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“Under Mr. Corbyn, Labour are a shambles.”

― Amber Rudd

“I told Mr. Nader today that a vote for Ralph Nader is really a vote for George Bush.”

― Barbara Lee

“I’m Mr Boring, not a party-goer at all.”

― Barry Gibb

“My first character was Mr. Toad.”

― Bill Griffith

“Mr. Hitchcock knew what he was doing.”

― Billy Crystal

“I’m Mr. Romance.”

― Cam’ron

“I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama.”

― Clint Eastwood

“I’m Mr. Grits. One of the non-perishables.”

― Craig Robinson

“Mr. Breton didn’t know about location, location, location.”

― Daniel Pinkwater

“Television’s Mr. Filth: that’s me.”

― Dennis Potter

“Mr. McMahon the character is a very effective heel.”

― Eric Bischoff

“I loved ‘Mr & Mrs Iyer.’”

― Govinda

“I’m not Mr. Brooding.”

― Joshua Henry

“Mike Watt and I had the same teacher. Mr. Tanaka.”

― Krist Novoselic

“I invite Mr. Lee Chong Wei to visit China frequently.”

― Lin Dan

“I don’t think anybody can replace Mr. Miyazaki.”

― Makoto Shinkai

“I like Mr. Gorbachev, we can do business together.”

― Margaret Thatcher

“I like being called ‘Mr. Freeman’ occasionally.”

― Martin Freeman

“I owe Mr. Bergman so much.”

― Max von Sydow

“I’m not Mr. Hollywood. I’m a book writer.”

― Michael Connelly

“According to Mr. Obama, exceptionalism is so yesterday, an uncool, antiquated and ultimately destructive notion.”

― Monica Crowley

“I don’t know of any plans to remaster the Mr Mister catalog.”

― Pat Mastelotto

“Nobody can be like Mr. Bachchan.”

― Ram Charan

“I don’t think I can play Mr. Bachchan.”

― Ram Charan

“I hope Mr. Obama has success.”

― Raul Castro

“They called me ‘Mr. Average’ in school.”

― Richard Ashcroft

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

― Ronald Reagan

“It is a lot of pressure to prepare for the Mr. Olympia.”

― Ronnie Coleman

“I would say Mick Jagger plus Mr. Furley equals Howard Wolowitz.”

― Simon Helberg

“I played a biker in one of my earliest films in Telugu, ‘Mr Perfect.’”

― Taapsee Pannu

“I am Mr. ‘Toot it and Boot It.’”

― Ty Dolla Sign

“I’m young enough not to be a rival to Mr. Basescu.”

― Victor Ponta

“I have always admired Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, Mr. Anupam Kher, the late Om Puri ji, and Amitabh Bachchan.”

― Vikrant Massey
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