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“When I worked for Planned Parenthood, we had a specific protocol that we had to follow when picking up our abortion doctor. Looking back, I realize how crazy this was, but at the time, I felt like I was a part of some super secret high-level security task force.”

― Abby Johnson

“Certainly when I got to medical school, I had role models of the kind of physicians I wanted to be. I had an uncle who, looking back, was probably not the most-educated physician around, but he carried it off so well.”

― Abraham Verghese

“I’ve been painting and drawing fish since I was very young. My mom found old pictures I did when I was around 6 or 7 of all these sharks and scuba diver looking back, a big ship, throwing a harpoon. There was already a message within what I saw.”

― Adrien Brody

“For me, I find that even though I’ve accomplished a few things in my life, looking back on accomplishments doesn’t give me a sense of satisfaction.”

― Alan Alda

“I feel privileged and honored to have flown. It’s been a tremendous ride, looking back on the legacy and accomplishments, like the Hubble telescope and the launching of the International Space Station in 1998.”

― Alan G. Poindexter

“It’s funny because looking back at my first contest, I was 15 and surfing the Haleiwa contest wearing this tiny bikini. I remember not even thinking twice about wearing it – I just thought it was normal.”

― Alana Blanchard

“My main objective with every album is to capture a moment in time, which usually makes the whole process very relaxing. I only discover in retrospect when looking back at the songs how my life is going!”

― Alanis Morissette

“Looking back 25 years later, what I may say is that the facts have been far better than the dreams. In the long course of cell life on this earth it remained, for our age for our generation, to receive the full ownership of our inheritance.”

― Albert Claude

“When I was a teenager, I did a lot of pull-ups and push-ups. Every night before bed, I’d do 150 – in sets of 30 or so. Looking back on it now, I’m not totally sure that’s the best way to improve as a climber. But it did make me a lot better at doing pull-ups and push-ups.”

― Alex Honnold

“When the world changed, people were different. Towns closed, cities were boarded up, communities abandoned, their governments collapsed. They seemed to have no qualms that were obvious to you or me about walking away from what they called a useless pile of rubbish, and never looking back.”

― Alexis Wright

“Well, one of the things I discovered in the course of looking back and writing about what I saw in my memory is that I was a closely observant person long before I became a reporter.”

― Alma Guillermoprieto

“I always pined for the guys who didn’t know I existed. Looking back now, the friendships are what mattered. My best friend is still a girl I met in junior high.”

― Alyson Hannigan

“I don’t spend much time looking back at what happened. I do remember it, but I don’t see any purpose of wanting to look back.”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“Literature is always about bygone times. It’s always looking back in time with a certain perspective. I look at bygone life which no longer exists, and as I said, I look at it without nostalgia but without anger, either. I look at it with criticism and with compassion. I look at it with curiosity.”

― Amos Oz

“It is one of the paradoxes of American literature that our writers are forever looking back with love and nostalgia at lives they couldn’t wait to leave.”

― Anatole Broyard

“I had the pleasure of working for Hart Hanson as the writers’ assistant on the Fox show ‘Bones.’ He was always willing to take five minutes in the kitchen and answer questions I had about writing and the business. Looking back now, I realize he might have just been politely waiting for the coffee to brew.”

― Anders Holm

“Looking back, I realise I had to grow up and be responsible at a very tender age.”

― Andie MacDowell

“Looking back, I feel for the missus. She used to get the worst of me.”

― Andrew Flintoff

“People accuse me of glamorizing mental illness. Looking back sometimes, that’s true. But I don’t feel guilty.”

― Andy Behrman

“Looking back, when I was Gollum, I suppose I did break the mold to a certain extent. I’m proud, and very thrilled, to be a part of that.”

― Andy Serkis

“Looking back, I can see that my life with David was molded by forces beyond my control and even my understanding. Still, I don’t regret trying.”

― Angela Bowie

“Ireland is a series of stories that have been told to us, starting with the Irish Celtic national revival. I never believed in ‘Old Ireland.’ It has been made all of kitsch by the diaspora, looking back and deciding what Ireland is. Yes, it is green. Yes, it is friendly. I can’t think of anything else for definite.”

― Anne Enright

“The only real security is not in owning or possessing, not in demanding or expecting, not in hoping, even. Security in a relationship lies neither in looking back to what it was, nor forward to what it might be, but living in the present and accepting it as it is now.”

― Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“Looking back at it now, any objective account of my life is bound to read like a cross between ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’ and a travel brochure.”

― Anne Stevenson

“I was scared to do anything in the studio because it felt so claustrophobic. I wanted to be somewhere where things could happen and the subject wasn’t just looking back at you.”

― Annie Leibovitz

“The Princess’s so-called ‘time and space speech’ at the end of ’93 about a year after the formal separation, looking back on it it’s called her retirement from public life but we’ve seen in fact it’s nothing of the kind.”

― Anthony Holden

“Looking back, when my cousins and I were kids, we’d put together these little skits – these 10-minute improv scenes. I didn’t really understand what I was doing – that I was writing these mini-sketches and acting – but we were all totally into it.”

― Anthony Ramos

“It’s really crazy looking back on my bullies or whoever was trying to torment me or tease me, because karma is just, like, crazy.”

― Ashton Sanders

“Looking back at all the people I have insulted, I am mildly surprised that I am still allowed to exist.”

― Auberon Waugh

“I was the undersized underdog who people never gave a chance. From that, the motivation to prove people wrong just grew and grew… Looking back now, I’m glad I didn’t hit puberty until later.”

― Baker Mayfield

“Looking back, of course, it was irresponsible, mad, forlorn, idiotic, but if you don’t take chances then you’ll never have a winning hand, and I’ve no regrets.”

― Bernard Cornwell

“Did you ever spell a word so bad that your spell check has absolutely no clue what you’re trying to spell? What do you end up getting, you end up getting, like, a question mark. You got a million dollars of technology just looking back at you like, ‘You got me, buddy. Which is pretty amazing because I have all the words.’”

― Bill Burr

“Looking back Little Lulu was an early feminist, but at the time I just thought she was a really feisty developed comic strip character.”

― Bill Griffith

“I think if you look at exactly where you are, you can’t really focus without looking back and forward at the same time.”

― Bill Laswell

“Looking back, I guess I’ve lived an unusual life.”

― Bob Weir

“It’s sad to know I’m done. But looking back, I’ve got a lot of great memories.”

― Bonnie Blair

“When I was a child, I had posters of James Dean in my room. I was a big admirer of his work and was fascinated by him living on the edge. Looking back, my life was kind of the same.”

― Boris Becker

“If you make the mistake of looking back too much, you aren’t focused enough on the road in front of you.”

― Brad Paisley

“My happiest moment is the day they call wrap and I’m free. I’m not looking back.”

― Brad Pitt

“Looking back, we had the hard time, but the privilege, of actually coming up playing biker bars and little bitty college bars.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“If I could go back in time, I would have loved to have done more with Triple H. He blossomed into a bigger star after I left. I regret, looking back now, that we didn’t have more matches or better matches or at least one pay-per-view match where we could have really showed our best stuff – or, at least, I did.”

― Bret Hart

“A way to make new music is to imagine looking back at the past from a future and imagine music that could have existed but didn’t. Like East African free jazz, which as far as I know does not exist.”

― Brian Eno

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“When I stopped touring in the early ’80s for a few years, it was a mistake looking back. I lost touch with my audience in a way and I think that was a bad career move.”

― Bryan Ferry

“Looking back, the biggest mistake I made was feeling ashamed of it. Acne is a part of life. You don’t need to be embarrassed of it.”

― Cameron Dallas

“One of my early childhood memories was my grandmother always having a bowl of Nestle chocolate bars at her house. My sister and I would argue over who could eat the chocolate bars. Looking back, I don’t know why we just didn’t share. We could have split them.”

― Carla Hall

“I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry.”

― Cat Stevens

“Looking back on humanity’s battle with pollution, history has been made by thousands of ordinary people who one day say, ‘No. I’m not satisfied. I don’t want to wait, and I don’t want to pass the buck. I want to stand up and do something. I want to do it here, and I want do to it now.’”

― Chai Jing

“The past is a stronger influence in the South. But I think everywhere you have this sense that the world changes faster than you can accommodate yourself to. Looking back and seeing how you got where you are is a useful way to combat disorientation.”

― Charles Frazier

“The most he would do was to promise that the gates of hell should not prevail against it. It is about all that, looking back on the history of the Church, one can feel that they have not done.”

― Charles Williams

“I don’t know what else I would be if I wasn’t me. I am not looking from the outside, looking back. I am who I am.”

― Cher

“I’m an incurable optimist, and I’m a great believer in never looking back. Life is too short, and new challenges are exciting.”

― Cherie Blair

“I was so intent as a young lawyer on beating the men at their own game that I didn’t take any real maternity leave with my three younger children. It is only looking back that I realise I wasn’t beating the system but reinforcing it.”

― Cherie Blair

“I think, when I was a young lawyer starting out, I was so determined to prove that I was as good as the men and that I could be given the same opportunities as the men, and it wouldn’t make any difference at all that I was a woman. But actually, looking back on it now, I did do things that I wouldn’t recommend to other women at all.”

― Cherie Blair

“I’m heavily influenced by European and American cinema, but the further I get in my career, the more I find myself looking back East for inspiration.”

― Chloe Zhao

“I had told my agents that I didn’t want to do television. I can’t believe I had that gall, looking back on it. I would never condescend to do TV, and then ‘Taxi’ called up for a guest spot in the first season. And my common sense kind of took over, I guess.”

― Christopher Lloyd

“I was so ordinary, critics couldn’t understand it, but looking back, that was the reason for my success. What you see is what you get. People thought, ‘I could do that.’”

― Cilla Black

“Looking back, all I can say is that the meeting with Bush was one of the most disgusting experiences in my life.”

― Cindy Sheehan

“Looking back at my first job, even when I was asked to do something seemingly menial, unglamorous, or very difficult, I always went all-in. In my most trying moments with managers I liked the least, I did not give up, complain, or slack off.”

― Clara Shih

“I moved to New Jersey when I was five, and I lived there for about six years. My dad was allocated to the New York branch of his company. Looking back, I’m so grateful because I got to learn both English and Korean at the same time, and it was just so natural for me, and it made it so much easier to study English afterwards.”

― Claudia Kim

“Looking back now at my first World Cup experience, I didn’t know what was going on. I was a newbie and I had no idea what to expect.”

― Cobi Jones

“I handed out flyers in malls, candies in gasoline stations; helped set up tarpaulins in bars. I played bit roles in several indie movies. Looking back, I can say it has definitely been a long journey.”

― Coco Martin

“I’m perfectly proud of the work I did, looking back at it. I know I’ve had a bit of a revision since my ‘Big Finish’ stories came out.”

― Colin Baker

“I never thought about ‘being’ in comedy when I grew up, because I didn’t know it was a real job. But looking back, it’s the only thing I ever really cared about.”

― Colin Jost

“Can you imagine that Cuba and Europe’s youth, who had forgotten about traditional music, who only thought of rock music, are now looking back towards their grandparents? That is a phenomenon.”

― Compay Segundo

“Looking back across the years, so many pictures flash on the screen of my memory that just as I begin to see one clearly, another slides in, blotting out the first, itself to be pushed aside by the next and the next and the next.”

― Conrad Veidt

“You work on a play or movie, you have the whole script, so you’re constructing a performance based on the bible that you have. In TV, you don’t, so to actually invest in that and let that be the exciting part is terrifying and certainly leaves room for mistakes, looking back.”

― Cory Michael Smith

“Looking back, some of the happiest moments of my childhood were spent with my arm in packets of breakfast cereal, rootling around for a free gift.”

― Craig Brown

“Looking back, I remember my family laughing a lot. We were never the kind of people that dwelled on hard times. My family laughs when things are tough. Growing up like that, I got used to making jokes about things that were difficult. So when I started doing stand-up, that’s what I went towards.”

― Cristela Alonzo

“Innovation really is the life blood of our American economy… looking back at the stories of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright Brothers, you look at emergence to technology innovation and what it has done for our economy. We need to continue that.”

― Dan Lipinski

“The longer we keep looking back in the rearview mirror, it takes away from everything that’s moving forward.”

― Dan Quinn

“There was no Groundlings or Upright Citizens Brigade where I was from. Looking back on it, I was trying to do sketch comedy in my stand-up, which is still kind of what I am doing now. To go full-circle here, it’s kind of like one-man sketch.”

― Dana Carvey

“Part of the great thing of looking back on how I went from the cattle ranch to the White House was, I was a country music DJ. I saw Garth Brooks perform for free in 1992 at the Colorado State Fair where I met this person who knew about this graduate school program.”

― Dana Perino

“I guess I always had made some assumptions about what it would be like to work in a tech company, and some were right, and some were wrong. I had a lot of, looking back on it, now naive ideas about how companies build their brands, and a lot of those notions I ended up realizing were kind of wrong.”

― Daniel Lyons

“There are a lot of people who influenced me, nurtured me, helped me along the way. But I can just recall looking back, the first time I got my baseball glove. Put it on the wrong hand, all those kind of things.”

― Dave Winfield

“I feel confident imposing change on myself. It’s a lot more fun progressing than looking back. That’s why I need to throw curve balls.”

― David Bowie

“Looking back, video game design seems a natural fit, although there was no such thing when I was growing up. I built a Tic-Tac-Toe playing machine in my teens which went up in smoke on the night it was scheduled to go to a science fair.”

― David Crane

“At the end of the touring on Bitte, looking back on all that stuff, I feel really proud of having written that music and of us for having really played awesomely on those tours.”

― David Longstreth

“You just don’t expect to see your baby fighting for his life. Looking back, you wonder how you coped.”

― David Silva

“In comedy, looking back is more important than looking around at your contemporaries because they are too much influenced by the same time period as you are.”

― David Steinberg

“I’m not big on looking back beyond the moment in which decisions and events occur. I’m always pushing forward.”

― David Stern

“Looking back and thinking about the past and what I’ve done makes no sense – I’d like to keep achieving things. Then, when I retire, I will appreciate everything that’s happened and everything I’ve achieved.”

― David Villa

“The thing about looking back over Clinton’s presidency, and probably anybody’s presidency, is that when you look back, the events all line up in a way that makes sense. At the time, you don’t know where it’s going.”

― Dee Dee Myers

“I was probably 35 when I wrote the first story. The voice is kind of a mix in that it has a young voice, but it’s also someone who’s looking back. I like that kind of double vision.”

― Denis Johnson

“Everybody wants to look in the mirror and see Cary Grant looking back at them, but that’s just not the case.”

― Dennis Farina

“Very quickly, without really looking back or trying, I was just suddenly lifted into another sphere.”

― Diane Cilento

“Looking back at it now, I really feel like it was a gift because I don’t know if I have the talent to become a prima ballerina. It’s such a hard job to have. I don’t have any regrets about it.”

― Diane Kruger

“Looking back, I think that’s why I did music. I’d get home from school and the house would be so quiet.”

― Dido Armstrong

“Growing up, there was a lot of pressure for women to be good-looking, but my mum was very strict, and she didn’t allow me to wear make-up. Looking back, it was good for me. It slowed me down from becoming an adult too quickly.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“There are still traces of discrimination against race and gender, but it’s a lot different than when I started out. It just comes quietly, slowly, sometimes so quietly that you don’t realize it until you start looking back.”

― Eddie Bernice Johnson

“There ought to be more grants that go to people in their late twenties and early thirties. That’s a crucial age, although it’s very hard to judge who is worth supporting and who is not. Looking back on my own life, I see that was the period when I was closest to giving up as a novelist and when I most needed some encouragement.”

― Edmund White

“Living the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, causing you to bump into people not going your way.”

― Edna Ferber

“I just discovered when I was, oh, 12 or 13, that I was very interested in language – and this showed itself as poetry. There was no looking back.”

― Edwin Morgan

“I’ve grown up watching ‘Mawaali,’ ‘Himmatwalla,’ and my love for masala movies started from there, and ever since, there’s no looking back.”

― Ekta Kapoor

“I have no regrets. I don’t believe in looking back. What I am proudest of? Working really hard… and achieving as much as I could.”

― Elena Kagan

“It’s kind of an embarrassing story – that’s why it’s called ‘The Idiot.’ But looking back at your past self, you see that this person had reasons for everything she did. There’s a whole lot of awkwardness, but really, what should one be embarrassed about?”

― Elif Batuman

“I’ve calmed down. Looking back, I was engaged more in dramas than I was in relationships. I’ve spent a lot of my life being in it for the plot, and I don’t do that anymore. I’m satisfied. I’m not competing with myself. I accomplished things I wanted to do, so everything I do now is because I want to, not because I’m trying to prove something.”

― Elizabeth Wurtzel

“Trying to get the talk show, looking back on it, we had to beg a lot of station managers to pick up the show because people thought no one would watch it because I’m openly gay.”

― Ellen DeGeneres

“As chief scientist, it’s sort of my job to look at bridges between what we do and to see the connections. But when we try to understand how are planets around other stars habitable… to looking back at the Earth – how are the changes that are taking place, how are they going to affect humanity?”

― Ellen Stofan

“And then, looking back at my first Olympics, and when the pressure was on, in ’94 and ’98, and looking back and going, wow. I sensed and felt what Brian had gone through.”

― Elvis Stojko

“Looking back on my career, some of the hardest times – eight people at a show, 12 people on a bus – were some of the most fun.”

― Eric Church

“I’m not afraid of a big studio film; I trust my instincts. But for me, it’s not really about box office. It’s about looking back on your work and not having to apologize for it.”

― F. Gary Gray

“I’m going to look forward to the future as opposed to looking back at the past.”

― Finn Balor

“Looking back at my high school years, I’m struck by how slowly history can move.”

― Frank Rich

“I think part of the process of putting out a record is always looking back because, by the time a song comes out, it’s been a year since you wrote it.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“Looking back at the ‘Wonder Years,’ I see things I did well, and I see things I did very, very badly.”

― Fred Savage

“Looking back, I was a very good kid, very studious and all. But I would always come out with a quip – and I was sent to the principal’s office several times.”

― Fred Willard

“Looking back, I’m so proud to have gone to five Olympics – I believe only three other Americans have achieved that. My true gold medal, though, is my daughter, Karsen, who is 18 months old. And I have a wonderful husband, Mike.”

― Gail Devers

“Looking back, I’m so proud to have gone to five Olympics – I believe only three other Americans have achieved that.”

― Gail Devers

“I would tell all women entrepreneurs to stay focussed and positive. One just needs to keep moving without looking back.”

― Gauri Khan

“Looking back, my style was pretty much Marvel house style – very large, thick characters, very musclebound, not very flexible.”

― George Perez

“Looking back, I couldn’t get enough fights because Don King owned most of the top 10 fighters, and he never gave me a fight.”

― Gerry Cooney

“There are a few books I can recommend, but one you should read for sure is ‘Do More Faster,’ a book full of advice for young entrepreneurs. Looking back at the early days of, I recognize a lot of things that feature in this the book – like ‘fail fast, learn quickly.’”

― Gillian Tans

“I was in a band in Auckland, and I remember they all hated me. They had a big intervention. They said, basically, ‘Gin, we think you suck.’ I was miserable. I cried and cried. But looking back, that taught me about social skills and how to communicate with musicians.”

― Gin Wigmore

“Looking back at my life’s voyage, I can only say that it has been a golden trip.”

― Ginger Rogers

“I don’t like looking back. I’m always constantly looking forward. I’m not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilt milk. I’m too busy looking for the next cow.”

― Gordon Ramsay

“Looking back fondly, I think the first gig we did with the electronic stuff was really exciting because it was in this tiny club, like an Elizabethan building with beams.”

― Grace Chatto

“Growing up, I didn’t have older sisters or many strong female role models to look up to. Being an adult now and looking back, I realize how much I wanted someone like that.”

― Grace Helbig

“People don’t realize what a brilliant politician Lincoln was. Looking back, we want to ascribe a level of providence to his every decision but he was a cunning and calculating politician; from the cultivation of his image as a hayseed from Illinois, to his ability to keep this country together under dire circumstances.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“As a game creator, I’m not 100% satisfied when looking back at the previous game that I released.”

― Hideo Kojima

“Looking back, I am thankful that I didn’t go into the film industry.”

― Hideo Kojima

“Being a director, I’ve had the privilege of heading a PS3 launch title. Looking back, I think the PS4 has made the development cycle much easier.”

― Hidetaka Miyazaki

“I had such total, unequivocal, enthusiastic encouragement to be an actress. Looking back, I really find that to be a total mystery. Don’t ask me why. My father was just in love with the idea that I would be an actress.”

― Holly Hunter

“Looking back, I realise it wasn’t only gym I dreaded at school. Every class was a torment. It wasn’t knowledge I objected to but instruction. Why couldn’t they just tell us what books to read and leave us to get on and read them?”

― Howard Jacobson

“When I was younger, me and my brother got a video camera, and he used to direct and I used to act. We used to make these silly, stupid short films, which, looking back now, were probably horrible.”

― Iain De Caestecker

“When you’re a child, it’s easy to see school as the worst thing in the world. It’s only later in life you realise what a wonderful time it was. Looking back, I can’t believe I even wanted to leave.”

― Ian Beattie

“I’m not a great one for looking back.”

― Ian Botham

“I’m quite nostalgic. I like looking back over the papers and watching videos.”

― Iker Casillas

“Looking back, it puzzles me that my parents decided to stay in Shanghai when they must have known that war was imminent. But the cotton works were my father’s responsibility, and duty then counted for something.”

― J. G. Ballard

“In my last year of school, I was voted Class Optimist and Class Pessimist. Looking back, I realize I was only half right.”

― Jack Nicholson

“Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle.”

― Jack Paar

“My earliest recollections are of the teeming East Side where I was born. This Hester Street and its surrounding streets were the most densely populated of any city on Earth; and looking back at it, I realize what I owe to its unique and crowded humanity.”

― Jacob Epstein

“After the Olympics and being on such a high and then losing in the World Championships, I was distraught. But now, looking back on it, I think it was the biggest blessing. I was going into every fight thinking I have to win because I am Olympic champion and putting too much pressure on myself. I lost my hunger and stopped enjoying my taekwondo.”

― Jade Jones

“For me, growing up felt like a roller coaster ride at times, but looking back, I don’t think that it was such a bad thing. It was all part of the excitement of being young.”

― Jameela Jamil

“I didn’t realise how devastating my behavior could be – looking back, I’m very embarrassed. I just buckled under the anxiety.”

― James Arthur

“I was only in Scotland for four months or something, but I look back at that, and it was a big learning curve for me in that short spell. I went there with an open mind to show everyone in Scotland what I was about. Looking back, I am very glad with the decision I made.”

― James Maddison

“I’ve always been interested in arrival, and coming to a space, and even to looking back at where you were.”

― James Turrell

“The way I am, I like to look forward instead of looking back.”

― Jamie Redknapp

“But there’s no point in looking back and saying I was unlucky.”

― Jamie Redknapp

“I’ve never particularly liked the idea of looking back; I’d rather look forward.”

― Jane Asher

“For the pageants, it was my mother who got me involved in Miss America. It really gave me the opportunity to sing all around New Hampshire. And it was great when I was young, but looking back, it was also unbelievably stressful.”

― Jane Badler

“Looking back, I do think one of the reasons ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ has been so successful is not because it deals with serious issues but because I had a unique and interesting way to tell that story. I knew the issues were going to be dealt with in the book, but I felt my job was to write the story as entertainingly as possible.”

― Jay Asher

“Looking back, I realize my favorite stories weren’t in books, they were in comics. On top of being a history enthusiast, my father was also a comics fan, and he kept his stash in the top drawer of his dresser, in easy reach of a kid making a beeline to the bathroom.”

― Jeff Kinney

“Looking back, I believe that acting was the best that I could do. It just happened. I kept getting good offers, and the going has been good.”

― Jennifer Winget

“I play with those two eras a lot. The ’70s did actually take quite a lot inspiration from the ’30s. I love the ’70s, the bold color. There’s something very sophisticated about it now, looking back.”

― Jenny Packham

“Looking back, I spent a lot of time sitting in pubs when I should have been perfecting my playwriting.”

― Jez Butterworth

“I love looking back at my old pictures and pictures of my grandma and my mom and see how they expressed themselves at different parts of their lives, and it just tells an interesting story, so why not play around?”

― Jillian Hervey

“I remember the first time I walked on that stage. Maxine and I were just a duet at the time, and we walked on that stage and did ‘Looking Back to See.’ Ernest Tubb introduced us at the time. I remember my knees were shaking.”

― Jim Ed Brown

“Looking back on those games, I probably hustled out of position as much as I hustled into position since I really never had any real training. I was working on instincts alone.”

― Jim Evans

“I have to tell everyone that when I finish a film and it goes out and is released, I never look at my films again. I don’t like looking back. I don’t even like talking about ’em! So I’m really digging back in my memory because I don’t like to sit and look at my films again.”

― Jim Jarmusch

“So I’ve always been kind of an apocalyptic kind of kid, and looking back at the movies I’ve done, there’s some kind of apocalypse in them. So that must be what scares me… besides Republicans.”

― Joe Dante

“Looking back now, I can see that my dad was a real fighter. A lot of people thought, ‘Why don’t you keep the Jewish stuff quiet?’ They were anti-Semitic Jews. People who were afraid. People who came here and made it and anglicized themselves and didn’t want to associate with their past.”

― Joel Grey

“I think, ultimately, looking back now, acting wasn’t satisfying me 100%.”

― Joey Lauren Adams

“In looking back, I see nothing to regret and little to correct.”

― John C. Calhoun

“Looking back, I think we were all quite mature, surprisingly responsible. In earlier wars, boys of our age had just gone off to raise hell or enlist or both, but we stayed dutifully at our desks doing tomorrow’s homework.”

― John Knowles

“History tells us that America does best when the private sector is energetic and entrepreneurial and the government is attentive and engaged. Who among us, really, would, looking back, wish to edit out either sphere at the entire expense of the other?”

― Jon Meacham

“I love the privilege of looking back on my life every three years, turning it into a comedy show, and sharing it with an audience. It’s incredibly cathartic.”

― Jon Richardson

“Looking back, my whole life seems so surreal. I didn’t just turn up on the doorstep playing rugby; I had to go through a whole lot of things to get there.”

― Jonah Lomu

“It’s not surprising to see in my own work, looking back, and in the work of some of my peers, an attention to family. It’s nice to write a book that does tend toward significance and meaning, and where else are you sure of finding it?”

― Jonathan Franzen

“I feel like, looking back, if I didn’t have so many injuries, who knows where my numbers could be right now. But only God can judge me.”

― Jose Reyes

“Looking back at it now, it’s almost overwhelming, the amount of work that went into writing ‘Shine’, and to come up with the ideas that we’re doing now.”

― Joshua Ostrander

“I’ve never looked through a keyhole without finding someone was looking back.”

― Judy Garland

“Can I remember exactly when I ‘lost’ my husband? Was it the moment when I had to start tying his shoelaces for him? Or when we stopped being able to laugh with each other? Looking back, that turning point is impossible to pinpoint. But then, that’s the nature of dementia.”

― Judy Parfitt

“Looking back at those great singers like Gordon MacRae and Howard Keel – they have such a specific kind of style that it seems like we don’t really appreciate anymore.”

― Julian Ovenden

“I was never looking back in regret. I never thought, Oh, why didn’t I become an actress? or Why did I just go paddling along after John? I’ve always walked along right by his side, and he’s always supported everything I do.”

― June Carter Cash

“No excuses and no sob stories. Life is full of excuses if you’re looking. I have no time to gripe over misfortune. I don’t waste time looking back.”

― Junior Seau

“Sure I should have been at the Fifa workshop for example, but I had personal reasons for not being there and looking back saying that it was a mistake for me not being there I would take the same decision because the personal situation has higher priority than a workshop.”

― Jurgen Klinsmann

“I started going back and forth, New York, London, New York, London. I wasn’t looking back at all. I was doing tons of jobs. Working, working, working, working.”

― Kate Moss

“The audience may not have felt it was right, and the author may have felt a little upset, but every part I’ve played I’ve twisted around in my mind until I’ve made it into something of my own. Looking back over it, I didn’t deliberately sit down and plan like that, but it does read like it.”

― Katharine Cornell

“Looking back, I imagine I was always writing. Twaddle it was too. But better far write twaddle or anything, anything, than nothing at all.”

― Katherine Mansfield

“Looking back, I can genuinely say that I am truly grateful that my parents sheltered us from the public eye. This may sound like an easy task, but it was probably the hardest thing they had to figure out as parents – how to give their kids a normal childhood even though they were always in the spotlight.”

― Katherine Schwarzenegger

“Looking back I find it hard to believe that I could forge a career in anything other than football but I didn’t do too badly in my final exams and there were a few business-related courses that interested me.”

― Kenny Cunningham

“When I read Thirteen Days I was moved by it. It was just a great time for the world, in terms of looking back in history and seeing how we got ourselves into trouble and how we got ourselves out of trouble.”

― Kevin Costner

“My mum passing away wasn’t funny, but that funeral and what I went through, the things that happened, looking back at it, there were funny moments. You have to be strong enough to look back at it, to sit and assess the situation.”

― Kevin Hart

“I write about what hoaxers do, but I also want us to think about what believers do. Why do we want to believe a story like James Frey’s ‘A Million Little Pieces?’ Why did we want to believe that Lance Armstrong really did all these things that, looking back, seemed impossible?”

― Kevin Young

“I moved from New Zealand to Melbourne when I was 17. I’d planned to go to university to study French, but I was offered a contract to write and record an album that was too good to pass up. Looking back now I think that was pretty young but, at the time, I was ready to have an adventure.”

― Kimbra

“When you reach 95, after you get over your surprise, you start looking back.”

― Kirk Douglas

“I enjoy looking back on my life. I’m thinking seriously about starting to write about it.”

― Kris Kristofferson

“Pawan Wadeya’s ‘Googly’ gave me a new lease of life in Kannada cinema. I feel blessed that way. There’s been no looking back since.”

― Kriti Kharbanda

“Looking back on the production of ‘Nevermind,’ I’m embarrassed by it now. It’s closer to a Motley Crue record than it is a punk rock record.”

― Kurt Cobain

“I was a diver. Looking back, I realize that putting yourself out there, literally, on the edge of the platform is very similar to doing live TV. It’s taking the plunge and knowing, with lots of practice, it’ll work out fine.”

― Lara Spencer

“’Tango’ was a good experience, looking back on it, and it seems to hold up pretty well.”

― Lindsey Buckingham

“I used to think fashion was something unattainable and reserved only for people who look like models. But looking back, I’ve always made bold choices, possibly beginning with the silk jungle print jacket, orange shorts, and Nepalese cap I insisted on wearing every day when I was ten.”

― Lisa Hanawalt

“I don’t set out to transmit a message. I don’t write with a political point of view. There are no religious overtones. Looking back at my books, I can say, ‘Oh, yes, it is there.’ But it’s not in my mind when I write.”

― Lois Lowry

“I liked to think I had written ‘scripts’ when I was in high school, but looking back at them, they were about thirty pages of wannabe-Mamet dialogue with a staple through them.”

― Lorene Scafaria

“Looking back on my ‘Full House’ wardrobe days, I think I almost regret all of my fashion moments. Oh man, I mean the high-waisted jeans, the cowboy boots, and the tent dresses I used to wear? I don’t know what I was thinking.”

― Lori Loughlin

“’CSI’ was an amazing experience, which, looking back, I was very lucky to get. They shoot an entire episode in eight days, so everything has to be totally slick and professional.”

― Louise Linton

“It is not possible to go forward while looking back.”

― Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“Looking back, I wince at the careless way I tossed out my opinions.”

― Luke Ford

“Early, I wanted to fight against things: ‘Oh, I feel like a background dancer here in the back of the Wyatts.’ Man, looking back now, I wish we could still be doing that. I’m on TV every week, plenty of TV. You’ve got to look at some of the positives of the situation.”

― Luke Harper

“By the time I hit college, my secret shame was the reason I was an actor was my own words sort of dried up. I stopped writing. I stopped being able to form my own vision. That’s actually what my first feature is about – looking back at two different selves.”

― Lynn Shelton

“I found being a teenager quite difficult, actually. I put a lot of pressure on myself, and now, looking back at it, I really wish that I had relaxed and just enjoyed it more.”

― Mabel

“Looking back now, I realise why, as prime minister of Malaysia, I was described as a dictator. There were many things I did which were typically dictatorial.”

― Mahathir Mohamad

“Looking back, we were the luckiest people in the world. There was no choice but to be pioneers; no time to be beginners.”

― Margaret H. Hamilton

“I don’t do a lot of looking back; I tend to look ahead.”

― Marie Helvin

“Looking back, it wasn’t easy when the news broke that I was leaving Dortmund, but that’s behind me now.”

― Mario Gotze

“There was a time in my life when I was going in and out of houses that were extraordinarily different – from a working-class terrace in Northampton to the homes of friends who were really very wealthy. It was quite an odd position to be in, I realise looking back, and quite a nice one.”

― Mark Haddon

“I do like to write about characters who aren’t just starting out, who have had adventures before, who have had a past they aren’t that happy looking back on.”

― Martha Wells

“Looking back now, I realise that belonging to the family of a labourer actually helped to prepare my body for boxing. There were many times when my family didn’t have enough food or warm clothing to go around. All this made me physically, as well as emotionally, tough.”

― Mary Kom

“No, I tell you what I like is having the play close after a decent run and looking back on it and saying, yes, I did that, and wasn’t it wonderful? Because while you’re doing it, it is really tough. It is so hard.”

― Mary Tyler Moore

“Looking back, I understand that I was teaching myself to write.”

― Mary Wesley

“The very first big photo shoot I ever did was with Bruce Weber. I couldn’t believe this guy was taking my picture, so when he told me to get in the bathtub, I just did. It’s only now, looking back, that I realise, you don’t have to do everything people tell you.”

― Matt Damon

“Looking back, letting my hair go natural was an amazing decision because I started getting major ad campaigns. I also signed with agencies in Europe and travelled to many different cities, which I loved. People would stop me in the street and say they loved my hair!”

― Maye Musk

“Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do.”

― McKayla Maroney

“I do wish, when I was younger, that I knew that I was gay. It would have made things a lot clearer for me. Really. Looking back on it, it was so obvious, but it never really dawned on me. Socially, I felt like I didn’t know how to be and who to be. If I had known back then, it would have given me more self-confidence.”

― Megan Rapinoe

“I am 74 now. Looking back, I have a sense of not really being in control of my career. I just went where it took me.”

― Melvyn Bragg

“I had taken a directing class in high school. Looking back on it now, I think it was all heading that way.”

― Michael Arden

“Looking back, I sometimes wish I had done things differently. But if I had, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have proven to be my own worst enemy.”

― Michael McDonald

“In the ’70s, there was no shortage of people taking themselves too seriously, as ‘artistes,’ if you will. I think we all had a tendency to do that at some point in our career. So looking back on that, it’s fun to laugh at it.”

― Michael McDonald

“Looking back, I feel very fortunate to have had such a long career. Many skaters end their careers in their early 20s. I had the opportunity to go to two Olympic Games – almost three after being the alternate in 1994 and then in 2006 being injured.”

― Michelle Kwan

“One in 200 stars has habitable Earth-like planets surrounding it – in the galaxy, half a billion stars have Earth-like planets going around them – that’s huge, half a billion. So when we look at the night sky, it makes sense that someone is looking back at us.”

― Michio Kaku

“In a weird way, when I was looking back, I didn’t know I was going to be a director until I was.”

― Mike Nichols

“My guess is that my mom and dad are very actively involved in the affairs of the next life, and they don’t spend too much time looking back. My dad used to say he always looks forward; he never looks back.”

― Mitt Romney

“What has happened has happened. What is done cannot be undone. There is no point in looking back and ruminating over the past. I am a forward-looking man. I want to look ahead; I want to put my past behind me. I want to make my country proud.”

― Mohammad Azharuddin

“I live a very different life now, with incredible privileges, but looking back I realise that growing up in Russia gave me tools that other people don’t necessarily have – such as the will to push that bit further, to make things happen, to succeed.”

― Natalia Vodianova

“If I’ve learned anything from TJ, it’s that life is a fine balance of holding on, letting go, and never looking back unless it’s to admire how far you’ve come.”

― Natalya Neidhart

“Hopefully, through all aspects of life, you learn from things you’ve got right, things you’ve got wrong, but I’m not one for looking back. I’m looking ahead; you’ve got to.”

― Nigel Farage

“Looking back as an historian, I find myself having great respect for Ronald Reagan’s consistency: his absolute conviction that the Soviet Union – the only competing world empire at the time – was bound to collapse!”

― Nigel Hamilton

“Looking back on high school, I just remember specific scenarios and thinking, wow, that was such a big deal at the time, but right now it feels like it never even happened. So I guess if I can give any advice, I would just say that everything will pass, and it’ll feel like it was a big deal over nothing.”

― Nina Dobrev

“It’s funny because I was looking back on my Instagram,, and I saw that I had a bunch of feminist posts but that was all before ‘Handmaid’s Tale.’”

― O. T. Fagbenle

“Looking back, Google’s success came from the fortuitous timing of being born at the cusp of the broadband age. But it also came about because of the new reality of the Internet: a lot of services were going to be algorithmic, and owning your own infrastructure would be a key advantage.”

― Om Malik

“Looking back, I see that I write books about brothers and sisters, about what makes up a family, what works and what is nurturing.”

― Patricia MacLachlan

“Whenever we changed schools, we had to make a new set of friends. At the time, of course, I hated it. But looking back now, I’m really glad I did, because it forces independence on you.”

― Patrick deWitt

“Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to seek solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make.”

― Paul Berg

“Ever since I made tomorrow my favorite day, I’ve been uncomfortable looking back.”

― Paul Harvey

“I grew up in a household with my mother, who was a Holocaust survivor. I very much understand the mentality that you cannot live in the past. You can’t spend your entire life, or even portions of it, looking back and dwelling on things that have already happened. You have to move forward.”

― Paul Heyman

“Looking back, I think I was always musical. My dad was very musical, and I think my mom was musical.”

― Paul McCartney

“We all know that looking back only gets you into an accident because you’re going to run into something without seeing it.”

― Paul Michael Glaser

“Looking back, I’m really happy with the choices I’ve made in my career. I know for a fact I could be wealthier. Who knows, maybe I could be more successful, maybe not. I don’t know. But just about every single thing I’ve ever done I’ve gone into with the right intentions, and that goes a long way.”

― Paul Rudd

“There was a time in my 40s where I thought, oh, it’s all over – not just work, but I’m never going to feel young again, I’m always going to feel like I know what’s going to happen, I’ll know what to expect. Looking back I don’t know if that was a midlife crisis, I don’t know – but I don’t feel that now. There’s possibilities. It gets better.”

― Paul Weller

“But looking back, the fact was that I had a couple of big hits too quickly and it was simply too much for an introvert like me to handle.”

― Paula Cole

“My mother really struggled when we were young. She was on food stamps and welfare. Looking back, I know we didn’t have a lot, but I never felt I was at a loss for anything.”

― Paulie Malignaggi

“I like the thought that what we are to do on this earth is embellish it for its greater beauty, so that oncoming generations can look back to the shapes we leave here and get the same thrill that I get in looking back at theirs – at the Parthenon, at Chartres Cathedral.”

― Philip Johnson

“Looking back, the most challenging thing for me was actually directing. It’s very tough. Being in front of the camera is easy since the director can tell me what to do. But being the director and giving people directions is the toughest thing for me.”

― Prabhu Deva

“In 2007, I hit 50 home runs. That was pretty cool. I never thought I’d be able to do that. At the time, I didn’t even think it was that big of a deal for some reason. But now, looking back, I realize it was pretty cool.”

― Prince Fielder

“I’m hoping I can fill a gap by helping to advise people on acting mechanics – the kinds of things that, looking back, I would have really benefited from as a teenager.”

― Rachel Shenton

“When I was doing ‘Smile,’ I was looking back at pictures of myself and going, ‘Thank goodness I couldn’t do the sprayed-bangs thing! Everybody’s so embarrassed by that hairstyle now, but I was never cool enough to pull it off!’”

― Raina Telgemeier

“Because being CEO can feel lonely, I journal religiously as a way to express my thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Looking back at earlier entries helps me reflect on challenges and celebrate progress and successes.”

― Rana el Kaliouby

“Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so.”

― Ray Stannard Baker

“That’s the funny thing about time. It is only in looking back that it’s easy to connect the dots. To see exactly why everything needed to happen the way that it did.”

― Rebecca Serle

“I think looking back to my own childhood, the fact that so many of the stories I read allowed the possibility of frogs turning into princes, whether that has a sort of insidious affect on rationality, I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s something for research.”

― Richard Dawkins

“When I started out, nearly every architect I knew was working in public practice; that’s where the radical thinking was done. But, there’s always a danger of looking back as our fathers did and saying, ‘Things were better then.’”

― Richard Rogers

“Everything happens kind of the way it’s supposed to happen, and we just watch it unfold. And you can’t control it. Looking back, you can’t say, ‘I should’ve… ‘ You didn’t, and had you, the outcome would have been different.”

― Rick Rubin

“Looking back, as far as looking when I was a kid and what I dreamed about doing as far as playing on the PGA Tour and winning on tour, I’ve got those taken care of.”

― Rickie Fowler

“With ‘Defenders,’ we had some very barebones ideas, but the bulk of it came together very quickly over in Ibiza. The main thing I like about that record, looking back on it now, is the change in the texture of the production from ‘Screaming For Vengeance.’”

― Rob Halford

“Science fiction is about extrapolation, looking back through history, spotting a trend, and predicting where it will go.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“Looking back, in comparison, there wasn’t that much that you could do with a wooden racket. In my day, the matches were certainly much less demanding physically.”

― Rod Laver

“I’ve always been very impatient. At age 10 I frankly found life boring, and I can remember age 9 having the awful thought, as it seems now looking back on it, A war! That should liven things up a bit!”

― Roger Bannister

“Looking back now on our workload, I just shake my head at our pace. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was my first series, so I didn’t know anything about that when I started. I just assumed it was normal to make 26 episodes a year on a seven-day shooting schedule.”

― Ronald D. Moore

“Looking back, I just think I was a really average sort of girl.”

― Rosamund Pike

“Looking back on it now, I felt that I was blessed much like the masters, I guess – the guys who wrote the concertos.”

― Roy Orbison

“Looking back, one of the things I love most about my mom was that she never, ever relented. She stuck to her guns right up until the end. She wasn’t abusive, but she was never that thrilled that I was gay.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“Looking back on the long haul in my career, little films, big films, TV, the Western thing has been really good to me.”

― Sam Elliott

“Looking back at ‘Taxi Driver’ or, really, any of the Martin Scorsese films, he really filmed New York City in a way that I saw New York City.”

― Sam Esmail

“I literally was saved by a role, from becoming a cab driver. I never did have to wait tables, though, so looking back I guess I had it pretty soft.”

― Sam Waterston

“I don’t really remember the day we lost our home in the floods, but looking back I can understand how devastating it was for my parents. I was only six, so I remember us having to move to Adelaide – but not much of the actual day and night of the flood. We had to start all over again and my parents opened a cafe.”

― Samantha Stosur

“The opportunity to orbit the Earth, witnessing multiple sunrises and sunsets every day, looking back to our small blue life-sustaining jewel from a distance, gives me the greatest sense of anticipation.”

― Sarah Brightman

“Looking back is a way to sharpen the focus on the things you want to change in your life. I think there’s something about nostalgia that really puts a fine point on the here-and-now, and that can be incredibly fascinating and interesting and engaging for the mind.”

― Sarah Paulson

“My life is like driving down a road. I occasionally glance in the rearview mirror, but I’m not focused on the past or looking back anymore.”

― Scott Hall

“Looking back, I am ashamed that I have not always upheld the values that I profess and believe in.”

― Sean Brady

“Although I’m a retired teenager, I remember what it was like to be one. I could have sworn I was riding an emotional roller coaster most of the time. Looking back, I’m actually amazed that I survived. Barely.”

― Sean Covey

“My favorite subjects were astronomy, sociology, and gender studies. And I always loved math class; I have a thing for numbers. I played soccer freshman year and then realized I hate sweating, but looking back, I definitely should have kept up with sports.”

― Selah Louise Marley

“I was studying in Pune when I was asked to audition for ‘Navya’ through a social networking site. Once I landed the show, there’s been no looking back.”

― Shaheer Sheikh

“Estimation, assessment, looking back, retrospecting things – those are intellectual concepts, and they’re always so subject to shifts in the wind.”

― Shane Black

“Looking back on my wardrobe from ‘Stranger Things,’ I would probably wear a lot of it. I might style it a little bit differently but I like the pieces.”

― Shannon Purser

“My brother and I loved ‘ThunderCats’ and Robin Williams coming out of an egg in ‘Mork & Mindy.’ At the time, I thought it was funny, but looking back, it was a crazy concept!”

― Shaun Evans

“As years passed away I have formed the habit of looking back upon that former self as upon another person, the remembrance of whose emotions has been a solace in adversity and added zest to the enjoyment of prosperity.”

― Simon Newcomb

“Was Castro sincere when, during his guerrilla war, he swore that he was not a Communist? If so, when did he change, and why? Looking back, does he believe he might have chosen a better course?”

― Stephen Kinzer

“At this moment, when Ireland seems about to break into something new, we thought it was worth looking back at a time when people seemed to have found a way out of the sectarian division of the country.”

― Stephen Rea

“There was a time when I thought I was doing a good thing with good guys for a good cause. Looking back, I think I really wanted to be a warrior.”

― Steven Seagal

“Looking back on it, when I was eight or nine, of course I did see myself on TV, so in a way, I was privileged.”

― Storm Reid

“I was good at most subjects at school. Looking back, I was a proper boffin! Now, the thing I’m really good at is poker.”

― Stormzy

“Looking back on it, now I can identify the points in my life when I wasn’t playing, and music – and didn’t have that outlet – those were the points when I was most unguided and self destructive because I didn’t have that channel to get those energies out. I’m a much healthier person when I play music.”

― Sturgill Simpson

“I thought that basketball and soccer were hard. And then I went to track practice. It’s just running and running and running. And my event was the 400 hurdles. I ended up qualifying for state. But looking back on it, track was hard.”

― Sue Bird

“Looking back, yes, I made too many comebacks. But each comeback I was 100 percent sure that I would win. I never came back for the money, because I didn’t need it. The adulation I was getting anyway in other spheres. But I’m a guy who likes to see how close he can get to the edge of the mountain – that’s what makes me tick.”

― Sugar Ray Leonard

“When I was fighting, I would look to excite the crowds with a bolo punch or something taunting. Looking back, they were legal – but not sportsmanlike. I don’t recommend another boxer try them. But we looked more to make the robot fights dramatic first and realistic second.”

― Sugar Ray Leonard

“In elementary school, I read every single space book in the library about all the planets, about nebulas, about black holes. So for as long as I can remember, I’ve been just looking up at the stars and wondering what’s out there and even what may be looking back at us.”

― Sunil Nagaraj

“Age isn’t a barrier to playing the bass, and I’ve definitely improved over the years, although maybe I’m not as flash as I once was. But looking back, I can’t imagine a life without a guitar.”

― Suzi Quatro

“I am not really sure that Diana Vreeland did Yves Saint Laurent a favor, as opposed to the world, by putting that exhibition at the Met in 1983. Because I’m sure that Saint Laurent started looking back at his own work. You see that with artists, don’t you? Once they get their first retrospective, it’s really hard for them to push ahead.”

― Suzy Menkes

“Once we got signed, I moved out of my house because I was having teenage issues with my mom. It really wasn’t my fault, looking back. You know, I’m gay; it’s weird. It was one of the things. She has no problem with me being gay, but she had a problem with me dressing the way I do at first.”

― Syd

“I remember looking back on a photo of me… wearing a suit that was, like, two sizes too big for me. I think a lot of guys don’t know what fits.”

― Talib Kweli

“I’ve written all my songs on every single one of my records, and that’s what’s been fun about looking back.”

― Taylor Swift

“When I first started, as long as you were a bit brown, you could play any kind of ethnic anything. Now it’s much more localised and specific. I feel like a wise old woman looking back on the evolution of how much more sophisticated audiences are.”

― Thandie Newton

“For me, looking back is akin to being on a tightrope and looking down. It doesn’t help you in the present moment to deal with what you have to deal with in order to move forward.”

― The Edge

“Looking back at old-school pictures, I never had a hair or makeup person. I wasn’t required to wear a lot of hair and makeup. I was never really allowed to do that because it was the image.”

― Tiffany Darwish

“Looking back at my earlier pictures, I think that the work is very much coming from the same place. I have gone through a period of challenging myself with a complicated idea to currently challenging myself with the idea of simplicity.”

― Tim Walker

“I don’t like looking back.”

― Tommy Shaw

“I love looking back at the older fights; they don’t make them like they used to. Just watching Tommy Hearns, the technique in his punching, the brilliance and the combinations from the likes of Ray Leonard and ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson.”

― Tony Bellew

“I seem to be known as much by the moniker ‘Mrs Funnybones’ as my own name these days. The book was about how a modern woman looks at India and how India looks right back at her. I am glad that India seems to be looking back at me with a grin.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“We don’t want to get distracted by looking back; we need to move forward.”

― Valerie Jarrett

“Looking back at my career, I wish I knew then what I know now… that gender bias is built into the system, and it’s unconscious in many ways. I wish I had the maturity and courage to have pushed back more. I was always trying to be a ‘good girl’ and play by the rules.”

― Valerie Plame

“I felt that it was cool to even get to the point where I was able to audition on the actual ‘SNL’ stage. Looking back on it, I can’t believe that I wasn’t more nervous.”

― Vanessa Bayer

“The hippie movement politicized my generation. When it ended, we all started looking back at our own history, looking, in my case, for motives of rebellion.”

― Vivienne Westwood

“Looking back on those days and little leaguer, the Hall of Fame is not even a blinking star, but through baseball travels and moving up the ladder, that star begins to flicker.”

― Wade Boggs

“I don’t much like looking back.”

― Walter Hill

“I said to myself as Junction Point embarked on the Epic Mickey journey that, worst case, we’d be ‘a footnote in Disney history.’ Looking back on it, I think we did far better than that.”

― Warren Spector

“I wanted to be involved in TV and film in some capacity, so a compromise, because acting seemed unrealistic, and so risky, was to get into the production side. And it was a really fortunate, smart move looking back on it, because it gave me perspective on another side of the business.”

― Wentworth Miller

“Looking back now, if I went to film school, it probably would have helped knowing what the best of the best of foreign films were, but that wasn’t the case. In some ways, I think that led to my originality, because I hadn’t seen anybody else.”

― Wes Craven

“I think one of the saving illusions of the film business is everything seems like it’s about to happen. It’s always about to happen. It’s only looking back that you see the wasteland.”

― Whit Stillman

“I will always be looking back at the things I’ve gone through, thinking of the struggling people I’ve seen.”

― William Kamkwamba

“When I was 16 years old, watching football for the first time, the Cowboys were always on TV – unfortunately, looking back at it now – but Jason Witten was the guy who carried himself, in my opinion as a 16-year-old kid, the right way. He was a phenomenal tight end.”

― Zach Ertz

“I just find that there’s something about looking back on interviews, whether for purposes of remembering what I said about something or if it’s for posterity when I’m 75.”

― Zachary Quinto

“Even if a minefield or the abyss should lie before me, I will march straight ahead without looking back.”

― Zhu Rongji

“Looking back… it’s hard to understand what all the fuss was about as things changed in just a few years. When you look at all the things that have happened in the world, it seems very small.”

― Zola Budd
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