Top 5 Grace Abbott Quotes of 2020

Know The Life Of Grace Abbott

Grace Abbott was an American social worker, she was born on November 17th, 1878 in Green Island, Nebraska. She worked in America for improving the rights of immigrants and also for child welfare. Before starting her career as a social worker Grace was employed as a high school teacher in her hometown. Later in 1907, she moved to Chicago where she started working as a social worker.

Grace Abbott quotes
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Abbott’s Works And Achievements 

  • Grace served several committees and organizations for the cause of child welfare, which included the Immigrants’ Protective League Child Labor Division of the U.S. Bureau and was also a member of the Women’s Trade Union League in 1911, also she co-founded the Joint Committee for Vocational Training with Sophonisba Breckenridge and Edith Abbott, her elder sister. 
  • Later in 1917, she was appointed as the director of the child labor division of U.S. Bureau, she was responsible for inserting different important clauses in the law related to the war-goods contract between the federal government and the private industries, she further served as the director till 1919. 
  • She worked very hard to pass the constitutional amendment against child labor in 1924 also she investigated children’s rights violations in various factories and shipbuilding plants.

She was associated with the Social Security Administration from 1934 until her death in 1939. Grace Abbott helped draft the Social Security Act and chaired in several government committees related to child welfare and social issues.

Best Grace Abbott Quotations List

“Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.”

― Grace Abbott

“I stand on the sidewalk watching it because the responsibility is mine and I must, I take a very firm hold on the handles of the baby carriage and I wheel it into the traffic.”

― Grace Abbott

“The first and continuing argument for the curtailment of working hours and the raising of the minimum age was that education was necessary in a democracy and working children could not attend school.”

― Grace Abbott

“Sometimes when I get home at night in Washington I feel as though I had been in a great traffic jam.”

― Grace Abbott

“The jam is moving toward the Capitol where Congress sits in judgment on all the administrative agencies of Government.”

― Grace Abbott
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