Top 6 Miranda Leek Quotes

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“I really enjoy playing the piano. I took lessons throughout middle school, but I had to drop the lessons. I actually got too busy, but I hope to pick up the lessons when I’m in college if I can.”

― Miranda Leek

“My dad keeps referring to me playing the piano when he’s trying to teach me something in archery.”

― Miranda Leek

“In piano, if you try to force hitting this key and that key, it’s very broken. It’s not pretty. When you’re in archery, you can’t try to force it step-by-step-by-step. Then the shot doesn’t flow and it’s not a good shot. If you just let the performance flow, it’s really beautiful.”

― Miranda Leek

“My dad, we’ll be talking about goals for the next year. He’s like, ‘I think you can be here,’ and I look at him like he’s cross-eyed, like, ‘Are you serious? That’s so far out of my reach.’ Well, then I always end up achieving it.”

― Miranda Leek

“Everything I did in P.E. was just awful. Archery was just something that we did as a father/daughter activity, and it just kind of grew out of that, really.”

― Miranda Leek

“My end goal in the piano is to play Scott Joplin’s ‘Maple Leaf Rag.’”

― Miranda Leek
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