Top 17 Houses Quotes

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“Cop families have guns in their houses.”

― Amy Carlson

“I like to build houses.”

― Bill Pullman

“Their houses are all built in the shape of tents, with very high chimneys.”

― Christopher Columbus

“I really love houses.”

― Courteney Cox

“Suburban houses and tin sheds are often the objects of ridicule.”

― David Byrne

“The houses in Mustique are styled with incredible decor. I vacationed there as a kid and have the fondest memories.”

― Hannah Bronfman

“I never built houses, only apartments.”

― Harry Triguboff

“I’ll always build houses.”

― Jeremy Renner

“Building houses and mansion ranching is not ranching.”

― Jon Tester

“I try to create homes, not houses.”

― Louis Kahn

“I don’t like being in houses alone.”

― Martin Scorsese

“I have, oddly, two ski houses – trying to sell one.”

― Nick Hanauer

“Architects design houses. I live in a home.”

― Peter Eisenman

“I’d like to flip houses.”

― Rooney Mara

“The largest and most influential houses chiefly demonstrate the aloofness of the French approach.”

― Stephen Gardiner

“Oversized houses, like oversized cars, seem to be a particularly American fixation.”

― Susan Orlean

“I like cosy, intimate houses.”

― Tori Amos
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