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Hatred On Facebook?

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I visit different facebook groups often and mostly these are targeted to Bangladeshi people. One thing I found common in most of the community groups are – its easy to share hatred there.

If one moderator and admin share something negative about a people or organization or an event; it takes granted by the members no matter what.

Seems like no one tries to evaluate that comment, nobody cares what the end effect of it or not a single person think about it deeply and then go to the facebook and stand against it.

Why people are so mean?

Why people trust the so-called admins and moderators of the groups without thinking about the issue or the post just been shared?

Why people don’t use their brain?

Is facebook constantly killing our brain and the ability to think about anything deeply?

Is the social media making us so much impatient that – we don’t think these days, we just see or read a comment/post/status about negativity and believe it?

Is this what this world needs?

Is it what taking us to something good?

I don’t know.

Maybe, we will get the answers after a couple of decades! When people see other people as real people, not just as a profile.

Maybe, someday a human will think about the feelings and think about other’s a human being rather than some texts on social pages.

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