Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationships on Social Media

Do you constantly update statuses about your relationship on social media?

Are you sure you’re not losing any following over this?

Well, we all have a certain friend in our list who posts randomly about the status of his/her current relationship. Imagine being inundated with all the cheesiest details about their relationship. Who wants to keep tabs on itsy-bitsy stuff directed at their significant other?

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What do their posts usually contain?

They have to share some sort of love quote plastering their relationship goals. Or, you can catch a glimpse of a cheesy movie scene with an effusive caption, “OMG, that’s so us!”

It’s utterly unnecessary and sometimes even mortifying.

Do these posts mean they are actually happy?

This type of posts might not be an indicator of how happy these couples are. We may confuse their social updates with the impeccable standards of happy couples. Actually there’s always more to this than meets the eye.

Social media platforms offer us an excellent opportunity to share about our lives. Social media interaction we receive in the form of likes, comments, and shares make us feel validated. And, the more interaction our social media posts receive, the more legitimacy it gives to what we have to say about.

Believe it or not!

Whether the social media post concerns a selfie or a pregnancy announcement, we feel extremely pleased that we received 200+ comments and likes from these posts.

So, how does the posting on social media related to our relationships?

  1. Because of Happy Couples Post Only During the Happy Times: just because you post about all the romantic and fun stuff in your relationship all the time, doesn’t mean you are happy. Such posting, of course, will make others see and react. The forms of interaction shouldn’t validate your happiness. That’s just convincing other people to convince ourselves that we’re happy.
  2. Because Happy Couples Forget to Take Photos In the event of Elation: when we are in the moment of joy and elation, we usually forget to photos. Because moments like those do not always come. Sharing photos online about such will be the last thing on a happy couple’s mind.
  3. Because Happy Couples keep their Arguments of Social Media: arguments exist in all types of relationships. Some couples find fulfillment from arguments. However, no matter how angry you are with your significant other, updating statuses about it on Facebook won’t solve anything. So, keep your arguments you have with your significant other off social media. Sort out the issues by sitting with your partner. That’s what happy couples do: they talk and try to understand each other.
  4. Because Happy Couples’ Validation doesn’t depend on others: if you use your social media platform to publish unfettered relationship posts, then it could imply that you’re looking for validation from others. Ask yourself the following question:
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Do you find more happiness in posting about your relationship on social media than being with your significant other?

Many a time getting all these likes means more than spending time with the significant other.

  1. Because Happy Couples Have Nothing to Prove: most people who display effusive emotion about their relationship on social do so because they want to prove something. Sometimes it’s to prove that their significant other solely belongs to him/her. Sometimes it is to make others/ex’s jealous. Sometimes maybe they want their family members to see they are literally happy.
  2. Because They Follow Scientific Study: you may ask I also follow scientific studies. So, how does following scientific studies relate to this? Actually a scientific study found that people who use less time on social media they tend to be happier.

So, what does that mean for you Romeo & Juliet? It means that you should stop giving too much attention to becoming famous on social media and just try to be happy with your significant other. And, it doesn’t have to be shared.


What couples do these days instead of going out and having fun is they take to Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media platforms for breaking news about their relationship?

Are you one of them? If you are one of them, then I have some pretty bad news for you. Your relationship may not last for a long time. Because that’s not what happy couples do. What do happy couples do? Go through this list described above.

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