Top 5 Kathryn McCormick Quotes

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“As a dancer, it’s hard because there’s such a perfectionist quality that you really have to let go of while you’re acting, because nobody wants to a watch a perfect person on screen.”

― Kathryn McCormick

“’Dirty Dancing’, ‘Grease’, those were the movies that I used to watch over and over and over at my grandma’s house when I was a little girl. I just remember watching them, and I always wanted to be Sandy, and I wanted to be Baby. I wanted to be the girl who’s lifted in the dance, and she’s beautiful and all those things.”

― Kathryn McCormick

“I don’t know where my career is going, but I know that when I’m not active, it really drives me crazy. So it wouldn’t have to be a film with dance in it, but hopefully I’ll be able to be somewhat active with the projects that I do or, if not, I’ll have time on the side to do my yoga.”

― Kathryn McCormick

“When I eat better, I perform better.”

― Kathryn McCormick

“Dance is a physical and mental workout. Once you get your body moving, you’ll see a difference.”

― Kathryn McCormick
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