of 100 (if done right).

Task 02 has a finishing score of 100 as well.

Both need 1 hour of time to complete it perfectly and require the same amount of attention.

And, now if I have 5 tasks in my hand and if I constantly switch from one task to another; then I will get scores of 20 for each task.

And if I focus on only 2 tasks; then I will score 50 for each these two tasks.

And again, if I just focus on only 1 task, I can score 80 to 100 as that will be a deep work and my 100% focus and attention will be there.

That means, one task at a time will benefit us the more and we can produce the best results possible if our focus is centered on just one thing.

Here are other mind-hacks and productivity researches sharing what they think about Multi-tasking and productive work.

  • According to Tim Denning – focusing on too many things is like – what ends up happening is you achieve nothing.
  • VeryWellMind speaks up about focus and one thing. They say – focusing is like a mental muscle, the more you work on it, the stronger/better it gets, over time.
  • Wikihow pictures the process and focused on eliminating distractions on their tutorial about “Focus on One Thing”.
  • Darious Foroux says about focusing and that is exactly what I brief above. He wants us to practice doing a single thing at a time. For instance, while walking; don’t listen to music. In a meeting, don’t check your email or social media feed.
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So, remember – just ONE Thing.

One Thing.

One Task.

At a given time.

Lets watch this awesome video –

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