Top 23 Modelling Quotes

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“There are loads of actresses that modelled. They just weren’t famous. There weren’t a lot that were really known as models that became actresses, but there are hordes of them that did modelling before such as Anjelica Huston, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Geena Davis. There are loads of ’em.”

― Andie MacDowell

“It is so common in middle-class families to consider modelling and acting not serious.”

― Anushka Sharma

“Modelling is an incredible platform.”

― Cameron Russell

“Modelling is no better or worse than many other professions, but it is more obvious, more accessible.”

― Cameron Russell

“I’m only 5 ft. 7 in. tall, and for modelling, that’s small, so I wasn’t getting signed, but I kept on pushing.”

― Charlotte McKinney

“Modelling was never in my plan. Never.”

― Christie Brinkley

“In terms of role modelling for younger kids, I never really censor myself.”

― Daya

“If I wasn’t modelling, I guess I would work in fashion as a buyer.”

― Georgia Salpa

“Modelling is a silly, crazy business.”

― Helena Christensen

“I started modelling quite late, at 20. In this industry, girls start when they’re barely even 14 or 15.”

― Irina Shayk

“In teaching, I wanted to offer a general pharmacology course based on chemical principles, biochemical classification and mathematical modelling. In the event I achieved neither of my ambitions.”

― James Black

“Modelling doesn’t hold you back in L.A. at all.”

― Jamie Dornan

“I’d always really wanted to act; but the modelling contracts came more easily.”

― Jamie Dornan

“I’m a poet first and foremost, before the modelling.”

― Jessica White

“Modelling has really helped build my confidence.”

― Lindsey Wixson

“I’m not a model, so the idea of modelling a suit or clothes is weird in itself.”

― Marc Jacobs

“Modelling is very two-dimensional. You really don’t have to bare anything.”

― Mia Goth

“Modelling killed me.”

― Milla Jovovich

“Computer modelling for weather forecasting, and indeed for climate forecasting, has reached its limits.”

― Piers Corbyn

“I did modelling for a year, but then I always wanted to be an actress.”

― Rakul Preet Singh

“My relationship with M&S continues to be an exciting journey, from modelling to designing my online range.”

― Twiggy

“Initially, I got admission in Hindu College, but it was far from my home in Malviya Nagar. Since I was modelling, too, I opted for Gargi.”

― Urvashi Rautela

“Modelling has given me so much confidence.”

― Urvashi Rautela
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