Top 49 Lin Dan Quotes of 2020

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“Badminton is not only about winning. What is important to me is about playing hard, doing my best and putting up a good show for the spectators.”― Lin Dan

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“Win or lose, I believe in giving my best and that is what I always do.”― Lin Dan

“The biggest problem for badminton is wind direction and lighting. If those problems are not solved, it seriously impacts players’ performances on the court. If a high-level player’s performance is affected by these factors, they suffer setbacks and cannot be fully satisfied on the court.”― Lin Dan

“Badminton is a cruel sport.”― Lin Dan

“It is our responsibility, but not burden, to be champions.”― Lin Dan

“It should not all be about badminton.”― Lin Dan

“Many people, including those from the BWF, don’t really understand what the main problems in badminton are and what it most needs because many officials are not competitors.”― Lin Dan

“I love badminton, and representing China is an honour for me.”― Lin Dan

“Before I turned 30, through a lot of hard work and support, I won many badminton titles. But after turning 30, Lin Dan should change that mindset and start in a new direction and do things that are more meaningful.”― Lin Dan

“You don’t just need skills and talent, you also need luck.”― Lin Dan

“I am no genius; I just worked hard like my other teammates, and I believe all my teammates can win the title as they work hard, too.”― Lin Dan

“Success is not judged by just success in a particular championship.”― Lin Dan

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“Of course, in China, there’s already plenty of people who like badminton. I’m hoping more foreigners, Americans, and other countries can get into this sport.”― Lin Dan

“There is no secret. It is all about doing the same things time and time again. It is all about doing the best every day.”― Lin Dan

“I have worked very hard to achieve this. If others also work hard, they can also achieve as much.”― Lin Dan

“It is difficult to single out any one player, as I aim to give my best against every single player that I have played so far against.”― Lin Dan

“Every time I am not playing, I am training harder to keep myself fit.”― Lin Dan

“I hope wholeheartedly that badminton will be as popular and respected as tennis one day.”― Lin Dan

“At every Olympic Games, anything can happen that nobody can predict, so I did my best to win.”― Lin Dan

“I need to practice every day to be at my best for winning the third gold at the Rio Olympics.”― Lin Dan

“If you play a match, then you got to give it all to beat the opponent; there is nothing like playing against a great or a non-great player. I treat them all as opponents and aim to beat them.”― Lin Dan

“I have never considered any player as my competitor; each one of them is good and talented, and my job is to beat them.”― Lin Dan

“I have admired Taufik Hidayat for being exceptionally talented and Hendrawan for being a great player only because of his hard work and dedication. I have always looked up to them as players.”― Lin Dan

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“I am training 8-9 hours a day and will give my best shot for Rio.”― Lin Dan

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“During the off-season, I try to increase my practice sessions, and I am also training with my coaches.”― Lin Dan

“It is for me to realise my value and put in the effort to win big tournaments.”― Lin Dan

“Being a professional athlete, we all want to win the title.”― Lin Dan

“Team competition is my priority.”― Lin Dan

“Of course every player wants to go from good to better, but one should not be obsessed with it.”― Lin Dan

“Lee is such a brilliant rival. I treasure the opportunities we have to play each other.”― Lin Dan

“When you fully focus in the match, you don’t think too much about the atmosphere and the climate. Even if the temperature goes up, we will both sweat the same.”― Lin Dan

“I just want to play my game.”― Lin Dan

“I hope Lee’s scandal isn’t real.”― Lin Dan

“I still want to see the Lin-Lee rivalry; those games always bring great fun for the fans.”― Lin Dan

“Lee Chong Wei is no doubt the best men’s singles opponent I’ve played, and this gives me extra motivation to raise my game each time I play against him.”― Lin Dan

“I hope to play well and get better and better.”― Lin Dan

“I will take every match seriously and respect every opponent.”― Lin Dan

“When I decided to come back, I wanted to prove to the rest of the world I’m still the best.”― Lin Dan

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“I am pleased with the fitness that I have.”― Lin Dan

“I don’t need to prove myself through competition anymore.”― Lin Dan

“I hope to spend more time with my family.”― Lin Dan

“I want to enjoy the life.”― Lin Dan

“The gold medals from world championships and National Games prove the efficiency of my daily training.”― Lin Dan

“I’m no longer young, but I still enjoy the competition and the feeling of that.”― Lin Dan

“Marriage has changed things. I have my own family now.”― Lin Dan

“In the past, my family made a lot of sacrifices. We never got to spend much time together because I was always training. I think now I need to spend as much time as I can with them. This is the life I should have.”― Lin Dan

“I invite Mr. Lee Chong Wei to visit China frequently.”― Lin Dan

“I have played against many players, but I will always consider Lee Chong Wei as my toughest competitor.”― Lin Dan

“It is hard to compete with other sports. Badminton is a sport which, when compared with football and tennis, still needs promotion.”― Lin Dan

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