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“Whoever moves into a community has a vested interest in it.”

― Andrew Goodman

“Enthusiasm moves the world.”

― Arthur Balfour

“I’m a singer who moves like a dancer.”

― Bobby Darin

“All that matters on the chessboard is good moves.”

― Bobby Fischer

“With 24-hour news… the story moves on with the media.”

― Charles Kennedy

“Music that comes from the heart – that’s the music that moves me.”

― Ciara

“I’m not Candide, nor Dr Pangloss, but we know that faith moves mountains.”

― Daniel Libeskind

“Time moves on for everyone.”

― Diego Forlan

“Insensibility, of all kinds, and on all occasions, most moves my imperial displeasure.”

― Frances Burney

“And yet it moves.”

― Galileo Galilei

“Blood and death. That moves me.”

― Ikue Mori

“Politics is marginal, but literature moves along by indirection.”

― Italo Calvino

“I’m not a good dancer, but I try. I don’t really have the moves.”

― Jacob Dalton

“Nature moves towards balance.”

― Joel Salatin

“I’m a singer who moves well.”

― Jonathan Groff

“Fashion’s transient – it moves.”

― Louise Wilson

“Nobody moves on purpose to Detroit.”

― Manoj Bhargava

“Progress is the attraction that moves humanity.”

― Marcus Garvey

“Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence.”

― Martin Farquhar Tupper

“Blood alone moves the wheels of history.”

― Martin Luther

“If everything moves along and there are no major catastrophes we’re basically headed towards holograms.”

― Martin Scorsese

“The universe moves in the direction of Liberty.”

― Michael Novak

“I don’t ever make moves under pressure.”

― Nipsey Hussle

“The Democrats tax anything that moves.”

― Paul Morrissey

“A kid who moves is a kid who learns.”

― Richard Simmons

“Wrestling moves are made for arenas, not the screen.”

― Roddy Piper

“If a thing moves, it lives.”

― Twyla Tharp

“Mind moves matter.”

― Virgil

“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.”

― William Gibson
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