Top 56 Morten Harket Quotes of 2020

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Morten Harket: Morten Harket (born 14 September 1959) is a Norwegian vocalist and musician.  

Norwegian: He’s A Norwegian Knight All 3 members of A-ha have been appointed Knights of the 1st Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St.  

Take ON: On October 19, 1984, A-ha released a song from the album, “Take on Me,” as a single. The “Take on Me” video took four months and approximately $200,000 to make. Information Collected from(

Magne Furuholmen:  He was austere, distant, and literally stood five feet behind band-mates Pal Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen.  

Knights:  He was named Knights First Class of the Order of St for Norwegian music.

Norway: In April 2012 Harket released his new solo album, Out of My Hands in both Norway and Germany

Morten Harket Quotes

“I didn’t feel like I fitted in. I felt like I was a hindrance to A-ha.”― Morten Harket

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“Just to be spontaneous and free is life’s biggest luxury and privilege when life is so busy.”― Morten Harket

“Fun is only possible if you have a mindset that allows it.”― Morten Harket

“I love just being in the sphere of nothingness looking inwards.”― Morten Harket

“I do love beauty. I love beautiful tilings. I grow orchids and collect butterflies. But when it comes to relationships, you have to find the person inside.”― Morten Harket

“I’m not an entertainer; I’m an engager. I never sell myself, in a sense.”― Morten Harket

“Anything can be interesting as long as you access it from the right angle.”― Morten Harket

“My brother was an avid Stoke City fan and a good footballer. We shared a room, growing up, and the walls were covered with 1970s Stoke players, like Peter Shilton, Gordon Banks, and Jimmy Greenhoff.”― Morten Harket

“I’ve never been uncomfortable being a frontman.”― Morten Harket

“I actually do sing sometimes.”― Morten Harket

“I never liked the term ‘fans.’”― Morten Harket

“You can love someone and not like them.”― Morten Harket

“We got sick of interviews and performances – for a long time, it came back to doing ‘Take on Me.’ It became a circus number instead of music.”― Morten Harket

“For a lot of fans from the early days, they probably had issues they were A-ha fans, because it probably wasn’t ‘cool.’”― Morten Harket

“People have a wild response to something, and they want it. Sometimes people lose themselves.”― Morten Harket

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“We wanted to come to London because it’s the hardest place to make it.”― Morten Harket

“We were totally confident that we would make it internationally. We had no money or instruments. We used cake tins or bottles with water in them – anything to make sounds.”― Morten Harket

“We wanted the freedom to be playful, to experiment and do what we felt like doing, but we were heavily affected by the success that the first record gave us.”― Morten Harket

“When you’re at war with yourself, you will go under.”― Morten Harket

“People think the chorus is the hard part in ‘Take on Me,’ but they’re wrong. The hard part was making the verses bounce.”― Morten Harket

“I had always wanted to make music on a big scale but never knew how it was going happen – until I saw a band in Oslo called Bridges. I was stunned. They had everything. The only thing they didn’t have was me. I knew I needed to join, not for my own sake but for the band’s. I knew I was a necessary ingredient.”― Morten Harket

“We had to leave Norway and go where it was all happening, which was London. We loved it there, but it was hard. We had no money – we were literally starving. It started to get ugly.”― Morten Harket

“We sent a guy called Terry Slater a couple of demos, using the last of our money. And then things turned. He landed us a deal with Warners and said just keep coming up with songs, because when success hits you, you won’t even know your name.”― Morten Harket

“I am naturally prone to fun or to be funny, but when I talk about myself in interviews, then it’s an intellectual exercise.”― Morten Harket

“A-ha is not me, Paul, or Magne: it is its own individual that has its own identity and characteristics. It is a result of a particular meeting point between the three of us.”― Morten Harket

“We didn’t feel we fitted into the ’80s.”― Morten Harket

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“We’ve never been very good at servicing fans. I’m here to concentrate on music, not to be a pen pal to people who write to me.”― Morten Harket

“One of the good things about being away is to digest things and maybe learn from things and see if there are better ways to get to where you want to be.”― Morten Harket

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“What you look like doesn’t matter as much as what you feel like. If you feel you look good, you look good. And I never felt that.”― Morten Harket

“The record company didn’t know what we looked like at first. They were all excited about our tapes.”― Morten Harket

“If looks help, that’s great, but we don’t want it to be the featured thing. It’s totally superficial.”― Morten Harket

“When we were kids, Stoke was massive in Norway.”― Morten Harket

“My younger brother was a big Stoke fan, and I was sucked into it. I was kind of waking up every morning and looking at Gordon Banks’ face! We had all these small football cards – literally hundreds of them – and swapping them was the currency back then.”― Morten Harket

“You have to remember, videos were on the rise back when we did ‘Take On Me.’”― Morten Harket

“We had a large spell in 1985-86, but we would have had to move to the States and be available all the time, so we chose to remain a European act.”― Morten Harket

“We were never a boy band. We always had much more to offer than that, I thought.”― Morten Harket

“I grew up in a small mountain town in Norway, and I remember miming to the Beatles on the couch when I was about six, singing into a broomstick, but this was a country that only had one radio station. There was no music around, really.”― Morten Harket

“I’d known since I was 17 that I was going to be a star. It was a strange feeling but a very real one.”― Morten Harket

“The pin-up thing took us completely by surprise. I found it hard because I got singled out, and I didn’t like it. There was a lot of disillusionment.”― Morten Harket

“If you respond to pop music as an older person, then it’s your game. But this business has a tremendously visual focus.”― Morten Harket

“I don’t abuse my body – I don’t drink much alcohol, don’t smoke and never have – but that’s the same of many people. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped ageing myself.”― Morten Harket

“I’m attracted to people who are older rather than younger, and all ages have their potential and limitations.”― Morten Harket

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“It’s great to play live. I love it and appreciate it more than I did in the early days. It’s a central part of being in A-ha.”― Morten Harket

“I can choose to be a serious musician, but the sex symbol part is not up to me.”― Morten Harket

“I do respond to the ideas behind the Eurovision and ‘The X Factor,’ but they’re both so limiting and very, very shallow.”― Morten Harket

“Mind you, the limelight exists anywhere in the world. When you’re not in the U.K., it can be as active somewhere else in the world, and for me, that’s more or less been the case, so I never dropped out of the limelight in that sense.”― Morten Harket

“The video was of paramount importance, because ‘Take on Me’ was not an instant hit.”― Morten Harket

“If I didn’t travel so much, maybe my perfect Sunday would be skin diving on a coral reef – not scuba diving, as skin diving is more physical, and I prefer the lightness of it. Skin diving means wearing just goggles. Oh, I could wear some trunks, maybe.”― Morten Harket

“Since I travel so much, my perfect Sunday would start by waking up at home with my partner Inez. We’d have breakfast with our little girl Karmen, maybe in our garden.”― Morten Harket

“Although I would like to describe the perfect day, I can’t. Because a perfect day is one where there is no plan.”― Morten Harket

“We make music that we believe in. That’s all it is.”― Morten Harket

“I feel very strong about ‘Brother.’ This is me. I’ve been writing with a much more free sky, open and free.”― Morten Harket

“We knew we would make it and become very big.”― Morten Harket

“We became such darlings of a certain type of media. We became a package; we became easy to sell: these three golden nuggets that could pour out all the goods. It was all exposure in an almost violent way.”― Morten Harket

“We ceased to be a band the moment we made it. It left us with nothing. We felt like a failure although we had commercial success.”― Morten Harket

“The hardest thing to have is a success, because it seems to tell people what you are. But it doesn’t.”― Morten Harket

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