Top 6 Jake Sullivan Quotes of 2020

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“Public policy is a study in imperfection. It involves imperfect people, with imperfect information, facing deeply imperfect choices – so it’s not surprising that they’re getting imperfect results.”

― Jake Sullivan

“For being in a place that’s landlocked, Minnesotans have a real sense of the wider world. Teachers, friends, neighbors – everywhere I went in Minnesota, people put their heads up and looked out to the horizon.”

― Jake Sullivan

“Reject cynicism. Reject certitude. And don’t be a jerk. Be a good guy.”

― Jake Sullivan

“By the time I was 10 or 13, I’d learned the world capitals.”

― Jake Sullivan

“Being fundamentally decent and honest and willing to put others before yourself – that’s necessary for being an effective policymaker.”

― Jake Sullivan

“In the real world, answers may not be clear cut. There will be messy choices, and you’re not going to be able to construct a policy response in a neat and tidy way. Being able to listen to other people, even as you stay true to your principles, that’s how you actually succeed.”

― Jake Sullivan
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