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The Best Thing To Get Anything Started – “Just Start”

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When you run a business you have to do a lot of tedious work, every day!

These are monotonous.

These are the most uninteresting work that you must have to carry out at any cost.

But you feel like doing nothing.

Like I said before, you don’t feel like to do these work at all.

For the last couple of months, I was facing the same problem.

There is some work that was making me down because I didn’t even give it a touch.

Anyways, as the time pass by – I eventually had to make it happen.

I took a task and made it half-done!

That half-done thing actually has been the task-finisher for me.

After that day, I came back to that task again and completed that.


That specific task was there stayed un-done for 4 months and a single lump-sum starting made me finish it at the end.

Now I am thinking…

What if I started this simple “Just-start” attempt a couple of months ago?

This un-interesting task would have long finished long ago!

This simple little thing is making me more productive these days.

If anything seems uninteresting and soulless; then I just start it.

I just start it for a couple of minutes and then let it stay there as it is.

And It automatically pushing me to complete that task – in the background of my mind.

And I find it eventually done.

So, the solution is –

  • Just start.
  • Just start it and complete the 1 part of the task, out of 100.
  • Then come back day after that and start doing the rest.
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As the starting is done already; you will feel it easier and smoother process than what you thought.

Just start!

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