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Maluma:  Colombian reggaeton singer Juan Luis Londoo Arias (born 28 January 1994), known professionally as Maluma,  

Instagram:  Maluma is one of the most popular singers with active fans on social networks and the leader among Latino male singers with over 49 million followers on Instagram. Information Collected from 

Latin: Maluma has several singles that have charted within the top 10 on Billboard Hot Latin Songs  

Billboard: Maluma has released three albums that have debuted at # 1 on the Billboard Latin Albums list: Pretty Boy Dirty Boy (2015), F.A.M.E. (2018), and 11:11 (2019).  

Miami:  In 2018 and 2019, he broke a record with full totals in all his concerts in the United States and Europe with his FAME World Tour and 11:11 World Tour filling Madison Square Garden (New York), American Airlines Arena (Miami ), and two The Forum (Los Angeles) among others. Information Collected from  

Los Angeles: He even ventured to Los Angeles to record an English-language album.

Maluma Quotes

“I am not gay; I don’t have a relationship with Ricky Martin.”― Maluma

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“I am a man who is noble. I have a good heart, but at the same time, I’m a little malicioso. There’s no way of hiding that side.”― Maluma

“In Colombia, we have a lot of passion.”― Maluma

“Maluma comes from my mom, my dad and my sister’s names. The first letters of my mom’s name are Ma, my dad’s is Lu, and my sister’s is Ma.”― Maluma

“We work a lot, and we have a lot of discipline because we are really tired that people know Colombia as a violent country. We just want to change that face of the country, and the music that we’re doing is the music that people want, that people love.”― Maluma

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“If I can’t go to my parents, then my parents come to me.”― Maluma

“It’s not only about the material things – I also have a spiritual side.”― Maluma

“I like to prepare each tour in a different way.”― Maluma

“People should focus on my foundation, my projects, and everything positive and important that I am doing in Latin America and the around the world.”― Maluma

“The team at ASCAP is a genuine family, and I am proud to be part of an organization that is home to so many legendary songwriters and composers.”― Maluma

“I’m trying to find the balance and do, like, ‘Spanglish’ music or some songs in Spanish and others in English or do a translation.”― Maluma

“I like to show that I’m real.”― Maluma

“I was known for singing romantic songs to women, but I can also be that guy talking about why you can’t be the only girl for me.”― Maluma

“I think that I could be an example to young people, and they know that dreams come true.”― Maluma

“That connection that I have with my fans is really special, and every time, when I have moments, when I have free time, the only thing that I think about is what I’m going to post, what I’m going to say to my fans.”― Maluma

“I’m still going to sing these songs because trap is a type of music very popular in the streets, and people want to hear it.”― Maluma

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“I love women.”― Maluma

“Ricky Martin is one of my idols in the industry.”― Maluma

“I started using Twitter a lot and realized I had a lot of fans. Then I saw that I can share my music on Twitter and share my YouTube videos on Twitter. That’s how I knew social media was going to be a platform to show my music. That’s how I started. I started with Twitter.”― Maluma

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“I was born in the technology era.”― Maluma

“When I started my career, I saw that everybody was using Twitter.”― Maluma

“I don’t think a reggaeton song will break again like ‘Gasolina’ did.”― Maluma

“I’m an urban act.”― Maluma

“I want to take a more international direction with my career.”― Maluma

“I loved to sing in family parties, for my friends and family. That’s how I discovered my talent.”― Maluma

“I found my voice singing pop and ballads, almost all of them Colombian artists. When I was 16, my family gave me a recording session with some Colombian producers, and that’s where I started my career.”― Maluma

“I played soccer when I was a kid. I started when I was 8 and played for 8 more years. I was pretty good. I used to train with Atletico Nacional, which is one of the most important teams in Colombia. I used to train every day.”― Maluma

“I was in Barcelona working with Shakira, and it was an amazing experience. She’s a great artist, and I learned a lot while working with her.”― Maluma

“It’s interesting that a lot of female artists want to collaborate with me.”― Maluma

“Of course my parents are picky about the girls I date; my parents watch out for me.”― Maluma

“Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake. For me, it would be more than an honor to work with these talented musicians.”― Maluma

“I am very happy and honored to be part of the Sony ATV family.”― Maluma

“Sometimes I post something unwittingly that connects with women. But I never think, ‘OK, let’s take a shirtless picture for the girls.’”― Maluma

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“I filled the margins of my schoolbooks with lyrics.”― Maluma

“My boys asked me to write beautiful letters for their ex-girls so they could get them back. I thought, ‘I should be writing songs for myself.’”― Maluma

“In Latin America, people want you to write beautiful melodies and words. But there are also songs that do well because they show the reality of life.”― Maluma

“I have a lot of artists who I just love to hear their music, and I’m a fan of them.”― Maluma

“Ricky Martin is one of the artists I wanted to be growing up.”― Maluma

“My life was really focused on futbol, but as those things happen in life, my passion for music won over my passion for futbol. But I love what I do. I don’t regret it.”― Maluma

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“I feel grateful for the Puerto Ricans who created this genre that has inspired me to have such a beautiful career. Reggaeton has allowed me to continue evolving and growing musically, and I have been able to make it mine as well.”― Maluma

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