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Just Learning Or Implementations? What Matters?

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The internet is full of resources these days.

Everyone is sharing something here and there.

At least, in 2020, we love to share what we know.

Because sharing is caring!

I see, bloggers from all over the world picking a particular niche and sharing as much as they know.

Even some people researching the Internet and compiling the best resources of this world and posting on their blog.

And this is how the Internet is becoming an information-bomb which is being updated every second. 300 hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube at every single minute! 5 billion of videos are being watched at every single day!

500 million tweets happening on Twitter per day and most of these are somehow informative and helping or spreading specific knowledge to the followers.

Can you imagine?

But how much we are consuming?

How much information we take and can be able to use on our lifestyle and works?

According to Psychotactics, we waste 90% of our resources, time and learnings.

That means, what we read and learn every day, only 10% is somehow retained and we take to attempt to implement at future. And I am sure, from that 10% we lose another 5% due to the time delays and implementation dilemma.

Another thing I learned from Psychotactics which seems very interesting to me.

Learning from resources and implementing them actually depends on how we handle that information almost immediately.

There are some factors involved when we talk about implementations and learnings. These are –

  • Teaching Someone.
  • Engaged in a group discussion.
  • Practising.
  • Watching a Live Demonstration.
  • Audio-visual.
  • Reading.
  • Lectures.
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That means, learning something is not enough.

You must have to talk about that, discuss with colleagues, write about it and make a video/audio talking out loud.

Even these are not enough!

You have to make some mistakes.

Yes, Mistakes!

Well, you only will do mistakes once you go to implement the stuff you learned so far.

And these mistakes come from using your knowledge on your projects.

And this is how we can turn that 10% learnings to implementation which may convert to the 90% of outcome from us.

So, next time you learn something, stop after a while and think about how you can implement that stuff immediately and consider retaining the most of it!

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