Top 4 Leo Fender Quotes of 2020

Journey Of Leo Fender

Clarence Leonidas Fender, popularly known as Leo Fender took birth in California, United States. He was born on 10 August 1909. From a very early age, Fender started to show love for electronics and electrical parts. Leo Fender is popularly known for his inventions in electrical industry. He has also invented guitars and amplifiers, which are still very famous. 

Leo Fender Quotes
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Leo had a very keen interest in electronics from a very early age. He often used to visit his uncle’s automobile repair shop, where he would play around with spare parts of the radio. While he did his schooling, he started experimenting with radio and other electrical parts. 

Some Major Accomplishments Of Leo Fender 

The following points mark the accomplishments of Clarence Leonidas Fender: 

  • Leo first worked in the electrical field and founded Fender Electrical Instrument Manufacturing Company, also simply known as Fender. 
  • Fender started to work and founded a public addressing system for a local band that met him and approached him, especially for this. 
  • Leo also started working towards building musical instruments that would electrically transmit sound. 
  • He founded many guitars and amplifiers which were of very high standards. The guitars founded by him are still widely used. 
  • Music Man and G&L music company are the companies founded by Leo, where he manufactured and sold guitars, bass guitar, and many other instruments. 

Leo achieved new heights in the field of electrical and musical instruments. The products manufactured by Leo and his company have been placed on a higher standards and are still respected for the authenticity of the instruments. 

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Best Leo Fender Quotations List

“If something is easy to repair, it is easy to construct.”

― Leo Fender

“Let there be bass.”

― Leo Fender

“The design of each element should be thought out in order to be easy to make and easy to repair.”

― Leo Fender

“I wonder if I could make an electric bass.”

― Leo Fender

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