Top 24 Forms Quotes

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“Just as one can compose colors, or forms, so one can compose motions.”

― Alexander Calder

“I know that there was a public disclosure mechanism in my financial forms.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“Concealed handgun licenses contain all of the identifying information required by the TSA. It is time they recognize these licenses as acceptable forms of identification.”

― Bill Flores

“Evil is easy, and has infinite forms.”

― Blaise Pascal

“Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.”

― Cesare Lombroso

“Censorship in all its forms must be challenged.”

― Deeyah Khan

“Writing is immensely difficult. The short forms especially.”

― E. L. Doctorow

“Fresh or changing conditions ferment fresh forms.”

― Edward Hirsch

“The nature of anguish is translated into different forms.”

― Franz Kline

“The forms of my awareness are richer than yours.”

― Hans Bender

“Beauty can come in strange forms.”

― James Dyson

“Basketball and ping-pong are my two forms of exercise.”

― Kim Gordon

“Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.”

― Lawrence Durrell

“I’ve loved all forms of animation.”

― Ming-Na Wen

“Leftism in all its forms must be halted and turned back resoundingly.”

― Monica Crowley

“The planet is being polluted with many forms of wastes.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“I like comedy, I mean, in all forms.”

― Paul Mooney

“Buildings are forms of performances.”

― Rafael Vinoly

“Art doesn’t transform. It just plain forms.”

― Roy Lichtenstein

“I’m very resistant to most forms of theater.”

― Steven Berkoff

“Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character.”

― Tony Robbins

“Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery.”

― Victor Hugo

“We totally and absolutely renounce all forms of terrorism.”

― Yasser Arafat

“Kibbeh comes in all forms, but most feature bulgur and meat.”

― Yotam Ottolenghi
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