Top 111 Mental Health Quotes

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“Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It’s the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with.”

― Adam Ant

“Mental health isn’t all of me, but it’s a massive part of my journey and a massive part of my whole being.”

― Adwoa Aboah

“I’m a big proponent of having a mental health component go along with whatever the physical realities are.”

― Alan Thicke

“Mental health is a continuum, and people may fall anywhere on the spectrum.”

― Amy Morin

“One of the most obvious ways dogs can improve our physical and mental health is via daily walks.”

― Andrew Weil

“Whenever I write about mental health and integrative therapies, I am accused of being prejudiced against pharmaceuticals. So let me be clear – integrative medicine is the judicious application of both conventional and evidence-based natural therapies.”

― Andrew Weil

“I serve on a lot of charitable boards – the areas of mental health parity, services for those that are underserved, and certainly children’s rights are things that I believe in very, very strongly.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“I think that we should take the tragedy that happened in Newtown and have a full comprehensive dialogue about all issues, whether it has to do with mental health, whether it has to do with the social decline of our young people and some of the things that they are exposed to, whether it has to do with the firearms and guns.”

― Ann Wagner

“It’s so important that we all speak up on mental health.”

― Anne-Marie

“President Barack Obama cried during his announcement of new executive actions designed to curb gun violence in the United States by restricting the access to firearms of those who present a clear danger to themselves or others and improving access to mental health services for those in need.”

― Anthea Butler

“Both casual, unthinking discrimination and deliberate, malicious homophobia erode self-confidence and undermine mental health. Both are far too common, not just in our schoolyards or online but in sporting clubs, in the outer and even in our national parliament.”

― Bill Shorten

“We are made in the image of God, and we need to put Spirit back into the equation when we want to improve our physical and our mental health.”

― Bruce Lipton

“Mental health is seen as a massive drag to have to write about – worthy, dull. Something you should ‘have’ to read / write about.”

― Caitlin Moran

“We need commonsense measures, gun control measures, that save lives. I think that it is important that we keep the firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals and terrorists. And I also think, by strengthening our background check system and expanding mental health treatment, we can do that as well.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“I really see that socio-economic constraints and pressure contribute to our mental health in a big way. You come to realize that it’s all mental health.”

― Chantal Kreviazuk

“We honestly shouldn’t be paying attention to nothing Kanye West says until he actually goes out there and gets the help we all think he needs. That’s what keeps these stigmas about mental health and everything going – we act like it’s a joke.”

― Charlamagne tha God

“When I got to the Senate, I made overhauling our nation’s mental health laws one of my top priorities.”

― Chris Murphy

“The Mental Health Reform Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in 2016. It was one of my proudest moments in Congress.”

― Chris Murphy

“Our mental health system is broken, and we should fix it.”

― Chris Murphy

“Veterans are generally reluctant to seek mental health care.”

― Chuck Norris

“Overnight stardom can be harmful to your mental health. Yeah. It has ruined a lot of people.”

― Clint Eastwood

“Mental health, for me, is doing everything I can to help this team win. Sitting around not doing anything isn’t something I’ve been too big on since I was young.”

― Colin Kaepernick

“Background checks, waiting periods, reports of transfers, and access to mental health records have not stopped the legal sale of firearms to legitimate buyers.”

― Colleen Hanabusa

“My mental health is something that I’ve been focusing on my whole entire football career. It’s a normal thing.”

― Colton Underwood

“Our Congress passes laws which subsidize corporation farms, oil companies, airlines, and houses for suburbia. But when they turn their attention to the poor, they suddenly become concerned about balancing the budget and cut back on the funds for Head Start, Medicare, and mental health appropriations.”

― Coretta Scott King

“Despite probably needing one, I don’t have a therapist. Why spend the money on my mental health when I can do far more productive things such as purchase iPhone apps and pay off parking tickets?”

― Dan Levy

“When I left my parents’ home when I was 19, I went to the University of Florida, and within 24 hours was in the mental health department. And within 20 minutes, I was being told by the director there that they didn’t have what I needed there.”

― Darrell Hammond

“Most mental health professionals, including clinicians and researchers, endorse the deficit theory. They’re convinced that we wage war simply because we don’t know how to make love. We desperately want loving, satisfying relationships but lack the skills we need to develop them.”

― David D. Burns

“I’m convinced that we can shape a different future for this country as it relates to mental health and as it relates to suicide.”

― David Satcher

“Mental health is often missing from public health debates even though it’s critical to wellbeing.”

― Diane Abbott

“We need a comprehensive strategy that includes expanding criminal background checks for all commercial gun sales, dedicated federal law to combat gun trafficking, and a strong commitment to mental health services.”

― Elizabeth Esty

“I think connected to poverty is the trauma of poverty. It’s not just a material thing; it’s a psychological thing that we have no mental health system in this country.”

― Eric Garcetti

“Mental health is something that I’m very interested in.”

― Fiona Barton

“People take the mickey out of mental health, but it is very delicate.”

― Frank Bruno

“Should one of your employees have a physical or mental health problem, I would argue that it is as much something for the employer as the individual to contend with.”

― Frans van Houten

“Gun owners and non-gun owners alike agree on expanding background checks, making gun trafficking a serious crime with stiff penalties, making it illegal for all stalkers and all domestic abusers to buy guns, and expanding mental health resources so the mentally ill find it easier to receive treatment than to buy firearms.”

― Gabrielle Giffords

“The Christmas-New Year’s holiday season can be a double-edge sword when it comes to one’s mental health.”

― Gad Saad

“Exercise keeps me occupied, which is good for my mental health.”

― Gail Porter

“I see taking care of my emotional and mental health in the same way that I see taking care of a garment: After it’s been through wear and tear, it needs attention.”

― Gina Barreca

“Ten days before I started my job at ABC News, I checked myself into a mental health hospital.”

― Ginger Zee

“I wanted to write a story about my struggles with depression and mental health. It’s an issue that needs to be talked about more.”

― Ginger Zee

“Everyone says to you, ‘if you play Ophelia, you’ll end up crazy,’ but we’re all somewhere on the spectrum of mental health, and I think that if you approach it that way it’s not such an intimidating issue.”

― Gugu Mbatha-Raw

“I’m always going to have to manage my mental health issues.”

― James Arthur

“As the National Football League and other pro sports increasingly reckon with the early dementia, mental health issues, suicides and even criminal behavior of former players, the risk of what’s known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), is becoming clear.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“There are so many cliches associated with mental health – such as the ‘fine line between lunacy and genius’ – which are, on the whole, a load of rubbish.”

― Jo Brand

“Mental health is personal for our whole band. As touring musicians, self-care can quickly become make it or break it on the road.”

― John Gourley

“The study also included the disturbing revelation that most of the troops who reported having mental health problems also reported that they did not seek or did not receive care for their problems.”

― John M. McHugh

“We are particularly interested in the mental health programs and policies that support our troops and their families before, during, and after deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

― John M. McHugh

“Physical activity can help improve your mental health, as it helps to take your mind off things if you are having a bad time.”

― Jordan Pickford

“The notion that you can endanger your physical and mental health by letting strong passions go unsatisfied is a vicious falsehood.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Change the way we all talk to each other about our mental health.”

― Kate Middleton

“We have seen that two heads are better than one when dealing with a mental health problem.”

― Kate Middleton

“I often get asked why I decided to spend time highlighting the mental health of children.”

― Kate Middleton

“I’m big on yoga and of taking care of my mental health.”

― Katie Lowes

“Like many artists, I have issues with anxiety and depression, so I try to live in a way that supports my mental health.”

― Laura van den Berg

“There came a point when I called my mom, and I was like, ‘I need to come home. I’m not OK. I’m not good right now. My mental health isn’t good.’”

― Lili Reinhart

“Why aren’t we talking about it in health classes in school? That’s just as important as learning about physical health and nutrition. Why aren’t we learning about our minds and our mental health and mental illnesses? I just think that it’s something that very much needs to go hand in hand.”

― Lili Reinhart

“Self-esteem is as important to our well-being as legs are to a table. It is essential for physical and mental health and for happiness.”

― Louise Hart

“In the same way that our school system feels strongly about requiring vaccinations and annual physicals, I feel strongly that it is essential to add a mental health component to that annual physical.”

― Madchen Amick

“I wanted to be a complete person and realised that the well-being of mental health is extremely important in achieving that.”

― Manisha Koirala

“For me, because I’m a mental health advocate, I want everyone to be the healthiest they can be.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“We need, ultimately, to be able to view mental health with the same clear-headedness we show when talking about physical health.”

― Matt Haig

“In an age of never-ending health fads, it’s comforting to learn that one of the healthiest activities you can do has existed for millennia. It’s called reading. Yes, books are not just entertaining or educational: they can also improve your mental health.”

― Matt Haig

“The problem with the stigma around mental health is really about the stories that we tell ourselves as a society. What is normal? That’s just a story that we tell ourselves.”

― Matthew Quick

“When I wrote ‘Silver Linings,’ I thought I was writing a book about the Philadelphia Eagles and male bonding, but when the book came out, it was surprising to me that the mental health community embraced it.”

― Matthew Quick

“I’ve always been an advocate for mental health.”

― Mauro Ranallo

“I believe the biggest stigma right now, with mental health, is that a lot of men are not talking about it.”

― Mauro Ranallo

“I gave myself the nickname ‘Bipolar Rock N’ Roller’ way back in the 1990s, when – as much as we don’t talk about mental health now – back then it was almost nonexistent. And if it was broached, it was done in a very pejorative way.”

― Mauro Ranallo

“I respond to about a quarter of comments. It’s a good barometer of my mental health – when I’m healthy and busy, I don’t read them.”

― Meghan Daum

“Mental health can be just as important as physical health – and major depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses.”

― Michael Greger

“My hobbies include maintaining my physical and mental health. It’s a full-time job. Yoga definitely helps for both of them. I’m a big fan of relaxing and not having a schedule. That’s my best way to keep from going crazy.”

― Olivia Thirlby

“I partnered with Headstrong because they give free and fast mental health support to our veterans who are most at risk. There is no red tape, and they get help within a day or two instead of weeks.”

― Patty Smyth

“Unfortunately, we force people to break the law in order to get any kind of mental health treatment.”

― Pete Earley

“You can never turn the clock back and, since we’re talking about mental health, I would stress that.”

― Peter Shilton

“Big Brother is on the march. A plan to subject all children to mental health screening is underway, and the pharmaceuticals are gearing up for bigger sales of psychotropic drugs.”

― Phyllis Schlafly

“We readily go to the health club when our doctor suggests we need more exercise, but we regularly neglect the ‘mental health club’ that our well-being more truly requires.”

― Pico Iyer

“I won’t say that writing is therapy, but for me, the act of writing is therapy. The ability to be productive is good for my mental health. It’s always better for me to be writing than vegetating on some couch.”

― Raymond E. Feist

“Anyone who commits an act of violence to themselves or others is worth consideration in the sense that there must be something that brought them to that point, whether it’s a mental health issue or otherwise.”

― Rebecca Hall

“Many people are worried about my mental health. But as I’ve said many times, we’re stronger than we think we are.”

― Richard Phillips

“A desire to be in charge of our own lives, a need for control, is born in each of us. It is essential to our mental health, and our success, that we take control.”

― Robert Foster Bennett

“Far from the stereotype that psychodynamic treatments are appropriate only for the ‘worried well,’ a growing body of evidence points to their efficacy in dealing with the most pressing mental health problems of our time.”

― Robert J. Waldinger

“I believe that the issue of mental health services for our troops deploying or returning from combat is one that demands the attention of this body, if only for a few minutes today.”

― Rosa DeLauro

“I don’t think people get the pressure of becoming famous and what it does for an artist. What does that for your creative self. And what that can do for your mental health. And I would say, from year two to year six or eight of ‘Grey’s,’ it was extremely difficult and very stressful and traumatic, if I’m being honest.”

― Sandra Oh

“Do we talk about the dignity of work? Do we give our students any reason for believing it is worthwhile to sacrifice for their work because such sacrifices improve the psychological and mental health of the person who makes them?”

― Sargent Shriver

“Taking care of your mental health is important, and being able to model that for queer people who are out there every day dealing with their own struggles is very significant.”

― Sasha Velour

“I don’t have a television in my house. I haven’t owned one in years. In truth, it’s about mental health for me. It’s hard for me to have a television in the house because I’ll just stay inside and binge-watch stuff that I don’t even want to watch. I’ve learned when I don’t have a TV, it forces me to go outside.”

― Shalita Grant

“Mental health affects every aspect of your life. It’s not just this neat little issue you can put into a box.”

― Shannon Purser

“Exercise is great for your mental health!”

― Stella Maxwell

“There’s certainly no doubt that commercialism has entered classical music to such a degree that almost no one seems to care anymore about the physical and mental health of the performer.”

― Stephen Hough

“I’ve got a cure for mental health issue. Spank your children more.”

― Steve Bannon

“As it turns out, social scientists have established only one fact about single women’s mental health: employment improves it.”

― Susan Faludi

“Issues to do with disability, mental health and not being neurotypical often affect many genuine teenagers but are rarely reflected in the fiction they read.”

― Tansy Rayner Roberts

“Depression is a leading cause of ill health and disability, and many do not have access to mental health services and face significant social stigma around their disease.”

― Tedros Adhanom

“As a candidate for Director-General of the WHO, I believe there is a key role WHO needs to play to improve and advance mental health. It can help advocate for efficient resources and services – and efforts to reduce stigma – to be in place at local, national, and global levels.”

― Tedros Adhanom

“Violent felons and people with mental health problems need to be rehabilitated.”

― Thom Tillis

“We need mental health counselors in every school that needs one.”

― Tim Ryan

“With mental health, it’s not like there’s a box where you’re healthy and another box where you’ve got a mental illness. You try to stay at the healthy end of the continuum, and watch as you move, and I’ve been able to do that.”

― Tina Smith

“It’s so important that we figure out a way of moving beyond the stigma that still exists around treatment for mental health.”

― Tina Smith

“I know how important good mental health care can be because I personally benefited from it.”

― Tipper Gore

“TV does not care about you or what happens to you. It’s downright bad for your health now, and that’s not a far-out concept. I think watching the TV news is bad for you. It is bad for your physical health and your mental health.”

― Tom Petty

“I was one of those people who put too much emphasis on work and career and material possessions, and it took its toll on all my relationships, on my physical health, my emotional and mental health.”

― Tony Shalhoub

“It’s okay to talk about mental health issues. It’s okay to admit that you have anxiety. It doesn’t take away from your power. It’s totally normal.”

― Torrey DeVitto

“Mental health and sobriety is not a straight line, and ‘Drag Race’ is a family, and we support our family members through anything.”

― Trixie Mattel

“There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business.”

― Vikram Patel

“If our children are becoming teenagers who are abusive, have mental health issues, and are committing heinous crime, it only means that we have failed them as a society. We have failed to give them a safe, nurturing environment to ensure that they are well-balanced, useful persons in the society.”

― Vikram Patel

“Children have to be provided a nurturing environment to grow. Sadly, in India we don’t have a robust mental health programme for children. There is also a lack of accountability in the public system.”

― Vikram Patel

“I think the government must recognise that the wounds of conflict are even more grievous on the mind than the body, and indeed may even serve to fuel further conflict. Where conflict cannot be avoided, provision of adequate psychosocial services to prevent the adverse mental health consequences should take priority.”

― Vikram Patel

“The current approach that psychiatry takes almost ignores social worlds in which mental health problems arise and tries to become highly biomedical like other branches of medicine such as cardiology or oncology. But psychiatry has to be far more embedded in people’s personal and social worlds.”

― Vikram Patel

“Most aid agencies do not even consider proposals to treat mental health problems; those that do think of it as a minor player, overshadowed by the pressing need to save lives by treating physical illness.”

― Vikram Patel

“I’ve run my whole life – for more than exercise, for mental health.”

― Wendelin Van Draanen

“I’m by no means condemning prescription medicine for mental health. I’ve seen it save a lot of people’s lives.”

― Zach Braff
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