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Martin:  Very quickly, Guy Martin starts his career at Relais & Chteaux. Guy Martin is an artist at the Grand Vfour Guy Martin has inherited his love for gastronomy from his family.  

North: Martin continued to race on the English scene and he regained his Cock o’ the North title at the Scarborough circuit  

Ireland: he always said that he believed he passed a test while working in Northern Ireland and received a license he believed was genuine.

Suzuki:  Martin was lucky to escape injury while competing in the superbike race and was battling for the lead of the race on a Suzuki XR69 with Jamie Coward,. 

Legion:  he is remembered by legions of road racing fans as the rider who ended up on telly. (

Guy Martin Quotes List

“People who race bikes don’t talk about crashes. They keep going.”― Guy Martin

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“I’ll always give it my all, and to be with a quality manufacturer like BMW is mega.”― Guy Martin

“Speed and danger don’t always go together, but it’s proper fun when they do.”― Guy Martin

“Going back because it’s what I did and I was sort of all right at it is not a good reason to race the TT.”― Guy Martin

“I get home from work at six or seven. When I’m busy, I set my alarm for three, get out of bed at quarter past three. I have a cup of tea and read a magazine and take the dogs for a walk up the lane. Go through my text messages and reply to anything that needs it, then get my biking gear on ready to cycle to work.”― Guy Martin

“I feel that I’m in good company behind the wheel of the Williams FW08C. It was the first F1 car to be driven by the great Ayrton Senna, and it won the 1983 Monaco Grand Prix.”― Guy Martin

“If you were to be put off by every little problem life throws at you, you’d get nowt done.”― Guy Martin

“It’s bred in me that I only see real work as getting stuck in and getting your hands dirty.”― Guy Martin

“When I crash during a race and injure myself, what’s the point in whinging? Because I put myself in that position. No one’s making me race motorbikes – I want to go and race motorbikes. The most annoying thing for me is lying in hospital and not being able to get to work. I get beside myself.”― Guy Martin

“The TT taxes your mind.”― Guy Martin

“I fit a lot into my days.”― Guy Martin

“If you get beaten, and you know that you tried your hardest and kept your focus, then that’s all you can do.”― Guy Martin

“I’m a great believer in setting myself goals, and I like to think that, once I’ve a goal to aim for, I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it.”― Guy Martin

“I’m a bit embarrassed about how little I know about the First World War. I didn’t even know that tanks were used in it.”― Guy Martin

“I work nights on a farm in the summer when harvest starts. I work on a civil engineering site down the Humber Docks where all the refineries are. So that’s my day job from seven to four. And then I build engines at night.”― Guy Martin

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“People deal with the concentration needed to do well in a two-hour race in different ways.”― Guy Martin

“I can’t stop biting off more than I can chew.”― Guy Martin

“I’d never be disrespectful to road racing. The sport was good to me.”― Guy Martin

“I remember, my first season was 1999, and I must have crashed about 13 times in that first year. But then, in the second season, you crash about half as much and then, in the third year, even less again.”― Guy Martin

“For my first race, when I was 19, I’d bought a 600cc bike. And that was far too big for me, really. I shouldn’t have really had something like that. But anyway, I went and raced, and I crashed. In my very first race! But I never gave in. I kept going back and back and back.”― Guy Martin

“The most common way to crash coming out of a corner is to highside – which is where you accelerate out of the corner, and the rear loses grip, then suddenly finds grip and chucks you off the bike.”― Guy Martin

“TV’s not really a job, is it?”― Guy Martin

“TV people are great folks, but if I said, ‘Come and film a beetroot-jar-opening competition,’ they would.”― Guy Martin

“I don’t go out. I work, go racing, then go to my shed and make things.”― Guy Martin

“I like talking but on my terms. I don’t like people talking to me, but I like talking to people.”― Guy Martin

“Speed on its own isn’t always so exciting. On a racing motorbike, I can do over 180 mph, which is fast, but not as fast as the airliners that we all climb aboard to fly off on holiday. Modern passenger jets can cruise at between 500 and 600 mph, but sitting in an aeroplane like that for hours on end isn’t very exciting, is it?”― Guy Martin

“Racing’s been good to me, but I’m bored of it.”― Guy Martin

“There’s a line you have when you’re racing, and you can ride up to that line. If you push beyond it, you might crash. But first is first, second is forgotten. That’s what we say.”― Guy Martin

“I want to win, whatever it takes.”― Guy Martin

“A few people have said my granddad looks like me, but I reckon he’s far better looking.”― Guy Martin

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“Dentists, doctors, surveyors from Latvia wanted to come to England, do anything to get away from the Soviet regime.”― Guy Martin

“Road racing has given me a good life, and I’m not being cocky, but I’ve brought something to racing, too.”― Guy Martin

“The only thing I keep from the races I’ve won are the handle bar grips from the bike, the rubber bits.”― Guy Martin

“What I really took in in India was that people – even in the slums – were happy with what they’d got. That’s something we’re not good at in the Western world.”― Guy Martin

“I’m not a materialistic person at all, but I always want the next thing; I’ve got a nice toolbox, but I still want another set of spanners.”― Guy Martin

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“I was born in Grimsby and always lived around there, but it’s died a death because of the loss of the fishing industry.”― Guy Martin

“They don’t call it the Wall of Death for nothing. The biggest risk is crashing off the top. That’s when it gets really messy.”― Guy Martin

“I do all that TV stuff, and it’s not real work.”― Guy Martin

“If I’d done ‘Top Gear,’ I would have had to have left my job, and I’ve got the best job in the world. To do ‘Top Gear’ and do it properly would mean leaving work, and I can’t. I don’t want to leave work.”― Guy Martin

“I don’t see coming down to London and talking to people and making TV shows as real work. The only reason I do it is because they keep coming up with decent ideas.”― Guy Martin

“Some riders believe in all the hype at the TT; have a successful week, give up work then go and buy motorhomes and cars. I like to get back to normal afterwards and go to work.”― Guy Martin

“I’ve always had a proper job. I don’t know anything else.”― Guy Martin

“My idea of splashing out would be buying a new spanner. I’ve got about 300 – you can’t have too many in my opinion.”― Guy Martin

“My back is full of metal; so are my hands and legs. I’ll have to decide who will get all that in my will. It’s probably worth a fortune in scrap metal. But it doesn’t affect my movement.”― Guy Martin

“I’m the luckiest man alive.”― Guy Martin

“In my normal life, I am a private person doing a proper job.”― Guy Martin

“I enjoy working on anything mechanical.”― Guy Martin

“Building the machine for ‘Speed’ was fun, as was working on the ‘Spitfire’ programme. They are programmes I enjoyed being on, but they are not my job.”― Guy Martin

“There’s no more expensive sport than racing bloody motorbikes.”― Guy Martin

“I race pushbikes more than I race motorbikes, but it’s not the same.”― Guy Martin

“I know what a pound is, and I earn my £12 an hour, and that’s great.”― Guy Martin

“I don’t go to racers’ funerals.”― Guy Martin

“Not everybody would choose to be a firefighter or an ambulance driver. Not everyone wants to see the nasty bits of life.”― Guy Martin

“We all buy our meat wrapped in plastic because we don’t like to think about the animal that died.”― Guy Martin

“I was working for Martin Finnegan. He was my best mate in racing. I went to his wedding in November 2007. No-one else from the racing world was invited apart from me and my girlfriend. The funeral was the following May.”― Guy Martin

“You can’t argue with physics, mate.”― Guy Martin

“Pike’s Peak was the single best thing I’ve ever done in motorbiking.”― Guy Martin

“The idea for the ‘Speed’ series was to break the record for the fastest push bike.”― Guy Martin

“I’ve had sideburns since I was 16, but back then, a gust of wind would have blown them off.”― Guy Martin

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“I like films, but I can’t sit still for very long.”― Guy Martin

“As far as I am concerned, the Ulster Grand Prix is my favourite race.”― Guy Martin

“I like the Mid Antrim circuit, and if anyone were to ask me to show them a typical Irish road surface, I would take them to the Mid Antrim. It is awesome.”― Guy Martin

“I love Scarborough. I think I have more wins there than anyone else.”― Guy Martin

“I’ve been put under 8.5G in a stunt aeroplane. I felt all right. Well, I lost my vision, but I was still conscious.”― Guy Martin

“I’ve never lived like a bloody rock star or anything.”― Guy Martin

“I’ve got my own TV stuff on the go, and it’s all a bit oddball – it’s one-offs, and I can do what, when, and how I want it, really. I don’t have any scripts or people telling me to do stuff twice.”― Guy Martin

“I’m not into these mollycoddled sorts of things; I like a bit of danger. I haven’t got a death wish, but it makes things exciting, doesn’t it?”― Guy Martin

“I’ve had my eyes opened to so many things. But still, all I really want to do is my truck job. It’s like an ingrained, default setting.”― Guy Martin

“I’m not an idiot. Everything is calculated that I do.”― Guy Martin

“I have a night job driving tractors on biomass farms.”― Guy Martin

“When TV companies stop coming up with ideas, and I’ve got to go and do ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ I don’t want that to happen.”― Guy Martin

“I can sleep on a bloody washing line if I want to.”― Guy Martin

“I like being in control of my own destiny, really.”― Guy Martin

“I’m not an ungrateful person.”― Guy Martin

“I should be paid to be a spokesman for Ford Transit.”― Guy Martin

“When you dead, you dead.”― Guy Martin

“I’m not much of a chef, so people keep buying me cookery books to broaden my culinary horizons, but I’ve not got far past shepherd’s pie yet.”― Guy Martin

“When I was little, I would open up lawnmowers and try to make them go faster. I wasn’t strong enough to do some things, so I’d wait for my dad to get home from work to help me. He was great, but he never really encouraged me, and I’ll be the same if I have kids: I’ll leave them to do their own thing.”― Guy Martin

“I’m fascinated by the whole communist thing. No one has a lot, but everyone is the same. I like that way of living.”― Guy Martin

“I’m big into the Stone Roses.”― Guy Martin

“Television opens up some bloody great doors. That’s the plus. The minus is the attention it brings.”― Guy Martin

“I don’t want to be famous.”― Guy Martin

“I broke five vertebrae, and they had to rod my spine because I broke my sternum, too.”― Guy Martin

“Short-circuit racing is full of health and safety, but the reason I ride a motorbike is because of the danger, and there is no place more dangerous than the TT.”― Guy Martin

“I like pushing myself.”― Guy Martin

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“Life is all about setting yourself goals and then achieving them.”― Guy Martin

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