Top 5 Jake McDorman Quotes of 2020

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“’Manhattan Love Story’ has a very special place in my heart for many reasons. We were very sad to see it go. It brought me to New York, and there’s nothing better than getting to go to work and fall for Analeigh Tipton every day.”

― Jake McDorman

“I grew up with both cats and dogs. I love dogs. But I’d want a big dog, and I’d like to have a yard before I get one.”

― Jake McDorman

“It’s true with fashion, acting, anything: Make sure it’s timeless, but at the same time, there’s got to be a little hint of risk.”

― Jake McDorman

“I would love to be in New York, but it’s really hard to be unemployed in New York. Everyone’s got a place to be. In L.A., there’s a system, a science to being unemployed.”

― Jake McDorman

“To be at the Oscars for ‘American Sniper’ and then also supporting Red Carpet Green Dress is just twice as cool for me.”

― Jake McDorman
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