Top 223 iPhone Quotes

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“I write poetry on my iPhone. I’ve got about 100 poems on there.”

― Aaron Neville

“What to do with a leading business that’s challenged by a new technology wave without hurting an existing profit stream? The single greatest example of recent memory is Apple’s willingness to decimate iPod sales by incorporating all the category-defining product’s features into a new gizmo, the iPhone.”

― Adam Lashinsky

“The ’90s and early 2000s were the ‘I’ decade. iPhone, the iPod – everything was about me. Look where that got us? In a terrible recession.”

― Adam Neumann

“I love technology. I have my iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and Mac laptop. Because I love technology, I think if I were not at the NBA, I would try to be part of a tech startup company.”

― Adam Silver

“Everyone wants an iPhone, but it would be impossible to design an iPhone in China because it’s not a product; it’s an understanding of human nature.”

― Ai Weiwei

“Apple has long been a leading innovator of mobile technology; I myself own an iPhone.”

― Al Franken

“Too many people don’t protect their smartphones with a password or PIN. I anticipate that Apple’s fingerprint reader will in fact make iPhone 5S owners more likely to secure their smartphones.”

― Al Franken

“Well, clearly Apple is a role model of the American innovation whereby it produced all these products – iPod, iPhone, iPad – that are really now dominating all the technology arena in the world.”

― Al-Waleed bin Talal

“I would never slam my iPhone, and I never punched a metal door frame for any time.”

― Andy Hurley

“People like me, when we’re interviewing, we’re not going back to our desktop to fill out a recruiting form. If I can quickly submit my evaluation through an iPhone or an iPad, that makes me a lot more productive.”

― Aneel Bhusri

“What’s great about the iPad and iPhone is that they are easy-on, easy-off.”

― Aneel Bhusri

“Here is a new car, a new iPhone. We buy. We discard. We buy again. In recent years, we’ve been doing it faster.”

― Arlie Russell Hochschild

“When I’m on the couch, I usually have the TV on and my MacBook Air nearby. And sometimes, when my ADD is really kicking in, I have my iPad too. And my iPhone. And a magazine that I haven’t gotten to. And a book under the pillow to my left.”

― Aubrey Plaza

“I am an Apple guy. I got the iPhone 4 the day it came out. I have a MacBook.”

― Barrett Foa

“You used to need a big camera to direct, but now, anyone with an iPhone can tell a story visually. You can film something. You can start off with a five-minute story, then a 10-minute story.”

― Barry Levinson

“As Trotsky didn’t exactly say, you may not be interested in electronic snoops, but snoops are interested in you, whether or not you keep Coke’s secret recipe on your iPhone.”

― Barton Gellman

“My iPhone background says, ‘If you build it, they’ll come.’ You know, quality over quantity. And I really live by that.”

― Bazzi

“The saddest utensil I’ve come across is an ‘anti-loneliness ramen bowl,’ which holds your iPhone to keep you company as you slurp your solitary bowl of noodles. But the iPhone cannot return your gaze or reassure you that you didn’t squeeze too much lime into the soup, though maybe a dinner-conversation app is only a matter of time.”

― Bee Wilson

“I got my first Mac in 1984. I’ve got an Airbook, iPad, iPhone, the lot. I love that blend of technology, creativity, and design.”

― Ben Miller

“Can you say that in 20 years people would still use the iPhone? Maybe not. Maybe we’d have a new product or something more innovative. What I can say today is that, in 20 years, I’m quite convinced that people will still drink Dom Perignon.”

― Bernard Arnault

“It’s weird: people used to want your autograph; now what they want to do is to take your photograph with an iPhone. And sometimes they’ll pop their arm around you to hold their iPhone; they’re shaking when they take it.”

― Bernard Sumner

“I set the time on my iPhone to be 30 minutes late, so I’m only an hour and a half late to appointments now.”

― Bill Hader

“The two things I use the most are the MacBook Air and my iPhone. Those are my two most-used gadgets that are dented, scratched and smashed.”

― Biz Stone

“I want to listen to my Apple Music on my iPhone. I also want to listen to it on my iPad. I want to play it on my Apple TV; I want to be connected everywhere I go. It fits into the puzzle of everything that is Apple, and, therefore, it should not be seen as some sort of separate entity that is trying to find its way.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“I hate the iPhone. I love the BlackBerry – BlackBerry wins in my opinion. The iPhone is a toy.”

― Brett Ratner

“In early 2010, we launched our first localized version of ‘WhatsApp’ for iPhone. It included Spanish and German language translations, to name a couple.”

― Brian Acton

“I want to reach a new generation. That’s why I am Twittering now. I have a BlackBerry, an iPhone and a Mac.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“I have an iPhone, and I can text, and I can use the phone, and I can even take pictures with it.”

― Carol Burnett

“I am so disappointed in Apple. I don’t even use an iPhone anymore. Their marketing sucks. It’s embarrassing. It’s just garbage.”

― Casey Neistat

“My real big Internet claim to fame is the fact that I was first to jailbreak the iPhone.”

― Chris Hughes

“The iPod is a proprietary integrated product, although that is becoming quite modular. You can download your music from Amazon as easily as you can from iTunes. You also see modularity organized around the Android operating system that is growing much faster than the iPhone. So I worry that modularity will do its work on Apple.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“For Instagram, people use cameras ranging from high-end DSLRs, point-and-shoots, classic film cameras, and their smartphones. I personally like to use my iPhone because I know I will always have it with me.”

― Connor Franta

“My iPhone has always been my sketchbook.”

― Cornelia Parker

“I use my notes app on my iPhone religiously, and I have one note just for movies. Every time I see a movie I think I’m going to want to watch, I’ll put it in there.”

― Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“Folks have to pin me down because, for one thing, I don’t have a laptop. I don’t have an iPhone, and I refuse to carry them because they’re immensely hackable.”

― Dan Aykroyd

“Despite probably needing one, I don’t have a therapist. Why spend the money on my mental health when I can do far more productive things such as purchase iPhone apps and pay off parking tickets?”

― Dan Levy

“In my head, I’m a purist that doesn’t require anything but a group of good friends and a bottle of wine. In reality, I’m co-dependent on my iPhone and fully conscious of the fact that my attention span is corroding.”

― Dan Levy

“You talk about Steve Jobs when he came out with the iPhone, and everyone thought it was amazing: you touch it and move the screen.”

― Dana Brunetti

“The iPod Touch is basically an iPhone with the phone part taken out, which is fine – since making calls is the one thing that the iPhone doesn’t actually do very well.”

― Daniel Lyons

“Content is supposed to be king. But in the world of electronic devices, Apple seems to be placing the crown on its own head, apparently believing that its iPad and iPhone are more important to customers than the books, movies, and music they store on them.”

― Daniel Lyons

“With the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and iMac, Apple is the most powerful tech company in the world. It’s also the No. 1 music retailer in the U.S. and among the top sellers of online movies, too.”

― Daniel Lyons

“The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player. Nor were the iPhone and iPad the first in their categories. The real reason for the success of these devices – the true unsung hero at Apple – is the iTunes software and iTunes Store. Because Apple provided them, it wasn’t just selling hardware.”

― Daniel Lyons

“Early on, Android phones were pitched as kind of ersatz iPhones, devices that could do most of what an iPhone did – but were available on carriers other than AT&T, a relatively horrible network that was the biggest source of complaints about Apple’s transformative device.”

― Daniel Lyons

“The iPhone is like ‘omakase’, the style of sushi where the chef chooses what you’re going to eat, and might even tell you how to eat it – no wasabi allowed on this, no soy sauce allowed on that. Definitely no California rolls.”

― Daniel Lyons

“Before recording my ‘Homeland’ audition on my iPhone in my bedroom in Streatham, I hadn’t worked or had an audition in the U.K. for nine months.”

― David Harewood

“On the iPhone I tended to draw with my thumb. Whereas the moment I got to the iPad, I found myself using every finger.”

― David Hockney

“But I’ve become completely obsessed with taking photos on my iPhone. I have like 400 apps.”

― Debra Messing

“I’m not convinced that stealing an iPhone is a felony or stealing a bike is a felony.”

― DeRay Mckesson

“If you were the first person ever to design an application for the iPhone and you patented it, you would be very, very better off than we are right now, you know? But you’ve got to be the first one to do it. So I figured that Led Zeppelin or the Stones were going to do it unless we just got on to it. So I got cracking with the guys from Apple.”

― Dhani Harrison

“I don’t have to think much when I take a photo on my iPhone. I sort of see the iPhone medium as instant gratification, whereas with film, you have to think about it because it’s expensive.”

― Diana Silvers

“Obama doesn’t know how to invent the iPhone; he can’t start a successful business. He’s never really worked in a business except for the briefest of times.”

― Dinesh D’Souza

“As Apple continues to release new styles of netbooks, laptops, and even desktops with untold movie-watching and game-playing capabilities, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the iPhone operating system running on them – and the Macintosh eventually becoming a thing of the past.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“Our technologies become more complex while we become more simple. They learn about us while we come to know less and less about them. No one person can understand everything going on in an iPhone, much less pervasive systems.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“The iPad – contrary to the way most people thought about it – is not a tablet computer running the Apple operating system. It’s more like a very big iPhone, running the iPhone operating system.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“It feels as if ever since the iPhone was released, the Macintosh computer has become just another leverage point in this other operating system’s marketing plan.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“Files on iTunes – and thus iPods – are incompatible with everything else. Applications on iPhones may only be sold and uploaded through the iPhone store – giving Apple control over everything people put on to the devices they thought they owned.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“’The Muthaship’ was an experiment. All my friends are working at Endemol, so they just kind of pushed me into it to see if we could shoot a little web series on an iPhone – and that’s what we did: we shot it on an iPhone. So it’s so experiential and so silly.”

― Drea De Matteo

“One thing you know, if you’ve been in technology a while, you’re only as good as the last thing you did. No one wants an original iPod. No one wants an iPhone 3GS.”

― Eddy Cue

“I’m betting that in two years I’ll be talking to you about a film that I shot on an iPhone. It’s absolutely coming, I have no doubt in my mind.”

― Edward Burns

“My first lip balms were Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, which, correct me if I’m wrong, sometimes had little bracelets attached to the caps-meaning your lip balm could idly dangle from your wrist like a charm bracelet when not in use, not unlike some iPhone accessories.”

― Emily Weiss

“Why does an iPhone cost only a couple hundred dollars? Because, as the stage performer Mike Daisey depicted in an arresting one-man show called ‘The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,’ Apple’s shiniest products are made by a shadowy company in China called Foxconn.”

― Eric Liu

“If you took a child in London and took their iPhone and took them somewhere else in the country, they’d probably not be able to find their way back. That’s a shame.”

― Frank Abagnale

“I don’t understand how I can pay $299 for iPhone and then get in my car and still have to turn knobs.”

― Franz von Holzhausen

“I like the map feature on the iPhone that tells me where I am, because I travel a lot.”

― Gary Shteyngart

“That’s why I’m not on Twitter and don’t have an iPhone. It’s not because I’m superior to it: it’s because I would be a slave to it, and I don’t want that to happen.”

― George Packer

“I’m most comfortable with my computer. Yes, I have an iPhone, but I’ve reached that point now where to read e-mails on my phone, I need my reading glasses. I’m most comfortable with the big-screen computer.”

― George Takei

“What’s most revolutionary about Uber is not the tool that consumers use but the fact that the only equipment needed by its drivers is their iPhone.”

― Glenn Kelman

“I think I have over 60 apps on my iPhone. I use six.”

― Gordon Smith

“I love the iPhone – I’m a huge Mac and Apple fan.”

― Greg Grunberg

“Obviously anything that accessorizes or enhances the iPhone is always pretty cool.”

― Harry Shum, Jr.

“So technologies, whether it is a telephone or an iPhone, computers in general or automobiles, television even, all individualize us. We all sit in front of our iPhones and communicating but are we really communicating?”

― Henry Mintzberg

“I don’t know if anybody thought about how much impact the iPhone could have on society.”

― Henry Samueli

“We are surrounded by people with accents because America is a nation of immigrants. Beyond that, the people who made your iPhone and the shirt on your back are probably Asians, and we’re really not that disconnected from each other; we have very intimate relationships with the world, whether or not we realize it.”

― Hong Chau

“I’m dating my iPhone.”

― iJustine

“I just write verses. I don’t write all day long. When I have something that needs to be said, I just write it down on my notepad in my iPhone.”

― Iman Shumpert

“I don’t own a radio. I listen to everything through apps or on my iPhone. And then I download the shows I like. Shows like ‘Fresh Air’, ‘Radiolab’, ‘Snap Judgement’, all those shows.”

― Ira Glass

“You buy a new iPhone, a few months later, another new iPhone comes out, and you get online to buy another one. You can’t get enough. You are addicted to Apple.”

― J. B. Smoove

“AppStudio is a native app builder that allows you to build the app and automatically deploy it on Android, iPhone, and Windows. It lets you design it once and then implement it anywhere.”

― Jack Dangermond

“I am here talking to ‘Rolling Stone’ because of an iPhone. Music has transformed because of Apple.”

― Jacob Whitesides

“I understand that most iPhone users want a phone that can do other nifty things, not a general purpose computer that happens to make phone calls. Strict control over apps minimizes the chances that someone will find their phone hacked or virus-laden.”

― Jamais Cascio

“It’s very hard to explain to people who don’t program, but the object-oriented programming system made programming the Mac and iPhone so easy.”

― James H. Clark

“I have an iPhone, too, but I use the Blackberry more because I’m addicted to BBM’ing. I’m also on Twitter 24/7 and it’s a lot easier on the BlackBerry.”

― James Harden

“I think the iPhone was as significant an invention as the Gutenburg press, in terms of the future of humanity.”

― James Woods

“We’re these guys that are very tech-savvy, so people tend to expect us to say our favorite gadgets are thing like the latest iPhone or the latest app or something like that. Adam is pretty much like that. As far as myself, I’m the kind of guy that tends to go for the absolute simplest things.”

― Jamie Hyneman

“On my iPhone 3GS, I use ‘Instagram’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Touch’.”

― Jan Koum

“When I was on ‘Terra Nova’, I had an Australian iPhone and a U.S. iPhone, different time zones, just a couple differences in the machines, but I was able to keep the international aspect of things in order. But I lost my U.S. iPhone right before I left Australia. Somebody’s got it somewhere out there. Send it back?”

― Jason O’Mara

“iphone therefore I am.”

― Jason Silva

“I feel like in the course of my career, I’ve been in the iPhone era and the dilution of the big man.”

― JaVale McGee

“Everybody has an iPhone; everyone can be a reporter now. Everybody can tell a story from every part of the world. Why places like CNN matter is that it is still important to bring them together, put context around it, and explain it.”

― Jeff Zucker

“I would bring a $100 bill, and I would say, ‘Alright, first person’ – and everybody has their iPhone – and I would say, ‘First person to find in the Constitution the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ gets this $100 bill’… And you know what – and everybody knows that, right? – that phrase isn’t in the U.S. Constitution. It’s nowhere.”

― Jeffrey C. Mateer

“I feel like a Mac store! I have a Canadian iPhone, an American iPhone and an iPad. I’m constantly downloading music to iTunes.”

― Jennifer Morrison

“In early 2008, it was confirmed that there would be an opportunity to build applications for the iPhone. We were fortunate enough to make the right call on that: to bet early, to put resources into it and have a pretty good application in the store at the moment when it opened.”

― Jeremy Stoppelman

“I have to pay attention to work on the weekends and always have my iPhone with me, but I don’t mind.”

― Jill Abramson

“Thank you… Apple, for adding a camera to the iPod Nano. Now it’s just like the iPhone except it can’t make calls. So basically, it’s just like the iPhone.”

― Jimmy Fallon

“I can barely use my iPhone. I can’t do Facebook, can’t do Twitter, can’t do Instagram, none of it.”

― Joe Gilgun

“I’ve been touring a lot, and I don’t always know how to get around. Google Maps on the iPhone is pretty helpful with that.”

― Joe Trohman

“On social media, I can hide behind the computer or the iPhone. Internet courage.”

― Joel Embiid

“We all know the future is mobile, right? And the iPhone and iPad are Perfect Expressions of Beauty, Ideal Combinations of Form and Function. Except they’re Not.”

― John Battelle

“I find web browsing, checking multiple email accounts, and Google mapping rather tiresome on an iPhone – the iPhone’s native interface, for all its supposed perfection, has all kinds of wrong baked in – and the screen is just far too small.”

― John Battelle

“Way back in 2008, when the iPhone was new and Instagram was a gleam in Kevin Systrom’s eye, I was involved in creating a service called CrowdFire. It was a way for fans at a festival (the first was Outside Lands) to share photos, tweets, and texts in a location and event specific way.”

― John Battelle

“Google Now is one of those products that to many users doesn’t seem like a product at all. It is instead the experience one has when you use the Google Search application on your Android or iPhone device (it’s consistently a top free app on the iTunes charts). You probably know it as Google search, but it’s far, far more than that.”

― John Battelle

“We were doing mobile games before the iPhone. We were doing free-to-play with ‘Quake Live.’ We wanted to do massively multiplayer stuff in the early days but didn’t have the resources to do it.”

― John Carmack

“The cornerstone of our Tech 5 development platform is this uniquely textured map or world, where every surface doesn’t have a repeating texture on it. It can all be stamped and modified due to the work done on it. The core technical question to be resolved on this was how do we get that media set to be playable on the iPhone.”

― John Carmack

“Really, what the government is asking Apple to do is to make every individual who uses an iPhone susceptible to hacking by bad people, foreign governments, and anyone who wants.”

― John McAfee

“The Mac defined ‘personal technology’, and the iPhone defines ‘intimate technology’ as a convergence of communications, content and location.”

― John Sculley

“The launch of iPhone is very possibly bigger than the launch of the first Apple II or the first Mac. Steve Jobs’s genius is his ability to use technology to create products that define fundamental cultural shifts.”

― John Sculley

“Stay the course and keep building an integrated Apple ecosystem of iPhone + iPod + iMac + iTunes + App Store + Apple TV. No one has yet demonstrated they understand how to create an ‘experience-based ecosystem’ as well as Apple.”

― John Sculley

“You don’t need the iPhone: you have the most exquisite apparatus in the known universe sitting right in your head – the most complex organization of matter in the entire universe. And here are we, feeling a little depressed, feeling like we’re not getting where we need to be, when really you might be exactly where you need to be.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn

“I play a lot of games on my iPhone. There is a game called Rat on a Scooter that I will promote as much as possible because it has brought me so much joy.”

― Jonah Hill

“When we started work on the iPhone, the motivation there was we all pretty much couldn’t stand our phones, and we wanted a better phone.”

― Jonathan Ive

“The iPhone was broadly dismissed. The iPod was broadly dismissed. The iPad was probably more copiously written off as a large iPod.”

― Jonathan Ive

“Being closed to outsiders made the iPhone reliable and predictable.”

― Jonathan Zittrain

“The openness on which Apple had built its original empire had been completely reversed – but the spirit was still there among users. Hackers vied to ‘jailbreak’ the iPhone, running new apps on it despite Apple’s desire to keep it closed.”

― Jonathan Zittrain

“Despite outsiders being invited to write software, the iPhone thus remains tightly tethered to its vendor – the way that the Kindle is controlled by Amazon.”

― Jonathan Zittrain

“Here’s the problem: I don’t like who I’ve become when my iPhone is within reach. I find myself checking e-mails and responding to texts throughout the day with some kind of Pavlovian ferocity – it’s not a conscious act, but a reflexive one.”

― Josh Radnor

“The iPhone revolutionised the mobile industry, rather like the iPod before it with the personal music player.”

― Julian Ovenden

“I do like the iPhone. I’ve been a Blackberry person from, like, literally day one of Blackberry, so it’s been a real switch, but it’s a great device.”

― Julius Genachowski

“My new iPhone, I’m obsessed. My iPod. I love all the Mac crap. AppleTV, I’m crazy about that. I’d rather buy a new gadget than, like, a purse.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“Despite my so-so-experience with the iPhone, I do love its touchscreen technology, a feature I miss with my standard-issue BlackBerry.”

― Kara Swisher

“So often, we take photos on our iPhone, and then they’re gone in a year, and we don’t even remember them. I like to experience life and disconnect from that.”

― Karamo Brown

“Everything from Washington’s handling of the N.S.A., as well as Apple launching a new iPhone. These events can move billions of dollars in the stock market, and it seems as if the East Coast and West Coast are merging in some respects, so we felt like we needed a little bit more from a content perspective to match what our audience was looking for.”

― Kayla Tausche

“As Android, iPhone and other mobile platforms grow, we are moving away from the page-based Internet. The new Internet is app centric and often message-centric.”

― Keith Teare

“I own a Canon 20D, though I don’t remember the last time I used it. Ever since the iPhone 4, I’ve been completely absorbed in taking photos from my mobile phone.”

― Kevin Systrom

“I’m very impatient, and if I get a new piece of technology, no matter what it is – I recently got the iPhone, which is very exciting – I can’t be doing with reading manuals. I want it to work immediately and to do what I want it to do.”

― Kimberley Nixon

“The Gmail app is definitely the app I use the most. I am always running from meeting to meeting, so it keeps me up-to-date with everything going on. I actually e-mail more often from my iPhone than my laptop, so having a nicely designed e-mail app is really important.”

― Leah Busque

“I’m a technophobe. I can’t crack the iPhone, and the extent of my multitasking is being able to talk while I make a drink.”

― Len Goodman

“I swear Kim Kardashian’s first marriage lasted longer than some of my iPhone chargers.”

― Lilly Singh

“With a Web and iPhone app, I try to find new and tiny ways to delight my customers. They may not notice, but it helps drive goodwill and makes your product remarkable.”

― Marco Arment

“The most important advances, the qualitative leaps, are the least predictable. Not even the best scientists predicted the impact of nuclear physics, and everyday consumer items such as the iPhone would have seemed magic back in the 1950s.”

― Martin Rees

“I find personalized search convenient – I read stories on my Facebook feed, my Twitter feed, daily email services, and my iPhone’s Flipboard app, and would love to be able to focus my searches on just those particular services.”

― Marvin Ammori

“There’s no more silicon in Silicon Valley. It’s all iPhone apps.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“I use the iPhone and iPad every day, and I no longer touch PCs at all.”

― Masayoshi Son

“I’m not hugely technical with things, but I guess that the thing I use most is my iPhone, on a practical level.”

― Matt Smith

“I use my iPhone as an alarm, so when it goes off, I pick it up and casually scroll through whatever emails may have come in while I was asleep.”

― Maulik Pancholy

“You’re going to pull out your phone and try to use whatever is the most appropriate app on your iPhone or your Android device. Yelp saw that very early on. And when we launched the mobile product, we saw immediate growth, and we were stunned.”

― Max Levchin

“Do we want a back door in an iPhone where the government can go in to track movements if they have probable cause? I know the director of the FBI and local law enforcement want that capability.”

― Michael McCaul

“First of all, the American people are inundated with advertisement after advertisement of you buy, buy, buy. You’ve got to have the latest thing. The iPad 1 isn’t any good anymore, you’ve got to have the iPad 2. The iPhone 4, now you’ve got to have iPhone 4S. Now you’ve got to have the 5b, now you’ve got to have the 6c.”

― Michael Moore

“I just got an iPhone, which is cool, but I don’t download movies, I don’t watch Hulu, I don’t have Netflix. I don’t do any of that. But I do geek out to music.”

― Miles Teller

“I have an iPhone, but that’s just because I need to take pictures of my 5- and 8 1/2-year-old kids. It becomes quite easily an addiction for people who aren’t even aware that they’re addicted.”

― Miriam Shor

“My technique of working is I go around with my iPhone and with my sketchbook. I take thousands and thousands and thousands of iPhone photos. I also draw from life. I can draw really, really, really fast. It’s a way that I build a rapport with people.”

― Molly Crabapple

“Apple makes beautiful products. I own a Mac Pro, a Mac Book, a Mac Mini, an iPad, an iPhone, pretty much the entire collection.”

― Nick Denton

“I carry both a Blackberry and an iPhone. But for my job, the iPhone is essential because of picture-taking and because of picture sharing.”

― Nick Wooster

“Some kid gets his first iPhone, signs up to Twitter, and then tweets, ‘Nikki Sixx sucks.’ And I’m supposed to take that personally.”

― Nikki Sixx

“When Apple introduced its game-changing iPhone in 2007, Nokia was caught sleeping on the job. Although it had actually developed an iPhone-style device – complete with a color touchscreen, maps, online shopping, the lot – some seven years earlier. Astonishingly, it never released the product.”

― Noreena Hertz

“From analog film cameras to digital cameras to iPhone cameras, it has become progressively easier to take and store photographs. Today, we don’t even think twice about snapping a shot.”

― Om Malik

“Echoes of the iPhone are everywhere. Xiaomi’s phones and Google’s new Pixel are designed to fool you into thinking that they just might be an iPhone.”

― Om Malik

“In 1947, Porsche began work on its 356. In many ways, it was like the original iPhone. It wasn’t perfect. It was underpowered. But it was streamlined and aerodynamic.”

― Om Malik

“Porsche’s and Apple’s design philosophies are similar. Much like the 356, the original iPhone was about defining a foundation for the future.”

― Om Malik

“Camera companies, like traditional phone manufacturers, dismissed the iPhone as a toy when it launched in 2007. Nokia thought that the iPhone used inferior technology; the camera makers thought that it took lousy pictures. Neither thought that they had anything to worry about.”

― Om Malik

“I have, like, 1,000 voice memos on my iPhone.”

― Orianthi

“Last Wednesday, I stupidly dropped my iPhone in the bath, and my life has sort of spiraled almost out of control.”

― Patrick Stewart

“The entire Internet, as well as the types of devices represented by the desktop computer, the laptop computer, the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad, are a continuing inescapable embarrassment to science fiction, and an object lesson in the fallibility of genre writers and their vaunted predictive abilities.”

― Paul Di Filippo

“It’s the polar opposite of most people, but I absolutely hate carrying a ton of stuff onto a plane. I check in all my luggage and literally go through security with nothing other than my coat, in which I have my iPhone and iPad.”

― Paul Hollywood

“I don’t do Twitter, Facebook; none of that. My email I do from my Blackberry or my iPhone.”

― Penelope Cruz

“Everybody is designing magic iPhone apps that do things that are really, really beautiful, but a really important thing about magic is that the gimmick has to be ugly.”

― Penn Jillette

“If one percent of the people who take iPad or iPhone videos of concerts watch them, I’d be very surprised.”

― Peter Frampton

“Android is often given as a free replacement for a feature phone, and the experience isn’t as good as an iPhone.”

― Phil Schiller

“There were many things that led to the iPhone at Apple. We were searching for what to do after iPod that would make sense.”

― Phil Schiller

“Throughout the day, I frequently use my iPhone to check ‘Deadline Hollywood’ and my Twitter feed, as well as the ‘Daily Beast,’ the ‘New York Times,’ ‘Metsblog,’ and ‘Thejetsblog.’”

― R. J. Cutler

“I never carry a purse. My iPhone is always with me, a credit card, and a piece of mint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream gum.”

― Rachel G. Fox

“When the iPhone came out, every CIO in America said, ‘You’re not bringing that into our corporate environment,’ my CIO included.”

― Randall L. Stephenson

“I’m carrying an iPhone 5. I like this device. It’s been impressive. I have a Windows and an Android device… I carry an iPad. I carry a Kindle… Yeah, I have a lot of devices.”

― Randall L. Stephenson

“AT&T is interested in anything that drives more bandwidth requirements, and Apple TV drives significant bandwidth, and the iPhone drives significant bandwidth, and so I think it’s a very logical fit.”

― Randall L. Stephenson

“As a condition for entry into the Chinese market, Apple had to agree to the Chinese government’s censorship criteria in vetting the content of all iPhone apps available for download on devices sold in mainland China.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“I remember when I got my first (and only) iPad – excitement filled the air as I opened the box and stared at what was essentially a big iPhone but without the phone part. I knew I really wanted it, and at the same time, I knew I didn’t need it.”

― Rhys Darby

“I started making raps in 2014, recording stuff from my iPhone and putting them together in Sony Vegas, which is a video editing program.”

― Rich Brian

“Signing up to be an organ donor should be at least as easy as downloading a song to your iPhone.”

― Richard Thaler

“It’s much easier to get your material out to the public now than it was in 1988, when you basically had to get onto cable to have a joke heard across the country. Now all you need is an iPhone, and you can get your joke heard across the country.”

― Robert Ben Garant

“Mobile devices such as Android and the iPhone achieve their battery life largely because they can aggressively and quickly enter into and exit from sleep states. GPS prevents this.”

― Robert Love

“My favorite thing that I can do with my iPhone is dictate a letter.”

― Robert Picardo

“I was first in line for the iPhone, but I’m not a fanboy of any company – I’m in favor of anything that’s best of breed.”

― Robert Scoble

“What’s really going on is, on your iPhone, you have 200 apps, and they’re all collecting a little data on you. Twitter knows a certain thing, Foursquare knows something else, my Fitbit app knows something else, my Waze app knows something else.”

― Robert Scoble

“People buy box sets, and they sit for a whole weekend with a computer on their lap in bed, and they watch two seasons back-to-back of a show. They are invested in the person within that arc or the dynamics of those people – the relationships – and it doesn’t matter to them if they’re watching it on an iPhone or a cinema screen.”

― Robin Wright

“My iPhone has become rather precious because of all my music on it; every night, we set it for 20 minutes before we fall asleep to listen to some Mozart.”

― Roger Moore

“If there’s another iPhone that’s better, that’s sad for my old iPhone. But it means we get to use a better one.”

― Roger Ver

“For me, the iPhone is harder than reading Faust.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“If you look at people who have an iPhone or Android and are under 40 and are dissatisfied with their bank, it’s actually quite a large market.”

― Sam Altman

“When I wake up, I’ll go through emails on my iPhone – the junk email. At that point, my brain isn’t usually awake enough to handle anything more than that.”

― Sam Trammell

“I listen to KCRW in the car and Pandora radio, which I stream through the stereo from my iPhone. I’ve been listening to everything from Caribou to Conway Twitty. If I’m going on a longer car ride, I’ll download some podcasts.”

― Sam Trammell

“I can’t live without my iPhone.”

― Sara Paxton

“I don’t think that free games are something new. On the PC, there have always been free games. But finding them was not always easy. With the popular products like the iPhone, now it is easier.”

― Satoru Iwata

“Shooting on the iPhone has become more of a directors’ tool to lower inhibition of first-time actors and nonprofessionals. While it’s helped me become more mobile, no pun intended – running around, finding tight areas and different ways of moving the camera – to me it’s more about using this device to catch candid moments. That’s the biggest thing.”

― Sean Baker

“The iPhone in conjunction with the Filmic Pro app – the resolution is HD quality.”

― Sean Baker

“The iPhone always has a different look from model to model – ‘Tangerine’ is quite smooth, but that was the 5s. I was using the iPhone 6s Plus for ‘The Florida Project,’ and it has what’s called a rolling shutter, and it gave it this hyperactivity and a very different, jarring feel, and we liked that.”

― Sean Baker

“The longtime standard for American TV was 525 lines from top to bottom of the image. As a practical matter, that was roughly equivalent to 350 thousand pixels – pretty crude, given that photos made with your iPhone boast five million pixels.”

― Seth Shostak

“There will always be storytelling, whether it’s on the big silver screen, or it’s your television or your iPhone or whatever, people will keep on telling stories.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“On an iPhone, you touch on the digital keyboard and you know how the letter pops up and shows up bigger so you’re making sure you’re touching the correct letter? That’s Nokia innovation.”

― Stephen Elop

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.”

― Steve Ballmer

“An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is.”

― Steve Jobs

“I think right now it’s a battle for the mindshare of developers and for the mindshare of customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle.”

― Steve Jobs

“What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So, we’re going to reinvent the phone.”

― Steve Jobs

“First was the mouse. The second was the click wheel. And now, we’re going to bring multi-touch to the market. And each of these revolutionary interfaces has made possible a revolutionary product – the Mac, the iPod and now the iPhone.”

― Steve Jobs

“We want to reinvent the phone. What’s the killer app? The killer app is making calls! It’s amazing how hard it is to make calls on most phones. We want to let you use contacts like never before – sync your iPhone with your PC or mac.”

― Steve Jobs

“There are good things I see on Samsung phones that I wish were in my iPhone. I wish Apple would use them and could use them, and I don’t know if Samsung would stop us.”

― Steve Wozniak

“Technology writers are seldom subject to frenzied, Beatlemania-esque paroxysms of public attention. June 29, 2007, was the exception. I was in the wrong place – Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan – with the right device. The iPhone.”

― Steven Levy

“Apple’s iPod success led them to believe an even bigger breakthrough was possible with the iPhone. In some respects, the iPhone hype overwhelmed even Apple.”

― Steven Levy

“Though the first iPhone was expensive, it was such a refreshing new product that early users flocked to it.”

― Steven Levy

“How do you show off the most anticipated product in years? That was my dilemma with the iPhone X. Since my unit was one of the first few released into the wild, it naturally drew a lot of curiosity when I pulled it out of my pocket and gave it a dewy-eyed glance to wake it from slumber.”

― Steven Levy

“There’s plenty to admire in the iPhone X straight from the unboxing. The biggest change stares you in the face: that screen, that screen.”

― Steven Levy

“The iPhone was such a phenomenon that even the humble journalists chosen for an early look were thrust into a spotlight.”

― Steven Levy

“What made the days leading up to the iPhone launch even crazier was that Apple had pulled off the greatest disappearing act in tech promotion history. In January 2007, Jobs announced the long-awaited iPhone. But somewhere that winter, the iPhone vanished.”

― Steven Levy

“Since the iPhone, the most transformative products have not been gadgets but services. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have changed lives, but they didn’t launch to massive fanfare.”

― Steven Levy

“I love being a grandparent. I’m one of those you want to avoid – I pull out the iPhone and say, ‘Hey, wanna see my camera roll?’”

― Susan Isaacs

“I am on Vine. It’s another early-adopter kind of thing. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with it. What’s interesting about it is that everybody knows these amazing restrictions we’ve put on it: I have to use my iPhone, I can only use one continuous take, I cannot edit afterwards, I cannot put sound afterwards.”

― Teju Cole

“You know, this iPhone, as a matter of fact, the engine in here is made in America. And not only are the engines in here made in America, but engines are made in America and are exported. The glass on this phone is made in Kentucky. And so we’ve been working for years on doing more and more in the United States.”

― Tim Cook

“Rather than spend my life on data entry and typing, I also take photos on my iPhone of business cards, wine labels, menus, or anything I want to have searchable on-the-run.”

― Tim Ferriss

“For most of us, starting off in the morning, your iPhone wakes you up, you immediately start checking emails or texts or whatever, and you’re up and running until you go to bed.”

― Tim Ryan

“’Infinity Blade’ has proven that iPhone owners are hungry for high-end games with cutting-edge graphics.”

― Tim Sweeney

“I’m addicted to my iPhone and get a game for it every few days.”

― Todd Howard

“When I’m at home, I like to put records on, but because I travel a lot, I listen to a lot of music on my iPhone.”

― Tom Odell

“You may have an older audience in front of you holding the Bible and a younger audience holding an iPhone. You don’t want to lose either audience.”

― Tony Evans

“I had been doing MP3 players and handheld computers since 1990-1991, and so they sought me out because of my experience. And about 18 generations of iPod and three generations of iPhone later, I decided to leave Apple.”

― Tony Fadell

“I started designing the greenest the most connected home before the iPhone and the iPad.”

― Tony Fadell

“I actually have my first iPhone deformity because it sits on my pinky, and now my bone actually dips in where my cellphone sits.”

― Torrey DeVitto

“I don’t think Apple would be making the computers, the iPhone, being the top electronics company it is, if Steve Jobs didn’t have some regrets over mistakes he made and learned to overcome them.”

― Vitor Belfort

“Big screens helped propel Samsung to top-tier prominence and helped iPhone sales explode a few years later. But for many, including myself, the biggest-screen models just weren’t practical, because their overall size made them too large, too bulky, and too heavy.”

― Walt Mossberg

“Samsung has drastically altered the rule that big screens mean huge phones. Even this smaller of the new Galaxy S models has a larger screen than the biggest iPhone, but it’s much narrower and easier to hold and to slip into a pocket.”

― Walt Mossberg

“I actually think it’s against the rules at Vox Media to work there if you’ve never dropped an iPhone.”

― Walt Mossberg

“In 2007, everything changed with the iPhone. As crippled as that first model now seems, with its lack of apps and glacial cellular connectivity, the iPhone was a practical, useful, self-contained computer a child could understand. It was an information appliance.”

― Walt Mossberg

“People are getting careers from YouTube and uploading videos. And they’re totally different – you can’t necessarily be funny on a video, and then all of a sudden you’re live in a theater. You don’t have the tools yet. It’s a lot more involved to go from being funny on a little iPhone screen to being live in front of people and being funny.”

― Wanda Sykes

“I’ve got friends who are literally working alone on indie games that have no prospect of profit or commercial success. I’ve got guys working on iPhone games.”

― Warren Spector

“The Internet has become a breeding ground for the paranormal and being able to share evidence. I mean, there are ghost-hunting apps for your iPhone.”

― Zak Bagans

“I want to make the iPhone of movies.”

― Zal Batmanglij
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