Top 6 Mike Dirnt Quotes

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“I think that’s the most important thing you can do to be a real person – is to be honest with yourself.”

― Mike Dirnt

“Listen to the silence. Listen to your life. Be present, not just think about what’s going on next week, next month.”

― Mike Dirnt

“I have a daughter and she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me. She gives me a good excuse to watch cartoons.”

― Mike Dirnt

“When I listen to songs, I can smell a rat. I like songs that speak to me with some deeper truth.”

― Mike Dirnt

“I’m an optimistic agnostic. I think the second we die, within a matter of seconds, everybody else arrives, and that’s the party, and you live your hell on earth.”

― Mike Dirnt

“I’m an optimist, so I believe in some sort of life after death; I don’t know what kind.”

― Mike Dirnt
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