Top 205 Hanging Quotes

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“Luck consists largely of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way.”

― Aaron Allston

“’Entourage’ was a show that existed around wish-fulfillment. People watched it because they wanted to believe they could go on private jets and be hanging out in Hollywood, but as a show, comedically, it was not funny. Not a funny show. It’s funny, ironically, because of how terrible it is.”

― Adam Pally

“I love hanging out with skilled and motivated people.”

― Alan Mulally

“A hangboard is a little piece of wood with edges, holes, and slopes. There’s different strategies for different things – hanging, varying grips, adding weight. If I do a hard finger workout, I’m definitely sore.”

― Alex Honnold

“Climbing, for me, is all about solving the magnitude of the problem. The best projects are the ones with big question marks hanging over them.”

― Alex Lowe

“When you start hanging out with Jennifer Lopez and Bill Clinton, you can’t expect to remain an everyday person.”

― Alfonso Soriano

“Nothing is hanging on my walls.”

― Alice Ripley

“At some point I was hanging around with the Butchies – a band I ended up playing with a lot – and it just brought out this thing in me… and it felt very different from the Indigo Girls.”

― Amy Ray

“In tribal Botswana, I received some woven necklaces and a handmade bow with three poison arrows. It’s framed and hanging on the wall in my living room and is, without a doubt, one of my favorite possessions.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“You can get the true essence of New Yorkers by just hanging out in Central Park.”

― Andy Roddick

“I’m a tomboy naturally; I grew up hanging up with boys.”

― Annabelle Wallis

“I love hanging out with friends and family.”

― Ashley Wagner

“It’s great, I guess, when your paintings are hanging up in a museum.”

― Banksy

“When I was 16, I had a really big hit in the K-pop world. It was a hip-hop/R&B/pop song. I kinda strayed from that because of the writers I was hanging out with.”

― Bebe Rexha

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved hanging out with females.”

― Ben Falcone

“I’ve been going bald since I was about 17. I’m still hanging on to my hair for dear life, but I do sometimes wonder – should I get a wig?”

― Ben Miller

“I just like hanging out, really. I’m not too hard to please.”

― Ben Simmons

“I don’t party. I’m a total homebody. I like hanging out with my cat, and I’ve actually been known to stay home and knit.”

― Bethany Joy Lenz

“My idea of a beach holiday is going to New York for two weeks, just going and hanging out.”

― Bill Condon

“You never get fans hanging out on movie sets. It just never happens.”

― Billy Burke

“My fans are the best; I love hanging with them.”

― Blake Shelton

“If you’re hanging around with nothing to do and the zoo is closed, come over to the Senate. You’ll get the same kind of feeling and you won’t have to pay.”

― Bob Dole

“I wasn’t really living anywhere… I was just kinda hanging out. I would live from week to week in places.”

― Bob Livingston

“For ‘King Cole’s American Salvage,’ I rode around in the wrecker with a local driver and watched him deal with customers and hook up the cars. I watched the guy who tore apart the cars in the junkyard. I also wrote poems about those guys. I loved hanging around the yard.”

― Bonnie Jo Campbell

“Hanging out with politicians and corporations is very unhip work. But I think that the U2 audience have turned out to be incredibly subtle in their understanding.”

― Bono

“I don’t watch ‘American Idol’ – that’d be like getting divorced from somebody and then hanging out with them.”

― Brian Dunkleman

“When you have a situation where you’re hanging out with 20 or 30 other artists, then there’s insane amounts of creativity in the room.”

― Brian Stelfreeze

“I love hanging out with my friends; I love to run. I box. I’m a huge movie buff.”

― Brittany Snow

“I don’t miss going to airports and hanging out in hotel rooms.”

― Bun E. Carlos

“To be in the charts and hanging around with such huge names in the industry just feels like a complete privilege! I can’t even explain how it feels – complete dream come true.”

― Calum Scott

“In my teen years, I was hanging out with adults – Steven Meisel, Francois Nars, Oribe, Paul Cavaco. We had so much fun! We’d go out in New York.”

― Christy Turlington

“I have always liked hanging out with people and talking to people.”

― Chrystia Freeland

“There’s not much in the way of written-down arrangements – just things that Gerry and I have worked out, from playing spontaneously together and hanging on to whatever seems to fall in right.”

― Chuck Mangione

“It’s fantastic that ‘Strictly’ is beating ‘The X Factor’ for many reasons – but one of the main reasons is I think it’s a fantastic piece of variety television. It is live, varied TV whereby we are really hanging ourselves out by the seam of our pants.”

― Colin Salmon

“I’m pretty focused on my career, and if it comes down to hanging out with somebody or learning my lines, it’s gonna be learning my lines.”

― Cory Monteith

“A couple of hanging glands have nothing to do with making someone a man.”

― Cynthia Nixon

“I love hanging out with kids and my husband – I love traveling with them. We can go on the most epic journeys in like five days.”

― Cynthia Rowley

“I like hanging around the set and learning how people do things, how the set runs.”

― D. B. Sweeney

“Jason Momoa became a really good friend of ours when he played Khal Drogo. We loved hanging out with Momoa, and suddenly we couldn’t bring him to Belfast anymore.”

― D. B. Weiss

“I once knew a chap who had a system of just hanging the baby on the clothes line to dry and he was greatly admired by his fellow citizens for having discovered a wonderful innovation on changing a diaper.”

― Damon Runyon

“I’m very inquisitive. I love hanging around people who can teach me. I ask a lot of questions. And I’m very introspective and self-critical.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“My role on ‘Silicon Valley’ was so small that I didn’t have a lot of influence anyway in the show. There are four guys who really write that show and run that show and then six or eight hanging out in a room kicking in a few bits.”

― Daniel Lyons

“HubSpot’s offices occupy several floors of a 19th-century furniture factory that has been transformed into the cliche of what the home of a tech startup should look like: exposed beams, frosted glass, a big atrium, modern art hanging in the lobby.”

― Daniel Lyons

“I enjoy being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and maybe snapping the neck off a couple of beers.”

― Daniel Ricciardo

“I find it a bit sad that there is no photo of me hanging on the walls in the Berlin Museum at Checkpoint Charlie.”

― David Hasselhoff

“The way you present a stunt is tied in to the way you photograph it, so you’re hanging out with the cinematographer.”

― David Leitch

“Not too many years ago, both parties acknowledged that our entitlement commitments were a sword hanging over our heads. But when President George W. Bush tried to begin discussions on Social Security reform, Democrats ridiculed and demonized him and told seniors he was after their nest eggs.”

― David Limbaugh

“I think it’s disrespectful to go onto a set without some clear idea of what your intentions are, because then you’re hanging the director out to dry.”

― David Milch

“Savannah is amazing with the town squares and the hanging moss and the French Colonial houses. It’s brutally romantic.”

― David Morrissey

“I do talk to individuals still in the business of tracking individuals in the homeland and abroad. A lot of them have felt that they were hanging on by their fingernails a bit in terms of tracking all the potential threats out there.”

― David Petraeus

“I was 15 years old at university, studying economics and philosophy, and I saw a retrospective of Australian film. They were very raw. ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock,’ ‘Gallipoli;’ they were fantastic.”

― Deborah Kara Unger

“Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin.”

― Denise McCluggage

“I did like hanging out with all the rock’n’roll boys – it was fun but all those relationships didn’t work out.”

― Denise Van Outen

“This isn’t the most handsome face in the world, and there are a lot of younger guys out there, but I keep hanging in there.”

― Dennis Farina

“Human beings are human beings. They say what they want, don’t they? They used to say it across the fence while they were hanging wash. Now they just say it on the Internet.”

― Dennis Miller

“I don’t really plan to be a pop star; I just want to be able to make music without the whole My Dad thing hanging over me, which everyone in my position goes through.”

― Dhani Harrison

“Why can’t we actually sing and get respected as good singers and songwriters without having our boobs and butt hanging out?”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“I didn’t want to be one of those ex-pros, aye hanging around. I think that’s wrong.”

― Drew Busby

“My education was the liberty I had to read indiscriminately and all the time, with my eyes hanging out.”

― Dylan Thomas

“I have nieces and nephews that I love hanging out with, and they think I’m the biggest goof on the planet.”

― Eliza Dushku

“I’m such an L.A. boy, I love hanging out by the beach and throwing some steaks on the grill.”

― Eric Balfour

“In two decades I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.”

― Erma Bombeck

“Later we learned that it was one of our own men hanging on the wire. Nobody could do anything for him; two men had already tried to save him, only to be shot themselves.”

― Ernst Toller

“I was hanging out with Jonathan Richman last night.”

― Evan Dando

“There’s something about just hanging around when it comes to success on the Internet.”

― Evan Williams

“I grew up playing about 15 instruments and the way that I was able to accomplish that was by cutting my classes, hanging out in the band room all day, and going from one instrument to the next to the next, until I learned how to play everything by ear.”

― Flavor Flav

“It is fatal for any body of workers to have forever hanging from the fringes of its skirts other bodies on a level just below its own; for that means continual pressure downward, additional difficulty to be overcome in the struggle to maintain reasonable rates of wages.”

― Florence Kelley

“Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns; he should be drawn and quoted.”

― Fred Allen

“When I first came in the game, I had a bunch of homies that rapped that was hanging around me just because I was getting the rap attention, and they felt they could feed off of that.”

― Freddie Gibbs

“Italy – I love the late-night culture, hanging around the square at midnight with everyone, catching up and having a drink.”

― Gemma Chan

“I’m a laid-back guy. I like being outdoors. I enjoy hanging out.”

― Geoff Stults

“There is no satisfaction in hanging a man who does not object to it.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“I started angel investing because I like hanging out with entrepreneurs.”

― Gil Penchina

“The problem with hanging on to the ’60s is that everyone thought they would go on forever.”

― Grace Slick

“How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn’t, like, cashing Social Security checks; he wasn’t hanging out – he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work.”

― Greg Gianforte

“My favorite subjects was science and math. But as I got older, I was hanging out cutting class, going to hooky parties.”

― Gza

“Pork was in 1971, and I stopped hanging out at The Factory by like 1973.”

― Harvey Fierstein

“I took Al Unser out on a Hobie the day before he became the first auto racer to go 200 mph around a closed-circuit track. We were only going about 18 mph, and you should have seen him hanging on for dear life.”

― Hobart Alter

“Bacon’s not the only thing that’s cured by hanging from a string.”

― Hugh Kingsmill

“The Raiders of old were vicious and crazy and cruel. Hanging around their locker room was like hanging around the weight room at Folsom Prison.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

“I always wanted to get into the horror genre. I like scary movies. I want to go to the fan shows and sign posters with my head hanging by a thread like a B-movie actress.”

― Illeana Douglas

“The kimono, haori, and girdle, and even the long hanging sleeves, have only parallel seams, and these are only tacked or basted, as the garments, when washed, are taken to pieces, and each piece, after being very slightly stiffened, is stretched upon a board to dry.”

― Isabella Bird

“I like hanging out with people.”

― Isaiah Mustafa

“I’ve got a theory with each character I play. Regardless of the actions that they do, I, as Jake, have to like these people. And I have to say, ‘I wouldn’t mind hanging out with this guy for an hour and a half.’”

― Jake Johnson

“I don’t care who you are, the pressure is on to go to the next task immediately. What happened to the days of hanging out in the hammock all afternoon?”

― James Brolin

“Some comic artists I’ve known are better than most contemporary artists with work hanging in Tate Modern.”

― Jamie Hewlett

“The people that really inspired me are the people I have now managed to become contemporaries with, like Four Tet and Floating Points. I learn so much about music just from hanging around with them.”

― Jamie xx

“I play ‘World of Warcraft,’ which means I end up hanging out with teenage boys a lot.”

― Jane Goldman

“On Mallrats, a lot of times they’d have to come find me. I’d be off hanging around. Looking around the stores, hanging out with people. So, he’d have to come find me.”

― Jason Mewes

“A small silence came between us, as precise as a picture hanging on the wall.”

― Jean Stafford

“I really enjoy just hanging out at my house since I never get to be there.”

― Jennifer Nettles

“The Ramones went through a couple different line-up changes, and Johnny and Joey held through the whole thing. So right now I’m the only one hanging in there.”

― Jerry Only

“Many museums are drawing audiences with art that is ostensibly more entertaining than stuff that just sits and invites contemplation. Interactivity, gizmos, eating, hanging out, things that make noise – all are now the norm, often edging out much else.”

― Jerry Saltz

“The only way you can get to know each other is by hanging out.”

― Jessica White

“When I came back to New York, it was such a joke because I was always referred to as the pure young poet who wasn’t in it for what he could get out of it. And all of a sudden, the pure young poet comes back… and I’m hanging out with the Rolling Stones.”

― Jim Carroll

“I grew up very fast. I was always hanging around with older kids.”

― Joe Penny

“I collect firearms, and I’ve got a Winchester, an Indian rifle. It has tacks for every warrior that was shot, like notches on a pistol, and it’s got feathers and beads hanging off it. It’s like a work of art.”

― Joe Perry

“You can’t play hockey with a bald spot, so I’m hanging up the skates.”

― Joe Sakic

“My biggest hobby is hanging out with my family and kids.”

― Joel Osteen

“Wedding is destiny, and hanging likewise.”

― John Heywood

“The things that I’ve enjoyed most are not really science fiction. They are not much fun to make because there are so many toys involved. They are fun for directors who like toys, like Ridley Scott, but they are not a lot of fun to make. A lot of hanging around, changing this and that.”

― John Hurt

“Hanging out is a waste of time. The only time I would hang out was when I was a kid, I would hang out in the streets. But once I started making records, I stopped hanging out.”

― John Mellencamp

“I had a year-round Christmas tree with nothing but colored vinyl 45s hanging on it, like, old Elvis records and stuff.”

― John Prine

“People stopped hanging out with me at the point when I stopped doing drugs. All of a sudden they didn’t wanna hang out with me anymore. And I would have hung out with them. I mean they were killing themselves, but I still would have hung out with them.”

― John Wozniak

“When I came back to California in the early ’60s I was hanging out with Jimmy Bowen, Phil Spector, and I wanted to be a record producer and work with other artists.”

― Johnny Rivers

“There’s not a platinum record hanging in my house anywhere. It doesn’t exist here. I’m over it. They’re all in the garage, wrapped up in bubblewrap.”

― Jon Bon Jovi

“It is imperative that when thousands of selfless volunteers respond to those who have incurred the wrath of a natural disaster that legal liability need not be hanging over their heads.”

― Jon Porter

“When we watch courtroom dramas, we tend to identify with the kindhearted defense attorney, but give us the power, and we become like hanging judges.”

― Jon Ronson

“I like reading, going to the gym, hanging out with my family. That’s it.”

― Jonathan Rhys Meyers

“My absolute favorite part of Comic-Con is seeing, like, a ‘Mass Effect’ guy hanging out with a ‘Sailor Moon,’ and they’re just having a great time.”

― Joss Whedon

“I like hanging out at non-showbizzy places.”

― Judah Friedlander

“If I’m hanging out with my friends or I’m working out, I’ll listen to female singer-songwriters from the ’90s because that’s where my heart lies.”

― Justin Tranter

“In Sierra Leone last year there was just the two of us hanging out of a helicopter and, when we were in Bosnia, I drove an armoured vehicle, thousands of miles.”

― Kate Adie

“I read everything by Ian McEwan, he is so elegant. I love reading anything about Shakespeare, too. He is my first love. If I had a time machine, I would be hanging out with him.”

― Kate Fleetwood

“I like to perform live like we’re all just hanging out in my living room. I’m totally casual and informal on stage.”

― Kate Voegele

“When I see my kids totally into their Legos, it brings me back to the days I was hanging out and playing with my monster models. It brings me there in a second.”

― Kirk Hammett

“I’m happiest when I’m just hanging out with my friends… it really doesn’t matter what we do.”

― Kirsten Dunst

“’Laguna Beach’ was definitely not as manufactured as ‘The Hills’ was for me. ‘Laguna Beach’ was more putting us in situations where we normally wouldn’t be in or hanging out with people we wouldn’t necessarily hang out with.”

― Kristin Cavallari

“The people you end up hanging out with are the people you become.”

― Kyle Korver

“I propose a Constitutional Amendment providing that, if any public official, elected or appointed, at any level of government, is caught lying to any member of the public for any reason, the punishment shall be death by public hanging.”

― L. Neil Smith

“I just really love having dinner parties and hanging out.”

― Lauren Ambrose

“Companies should be able to share specific threat information with the government without the prospect of lawsuits hanging over their head.”

― Leon Panetta

“I love cleaning and hanging things up!”

― LeToya Luckett

“My star will probably continue to rise, and I will start hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z and take them to a Toby Carvery.”

― Lewis Capaldi

“I’m one injury away from hanging up the racket at any time.”

― Lleyton Hewitt

“It was strange, especially because all of the projects I did when I was young, I was always the youngest on set or the only child, so I spent my formative years hanging out with 24-year-olds when I was 13.”

― Lucy Boynton

“Me and Jeffrey Wright were hanging out a lot. We go surfing a fair bit when he’s on the West Coast. He’s a legend.”

― Luke Hemsworth

“We had a court, and my brothers would play outdoors, with rims barely hanging in there.”

― Luol Deng

“I was totally romanticizing the idea of Los Angeles when the Doors, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young were hanging out there.”

― Lykke Li

“I didn’t have a lot of communication with Elvis. You had to go through a barricade to get to Elvis. It was people hanging on every word, and I felt very uncomfortable a lot of times.”

― Mac Davis

“By my definition, prayer is consciously hanging out with God. Being with God in a deliberate way.”

― Malcolm Boyd

“I like to play around a lot. I would always flirt with the girls in the office and everybody just hanging around, sweet talk.”

― Mark Henry

“Hanging out with the Trees is like hanging out with your family, and I hardly ever see my family.”

― Mark Lanegan

“When I was at school, one of my teachers had two statements hanging from the board all year: ‘Be observant’ and ‘Be empathetic.’”

― Marne Levine

“At 16, I was in Toronto and very shy and not hanging around with anyone who was intellectual in the slightest, so I didn’t really have the means to discuss what I was seeing and feeling.”

― Mary Gaitskill

“As it turns out, just hanging out around athletes doesn’t actually make one more fit.”

― Mary Pilon

“Hanging may seem barbarous, but the greater barbarity lies in the slow abandonment of our common law traditions.”

― Michael Gove

“When you launch in a rocket, you’re not really flying that rocket. You’re just sort of hanging on.”

― Michael P. Anderson

“I’ve seen a lot of pairs of guys that have been hanging out together way too long-until they’re laughing all the time.”

― Mike Judge

“I was way into Primus in high school so hanging out with him was a thrill.”

― Mike Lowry

“I’m a homebody, I’d rather be in the kitchen cooking than hanging out in a bar.”

― Milo Ventimiglia

“Personally, I, Mindy Kaling want to spend like 80 percent of my life hanging out with women.”

― Mindy Kaling

“If I told my 14-year-old self that I’d be hanging out with Keith Richards talking about records, my head would’ve exploded.”

― Morgan Neville

“I had just got back from skiing, and I was just hanging out, browsing the Internet, and I found some article that was a press release that said slope style was gonna be included in the Olympics. And the first thing I did was call up my coach Mike Hanley, and we were ecstatic.”

― Nick Goepper

“I got stood up by the letter Y, he was hanging around with his X.”

― Norah Jones

“It’s always fun to put on bell bottoms and have your butt hanging out and hip huggers.”

― Pam Grier

“Evidence can vary depending on the circumstances, the weather, and how long it has been hanging around.”

― Pat Brown

“I have three young kids and a great family. I love hanging out with them more than anything.”

― Pat Metheny

“I moved to L.A. and really didn’t dig living there until I found places like Koreatown and Little Tokyo. I really like hanging out in the grocery stores and restaurants.”

― Patrick Stump

“I make a wonderful cure-all called Four Thieves, just like my mum did. It’s cider vinegar, 36 cloves of garlic and four herbs, representing four looters of plague victims’ homes in 1665 who had their sentences reduced from burning at the stake to hanging for explaining the recipe that kept them from catching the plague.”

― Paul O’Grady

“I don’t have the luxury of just hanging out in my primary and, once I win the primary, I’m fine. I have to talk to Democrats and Republicans.”

― Pete Gallego

“In the 1950s, when I was hanging around Sullivan’s Gym and the Gramercy Gym, there were fixed fights. Mob guys like Frankie Carbo and Blinky Palermo had taken over the sport; one lightweight champion loaned his title to others at least twice; the welterweight division was a slag heap.”

― Pete Hamill

“I wasn’t hanging around the movie theaters in New York where I grew up, a Manhattan brat.”

― Peter Bart

“When I first came to London, I loved hanging around in cafes, smoking, scribbling, dreaming. It was life-affirming and fun.”

― Peter Capaldi

“What I and other YouTubers do is a very different thing; it’s almost like hanging around and watching your pal play games.”

― PewDiePie

“When I was a child, my December weekends were spent making cards, decorating the tree, hanging the wreath and preparing brandy butter and peppermint creams.”

― Pippa Middleton

“My life was on the line here and my career and everything I worked for, it was hanging by a thread.”

― Rafael Palmeiro

“I was a very outgoing guy. I loved roaming around, hanging out with friends. From class 5th, I practised and learnt martial arts for about 7-8 years and have won medals at the national level. Then I trained in dancing on stage. In class 10th, I acted in my first play, and that’s when I realised I wanted to become an actor.”

― Rajkummar Rao

“On the streets, hanging out with the fellows, there are things you learn that no book can teach you.”

― Ramon Rodriguez

“I got quite bored when I was hanging in the air. I want to do it without a parachute next.”

― Rhona Mitra

“The fashion world is much more ephemeral than the film industry and moves at a faster pace, and it’s got even more frenetic since the Nineties; more paparazzi hanging about and it seems to me there are even more fashion magazines.”

― Richard E. Grant

“It’s the only pawnshop I know that’s got real Picassos hanging on the wall. I have Salvador Dalis on the wall. I have LeRoy Neimans.”

― Rick Harrison

“I don’t want to play father roles. And I use father roles figuratively for roles that are just hanging around… don’t want to be a piece of furniture in films.”

― Rishi Kapoor

“Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.”

― Robert Frost

“Now I’m a blithering oaf hanging on to the coatsleeves of commerciality.”

― Robert Plant

“I’ve been scared and I’ve liked not hanging on to stuff where I know that I’m in my comfort zone.”

― Robert Plant

“Ambiguity around ambiguity is forgivable in an unpublished poet and expected of an arts student on the pull: for a professional comedian demoting himself to the role of ‘thinker’, with stadiums full of young people hanging on his every word, it won’t really do.”

― Robert Webb

“Even as kids reach adolescence, they need more than ever for us to watch over them. Adolescence is not about letting go. It’s about hanging on during a very bumpy ride.”

― Ron Taffel

“When I was 15, I was wearing sandals and corduroys, Guernsey, striped pullover, a beard that was hardly there, shades and a beret, and the goal was hanging out.”

― Roy Harper

“If my British film career was a girl, then I’d been hanging around outside her apartment a little bit too long.”

― Rufus Sewell

“We used to make patterns in the dirt, hanging our feet off the horse-drawn farm equipment. We made endless hourglass figures that I now see as the forms within forms in my crocheted wire sculptures.”

― Ruth Asawa

“I don’t believe in email. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up.”

― Sarah Jessica Parker

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.”

― Sarah Jessica Parker

“I’ve changed my whole angle for dance. I’m moving towards moving back rather than hanging out with my peers. I’m reaching back to older dudes for a second.”

― Savion Glover

“I bought a house in LA, hanging out there and spending a lot of time in Toronto, but not much.”

― Scott Speedman

“I’m never going to leave my family hanging out to dry.”

― Scottie Pippen

“I eventually grew into a pre-teen Marilyn Munster, that being the only option I could find that allowed for a) blonde hair, b) a fondness for frilly pink things and wearing ribbons in your hair, and c) hanging out with monsters.”

― Seanan McGuire

“Sometimes, if you go to the same gyms, the fans catch on to that, and they start hanging out at the gyms. It becomes a little bit of a circus.”

― Seth Rollins

“If aliens are really hanging out in our ‘hood, it’s hard to imagine any other fact more worthy of study. If not, then why does such a large fraction of the populace insist on believing they’re here?”

― Seth Shostak

“When I get old, I’m going to the old folks’ home. I don’t want to be one of those guys who’s hanging around the house bothering the kids. But not just any old folks’ home. I want the whole top floor.”

― Shaquille O’Neal

“Far as I can tell, I still have most of my hair, my gut is not hanging over my belt, and I still have all of my teeth.”

― Sidney Poitier

“I don’t need a pool room with medals and everything hanging up.”

― Sonny Bill Williams

“Lance Armstrong has a 17th-century, 15-foot Spanish fresco of the crucifixion hanging on the wall of his Austin mansion. This doesn’t mean – and some of you Armstrong acolytes might want to sit down for this – that Lance is Jesus.”

― Stephen Rodrick

“The photograph, the clothes, the sets – this was about 1974, and I started hanging out with my friend Richard Sold, who was playing in a band with Patti Smith.”

― Stephen Sprouse

“When I went to Boston, I tell people all the time, being able to be in that arena with those banners hanging up, it excited me.”

― Stephon Marbury

“I’m also all about comfort. Just hanging out and wearing jeans or sweats.”

― Sung Hi Lee

“When you’re scared, when you’re hanging on, when life is hurting you, then you’re going to see what you’re really made of.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“If bad decorating was a hanging offense, there’d be bodies hanging from every tree!”

― Sylvester Stallone

“I listen to music almost any time I’m not sleeping, ‘hanging out’ with specific people, or showering.”

― Tao Lin

“He that hath deserved hanging may be glad to escape with a whipping.”

― Thomas Brooks

“It is easy to have a lot of paintings or projects hanging around that are ‘almost done.’”

― Thomas Kinkade

“I’ve had the fortune of meeting most of the ‘Kids in the Hall.’ One meeting was special in particular because this was before I had gotten anything, before anything was clicking, and I just found myself hanging out with Scott Thompson.”

― Thomas Middleditch

“I miss hanging out with my friends, getting in a little trouble. I have to be so guarded now.”

― Tiger Woods

“The thing about ‘Doctor Who’ is it’s chased around the world, so there’s 50 fans hanging out at every location.”

― Tom Riley

“I took up a sort of a hobby of just hanging around the local library. I’d pick out an author and I would read all their books.”

― Tom T. Hall

“For instance, I always have one hanging in Budapest in the mayors office.”

― Tony Curtis

“I grew up in Mammoth Lakes, and they shot an episode up there, and I was hanging around when I was on the ski team. I was very, very involved in athletics, so I didn’t watch a lot of TV, but I definitely watched a lot of ‘90210.’”

― Trevor Donovan

“When I was 17, I was always hanging out with the older kids, and a lot of times, the kids that graduated would come back and play pranks. I was a huge, huge, huge prankster.”

― Tristan Wilds

“We just kept hanging in and fighting.”

― Troy Brown

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”

― William Feather

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

― William James

“Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage.”

― William Shakespeare

“If I’m running around or just hanging out at home, then I barely wear any make-up.”

― Winnie Harlow

“Does the global Left – as well as the Israeli Left – truly not care about the horrific Taliban regime, the terrible oppression of women in Gulf states, and the mass hanging festivals in Iran?”

― Yair Lapid

“Hamish and I rarely go to launches or parties any more but prefer to spend our time hanging out together.”

― Zoe Foster Blake
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