Top 12 Lousy Quotes

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“I have a pretty lousy voice.”

― Adam Brody

“I started out as a lousy actress and have remained one.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“I’m a lousy reader.”

― Broderick Crawford

“Diabetes is a lousy, lousy disease.”

― Elaine Stritch

“I’m a lousy predictor of the future.”

― Guy Kawasaki

“There are some good rules and there are some lousy rules.”

― Harold Pinter

“I’m not an impersonator. I’m a lousy impersonator, actually.”

― Helen Mirren

“I’m a lousy journalist.”

― Judith Rossner

“Reagan’s dead, and he was a lousy President.”

― Keith Olbermann

“I’m a lousy dancer.”

― Michael Potts

“I’m not a politician. I’d make a lousy politician.”

― Norman Schwarzkopf

“I was a lousy player with virtually no experience managing.”

― Tony La Russa
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