Top 3 Grace Darling Quotes of 2020

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Grace Darling: Hewas born on 24 November 1815 at her grandfather’s home in Northumberland.  

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Lighthouse: In the early hours of the 7th September 1838, Grace, looking out from an upstairs window of the Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne Islands  

Farne Islands:  William Darling was a lighthouse keeper and Grace grew up on the Farne Islands, first at Brownsman Island and, later, Longstone Rock.  

Lighthouse Keeper: British lighthouse keeper Grace Horsley Darling was an English lighthouse keeper’s daughter.

British: died Oct. 20, 1842, Bamburgh), British heroine who became famous for her participation in the rescue of shipwreck survivors.

Grace Darling Quotes

“Inflated descriptions by the pen or exaggerated illustrations by the pencil.”― Grace Darling

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“The cries of the sufferers on the remaining part of the wreck were heard during the night.”― Grace Darling

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“I have seven apartments in the house to keep in a state fit to be inspected every day by Gentlemen.”― Grace Darling

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