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Best 05 Tips To Handle Negative Comments Online?

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No matter what you do for the community, there are some toxic people who have nothing to do and all they can is to blame others and leave negative comments everywhere.

They don’t know how to appreciate some great jobs by others. Sometimes, your competitors can pay them to spread bad stuff about it. Trust me, it happens. This world is weird, you know!

So, what if you get any negative comments on your Facebook page, groups, twitter comments or in the Instagram feed? Of someone leaves negative stuff on your YouTube video or website/blog?

Here are my five tips to deal with the negative comments perfectly so that you feel happier than before.

01- Does This Matter?

You know who you are. You know how much you care about your assets and others around you. You know better how much you are contributing to the community and society. A negative comment can’t change you or your thoughts or cares about the community. Anybody can comment. It doesn’t matter because you are too big to not to think about it again.

02- Confront this!

Reply to that negative comment brilliantly. Let the negative people face you as well. Ask them questions like – “Well, what do you think I could do”? Or ask – “How to improve myself”? I mean, ask a question to that commenter. This will ease you and things can be better if you get a constructive reply.

03- Apply The Intent

You got hurt. I know. But what if you take the whole negative stuff simply as your responsibility and move forward with some plan of actions; what could be better than this? Just push yourself and do something some great stuff that completely shuts those people off. So, negativity is not bad all the time. Sometimes, you will find courages in those na-na scenarios and I see, things get better and better after this as you feel like to do more and work more like a stubborn.

04- Move Away

You are definitely better than the comment in every aspect of life or phases. So, why are giving him/her too much attention? Just leave them what they are doing and you keep busy on what you are doing. Simple! Craps shouldn’t get that much attention from you.

05 – Focus on You, Always

As a human, we usually get distracted by social media and people around us. We care more about other people instead of us. And that is why – we get offended often. Let us care more about us and believe us and trust what we know and how we are. This is what we are! So, it doesn’t really matter what other people think we are. Their comments or anything doesn’t bother us as we only care about what we think and how we would like to move ahead. It’s only me. It’s only you. Talking is free and people can talk about them and us on anywhere. And You and I don’t have the time to focus on them as we only have the time to focus on our tasks, deeds and ourselves, only!

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