Top 4 Jacky Ido Quotes of 2020

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“I’m a hybrid, and I kind of like that. Raised by African parents, growing up I lived between Burkina Faso and Stains, a suburb just outside of Paris. In Stains, I had all the cultures in the world on my doorstep, and that opens up your mind.”

― Jacky Ido

“I was lucky enough to have parents with a huge film library. My mum is a huge Bollywood film geek. When we were kids, we would watch Indian films with her as well as Chinese and Japanese films. My father was more into the classics, American films, and also Hitchcock films.”

― Jacky Ido

“I think that the first film I saw in the theater was ‘The AristoCats.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is brilliant!’ That’s when I knew I wanted to work in cinema. I was four or five.”

― Jacky Ido

“I grew up in a little bubble of Brooklyn in France! In Stains, I was learning to speak English; I was listening to Biggie Smalls and KRS-One, and so I basically lived the life by proxy. At the same time, I had the same problems and issues they were singing about right next to me, so it was easy to identify with it.”

― Jacky Ido
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