Top 17 Guitarist Quotes

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“I really consider myself more of a rhythm guitarist than a soloist.”

― Alex Lifeson

“Eric Clapton is my dream guitarist.”

― Carole King

“I trained as a classical guitarist but that was it.”

― Colin Greenwood

“I’m not a great guitarist, and I’m not a great singer.”

― Daniel Levitin

“I was not a great guitarist, so I sold my 1960 Fender Stratocaster in exchange for a Shure Microphone, made in Chicago, and a flute.”

― Ian Anderson

“Certainly, as a guitarist, I was aware of descending chromatic lines and arpeggios long before 1968.”

― Jimmy Page

“I started out as a guitarist in the early ’80s.”

― Johnny Depp

“I’ve been invited to do a trio with a fantastic jazz guitarist and a harmonica player.”

― Karen Black

“Richie Kotzen is such an unbelievable talent as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter.”

― Mike Portnoy

“The pianist Cecil Taylor is extremely melodic; the guitarist Derek Bailey is extremely melodic, and Ornette Coleman.”

― Pat Metheny

“Frederico Pena is an amazing talented guitarist and producer.”

― Raheem DeVaughn

“I would say I am an amateur guitarist.”

― Rain Phoenix

“I’d rather be known as a songwriter than a guitarist, although I love to play the guitar.”

― Rick Nielsen

“I don’t see myself as such an important guitarist.”

― Ritchie Blackmore

“If I could sing, I wouldn’t be a guitarist.”

― Robin Trower

“I’m more of a strumming guitarist, instead of a lead soloist guitarist.”

― Stark Sands

“I’m not a ‘guitarist.’ I’m trying to be a bassist.”

― Thomas Brodie-Sangster
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