Top 7 Howlin’ Wolf Quotes of 2020

Who Was Howlin Wolf?

Howlin’ Wolf or Chester Arthur Burnett was a singer, guitarist and a famous harmonica player of Chicago Blues. He was born on June 10th, 1910 in White Station, Mississippi. He got the name Howlin’ Wolf from his maternal grandmother. He at a very early age was moved out of his household by his father because of unknown reasons.

Howlin' Wolf quotes
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Howlin’ Wolf’s Music Career

  • In 1930 he met Charley Patton who was a renowned bluesman of the Mississippi delta. He became acquitted with Patton who taught him guitar, after which he got influenced by his style and started playing along with him in the small delta communities. 
  • After this Burnett performed in the south as a solo performer along with another number of blues members such as Floyd Jones, Johnny Shines, Honeyboy Edwards and many more, by the end of the decade he had a fixture with Harmonica and electric guitar in the clubs.
  • By 1951, Howlin’ Wolf was a local celebrity as he was discovered by A&R’s man Ike Turner, he also had a famous band with guitarists like Willie Jones and Pat Hare.
  • In the 1960’s Howlin’ Wolf became famous after recording several songs such as “Black Door Man”, “Wang Dang Doodle”, “Spoonful” and many more which were written by Willie Dixon.

In January 1976, Burnett checked into the Veterans Administration Hospital in Illinois for his kidney surgery, the surgery had various complications and on January 10th, 1976, Burnett died at the age of 65. He was later buried in Oakridge Cemetery outside Chicago.

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Best Howlin’s Wolf Quotations List

“I couldn’t do no yodelin’, so I turned to howlin’. And it’s done me just fine.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

“Farming’s always been my business.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

“The idea of ‘Spoonful’ was that it doesn’t take a large quantity of anything to be good. If you have a little money when you need it, you’re right there in the right spot, that’ll buy you a whole lot.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

“I just play blues for fun.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

“Somebody has been cashing checks, and they’ve been bouncing back on us. And these people, the poor class of Negroes and the poor class of white people, they’re getting tired of it.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

“I raise corn and cattle and soybeans. Soybeans are a good cash crop.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

“I used to have a radio show. That’s how I started foolin’ around with recording.”

― Howlin’ Wolf

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