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“I’m glad that I didn’t get a part in ‘Scream 2’ and become a star in 1995.”

― Adam Scott

“I am glad that mankind on the whole are dreamers.”

― Ajith Kumar

“I’m glad that my films have been consistently faring well rather than one stray Friday!”

― Akshay Kumar

“I’m glad that I had the upbringing I did where I was just part of what everyone else was a part of. And prom and all that.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“Well, we are very glad that Russia is so close with NATO.”

― Aleksander Kwasniewski

“I’m glad many Jews attend Knick games.”

― Amar’e Stoudemire

“I was glad I liked chemistry.”

― Andy Grove

“I am glad that I do not have any children.”

― Anna Freud

“I’m glad I was never an heiress.”

― Antonia Fraser

“I’m glad I’m getting to do interesting films.”

― Anushka Shetty

“I am glad that I could be a part of a film that tackles Islamophobia.”

― Arfi Lamba

“I’m glad I’ve established this as my zone: ‘the taboo breaker.’”

― Ayushmann Khurrana

“I’m glad I brought this course, this monster, to its knees.”

― Ben Hogan

“Bluegrass is wonderful music. I’m glad I originated it.”

― Bill Monroe

“I’m glad I get to live in the United States of America.”

― Brad Feld

“I’m just glad that I have bragging rights to working with Bugs and Daffy.”

― Brendan Fraser

“You’ll be glad to know that I’m not taking my marching orders from the Democrats.”

― Brian Kemp

“We increase whatever we praise. The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad.”

― Charles Fillmore

“I’m glad to see the press now referring to the open-ended Richter scale.”

― Charles Francis Richter

“I’m glad I’m not a politician.”

― Chris O’Donnell

“The twenties are a deceptively challenging-slash-painful time. I’m just glad to be out of that phase.”

― Claire Danes

“I’m glad I haven’t married – I crave excitement.”

― Cynthia Payne

“I shall be glad when you have strangled the invincible respectability that dogs your steps.”

― D. H. Lawrence

“I’m glad that I’m able to entertain and be a part of people watching shows and enjoying the work.”

― David Boreanaz

“To have that opportunity to direct under my belt was fantastic, so I’m glad I did it.”

― David Boreanaz

“My babies and I benefited greatly from our nightly bonding sessions and co-sleeping arrangements, and I’m glad I did it for as long as I did.”

― Denene Millner

“I’m glad I did ‘Married… with Children,’ and I liked making all that money, and we all had a lot of laughs.”

― Ed O’Neill

“I’m so glad I never feel important, it does complicate life!”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

“I didn’t have that much confidence. Maybe it looks that way. I’m glad it does.”

― Elia Kazan

“There are so many roles on TV that I don’t covet. I see them, and I’m glad I don’t have to play them.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“I’m not a depressive, but I certainly have mood swings. It’s an occupational hazard, I would say, and I’m glad I’m in the occupation I’m in.”

― Frances McDormand

“I’m glad I’m a strong person.”

― Freida Pinto

“I am glad. I am now an Olympic medallist.”

― Gagan Narang

“Some folks rail against other folks, because other folks have what some folks would be glad of.”

― Henry Fielding

“I am glad that after ‘Rustom,’ I did ‘Mubarakan’ and then ‘Baadshaho,’ as it explores my range as an actor.”

― Ileana D’Cruz

“I’m just glad to be able to work.”

― J. K. Simmons

“I’m really glad I had those years working on the orchard alongside my husband.”

― Jane Hamilton

“I’m quite glad about having a few craggy edges to myself.”

― Jessie Buckley

“I’m just glad to be part of groovy films.”

― Jim Sarbh

“I’m glad I was a teacher.”

― John Wooden

“I’ve always wanted to be a professional golfer and I’m glad that came true.”

― Karrie Webb

“We’re all lucky to be working, and I’m glad to be employed.”

― Kaya Scodelario

“I’m glad I can’t vote.”

― Kevin Gates

“This is where I break one last taboo: I’m incredibly glad I’m not a granny.”

― Kiki Dee

“Most of the time I’m thinking, I’m glad that scene was improvised.”

― Larry David

“I got hit a lot. I’m glad I lived through it.”

― Leon Spinks

“I’m glad I was never in a band.”

― Leona Lewis

“I’m glad things worked out the way they worked out.”

― Leslie Odom, Jr.

“I was of the type who gets bullied rather than the one who does the bullying, which I’m glad about. I’d rather be that than a bully.”

― Lily Cole

“I am glad to be labeled anti-Semitic.”

― Mahathir Mohamad

“The news comes somewhat late, but I’m glad to hear it nevertheless.”

― Malcolm Campbell

“I toyed with the notion of being an actor, and am so glad that this whim did not go any further.”

― Martin Parr

“At 14, I was beehived out. I’m glad there are no pictures!”

― Mia Goth

“I’m truly glad there are so many options on television that are for grown and thinking people.”

― Michael Emerson

“I’m glad I wasn’t in ‘Free Willy 3.’ That’s all I can say on that.”

― Michael Madsen

“I’m glad to have work.”

― Michael Stuhlbarg

“Keeping busy: This is a problem that you’re glad to have.”

― Michael Winslow

“I’m glad that so many directors are keen to work with me.”

― Nani

“Simply put, I’m glad that manga as an expressive form is expanding.”

― Natsuki Takaya

“I’m glad I never went to war.”

― Nick Nolte

“I’m so glad I’m not in college anymore. I’m so glad I’m not having kids.”

― Nikki Glaser

“I’m glad I’m with OVO; it’s a dream come true.”

― PartyNextDoor

“American shows don’t always translate, but this one has and speaking for myself I’m quite glad for it.”

― Paul Guilfoyle

“My following is straight. I’m so glad.”

― Paul Lynde

“I’m glad I made a piece of art that can be interpreted so widely. Art is always interpreted subjectively.”

― Paula Cole

“I’m really glad we have Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer and all these girls who are embracing all the different body types.”

― Peyton List

“I am glad to be in demand as a director.”

― Prabhu Deva

“You were only truly patriotic if you had a laborer for a grandfather and were glad of it.”

― Rebecca Harding Davis

“When I started out, I struggled, and I was broke a lot. But I’m glad I struggled, and I’m glad I was broke a lot.”

― Richard Lewis

“Lipitor is one of the most researched medicines. I’m glad I take Lipitor, as a doctor, and a dad.”

― Robert Jarvik

“I’m kind of glad the web is sort of totally anarchic. That’s fine with me.”

― Roger Ebert

“I’m glad to have a couple a quid in my pocket to be able to enjoy life.”

― Ronan Keating

“I’m glad I went through the ‘TUF’ experience.”

― Rose Namajunas

“I’ve been sampled so much and I’m glad it’s happened, it’s a great compliment.”

― Roy Ayers

“I’m glad Wu-Tang was able to inspire other producers and artists, but I would never want to be erased or removed.”

― Rza

“I don’t want to be size zero and I’m glad I’m not.”

― Salma Hayek

“I’m glad I haven’t lived in vain.”

― Saul Bellow

“I’m glad to share my views.”

― Scott McClellan

“I’ve definitely been typecast, but I have time to do other things and I was glad to have the chances I did.”

― Seann William Scott

“I’m glad women’s sprinting is taking the course it is.”

― Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

“I’m 23, and if I wanted to release a record when I was 17, I could have released a record, but I’m really glad I didn’t.”

― Shura

“I’m so glad I didn’t go into the big-music industry until I was 19 or 20.”

― Sigrid

“I love Marvel and the people there. I’m glad I’m still part of it.”

― Stan Lee

“I am really glad to be a part of Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Nirbaak.’”

― Sushmita Sen

“I’m glad a genre writer has got a knighthood, but stunned that it was me.”

― Terry Pratchett

“I’m just glad I play for Coach Belichick.”

― Tom Brady

“I’m glad that it was so physical and so isolated.”

― Toni Collette

“At the age of 41, I’m glad I still have hair.”

― Tony Stewart

“I am glad that critics and filmmakers liked my work, and I have been warmly welcomed in Bollywood.”

― Vikrant Massey

“I’m always glad to work.”

― Wendy Robie

“I’m glad Reagan is president. Of course, I’m a professional comedian.”

― Will Durst

“I like to work. I’m glad; I’m privileged to have work.”

― William Hurt

“I’m glad I was in the Navy.”

― Yogi Berra
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