Top 74 Josh Allen Quotes of 2021

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Josh Allen is the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League.  He was born on November 11, 1994 in Firebaugh, California.  He was the seventh pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and he played college football at Wyoming.  He is 6’5” and weighs 220 pounds.

Josh Allen is the Quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. He is the first player to throw for a touchdown at the first four games of the NFL. He is also the second rookie to throw 500 yards in a game. According to the Bills fans, he is also the greatest QB in the NFL history. But not everyone agrees with this view. The other fans believe that he cannot sustain his current performance and he will collapse eventually. They do not think he is a great QB. What do you think?

List of Josh Allen Quotations

“Hue Jackson is a great guy.”― Josh Allen

“I want to be the guy that turns around the Cleveland Browns. The guy that does that is going to be immortalized in Cleveland forever.”― Josh Allen

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“In my opinion, there’s nothing better than practicing a play all week and then going on the field and thinking, ‘This is going to be a touchdown.’”― Josh Allen

“There are times in my career where I could’ve called it quits, and that would’ve ate at me for the rest of my life.”― Josh Allen

“Whatever team I go to, I’m going to give them everything, show them the type of character that I am because, like I said, my teammates know exactly who I am; they can vouch for me.”― Josh Allen

“At the end of the day, it’s not where you get drafted. It’s not going to set you in stone with how good you’re going to be in your NFL career. Obviously, it’s being surrounded by the right people, the right coaches, how you present yourself, how you work hard.”― Josh Allen

“I’m a firm believer in your gut being undefeated.”― Josh Allen

“I’m the type of guy who wants the pressure.”― Josh Allen

“I am way more accurate than my completion percentage shows.”― Josh Allen

“My dad has sayings for days. ‘You bloom where you’re planted’ ties into farming, but it also sums up the ideals and morals that we have as a family by staying in Firebaugh.”― Josh Allen

“A defensive coordinator is always going to try to throw you something different and get you out of your element, and I have to do better with the pass protection.”― Josh Allen

“That preconceived notion of me being inaccurate is completely false, and I look forward to changing that over time.”― Josh Allen

“I’m not really too focused on where I get drafted. It’s what I do after I get drafted.”― Josh Allen

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is play professional football, and be a professional quarterback, so now that it’s here and it’s getting close, it’s just kind of making all that pain and suffering and waiting and working hard worth it.”― Josh Allen

“I truly felt like I was a Division I quarterback, and I’d felt that way for a long time. I just wanted other people to see it.”― Josh Allen

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“Seeing my dad wake up super early when the sun wasn’t even out and then coming home when the sun was set, he worked his tail off to provide for our family and did a great job. He’s the most selfless man I know, and I think if I’m half the man he is, I’ll be all right in this world.”― Josh Allen

“I think that kids who are at smaller schools or don’t have offers from big schools can look at my story and continue to work hard. I preach to them that it doesn’t matter where you come from: it matters how you play and how you apply yourself.”― Josh Allen

“It’s every kid’s dream to be drafted No. 1.”― Josh Allen

“I definitely would embrace that opportunity to be the No. 1 overall pick, obviously that every quarterback would love to be that. It’s no different for me.”― Josh Allen

“I’m the ultimate competitor.”― Josh Allen

“I’m not going to bow down to anybody, not going to back away from anybody.”― Josh Allen

“If I’m fortunate enough to become a Cleveland Brown, you can expect everything from me.”― Josh Allen

“I’m not going to sit here and say I know everything about everything. I definitely have work to do. The thing is, I’m willing to admit that.”― Josh Allen

“I’m going to prove I belong. There’s a lot of skepticism about the type of player I am, where I come from, the University of Wyoming, obviously.”― Josh Allen

“The key to my accuracy is making sure my feet are set right and trying to have a more polished throwing motion, a more polished stroke, you can say. When my feet are right, my hips are allowed to open a little better, which is kind of where your accuracy comes from.”― Josh Allen

“There’s one thing about me: I do love the game of football.”― Josh Allen

“If you didn’t want to believe in me, that’s OK, because I’ll make a believer out of you.”― Josh Allen

“Obviously, I didn’t get looked at and didn’t get recruited by Fresno State or any other school in the nation, to be honest. It has always been my goal to go into every game and show you why you should have recruited me, why you should have offered me.”― Josh Allen

“Stats are for losers, and the one thing I’d like to point out, while at Wyoming, we won games, and I definitely think that’s how quarterbacks are judged in the NFL.”― Josh Allen

“If I’m not the right fit for the Browns, that’s fine by me.”― Josh Allen

“I just love how fluid football has to be, how much time and energy it takes to practice and then taking it to the field and executing in a game situation.”― Josh Allen

“The reason I want to be out on the field is to help my team, whatever which way possible I can. When I can’t do that, it hurts me.”― Josh Allen

“I’m a competitor, and I’m sure a lot of people who don’t get to play because of an injury, whether it’s their pride or their ego, whatever it is, they want to be out on the field.”― Josh Allen

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“I know I’ve got a lot of flaws as a quarterback.”― Josh Allen

“I want to win football games.”― Josh Allen

“Heaving up a blind pass to maybe pick up 10 yards, rather than throwing the ball away – I can’t do that.”― Josh Allen

“I got to start limiting the hits I take on myself.”― Josh Allen

“I had to decide if I was going to try a junior college or walk on somewhere. I even thought about changing sports. But I eventually decided that football was my passion.”― Josh Allen

“It’s intimidating to come out and hear the ‘Skol’ chant.”― Josh Allen

“I’ve got to be smarter with the football.”― Josh Allen

“There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a NFL quarterback wherever you’re at, and I’m ready to tackle any situation that’s in front of me.”― Josh Allen

“I’m not afraid of the media. I think I know how to handle them because I’ve been around them enough.”― Josh Allen

“I think where I come from is going to help me with a market such as New York.”― Josh Allen

“I understand the New York media is a lot more magnified than most markets, but I’m up for that challenge. I’d definitely be suitable, and I’d be primed for a market like that.”― Josh Allen

“It’s really cool to feel wanted by the fans.”― Josh Allen

“I’m just trying to be the best quarterback possible. So as long as I’m playing well and improving every day, I will just continue this.”― Josh Allen

“Football’s a part of me. If I’m not playing, then I’m not me.”― Josh Allen

“Coming all the way from one scholarship offer, you know, Coach Bohl and Coach Vigen, they believed in me when I came out of junior college.”― Josh Allen

“Everybody does things well in their own aspect. We’re all different. We all have our plusses and minuses.”― Josh Allen

“You see a lot of smaller-school guys go to the NFL and have success: Carson Wentz, Derek Carr for example.”― Josh Allen

“I don’t care how ugly the stats look. If we’re out on top, that’s all I care about.”― Josh Allen

“I was in junior college a few years ago, so to be here sitting in this spot talking to these NFL executives, it’s a dream come true. It’s something that not a lot of people saw coming.”― Josh Allen

“Any rookie that can develop a mentorship with a former quarterback like Jim Kelly, it’s going to be huge.”― Josh Allen

“I don’t think I have accuracy problems. I do think when my feet aren’t set, I deliver a different type of ball.”― Josh Allen

“My mom used to call me Joshy Boucher. I watched ‘The Waterboy’ so much, my mom started calling me Joshy Boucher. True story.”― Josh Allen

“In practice, I think I’ve thrown it 82 yards, one time. In a game, I don’t think I’ve pushed it that far – probably 60, 65 yards in the air.”― Josh Allen

“I would welcome sitting for a year. Being able to experience what the NFL is like, settling into a new city. You get a house situated, there’s marketing, there’s stuff going on you’re not used to. Being able to have a year to learn the offense, learn the speed of the game, and coming out in Year 2, you could focus all on football.”― Josh Allen

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“I am the one to admit that I didn’t put the ball where it needed to be all the time. But, you know, given the circumstances that we had in Wyoming, we won two back-to-back eight-win seasons. It was a place where we ended up winning football games.”― Josh Allen

“The inaccuracy issue. Going back to college having a 56-percent completion percentage. Obviously, it’s not great. But I think that it’s a little blown out of proportion.”― Josh Allen

“I’m making throws where I don’t have to second guess, putting the ball where it needs to be, and when I’m making each throw, there’s no grabbing or pulling in there, and it feels comfortable and fluid.”― Josh Allen

“Any football game, you can be hit one way or another. It’s not the safest sport that we play; it’s a beautifully violent game, and that’s what, in part, I love about it.”― Josh Allen

“I’ve never done any arm-strengthening drills.”― Josh Allen

“It’s football at the end of the day, and throwing the ball is what I love to do the most.”― Josh Allen

“I’m from a small town. I think that’s what’s going to help me succeed.”― Josh Allen

“I can care less what people say about me. If I can go to the facility, work out, play football, and go home, that’s what I would do. I’m a big-time football guy. I could care less about the outside.”― Josh Allen

“It’s football. The game hasn’t changed. There’s not tons of new concepts every year that go in. Offense is offense; it’s our job to move the ball, to score points, and keep our defense off the field.”― Josh Allen

“I’m going out there, and I’m going to play football how I know to play football.”― Josh Allen

“There’s got to be a fine line where I can find I’m still throwing the ball how I usually throw it, but it’s able to dive down after a certain height and get to the guy.”― Josh Allen

“I definitely need to do everything I can to help whoever is going to catch the ball.”― Josh Allen

“I love football, so there’s nothing that’s going to replace that. But golf, it’s a second.”― Josh Allen

“My biggest interest of being the No. 1 pick, obviously the pressure that comes along with that, I would love to have that pressure on my shoulders because I’ve always thrived in those situations, and I feel like Cleveland would be a great spot to be.”― Josh Allen

“Everybody’s got their own opinion and their own say. In today’s age, everybody wants to be right, so there’s people that hate you; there’s people that love you.”― Josh Allen

“It’s fun to look over there and see a guy with as a great stature as John Elway. It’s really cool that he went to one of my games.”― Josh Allen

“Literally everybody talks about 56 percent completion percentage. It gets brought up in every meeting. It’s something I’m trying to work on.”― Josh Allen

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