Top 5 Jacques d’Amboise Quotes of 2020

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“A wild, untamed youth learns nobility through art.”

― Jacques d’Amboise

“Before I was through my teens, I had been introduced and exposed to artists who would, in later years, become legendary.”

― Jacques d’Amboise

“I didn’t know if I could act, but I knew I could be a great ballet dancer, and Balanchine put out the carpet for me.”

― Jacques d’Amboise

“Who am I? I’m a man, an American, a father, a teacher, but most of all, I am a person who knows how the arts can change lives, because they transformed mine. I was a dancer.”

― Jacques d’Amboise

“If I had to reflect on the finest classical male ballet dancers of my time, Vladimir Vasiliev of the Bolshoi and the Danish dancer Eric Bruhn were, I feel, without peer.”

― Jacques d’Amboise
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