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“Right now, I have to admit, that I’m more interested in giving people a little bit of hope and goodness.”

― Aaron Eckhart

“Piety is the most solid goodness, and the vilest of what is evil is vice.”

― Abu Bakr

“Thank goodness for IMDB.”

― Adina Porter

“Well goodness knows, goodness knows what historians will write.”

― Alexander Downer

“True, He is infinite Majesty, but He is also infinite Goodness and infinite Love. There can be no greater Lord than God; neither can there be a more ardent lover than He.”

― Alphonsus Liguori

“I have a significant other and a large, immediate family. No children, thank goodness. And I have a 13-year-old kitty.”

― Andrea Parker

“No one can appropriate God, goodness, the Bible or Jesus. It just seems that way.”

― Anne Lamott

“Evil is always possible. Goodness is a difficulty.”

― Anne Rice

“That in man which cannot be domesticated is not his evil but his goodness.”

― Antonio Porchia

“Goodness does not consist in greatness, but greatness in goodness.”

― Athenaeus

“Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.”

― Beatrix Potter

“The judge is not the knight-errant, roaming at will in pursuit of his own ideal of beauty or of goodness.”

― Benjamin N. Cardozo

“No one can be good for long if goodness is not in demand.”

― Bertolt Brecht

“Goodness is something that makes us serene and content; it is magnificent. Those who are not good are evil.”

― Bhumibol Adulyadej

“My goodness, what a blast it is filming ‘Woody.’”

― Bradley Walsh

“I think the most that I’ve learned has been, how do I put this? The innate goodness inside of all of us.”

― Brian Behlendorf

“Goodness, that Simon Cowell is a sensitive soul.”

― Bruce Forsyth

“Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.”

― Bryant H. McGill

“Unfortunately, goodness and honor are rather the exception than the rule among exceptional men, not to speak of geniuses.”

― Cesare Lombroso

“Very few editors worry about heresy – their goals are much too commercial, thank goodness.”

― Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

“Well, all I can say is thank goodness I had 15 years of theater before ever I did film roles. You build technique that you can rely on.”

― Chris Cooper

“Goodness is beauty in the best estate.”

― Christopher Marlowe

“Basically, I always wanted to be an author but went through all these other jobs while getting up the nerve to finally go for it with my writing! Thank goodness it worked; who knows what I might have done next?”

― Claudia Gray

“’Les Miserables’, the book, ‘Les Miserables’, the musical – it’s about giving; it’s about goodness. It’s about compassion and love.”

― Colm Wilkinson

“May the same Almighty Goodness banish the accursed monster, war, from all lands, with her hated associates, rapine and insatiable ambition!”

― Daniel Boone

“Oh my goodness; the highlight of my career. I couldn’t pick a show or a moment because that would just be impossible.”

― Darren Boyd

“I really care about leaving a trail of goodness wherever we can.”

― David Droga

“Goodness knows the Republican electorate is a pretty narrow slice of the population.”

― David Price

“My goodness, everyone is planting grapes, even a neighbor with only five acres.”

― Doc Severinsen

“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”

― Dr. Seuss

“Only a writer who has the sense of evil can make goodness readable.”

― E. M. Forster

“In the past goodness was always a collective experience. Then goodness became privatised.”

― Edward Bond

“Serve the dinner backward, do anything – but for goodness sake, do something weird.”

― Elsa Maxwell

“Thank goodness for me, ‘Smallville”s Lois Lane is younger, so there’s a little bit of play with the character.”

― Erica Durance

“There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“I encountered among my comrades the most varied human traits, from frankness to reserve, from goodness, uprightness and kindness, to brutality and baseness.”

― Georg Brandes

“Mere goodness can achieve little against the power of nature.”

― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

“He has a number of curious facts in illustration of the power of mere goodness to protect against outrage.”

― George Combe

“I don’t disagree with seeing a Rubens of a nude body, but I don’t believe in a nude body in action. With Rubens, thank goodness, they aren’t in action.”

― Ginger Rogers

“I’m Gordon Ramsay, for goodness sake: people know I’m volatile.”

― Gordon Ramsay

“I’ve never had any desire to be good. I don’t like goodness particularly.”

― Hanif Kureishi

“Goodness means the highest degree of popularity.”

― Heinrich Mann

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“There is sorrow in the world, but goodness too; and goodness that is not greenness, either, no more than sorrow is.”

― Herman Melville

“Oh my goodness – Zac Efron has great abs.”

― Iskra Lawrence

“There are very few misanthropes, thank goodness!”

― Ivor Novello

“Goodness, I know nothing about nuclear energy.”

― James Dyson

“Plato stands for the union of truth and goodness in the supreme idea of God.”

― James Mark Baldwin

“I wasn’t delusional at all when I signed on to do ‘Furious 7,’ that it wasn’t my creation. It’s the seventh movie in a series, for goodness sake!”

― James Wan

“I was nearly 40 when I started. I had no fear that I wasn’t going to write. I knew it was just delayed. Then, my goodness, I never stopped.”

― Jane Gardam

“How many precious things do we not already possess which others have not – have hardly an idea of! Let us enjoy these, then, and bless God that we are permitted to enjoy them, rather than importune His goodness with vain longings for more.”

― Jane Welsh Carlyle

“My great-grandfather and his two brothers fought at Gettysburg. They were in artillery, and they survived the war, thank goodness. So I revere what they did. I think their motivations were honorable when they undertook the war and participated in it along with other Southerners.”

― Jimmy Carter

“Goodness knows, I tried. But I think it’s virtually impossible for the right kind of man to be married to a movie star.”

― Joan Fontaine

“Oh, my goodness, when we came to the farm in 1961, I mean, it wouldn’t even support one salary.”

― Joel Salatin

“Schultz is not a Nazi. I see Schultz as the representative of some kind of goodness in any generation.”

― John Banner

“Our goodness comes solely from thinking on goodness; our wickedness from thinking on wickedness. We too are the victims of our own contemplation.”

― John Jay Chapman

“Childhood ought to have at least a few entitlements that aren’t entangled with utilitarian considerations. One of them should be the right to a degree of unencumbered satisfaction in the sheer delight and goodness of existence in itself.”

― Jonathan Kozol

“We are here to add to the sum of human goodness. To prove the thing exists.”

― Josephine Hart

“I value niceness. But now, as a grown person, I value goodness above that. Because niceness doesn’t change anything, and goodness changes things.”

― Josh Gondelman

“I would never describe Charlotte as a prude – maybe at the start, but that was in comparison to the other girls. She wasn’t willing to do the stuff they were doing – and I mean, thank goodness!”

― Kristin Davis

“Thank goodness I’ve saved my money.”

― Kyle Chandler

“Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness. Thus goodness is attained. Be honest to those who are honest, and be also honest to those who are not honest. Thus honesty is attained.”

― Lao Tzu

“The higher the sun ariseth, the less shadow doth he cast; even so the greater is the goodness, the less doth it covet praise; yet cannot avoid its rewards in honours.”

― Lao Tzu

“You have to keep a feeling of goodness in your exteriors.”

― Leandra Medine

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”

― Leo Tolstoy

“For some years I deserted religion in favour of Marxism. The republic of goodness seemed more attainable than the Kingdom of God.”

― Lionel Blue

“I believe firmly that it was the Almighty’s goodness, to check my consummate vanity.”

― Lord Mountbatten

“Its goodness is a decision for the mouth to make.”

― Lu Yu

“We’re all basically made of the same stuff: generosity and selfishness, goodness and greed.”

― Madeleine M. Kunin

“I still get excited by working with big names. You have that initial moment of, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m going to work with Tom Cruise!’”

― Malin Akerman

“In the middle of everything evil, in an evil place, you can find goodness. Goodness. I’d even call it godliness.”

― Marcus Luttrell

“Suddenly I turned 65 and realized, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m old.’ I think it was when I got into the movie theatres cheaper.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“I don’t need the fillers, additives, excessive amounts of sugars, fats, salts and other measures taken to taint the natural goodness of real food.”

― Mark Hyman

“I still believe in the nonviolent Jesus and the basic human goodness present in all of us.”

― Martin Sheen

“Goodness makes greatness truly valuable, and greatness makes goodness much more serviceable.”

― Matthew Henry

“An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.”

― Maurice Maeterlinck

“It is not from reason that justice springs, but goodness is born of wisdom.”

― Maurice Maeterlinck

“Above all, it is not decency or goodness of gentleness that impresses the Middle East, but strength.”

― Meir Kahane

“The chief beginning of evil is goodness in excess.”

― Menander

“Confidence in the goodness of another is good proof of one’s own goodness.”

― Michel de Montaigne

“I do think that, at one time, being an actress was the equivalent almost of being a prostitute. It garnered roughly the same respect. That’s changed a lot, thank goodness.”

― Michelle Pfeiffer

“How goodness heightens beauty!”

― Milan Kundera

“True human goodness, in all its purity and freedom, can come to the fore only when its recipient has no power.”

― Milan Kundera

“Christmas is a stocking stuffed with sugary goodness.”

― Mo Rocca

“International regimes, international treaties, international norms are observed not because of the goodness of anybody but because they bring benefits. If they don’t, then the longevity of those agreements come into jeopardy.”

― Mohammad Javad Zarif

“Technical things are getting more mechanical. Take ‘Swan Lake,’ the Black Swan pas de deux. Now, my goodness, they’re turning not just 32 fouettes – but double or triple pirouettes.”

― Natalia Makarova

“Blending consensus historical events and personages with imaginary occult forces is a strong recipe for counterfactual storytelling goodness that combines the best of two worlds: resonant history with wild-eyed fantasy.”

― Paul Di Filippo

“I was brought up a Catholic, so I suppose I have to believe in the goodness of human beings. I think we’re not so bad after all.”

― Pauline Collins

“There’s always something going on, but thank goodness these days it’s with a clear head, which helps me massively.”

― Phil Anselmo

“For goodness’ sakes, back in 2006, when we were about to lose the battle in Iraq, thank goodness our patriots fought in the Anbar province and Fallujah and turned that thing around.”

― Phil Gingrey

“Wisdom has its root in goodness, not goodness its root in wisdom.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Goodness is uneventful. It does not flash, it glows.”

― Ray Stannard Baker

“Goodness, armed with power, is corrupted; and pure love without power is destroyed.”

― Reinhold Niebuhr

“Well, our concern has to do with the period prior to 9/11, up to and including the catastrophe that occurred. And thank goodness, we’re not obliged to make assessments of what’s going on now and deal with these current events.”

― Richard Ben-Veniste

“I’m not getting to heaven on my integrity. I’m not getting to heaven on my goodness.”

― Rick Warren

“When I was in my teens and into my early 20s, I had acne. I used to get those big purple jobs, but not a lot of them, thank goodness, because you really couldn’t see them in the films that I did.”

― Rita Moreno

“How beautiful it is to excel, and the goodness of giving from your heart.”

― Robert Mondavi

“What happens in a fantasy can be more involving than what happens in life, and thank goodness for that.”

― Roger Ebert

“Any actress – goodness, we’re lucky to be working. We all know that. There are few parts, a few good ones.”

― Rosamund Pike

“I believe that we have to come together, and we have to rely on the goodness of each other.”

― Ruby Bridges

“I seem to have fallen for women with missing parents. Goodness knows what it signifies.”

― Salman Rushdie

“Men should not try to overstrain their goodness more than any other faculty, bodily or mental.”

― Samuel Butler

“There is no true gracefulness which is not epitomized goodness.”

― Samuel Butler

“Greatness and goodness are not means, but ends.”

― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“Is raising boys different from raising girls? Oh my goodness, yes! It’s a different species, and I love them for that.”

― Sandi Toksvig

“When we created ‘Goodness Gracious Me,’ it was quoting ‘Python’ and Woody Allen lines that really bonded the writers, and the ‘Spamalot’ material is so utterly, wonderfully surreal that it hasn’t dated.”

― Sanjeev Bhaskar

“Everybody knows who Reba is. She has one name, for goodness sakes! There’s only, like, six people in the world that have one name.”

― Sara Rue

“Gone are the days when heroes are emotionally locked away from the world until the end of the book, and thank goodness for that. Modern romance heroes are more complex than ever.”

― Sarah MacLean

“I’m not interested in a character’s goodness. I’m interested in what makes them human.”

― Sarah Paulson

“Goodness is achieved not in a vacuum, but in the company of other men, attended by love.”

― Saul Bellow

“I temporarily lost my hope in love, and it was temporary, thank goodness.”

― Shania Twain

“People have goodness in their hearts.”

― Sonny Bill Williams

“I love listening to things like those wonderful piano pieces of Stockhausen. It’s just not my thing as a composer or performer, and thank goodness we’re not obliged to be Modernist any more.”

― Stephen Hough

“It’s better to be good than evil, but one achieves goodness at a terrific cost.”

― Stephen King

“Hurricane Irene’s advance coverage was heavy on worst-case scenarios. Thank goodness they didn’t pan out.”

― Steve Rushin

“You just couldn’t be in George Romney’s presence without some of his goodness and integrity wearing off on you.”

― Tagg Romney

“For Aristotle, goodness is a kind of prospering in the precarious affair of being human.”

― Terry Eagleton

“Our surest protection against assault from abroad has been not all our guards, gates and guns, or even our two oceans, but our essential goodness as a people. Our richest asset has been not our material wealth but our values.”

― Theodore C. Sorensen

“I think it’s straight men who are oblivious to goodness or badness to dates. That’s probably unfair. Maybe they just don’t complain as much.”

― Theresa Rebeck

“Secrecy is the element of all goodness; even virtue, even beauty is mysterious.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“To be frank, I suspect that today there is little respect for Christianity as source of moral teaching about goodness.”

― Timothy Radcliffe

“I just wanted to say that there is so much goodness in the world. We keep looking at the terrible and diabolical things when we open newspapers.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“I want people to come away from my book with questions. Questions about virtue and goodness. Not answers.”

― Veronica Roth

“Thank goodness I started getting movie roles and then television shows came along. So I was very fortunate to be able to do all three and I like all of them.”

― Victor Garber

“Well, for us, in history where goodness is a rare pearl, he who was good almost takes precedence over he who was great.”

― Victor Hugo

“Football players have some bodies! Oh my goodness!”

― Vivica A. Fox

“The goodness of a thing created is the perfection of its fitness for the use which it serves. Now that use is either particular or universal.”

― William Ames

“Wisdom and goodness are twin-born, one heart must hold both sisters, never seen apart.”

― William Dean Howells

“God seeth different abilities and frailties of men, which may move His goodness to be merciful to their different improvements in virtue.”

― William Law

“Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.”

― William Shakespeare

“Thank goodness we don’t live in medieval times, when people fought wars over ideas.”

― Wojciech Jaruzelski

“Human nature is evil, and goodness is caused by intentional activity.”

― Xun Kuang

“I congratulate you, my fellow-citizens, upon the high state of prosperity to which the goodness of Divine Providence has conducted our common country.”

― Zachary Taylor
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