Top 3 Franz Kline Quotes of 2020

Some Facts About A Painter Known As Franz Kline 

Franz Kline is one of the most popular painters. Basically, he is known as a serene American painter because in his many paintings anyone can find a sense of serene and peaceful. But on the other hand, you can see an American idea and persona in his painting canvases. At the beginning of his career, he started exploring the painting idea and gave the new definition to abstract painting. 

Franz Kline
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Mr. Franz was born between communities of coal-mining in Wilkes-Barre. That comes under the coast of Eastern Pennsylvania, and after some years he had to move from there to Lehighton. From there he completed high school. 

Beginning of his passion

  • When he completed high school, then Mr. franz kline went to Boston University for a professional course in art. And then he attended fine art and In New York, he started working as a designer for a store.
  • And he did find any difficulty for a designer job because he was having good skills in fine art. And gradually, he started painting scenic views on the canvases. And due to different ways of his painting, he started gaining recognition from the people. He used to paint the inviting drafting parts. 

And he was offered as the post of fine art professor from different art institutes. And he gave his valuable time over there in order to teach students about abstract painting. He taught in different institutes. But after some health problems and heart diseases he passed away.                        

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Best Franz Kline Quotations List

“The nature of anguish is translated into different forms.”

― Franz Kline

“If you’re a painter, you’re not alone. There’s no way to be alone.”

― Franz Kline

“The final test of a painting, theirs, mine, any other, is: does the painter’s emotions come across?”

― Franz Kline

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