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“There’s humor in everything. There’s gotta be humor in everything.”

― Amy Sedaris

“Online, offline, it’s gotta be the same.”

― Angela Ahrendts

“For actors, you’ve gotta sometimes fill in your backstory.”

― Anna Gunn

“I’ve gotta stick to my roots, and my roots are blues.”

― Barbara Lynn

“You gotta be able to change worlds.”

― Courtney Love

“Ya gotta think positive.”

― Craig Sager

“I’m not mainstream. You gotta find me.”

― Dawn Richard

“You gotta have fun.”

― Derek Jeter

“You gotta have swine to show you where the truffles are.”

― Edward Albee

“You’ve gotta go for it, and go for it with gusto.”

― Elizabeth Mitchell

“You gotta have a gimmick.”

― Ethel Merman

“We’ve gotta guarantee all of our kids an education.”

― Geoffrey Canada

“My favorite on ’36 Chambers’ gotta be between ‘Method Man’ and ‘Can It Be All So Simple.’”

― Ghostface Killah

“You gotta be able to adapt.”

― Gunna

“I’m a big fan of all styles, even Biggie and Wu-Tang, but I gotta do my thing.”

― Ice T

“You gotta have a body.”

― Jayne Mansfield

“I’m not real impressed with the Star Trek weaponry, I gotta be honest.”

― Jeri Ryan

“To be a comedian, you gotta jokesmith, there’s no way around it.”

― John Leguizamo

“You gotta floss!”

― Jonathan Van Ness

“It’s not just about casting female protagonists. It’s gotta be across the board throughout the industry.”

― Kathleen Kennedy

“You gotta be versatile, man.”

― Kaytranada

“I gotta lot of Black Irish in me.”

― Kevin Dillon

“NBA’s spacing’s really helped. Teams gotta really respect my jumper.”

― Kyle Kuzma

“That’s gotta be the one remaining constant – jeans have gotta be tight, baby.”

― Luke Bryan

“I gotta respect our sport, my division, and the guys that are fighting in it. That’s what I gotta do.”

― Max Holloway

“I never wanna settle; I never wanna be complacent – I gotta outwork everybody.”

― Poo Bear

“When you’re as plain as I am, you’ve gotta have a gimmick.”

― Ralph Hall

“To be the man, you gotta beat the man!”

― Ric Flair

“You gotta have a pocket square, I think.”

― Ric Flair

“You gotta be very positive. It helps. It really does.”

― Rico Nasty

“I gotta get a truck.”

― Scotty McCreery

“You gotta keep the funny intact.”

― Seth MacFarlane

“You gotta make the movie you want to make.”

― Stanley Tucci

“Lunch? You gotta be kidding. Lunch is for wimps.”

― Stanley Weiser

“Gotta watch out for directors.”

― Stephen Sondheim

“There’ll never be a ‘Rocky IV.’ You gotta call a halt.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“I ad lib. I’ve gotta bring my own into it.”

― Terrence Howard

“I am not much on down-time. I’m ADHD, and I gotta be moving.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“You gotta mature, you know.”

― The Notorious B.I.G.

“In this business, you gotta hustle.”

― Tiny Tim

“I replaced Walsh, I replaced Blackmore, now I just gotta be me.”

― Tommy Bolin

“You gotta be great – you have one life.”

― Trevor Jackson

“I gotta say, I’m a huge Chris Stapleton fan.”

― Trisha Yearwood

“I love my fashion, so I gotta have my outfits.”

― Zendaya
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