Top 16 Karaoke Quotes of 2020

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“My go-to karaoke? ‘Alone’ by Celine Dion.”

― Abby Wambach

“In karaoke, you don’t choose the song; the song chooses you.”

― Aisling Bea

“I dread karaoke. I hate karaoke. I can’t sing – that is why.”

― Clive Owen

“I lived in Koreatown for five years, and I lived blocks away from about seven karaoke bars.”

― David Walton

“I’m a big karaoke fan and I also love Justin Bieber unashamedly.”

― Evan Rachel Wood

“I used to like doing karaoke until cell-phone cameras came along.”

― Fred Schneider

“Faced with ostracization at school and confinement at home, I turned to karaoke.”

― Jenny Zhang

“I’m really shy – I don’t do karaoke.”

― Kate Micucci

“’Love Shack’ is such an eternal kind of song; at karaoke, people do it.”

― Kate Pierson

“All I want to do at karaoke is sing Mariah Carey.”

― Mitski

“My highest score karaoke song is ‘Ben,’ by Michael Jackson.”

― Nancy Wilson

“I’m not the best cruise ship crooner. I’m not the best karaoke guy.”

― Neil Patrick Harris

“I love karaoke.”

― Paige

“I love karaoke. I love maudlin country ballads. In another life, I’d be Loretta Lynn.”

― Sam Taylor-Johnson

“I’ve developed a karaoke habit. I’ve become a crooner.”

― Serena Williams

“I was arrested for lip-syncing karaoke.”

― Steven Wright
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