Top 21 Grammar Quotes

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“Nearly all monster stories depend for their success on Jack killing the Giant, Beowulf or St. George slaying the Dragon, Harry Potter triumphing over the basilisk. That is their inner grammar, and the whole shape of the story leads towards it.”

― A. N. Wilson

“In seventh and eighth grade, grammar and vocabulary were not my favorite subjects.”

― Aaron Lazar

“Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.”

― E. B. White

“I really like grammar. And spelling. I was a spelling-bee kid. I’m hard-core about grammar.”

― Emma Stone

“In general, the philological movement opened up countless sources relevant to linguistic issues, treating them in quite a different spirit from traditional grammar; for instance, the study of inscriptions and their language. But not yet in the spirit of linguistics.”

― Ferdinand de Saussure

“Henceforth, language studies were no longer directed merely towards correcting grammar.”

― Ferdinand de Saussure

“Greek was very much a live language, and a language still unconscious of grammar, not, like ours, dominated by definitions and trained upon dictionaries.”

― Gilbert Murray

“The Qaddafis, father and sons, speak the grammar of dictatorship: threats and bribery.”

― Hisham Matar

“Arguments over grammar and style are often as fierce as those over IBM versus Mac, and as fruitless as Coke versus Pepsi and boxers versus briefs.”

― Jack Lynch

“I went to the local schools, the local state primary school, and then to the local grammar school. A secondary school, which technically was an independent school, it was not part of the state educational system.”

― John Hume

“Statistics is the grammar of science.”

― Karl Pearson

“Anarchy is as detestable in grammar as it is in society.”

― Maurice Druon

“I write in the most distressingly slow way in terms of punctuation and grammar.”

― Maurice Saatchi

“Grammar, which knows how to control even kings.”

― Moliere

“Maybe this will be the beginning of a trend? Flat taxes, cutting foreign aid, a referendum on Europe, grammar schools. Who knows?”

― Nigel Farage

“It’s perfectly obvious that there is some genetic factor that distinguishes humans from other animals and that it is language-specific. The theory of that genetic component, whatever it turns out to be, is what is called universal grammar.”

― Noam Chomsky

“Social criticism begins with grammar and the re-establishing of meanings.”

― Octavio Paz

“At age 11 in 1960, I moved to an academic state secondary school, Harrow County Grammar School for Boys.”

― Paul Nurse

“His eyes so dim, so wasted each limb, that, heedless of grammar, they all cried, that’s him!”

― Richard Harris Barham

“What I mind in modern society very much is the awful lack of grammar.”

― Ruth Rendell

“Grammar schools are public schools without the sodomy.”

― Tony Parsons
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