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“My spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.”

― A. A. Milne

“Five letters here just for everybody out there in Packer-land: R-E-L-A-X, Relax. We’re going to be OK.”

― Aaron Rodgers

“DNA is a code of four letters; proteins are made up of amino acids which come in 20 forms. So the ribosome is a very clever machine that reads one language and operates in another.”

― Ada Yonath

“I’ve always published a range of responses to my work in the letters section of my comic book.”

― Adrian Tomine

“I read academic books on courtesan culture at the turn-of-the century in Shanghai such as Gail Hershatter’s ‘The Gender of Memory’. The diaries were mostly in the form of letters from courtesans to a lover who had disappeared or taken their savings.”

― Amy Tan

“I used to get, like, 2,000 letters a week at one point.”

― Andrew Keegan

“My songs are just little letters to me.”

― Ani DiFranco

“When an actor has money he doesn’t send letters, he sends telegrams.”

― Anton Chekhov

“Shakespeare is a permanent presence in the English letters.”

― Antonio Munoz Molina

“All of our lyrics are really personal, and we get a lot of personal letters.”

― Benji Madden

“So, I got a lot of recruitment letters from track.”

― Bo Jackson

“Stammering is different than stuttering. Stutterers have trouble with the letters, while stammerers trip over entire parts of a sentence. We stammerers generally think of ourselves as very bright.”

― Bob Newhart

“The number of e-mails and letters that I get from choreographers, from sculptors, from composers who are being inspired by science is huge.”

― Brian Greene

“I’ve written immense love letters that are supposed to be opened over days at a time.”

― Cary Fukunaga

“The stories are success stories. The letters from listeners often touch the heart and can be inspiring.”

― Casey Kasem

“I like the storytelling and reading the letters, the long-distance dedications.”

― Casey Kasem

“Other writers tell me about these bushel baskets delivered at the front door. If I’ve gotten 50 letters over the last 18 years, I’d be surprised.”

― Charles McCarry

“When an actor has money, he doesn’t send letters, but telegrams.”

― Charlotte Whitton

“I don’t just write letters. I write laws.”

― Chris Smith

“Mum’s serial misbehavior over the years had driven me, despairing, to write her scolding – occasionally scalding letters.”

― Christopher Buckley

“Biographers search for traces, for evidence of activity, for signs of movement, for letters, for diaries, for photographs.”

― Claire Tomalin

“Everyone’s second team in Italy is Leicester. In Thailand, the first team is Leicester. I’ve received letters from Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil – everywhere ‘Leicester, Leicester, what a legend.’”

― Claudio Ranieri

“Over the last couple of years I have gotten an average of 2,000 letters a week from fans.”

― Davy Jones

“I got hate letters from girls all over America because I wouldn’t go to the prom with them.”

― Davy Jones

“If I ever saw an amputee getting hanged, I’d probably just start calling out letters.”

― Demetri Martin

“The Germans and Austrians are very polite, the Swiss are very reserved and the Spanish usually kiss me. The Brits write me letters.”

― Donna Leon

“Letters have to pass two tests before they can be classed as good: they must express the personality both of the writer and of the recipient.”

― E. M. Forster

“Yeah, I’ve gotten a few letters from prison.”

― Elisha Cuthbert

“The letters from jail are always disconcerting.”

― Eliza Dushku

“I don’t know how to write love letters.”

― Frida Kahlo

“People are told their rights when they’re arrested. Consumers getting collection letters are entitled to the same courtesy.”

― Gary Weiss

“A man of letters never objects to a slum. He sharpens his pen there.”

― George A. Moore

“When I was a kid in Houston, we were so poor we couldn’t afford the last 2 letters, so we called ourselves po’.”

― George Foreman

“I don’t write letters anymore.”

― George H. W. Bush

“I get a lot of letters from people.”

― George Osborne

“It will be written on my tombstone in very large letters, ‘Here lies Hikaru Sulu,’ and in very tiny letters, ‘aka George Takei.’ I don’t protest the inevitable.”

― George Takei

“Critics are sentinels in the grand army of letters, stationed at the corners of newspapers and reviews, to challenge every new author.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Journalists don’t have audiences – they have publics who can respond instantly and globally, positively or negatively, with a great deal more power than the traditional letters to the editor could wield.”

― Howard Rheingold

“I have thousands of tapes, and photos and fliers, letters, posters, artwork – basically everything that ever happened, I kept. I’m not a hoarder, though. I’m sort of a librarian.”

― Ian MacKaye

“I get fan letters written in everything from crayons to lipstick.”

― Ian Ziering

“The Malays, like the Japanese, have a most rigid epistolary etiquette and set forms for letter writing. Letters must consist of six parts and are so highly elaborate that the scribes who indite them are almost looked upon as litterateurs.”

― Isabella Bird

“I’ve been honored to take part in protests and events across Illinois, joining with thousands of you in the resistance, making calls, sending letters, and making sure Washington understands that we will not allow the ACA to be repealed.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“Writings scatter to the winds blank checks in an insane charge. And were they not such flying leaves, there would be no purloined letters.”

― Jacques Lacan

“I started getting letters from college in the tenth grade.”

― James Worthy

“I keep all of my letters, postcards, and thank you notes. I’ll keep them forever!”

― Jane Levy

“I took all of my rejection letters – there must have been thousands of them in a huge box – and I went out on the curb and burned them all, crying.”

― Janet Evanovich

“The most dazzling aspect of ‘Possession’ is Ms. Byatt’s canny invention of letters, poems and diaries from the 19th century.”

― Jay Parini

“Aside from sales, the letters from readers have been primarily positive.”

― Jean M. Auel

“At a young age, I realized that getting letters is exciting.”

― Jesse Itzler

“Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“In Degas’s compositions with several dancers, their steps, postures and gestures often resemble the almost geometric, formal letters of an alphabet, whereas their bodies and heads are recalcitrant, sinuous and individual.”

― John Berger

“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.”

― John Donne

“I have 800 books of just Samuel Beckett’s work, tons of his correspondence, personal letters that he wrote. I have copies of plays he used when he directed, so all of his handwritten notes are in the corners of the page.”

― John Larroquette

“Gods don’t answer letters.”

― John Updike

“Over the last two years, I have been able to comb through The Prince’s archives. I have been free to read his journals, diaries and many thousands of the letters.”

― Jonathan Dimbleby

“If a man wishes to truly not be written about, he would do well not to write letters to 18-year-old girls, inviting them into his life.”

― Joyce Maynard

“Mail is processed. It arrives at Paramount Studios! It’s sorted, and a pile is brought to the production offices for each of the TV shows shot there. That mail is sorted so that each actor gets his letters. A pile is placed in his dressing room.”

― Justine Bateman

“What I tend to get from America is very enthusiastic letters and e-mail from librarians and schoolteachers, the gatekeepers, though I hesitate to use that word. I’ve never been a huge seller.”

― Kate Thompson

“As historians, we spend days in archives, gazing at account books. We train would-be historians in the arts of deciphering letters and documents, early Latin, scribal handwriting, medieval French.”

― Kate Williams

“I receive many letters from people hoping to research their own houses.”

― Kate Williams

“Letters are something from you. It’s a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail.”

― Keanu Reeves

“In ‘Letters from Iwo Jima,’ there were times when I told Eastwood, ‘This is just not believable.’”

― Ken Watanabe

“I get about three letters a day from all over the world.”

― Kenny Baker

“Although a madman, Norton wrote letters to Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria which they took seriously.”

― Kerry Thornley

“I get letters from little girls begging me to adopt them.”

― Kim Kardashian

“I’m much more into old-world, intimate conversations on the phone. I like to write letters.”

― Kimora Lee Simmons

“The only problem I’ve had with my Vox wah is its tendency to move around on the floor. So now it sits on a rubber mat that says in big letters, ‘Kirk’s Wah-Wah Rug.’”

― Kirk Hammett

“’Letters From Home’ is a story inspired by my grandparents’ epistolary courtship.”

― Kristina McMorris

“No one writes each other letters anymore, but I think there’s something so special about receiving a really heartfelt letter, still.”

― Lana Condor

“The letters TSS that I once read in the fine print buried on the bottom of tampon boxes soon came to define me. TSS – Toxic Shock Syndrome: a potentially fatal complication of certain types of bacterial infections.”

― Lauren Wasser

“People can lie in letters, but they tend not to. They certainly lie in memoirs.”

― Lois Lowry

“No texting. What happens then? Good old-fashioned letters.”

― Lorene Scafaria

“There are all kinds of letters and protests that come from, not surprisingly, Japanese fishermen, the fishermen’s wives; there are student groups, all different types of people; the protest against the Americans’ use of the Pacific for nuclear testing.”

― Martha Smith

“I get about 25 letters a month, and I answer every one of them.”

― Mary Ann Mobley

“I’m immensely proud to have been made a CBE, but I don’t ever use the letters after my name unless someone has included them in correspondence.”

― Mary Berry

“I did not write any of the letters that were ever published as investment commentary.”

― Matt Bevin

“Don’t drag candidates through weeks of endless interviews. Don’t flake out on interviews. At DeveloperAuction, we often have offer letters prepared in advance, so we can hand them to great candidates as they are leaving the office.”

― Matt Mickiewicz

“Creating legislation is a tough process. But watering down legislation? Strangling it with lawsuits and comment letters and blue-ribbon committees? Not so tough, it turns out.”

― Matt Taibbi

“When I was very little, we would get letters from China, in Chinese, and they’ be censored. We were a very insular little family.”

― Maya Lin

“I’m a hopeless romantic and a believer in handwritten letters.”

― Mithila Palkar

“Letters have been found with my name on assassination lists.”

― Naguib Sawiris

“I had to deal with several stalkers and a lot of strange letters.”

― Neve Campbell

“A typical agent in New York gets 400 query letters a month. Of those, they might ask to read 3-4 manuscripts, and of those, they might ask to represent 1.”

― Nicholas Sparks

“Every author really wants to have letters printed in the papers. Unable to make the grade, he drops down a rung of the ladder and writes novels.”

― P. G. Wodehouse

“Most well-known serial killers have victims numbering in the dozens, have sent taunting letters to the police or have done bizarre things to the bodies.”

― Pat Brown

“I have 60 years of reading to draw upon: naval memoirs, dispatches, the Naval Chronicles, family letters.”

― Patrick O’Brian

“Politeness is as much concerned in answering letters within a reasonable time, as it is in returning a bow, immediately.”

― Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

“At present I answer about 100 letters a month, and read 300 emails.”

― Piers Anthony

“I have a file of letters and bits of ephemera from friends who have died. I have had lots of friends who died of AIDS.”

― Rachel Maddow

“I’ve got many letters from Muslim organizations thanking me for making ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’”

― Ridley Scott

“Harry Truman wrote scathing letters, but he almost never sent them.”

― Robert Dallek

“All forms of contact are good: letters, parcels, e-mails – I’ve been trying to get a Webcam for my computer, but I’m such a Luddite.”

― Rose Byrne

“There are certain families whose members should all live in different towns – different states, if possible – and write each other letters once a year.”

― Ross MacDonald

“I don’t write polite letters. I don’t like to plea-bargain. I like to fight.”

― Roy Cohn

“I used to get an awful lot of letters, and they have almost all gone. I used to answer nearly all of them.”

― Ruth Rendell

“Actually, I bought one share of Warren Buffett’s stock, probably 35 years ago, in order to read his letters.”

― Sam Wyly

“The little words in the Republic of Letters, like the little folks in a nation, are the most useful and significant.”

― Samuel Richardson

“My most cherished possessions are my grandma’s letters and my vintage Martha Washington cookbook.”

― Sandra Lee

“Despite saying the letters ‘LGBTQ’ at the RNC, Donald Trump consistently endorsed anti-equality positions.”

― Sarah McBride

“Letters are expectation packaged in an envelope.”

― Shana Alexander

“Email did precisely what I predicted, back in 1978, it took over the postal mail process and system of writing letters.”

― Shiva Ayyadurai

“Two dads have sent me letters that said my books changed their daughters’ lives. I send them packages with T-shirts and posters because, come on… that’s the coolest.”

― Simone Elkeles

“I’m tired of wasting letters when punctuation will do, period.”

― Steve Martin

“I have had nothing to do in any way, shape or form with the mailing of these anthrax letters, and it is extremely wrong for anyone to contend or suggest that I have.”

― Steven Hatfill

“After reviewing the polygraph charts in private, the polygraph examiner told me that I had passed and that he believed I had nothing to do with the anthrax letters.”

― Steven Hatfill

“I lived in Calcutta for five months in 1999. While I was there, I read many journals, diaries, collections of letters and histories.”

― Susanna Moore

“I’m good at utilising body parts as letters.”

― Tavi Gevinson

“Since I became a senator in 2015, my office has been inundated by countless letters, emails, and calls from North Carolinians telling us how Obamacare has been a nightmare for them and their families.”

― Thom Tillis

“I’m the absolute worst at getting jobs, ever. I had 100 rejections before I landed one. I kept all the letters in a folder until I realized I could just chuck them away.”

― Timothy Morton

“I used to keep a folder with all my rejection letters in it – a few years into having a job, I burned it.”

― Timothy Morton

“I even got letters form kids in hospitals saying the music is what keeps them going, and that really touched my heart.”

― Tom Cochrane

“Chekhov was capable of casually tossing off deplorable comments in his letters, combined with a very modern anger against anti-Semitism.”

― Tom Stoppard

“I’ve read probably 25 or 30 books by Balzac, all of Tolstoy – the novels and letters – and all of Dickens. I learned my craft from these guys.”

― Twyla Tharp

“I save her marked-up manuscripts as an unluckier husband might save love letters.”

― Will Allison

“The atoms may be compared to the letters of the alphabet, which can be put together into innumerable ways to form words. So the atoms are combined in equal variety to form what are called molecules.”

― William Henry Bragg
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