Top 18 Hardship Quotes

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“All commitments require sacrifice and hardship.”

― Adrien Brody

“I took revenge on hardship from my earlier life by forgetting it.”

― Alija Izetbegovic

“The pain and hardship the Trudeau Liberals are causing Canadians is just temporary.”

― Andrew Scheer

“Hardship makes the world obscure.”

― Don DeLillo

“Poverty leads to hardship and failure.”

― Irwin Redlener

“In the midst of hardship, it was the music that restored my soul.”

― Ji-Hae Park

“God tests His people through hardship.”

― John Piper

“After my father died, we faced hardship but never asked anybody for help. We were self-sufficient.”

― Mamata Banerjee

“My parents did not come to the U.S. with much; they had a lot of hardship.”

― Nathan Chen

“I’m a huge history buff. It was no hardship to read history textbooks for homework.”

― Noah Wyle

“The pine stays green in winter… wisdom in hardship.”

― Norman Douglas

“The hardship of living in a refugee camp made me psychologically strong.”

― Philip Emeagwali

“It is definitely true that adversity and hardship are not evenly distributed.”

― Sheryl Sandberg

“We assume that celebrities have it easy and so love to watch them having to endure a bit of hardship.”

― Shirley Jones

“There is no success without hardship.”

― Sophocles

“I have been maligned as taking advantage of others’ hardship in order to make a buck. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

― Steve Mnuchin

“During the financial crisis and bailouts of 2008, it probably occurred to very few average people that we were entering a period of hardship for billionaires.”

― Thomas Frank

“Whenever I write about immigration, I hear heart-wrenching stories of computer workers who are unemployed and facing severe hardship.”

― Vivek Wadhwa
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